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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:003m. a woman is shot dead and three people are injured at a synagogue in california. police are questioning a 19—year—old man. britain's fracking tsar quits after six months in thejob, blaming ministers for paying too much attention to the environmental lobby. from within, you can't do very much, and it means at the moment, when you have government in such terrible paralysis, you do have to do something as dramatic as this in order to have your voice heard. security fears in sri lanka sees church services cancelled, a week after more than 250 people were killed in the easter sunday bombings. thousands of runners are pounding the streets of the capital with the london marathon well underway. sir mo farah says it would be an "amazing achievment" to win
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it for the first time. this is the scene live. 40,000 runners are thought to be taking part. it's hoped £1 billion will be raised for charities. america's daniel romanchuk wins the men's elite wheelchair event and swiss paralympian manuela schar wins the women's. and in half an hour in dateline london, the panel debate if islamic state can go global again. that's here on bbc news. good morning and welcome to bbc news. a woman has died and three people are in hospital after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in california.
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a 19—year—old man has been arrested after the shooting outside san diego. 0ur correspondent in los angeles, sophie long reports. # we shall overcome. we shall overcome...# a community brought together in pain and multi—faith prayers for peace. they came to soothe each other‘s sadness and to pray for those suffering. for laurie gilbert kay, who went to worship on a sunny saturday morning and died hours later in hospital. for a child shot in the leg and for two men, one a rabbi. i have been going here my entire life and to see all these wonderful people come together from all these faiths, it's just absolutely amazing. we had one person today full
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of hate, one person, and look, there is 1000 people here tonight that are full of love. that is what it's about. this is not the first time a tight—knit community like this one have come together to try and help each other heal the wounds inflicted by a man with a gun. it's unlikely it will be the last. i am hoping this does not become the new normal, places of worship are sacred. human life is sacred and just the idea of every time we have to keep responding to acts of hate and acts of terror is really traumatising for the community. police have arrested a 19—year—old, john earnest. they are now investigating what made a young man take an assault rifle, shoot a child, kill a woman and destroy lives in a place of peace and worship. sophie long, bbc news, poway, california. the uk's shale gas commissioner has resigned after only six months in thejob, saying the government is paying too much attention to a small but noisy environmental lobby,
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and consequently there is a "de facto" ban on fracking. natascha engel was tasked with uniting communities over the controversial process, but says stringent rules are stopping the industry from being successful, as john mcmanus reports. is this a vision of the uk's future energy market? hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in this case at a site in lancashire. well, maybe not, because despite government support for shale gas exploration, the woman in charge of inspiring confidence in the project has just quit. certainly since i first started six months ago, there was always an understanding that fracking was going to really struggle to develop if these really ridiculously low limits on earth tremors were going to be kept in place. the understanding was always that they would be reviewed and be raised when it was safe to do so, and that's not happening. it means there is a sort of restriction placed on fracking that's not placed on any other
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extractive industry in the country. retrieving gas through fracking involves pumping water, sand and chemicals at high pressure into shale rock. when that rock fractures the gas is released and brought to the surface. the industry says it is safe, but it can cause earth tremors. to reassure local communities, fracking must pause if those tremors reach a magnitude of 0.5. this site has had to stop work several times. natascha engel says that rule amounts to a de facto ban. those campaigners aren't just worried about tremors, they say climate changing fossil fuels should stay underground. in scotland, fracking remains under a moratorium. holyrood still has not decided how to proceed. supporters in the usa say fracking there has lowered gas bills, but some states have still banned it. the government here maintains that shale gas is both environmentally and consumer friendly. now it needs to find somebody new to make that case.
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john mcmanus, bbc news. the department for business, energy and industrial strategy have responded to natascha engel‘s resignation. a spokeserson said the government supported the development of the shale industry in the uk because "it could have the potential to be a new domestic energy source, and create thousands of well paid, qualityjobs". they also said the government was confident that current regulations "strike the right balance in ensuring the industry can develop, while ensuring any operations are carried out safely and responsibly". the chairman of the conservative party, brandon lewis, says he still hopes the uk won't have to take part in the european elections next month. mr lewis said he wanted to see the brexit withdrawal agreement approved by parliament in the next few weeks. 0ur political correspondentjessica parkerjoins me now.
