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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 29, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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have been subject to disciplinary action in five years. following the move to get victims of crime to hand over their phones to police — the daily mail leads with warnings from campaigners that rapists could escape justice unless the plans are scrapped. the i claims the us is threatening to sever links with british intelligence — over the prime minister's supposed backing of the chinese tech firm, huawei. the financial times leads on an imf forecast that suggests the iranian economy has collapsed under the weight of sactions imposed by the white house. the daily telegraph's headline: ‘why must we pay to report a crime?‘ — as baroness newlove warns that victims of anti—social behaviour are being forced to pay to report offences to the police. and the university of cambridge has announced a two—year inquiry into its historical links to the slave trade, according to the times.
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let's have a look. john, this whole incident over the united states threat to sever links of british intelligence, do you think this is a real threat from the us with donald trump arriving injune? real threat from the us with donald trump arriving in june? whenever we talked about politicians or politicians talked about the relationship, most of it was just a bunch of hype to keep the british people happy for quite some time, the americans have looked to germany and other countries in asia as their pivot. a little bit of nostalgia, exceptin pivot. a little bit of nostalgia, except in the area of security intelligence where it has remained incredibly strong. some warning such as these are very important and the
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incident that ensued with the leaking of the original incident with 56 leaking of the original incident with 5g roll—out and while we focused almost completely on the fa ct focused almost completely on the fact that it had been leaked in the whodunit of which cabinet ministers in the security council had leaked it, rather than the actual substance of the issue and what we are going to do in terms of our desperate need for someone, namely potentially the chinese step is billeted 5g which isn't just a british chinese step is billeted 5g which isn'tjust a british problem, other countries are facing the same dilemma but it was the americans that were. we do not know exactly what the government decision is because these are only leaks, how big could this become? it is interesting because asher is saying, what became the incident, what may believe led to the leak in the first place that somebody deliberately
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tipped because they did not like the decision and want to cause embarrassment to the government and also potentially to leadership that may not have been as favoured on the issues as may he would've liked, particularly people like jeremy hunt that have been perceived to be a bit soft on china for example. denial and other things. absolute denial. it is much more about who was trying to blow who up in terms of the leadership in context that ensued with the conservative party even much reason as to the prime minister, but we had days and days for the story is now a week old and is all about the leaking i've gone back to the substance again and these are not particularly new, we knew within hours that this was going to be a potential problem in terms of huawei and knowing that the us is already said that it would not get into bed with huawei and there have been australian concerns as
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well. what is interesting is the escalation of this and the actual threat that we could sever links and this could go on and on because actually have not seen in the confirmation yet and may not for another week. but other countries are on the horns of this dilemma as well, germany, this is absolutely central to cabinet discussions that angela merkel is having with their cabinet, they want to roll out 5g and will always in there and they have an absolute split with their government, the economics minister which is always looking for more trade and wanting to do more with china, the growing population is the gift that keeps on giving and you're having of these discussions is do we wa nt having of these discussions is do we want the chinese to run or be heavily influential in our critical infrastructure? and they told me earlier that at the end of the day there are a lot of unknowns around
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this, people are wondering whether or not you can create these walls or section off critical and noncritical, it is not clear, so there will continue that. the iranian economy crumbles under sanctions. the pressure from the us which is very interesting that donald trump immediately moved against iran and not saudi arabia, douse the divide in us policy and it is an old divide but are we seeing this actually now yield something from the us. in a negative way, yes. these 6% from an already low base from several other previous years of contraction, gdp dropped and has been dropping since 2012, inflation going up and with that, there has
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a lwa ys going up and with that, there has always been a coalition, a tension between the reformers and the religious hardliners in the worse it gets for ordinary people under the squeeze, gets for ordinary people under the squeeze, of sanctions, the more intense is going to be but is a real sign that the sanctions, whether you agree with them or not are technically working and in so many places sanctions do not work, they did not work in south africa, or russia, and ideas the war in the ukraine, they are not working remotely, everyone is getting grounded but everyone is so frightened of the us and law enforcement going after western companies that everyone is playing ball with the us in this. let's move onto the daily and closer to home,
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cambridge university launches its inquiry into the slave trade links and historic racism, they could issue an apology after the chancellor watches an inquiry as to how they benefit from the slave trade. it is interesting that they're going to take two years on this because one would imagine that some of those be quite clear to see quite quickly because we know that there is already been some in the past, only four years ago, students short of wanted to see them taken down and there's been some pressure —— sort of. in the countries oldest institution now faces this is an issue is quite interesting because one would imagine that there would bea one would imagine that there would be a knock on effect for a lot of other institutions to do similar things, so to is being addressed in such a way it's going to cause some ruptures to see what it takes to see the ultimate outcome is going to be, pekin —— but you can almost prejudge
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it. it is a political decision. the entire economic structure operating until we abolished the slave trade in america long after, it was based around this, based around indentured labour and so as you say, it's not much a question of what really went on, everyone knows about, everything is well documented in primary sources, . is well documented in primary sources,. i don't know if it's what they will be told about the british empire or the horrors of slavery at school, but it is the pressure from students, largely to say that look, you've got to come clean about the past in terms of where your investment decisions are, they've already had issues about how it invests its funds as well, so rather
