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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 21, 2019 11:30pm-11:46pm BST

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a comedian and actor, volodymyr zelensky, has won ukraine's presidential election defeating the incumbent, petro poroshenko who has conceded victory. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejohn rentoul, chief political commentator at the independent and the sun's chief sports reporter martin lipton. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. and one story dominates most front pages. in the guardian, there's a dramatic picture inside one of the churches in sri lanka — which was attacked.
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it reports officials as saying they were part of an attempt to sow division between christians and other religions in the country. the story is summed up in the daily mirror's headline: "the easter massacre". it carries chaotic scenes just minutes after one of the bombs went off, in its front page photo. blast marks on the walls of one church are visible in the i newspaper which says more than 200 people were killed. the daily express take on the story is summed up in its headline: "5 britons dead in easter massacre". the times concentrates on the international death toll and carries a picture of a british family thought to have been caught up in the tragedy. though the bbc can't independently verify that. that same photo is on the front page of the daily telegraph under its headline: "shadow of death cast over easter". the sun's treatment of the bomb
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attacks is even more stark. and finally, those bomb attacks are the lead in the ft, but it also gives over space to the comedian, volodymyr zelensky, who plays the ukranian president on television in ukraine, and is also to hold the post in real life, after a sensational election result tonight. this is the guardian and its coverage of events insulated. it's ha rd to coverage of events insulated. it's hard to look at the images and even the words without feeling a deep sense of desperation of what's happened in sri lanka. 207 dead at least. timings of churches, hotels. brutal, callous, you can think of any adjective you want and it would be not enough in these circumstances. the hunters do not only find the perpetrators but what's left of them if it appears to be lots of suicide bombers behind this attack. what was the thinking behind it? also, the story in the
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guardian, questions are being asked of the prime minister who admits that may have been information about possible attacks, believed to be warnings by intelligence services ten days ago. this quote aims to sew division. lim churches and tourist hotels that were targeted. —— churches and to —— tourist hotels was top the aim seems to have been to attack christian targets. and yet had a decade of relative calm after the civil war. had a decade of relative calm after the civilwar. people had a decade of relative calm after the civil war. people felt they were safe in sri lanka again, no longer
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in danger. i went on a holiday a year or $0 in danger. i went on a holiday a year or so ago and a year —— after the temple had been blown up. it's terrific to think that had been happening then. obviously the biggest issue was the flooding they had in parts of sri lanka which in grief brought the country together. now it is something again tearing people apart, it's just horrific. some of the papers are focusing more on the british people caught up in this and we can't independently verify this at the moment but the front of the telegraph as this picture of anita nicholson and her son who it is a saying were killed in one of the attacks. obviously the british newspapers are going to be looking for an angle like this to try and bring it home to a british audience, especially as there is so
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little to say about who might have been responsible. i'm —— a very sad picture of a normal british family torn apart by this senseless tragedy. as you say, it sums up the fa ct tragedy. as you say, it sums up the fact it was a place that so many people went to. the targets of these attacks have been churches on easter sunday which would have been full, evenin sunday which would have been full, even ina sunday which would have been full, even in a country where only 7% of the population is christian, and luxury hotels where tourists would have been. without question, this was targeted deliberately to inflict huge chaos, catastrophe, murder, amongst innocence. totally innocent people. there is no political motive here you wouldn't have thought, there's no motive, it's senseless a cts there's no motive, it's senseless acts of terror. just brutal.
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there's no motive, it's senseless acts of terror. just brutal. let's talk about a very different story. on the front of the ft and the smiley face of the new president of ukraine. an extraordinary story, this. actually, this is happening quite often in politics around the world today. i remember interviewing the mayor of reykjavik, a comedian who stood for something called the best party. they were going to have the best party and have a good time. he got himself elected and it was actually, he was quite a good mare. —— mayor. in italy, you had that comedian in the 5—star party and america has an elected joker as well. michael mcintyre is going to be five minutes, he knows where he's
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going! let's go for it ourselves! leave there is a darker undertone to all of this because it does indicate all of this because it does indicate a sense of desperation among the people of ukraine. they are feeling that they country is not making progress and that the existing system has failed and so they are turning to... we have had this situation where one ukrainian prime minister was poisoned by its opponents. another prime minister was locked up and imprisoned for a while. they had been a series of issues in that country. the split between the eastward looking russian population and the more westward looking ukrainian population has been exacerbated in many recent yea rs. been exacerbated in many recent years. there was the annexation of crimea. it's a country which has moved a long way and yet been pulled apart at the same time and this is almost a cry for help, isn't it, we
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can't trust the politicians because let's find a comedian... these politicians haven't helped us. don't know what he thinks about almost anything. he has been fairly opaque, if anything. what has got him elected is simply the character that he plays in this tv show where he plays the honest man who is unexpectedly elevated to the presidency. one expects he would give up that part. he can test out the policies if the tv show and see if they are popular and implement them! that point hasn't been clarified, among many others. let's turn to page two because this opens up turn to page two because this opens up the interesting possibility that quite a lot of conservatives are not going to vote conservative.