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is this what the conservatives really think, that if a brexit deal can be approved, then there will not be european elections? that's certainly what they want. theresa may has spoken about this before as well, saying that she wants to get a deal passed before or by may 22. those european parliamentary elections due to happen on may 23, in order to avoid taking part in them. for the conservative party and government, that has been trying to carry through brexit, to take part in those european parliamentary elections, three years almost after the uk voted to leave the eu, by their admission it will be seen as a political failure. their admission it will be seen as a politicalfailure. chair their admission it will be seen as a political failure. chair of the party brandon lewis has still said thatis party brandon lewis has still said that is their hope today, still their intention, but there will be a lot of scepticism as to whether that is realistic given we are nowjust a few weeks away from those european parliamentary elections will stop brandon lewis was speaking on the
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andrew marr programme this morning. i'm absolutely focused on the local elections. there are a few important days between now and thursday for 8500 councillors. we have 96% of the country having conservative representation. other parties have launched their european campaigns already. our first priority is a party is not to have to fight the european elections. i think we should do everything we can to respect that 2016 referendum. if and when we are at the point we know we are definitely fighting european elections then we will take action. we will be hearing from other political parties throughout the day on those european elections. you can read more on the bbc website. in terms of those current brexit talks between labour and the
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conservatives, what's your understanding about the current state of them? they are continuing, as they have done for many weeks 110w. as they have done for many weeks now. we had last week that after further rounds of talks there would likely be further rounds of talks yet again. this coming week. there has to come a point, hasn't there, when either side either has to shift on what they want to see from a potential brexit deal, or both sides will have to admit the talks haven't worked. the labour party's perspective, it has now become a familiar tune. they want to see a customs union with the eu. the conservative government absolutely doesn't want to see that because they say it could limit the uk's ability to do independent trade deals. that's one of the central sticking points of the talks. it's difficult to see one side or the other shifting enough at the moment to reach some kind of conclusion on this and bring forward some kind of joint deal before the house of commons. never they keep continuing to try to bring these talks
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together. —— nevertheless, they keep continuing. rebecca long—bailey of the labour party has been heavily involved in these talks and has rejected any suggestion the labour party has been dragging its feet on these talks. we are not dragging our heels by any stretch of anybody's imagination. i have to say honestly, i think the discussions so far have been productive. we've gone into a lot of detail, there seems to be a willingness from both sides to move toward some form of consensus. but as yet we have not seen the government to move on any of their red lines. we are having further discussions this week and hopefully we will see some movement. but at the moment we are focusing on the detail, where we stand in relation to our relevant positions and where potentially we could move to, but we want to see hard and fast movement on those red lines as quickly as possible. it's worth mentioning the labour party has an added complication because many of its mps, meps and many members don't just because many of its mps, meps and many members don'tjust want to see a customs union as part of the deal. they want any deal to be put to what
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they call a confirmatory vote, another referendum. a lot to chew over. for now, jessica parker, a political correspondence, thank you. china's ambassador in london has said the uk government must make its own decisions about whether to let huawei build the 5g network. the us says the chinese telecoms firm is a security risk. (tx 00v)but writing in the sunday telegraph, the ambassador said britain should resist pressure and choose independent decision—making. the scottish national party leader, nicola sturgeon will warn the government in westminster this afternoon not to stand in the way of a second independence referendum. earlier this week the first minister said another referendum should be held by 2021 if the uk leaves the eu. 0ur political correspondent lynsey bews is in edinburgh for us. tell us a little bit more about what
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nicola sturgeon is likely to say this afternoon. nicola sturgeon will be addressing snp members in a keynote speech here at the conference this afternoon. she is expected to focus her members' mines on building the case for independence, because it's building that case which will increase support, which nicola sturgeon says will make the uk government's position on this unsustainable. the uk government has said it will not give permission for nicola sturgeon to hold a second independence referendum, but she thinks rising support amongst undecided voters and soft no photos at the last referendum will force them to change their minds so she will focus on that rather than timing and process today. david lidington said earlier this week that he would not give permission, the uk government would not give position for the second vote, and david mundell is quoted in scottish newspapers today saying that remains the case and will remain the case in the future.
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nicola sturgeon will also touch on domestic policy in her speech today because every time she talks about independence, she is accused by her opponents of not focusing on the day job, not thinking about what she is doing at holyrood with her powers there. so she will touch on social justice, housing, intergenerational wealth equality as well. you can see more from nicola sturgeon this afternoon on the news channel and her speech is due at around 3:15pm. lynsey bews, political correspondent in edinburgh, thank you for that update. the health secretary, matt hancock, has announced that all opioid medicines will carry prominent warnings on their labels stating they can cause addiction. it comes afterfigures
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in england and wales revealed a—more—than 60% increase in prescriptions for opioid painkillers in the last decade. 0pioids, such as fentanyl, or over the counter opioids such as codeine—based painkillers, are highly effective for managing chronic pain. but health experts say they can also be highly addictive. church services in sri lanka have been cancelled today, amid fears of more attacks one week after the easter sunday bombings. people have been told to worship at home instead, as thousands of troops continue to search for those islamist militants still at large. yogita limaye sent this report from colombo. the search continues for those behind sri lanka's horror. police have been carrying out raids across the country. on friday they followed a tip—off to this house in the eastern city of sainthamaruthu. armed men were inside who set off an explosion. a gun battle followed and the house burnt down. more than a dozen died. women and children were caught up in the violence.
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among them are believed to be the wife and child of this man, zahran hashim, the alleged ringleader, he was one of two suicide bombers at the shangri—la hotel. several suspects are still at large. these photos were released by the government earlier this week. newly released closed—circuit tv footage shows the bomber at the kingsbury hotel in colombo the night before the attack. backpack full of explosives, he checks in at the front desk and goes to his room. in the morning he is seen leaving the elevator on his way to the hotel's breakfast restaurant. moments later he detonated his bomb. workers have begun to clear the trail of destruction and most of those who died have been laid to rest. but fear remains. it is the seventh night of the curfew here and it will be
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a week since the attacks. it is a sunday but no church services are being held because of worries they might be targeted again. there is a sense of disbelief here that such a large network of people was active in the country without being discovered by security agencies, but with search operations now becoming more intense there is also hope that the government will soon get a grip on the situation. yogita limaye, bbc news, colombo. the headlines on bbc news... a woman is shot dead and three people are injured at a synagogue in california. police are questioning a 19—year—old man who they say opened fire with an assault rifle. britain's fracking tsar quits after six months in thejob. natascha engel says ministers are paying too much attention to a small but noisy environmental lobby. security fears in sri lanka has lead to church services being cancelled, a week after the easter sunday bombings.