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quite a lot of conservatives are not going to vote conservativem quite a lot of conservatives are not going to vote conservative. it does seem that way. they can't vote for the pricks that party in local elections —— brexit party. we know the tories don't actually want to hold the elections in europe but they are going to have to do. six in ten tories to vote for brexit party other findings of the members from a conservative website. these are conservative party members. it's an extraordinary development. we are used to the idea of labour party members refusing to vote labour which has happened a lot under jeremy corbyn. now we have conservative party members who refused to vote conservative. we had a poll talking about conservative counsellors. the brexit party, nigel farage. but 60% say now they are going to vote for the brexit party.
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i think it hasn't yet sunk into a lot of people quite how catastrophic the failure to deliver brexit is going to be for the conservative party and its reputation. i mean, we may never leave the eu and if that happens, i think the conservative party is going to be really stricken for a generation. it does appear that there is a huge backlash from within the core conservative vote. they feel let down. understandably, i have to say. these other people who voted for brexit, they voted for a party that they believed was going to be deliver brexit and it doesn't appear they are going to get it. i'd be angry if i were them because they've been fundamentally let down by the people they voted for. let's whizz through at least two more. martin, the ft,. we know there is a
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problem with the high street. the numbers here are quite high and stark. the ft says that 1000 high street stores are set to close, effectively. we are talking about debenhams, topshop, paper chase and among them, they are going to use cva ‘s to overhaul their shops. in addition to the 900 we have only seen addition to the 900 we have only seen close, h&v, toys "r" us, it's a growing scenario where we go to our local high street and another store has closed. its business rates, its wages, its footfall. its consumer habits. footfall is people buying
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online, isn't it, it's what people wa nt online, isn't it, it's what people want to do, is more convenient, it's quicker. is simply easier. habits are going to change. but equally, i mean, often when you go to the high street, obviously i live in london so street, obviously i live in london so perhaps this is typical but you get the sense that restaurants and cinemas in places like that are all booming and people are still going out and spending money. it'sjust they are doing it in a different way. and you have to find a different way to meet that demand. it isa different way to meet that demand. it is a much more entertainment focused. a pizza restaurant has been turned into a games centre and with games tables. not paid for, you know, not betting butjust games for kids. it's bringing them in, getting
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families in. they will spend the money if they have got something. the front of the telegraph, ivf clinics exploiting older women. this isa clinics exploiting older women. this is a quote from sally cheshire who is a quote from sally cheshire who is from the embryo authority. people are possibly being misled about the low chances of conceiving above the ages of 40. the statistic in here is above 44, they would only be two people a year being able to conceive and yet, people are being encouraged to hand over large sums of money for this kind of treatment. they are utterly being misled about the chances. there is a lovely story about sally cheshire herself, the chairman of the authority, who is
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50. on visiting some of these clinics, being offered treatment herself. lets and with the times. the front page there has this headline, how to get your teenage rabble to give upjunk headline, how to get your teenage rabble to give up junk food. headline, how to get your teenage rabble to give upjunk food. yes! to be fair, i've got to be honest, my kids are brilliant. they ate a lot of fruit and veg. i blame their motherfor being of fruit and veg. i blame their mother for being absolute genius to get them over lavigne because i'm hopeless —— get them over the line. there is a fear that kids are not going to eat properly and you have got to find a way. also, sometimes, it's too easy not to eat healthily. if you don't give them a choice, they're not going to. in my experience, if you put bowls of fruit and vegetables in front of teenagers while they are watching
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television or doing something else, they will eat it! scientists reveal it harnesses their inner rebelliousness. it's a very good story. if you give them an article which suggests that food companies are manipulating teenagers then they will fight against it. i think it's a brilliant story. i wanted to make sure we clarified that. thank you both very much indeed. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. my thanks tojohn rentoul and martin lipton. it's goodnight from us. next on bbc news, it's the film review.


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