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sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here'sjohn watson. the london marathon is well under way with mo farah attempting to win the race for the first time. mo farah on the start line, attempting to win the race for the first time. the race started by andy murray, farah expected to battle it out with eliud kipchoge. the race was started by andy murray. the world record holder who won the last race. farah‘s best time some four minutes off the kenyan‘s so will have to go some way if he is to win the race. the men's wheelchair race was won by 20 year old dan romanchuk. he's called the rocketman and the american adds the london title to the chicago, new york and boston crowns he has
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won over the past six months. britain's david weir could only finish in fifth place. he's won the race eight times but could not bridge the gap to the leading group after getting cut adrift around tower bridge. his training was was disrupted by a car crash in december. manuela schar of switzerland — champion in berlin, chicago, new york and tokyo — won the women's wheelchair race. the 2017 london winner finished more than five minutes ahead of four—time winner tatyana mcfadden. to bring you the latest. pictures from the helicopter of the elite men. mo farah is somewhere in the leading pack. mo farah‘s training was somewhat disrupted by a somewhat public spat with haile gebrselassie sometime this week, highly documented. doesn't seem to
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be disrupting him too much. 40,000 people running for fun as well. plenty of costumes on display and money being raised for charity in the process. you can watch all of this unfold on bbc one right now. they will be charting the progress of mo farah as the elite men's race reaches its conclusion. norwich are planning for life back in the premier league. (00v)they beat blackburn 2—1 last night to secure promotion — a stunning strike from mario vrancic for their second an apt way to help secure promotion. they will be crowned champions if they avoid defeat against aston villa next weekend. and joining them there, sheffield united who all but secured promotion beating ipswich 2—0 — scott hogan with the pick — six points clear of third placed leeds, with two to play, they do have a vastly superior goal difference.
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hoping to avoid dropping into the championship are brighton, who took a huge step towards staying in the premier league after cardiff lost at fulham earlier in the day. they claimed a crucial point after coming from behind against newcastle. ayoze perez with the opening goal. they equalised through pascal gross with a huge goal, but they'll have to wait another week before their survival is confirmed. after livepool‘s win on friday, manchester city will attempt to move back on top with victory over burnley later. they'd be a point clear with two games to play. it's one of three fixtures today. and pep guardiola was quick to pay credit to the improvemnet their title rivals have made. the difference between this season and the previous season is one reason. it is liverpool. we did the same as last season, the same. the only difference, liverpool is much, much better. the other clubs are the same level as last season. the reason why this is different is because of liverpool. they improve a
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lot. they bought incredible players, and they are incredibly consistent, like us this season and last season. the day's action is underway at the world snooker championship in sheffield. barry hawkins is taking on kyren wilson, while gary wilson, the man who knocked out mark selby, will have a keen eye on the clash between ali carter and zhou yuelong. he'll face the winner of that match which is taking place right now. these are the live pictures from the crucible, you can follow the action over on bbc 2 right now along with the bbc sport website and app. zhou yuelong currently leading by one frame. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's all from me for now. we will stay with sport now and return to the streets of london, where, asjohn was saying, hundreds of thousands of people are taking pa rt of thousands of people are taking part in the 39th london marathon.
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these are the live scenes. all races are now under way. the helicopter shot of the elite pack with mo farah in there somewhere, trying and hoping to win the london marathon for the first time. i'm hoping to win the london marathon forthe first time. i'm being told that's actually the women's race, an unfortunate mistake to make, but we can see that more clearly now. plenty of people there to cheer on the women. and of course the thousands of fun runners who are hoping to raise £1 billion for a charitable cause. this is footage from the elite women's race at the london marathon. 0ur reporter kate gray is at the finish line. you have already had several winners past that line. yes, lots going on at the
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finishing line. preparations taking place before the masses start to cross. we have seen the wheelchair races come to a close, which saw the american daniel roman truck winning the men's race. —— daniel romanchuk. 0nly the men's race. —— daniel romanchuk. only 21 years old, adding to the marathons he has already won this year. the swiss and japanese competitors finishing second and third. britten‘s david weir was in fifth place. he had a tough training yearin fifth place. he had a tough training year in 2018. i caught up with daniel romanchuk after the race and he was speechless with his performance. this past year has been amazing. the marathons leading up to
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this have proved you are in the best form. what has changed this year? why has this year become your year? it goes back to even my youth, getting a good foundation and over the years picking up skills and the coaching over the years, really, i think, is what has led to this. how did you find the london crowd? you have won in america, but how did you find the streets of london? the streets are absolutely lined the whole way. the crowds are just amazing. what difference did that make and what were conditions like for you? conditions are wonderful this morning. nice and cool, dry. it's absolutely wonderful.‘ this morning. nice and cool, dry. it's absolutely wonderful. a great result for daniel romanchuk, one to watch at the tokyo paralympics. also
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a gold medalfor watch at the tokyo paralympics. also a gold medal for manuela watch at the tokyo paralympics. also a gold medalfor manuela schar of switzerland in the women's wheelchair race. she has won every marathon of the series over the last year and has now added the london race. the women's race is still ongoing with the kenyan leading the way, second last year, kosge, but she is being chased down by last yea r‘s she is being chased down by last year's winner vivian cheruiyot. mo farah has dropped off the front pack in the men's race. however eliud kipchoge is still there. it's likely the women's race will be finishing very shortly. kate grey there, thank
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you. a new link between obesity and mental health problems in children as young as seven has been idenfied by researchers. they found obese seven—year—olds were at greater risk of suffering emotional problems, such as anxiety and depression, by the time they reached 11. researchers say the findings, to be presented at the european congress on obesity in glasgow, strengthen the case for early prevention. tam fry is chair of the national 0besity forum. thanks for coming in. first of all, your response to this study. my response is that it is tragic that we have so many children who are worried about their emotional, anxiety and well—being at such an early age when it could be prevented. it points the finger at the medical profession, who in my view have not done enough in order to prevent children becoming obese in the first place. how do they do
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that? is very simple in the sense that? is very simple in the sense that you monitor children from a very early age, around about the age of two, and then you pick up the sign where excess weight is starting to be seen. at that point you can intervene. so you never get to the stage where they are either grossly overweight or obese. who does the monitoring and who does the intervention question the health service, basically. the monitoring can be done by health visitors and gps. there's also a document in glasgow today that says gps are not taking body mass index enough. that's done within the surgery, if you will. and then the interventions are programmes that are now well established, whereby children are sent on a 12 week course. they gradually introduce children to healthy food and exercise. not taking them away from home, but it's a local area and many of them are
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all over the country. do you accept that discussing a child's weight with a parent, or even a doctor having to do that, is not easy. it's not easy, but it is easier if you don't use the emotive words such as obesity and overweight. parents don't like having their children stigmatised in that sense. but it has to be done, because the problem with being overweight is that it's not just a simple with being overweight is that it's notjust a simple question of weight. it leads to diabetes, heart problems, cancer. those are the real killers, and therefore everything we can do to prevent that, even starting to happen, is a good idea. and you can pick it up from as early as the age of two. absolutely, and you can pick it up earlier through weight alone. the first year of life is critical. it's the speed of weight gain during the first year of life that is now valid and reliable pointer to what will happen later in
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the child must make life a. sorry to interrupt, but that's really interesting. presumably in the first year of life a child is not eating junk food and crisps and chocolate and the things we think contribute. you would be surprised. children are being fed junk food from the age of 18 or 19 weeks. in the literature, there are people who grind down the previous night's chinese takeaway, they puree it and use it to feed the children. that's not applicable because the gastrointestinal system of children like that can't cope. it is happening too early. so now we have u nfortu nately is happening too early. so now we have unfortunately obese children in hospital at the age of one. we must leave it there. chair of the national obesity forum. we are grateful for you coming national obesity forum. we are gratefulfor you coming in to national obesity forum. we are grateful for you coming in to speak to us. let's catch up with all the way the news now with matt taylor.
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good morning. thanks a lot quieter compared to yesterday. storm hanna has gone off and cleared into parts of northern europe but this area of cloud producing a few showers here and there and thicker cloud towards northern ireland and western wales, devon and cornwall producing outbreaks of rain, but the cloud thins and breaks to allow hazy sunshine, the best of the blue skies across parts of scotland and could fit 16 or 17. the temperature higher thanit fit 16 or 17. the temperature higher than it was through yesterday. drizzle and western areas may make inroads into western scotland and the rest of wales and somerset but then comes to a halt, the temperature up to around 7—9. with clear skies around the temperature into low single figures and mist and fog to start monday, sunny spells breaking through for scotland and england, patchy rain in the west and the temperature up a degree so on
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