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than being hidden,. it is not a matter of historical empirical inquiry, like what happened when, it's a matter of you know it and are you, what is the discussion around contemporary views of what is a cce pta ble contemporary views of what is acceptable against what took place. but you are right that we learned lots of things about the british empire, who were the king and queen at this time and now my children do have black history month with a learn about these types of events that happened within our history and perhaps those show as sign of the times, so rather than is there, was there a grievance in the past, it's much more reflective of wanting to address that and take some ownership of it. for example, week or two ago,
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british teddy made britain still has not apologised over that incident and there's still regret and again, these are societal and political, is it not time to come clean and have an open reckoning with the unseemly sites of our past. it is not clear in terms of what the total and purpose of this review is but maybe they'll be more that emerges on that. let's move on to current day sensitivities, on the guardian. brexit. we almost got through it without. .. brexit. we almost got through it without... i tweeted that we would
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have a brexit free papers. crunch day of her new brexit vote. yes, there is a new meeting happening about signing off the manifesto and the campaigns you move forward to out the campaigns you move forward to our european elections and rather predictably given what's been going on with the labour party, this real jarring going on between those who wa nt jarring going on between those who want to see a second referendum included in those who do not. i might be cynical, but having seen the way in which things have gone on both sides of the fence, one figuring if you're just end up with some kind of incident. but that does to people like tom watson and he remained supporting and how far will they go in terms of backing any ma nifesto they go in terms of backing any manifesto and see if they support this doesn't give them what they
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want. and trying to present it as a favour, of course this is what is going to happen, we're going to have a second referendum position in the you see those leaflets go out which actually don't mention the referendum on them and they all begin scratching their head again and looking at each other nervously wondering what's going to happen. the question is whether you can keep anyone together on this or not, but of course, that is what everyone has been talking about for a long time in terms of the split between the labour party that was forecast long before we saw the independent group make their move was that there was going to be schism in the party they we re really going to be schism in the party they were really going to throw their toys out if the labour party did not move towards that second referendum position and talks that the likes of tom watson who i suspect is still trying to manoeuvre his party within a party. was not present at the
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talks which is instrumental of itself. there's so much attention on the chasm of the conservative party and less attention on labour and they can fudge their way through the local elections in the european parliamentary elections, maybe with a bit of damage in terms of at the end of the independent group or the lib dems, but they have a deal that u nfortu nately between lib dems, but they have a deal that unfortunately between them, my curiosity is what happens after that? there is constant chatter about labour sounding more positive about labour sounding more positive about doing some kind of deal with trees and they if corbin did try evenif trees and they if corbin did try even if he didn't succeed to do a deal with some reference to a vote. what happens to labour members and voters ? what happens to labour members and voters? it has been quiet, we will
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see the fireworks we will finish of the daily telegraph and their top header is as the world awaits the royal ba by‘s header is as the world awaits the royal baby's arrival, in a tizzy of baby... you like this is my favourite thing. i can think of, i've spoken of nothing else and the last goodness how long. is this the first thing you're going to turn to? there's the thing, oedema going to announce that? i thought the whole thing was they were going to do the dirty and the endless rail watchers and understandably, they do not want to have a go outside the hospital. and i was after giving birth, and lots of pressure. this gap between her and the sister—in—law, between the two houses, is it having three
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children of my own, and it was a major obstacle so the idea that you would have this beautifully, you've had your hair styled, i can imagine anything worse and staying at home and enjoy those moments ofjoy with your newborn and show the rest of us when you're ready. but if you look inside, will be asked to z was what iam sure inside, will be asked to z was what i am sure that will be delivered tomorrow morning. that is it for the papers this hour. john and caroline will be back at 11:30pm for another look at the papers, and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you john and caroline. goodbye.
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good evening. some of the best sunshine has been found across scotland where he had seen the temperatures well into the high teens. those temperatures will dip away through this week as we see an arctic blast by the end of thursday which means night—time frosts are possible, so gardeners beware. but in the sunshine, through the day that we have just seen it is held quite pleasant, we've had that sunshine in east areas, under the influence of high pressure. still some cloud around but some of the biggest cloud in south west england and wales with drizzle, and for northern ireland, that rain is going to pep up through the rest of this evening and he will turn out to be quite a wet night here. it will be quite chilly again and we will see the return of the fog through the east coast of scotland in the north sea coast and some pockets of fog will develop inland so they'll be around for the morning rush, for the first hour or two
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at least of the day, so do watch out if you're travelling, hill fog and rain, standing water but will have to contend across northern ireland. by end of the morning, that will cross into the south west of scotland, so very different complexion for west of scotland while eastern areas will actually continue to see a good deal of dry and sunny weather, probably not the dizzying heights of the temperatures that we see in the past couple of days but still pretty warm in the sunshine will be for the rest of the east of england. but further west, wales and southwest into northwest england, it starts to deteriorate, but for northern ireland that make clear that rain later in the day, but there will still be some pulses around on her mother from its becomes a very slow moving around our weather front its becomes a very slow moving feature to tuesday night and it is still with us on wednesday, so again the best of the sunshine starts across the eastern areas and may last through the day, but gradually our weather front will push its way eastwards
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with showery rain following behind as well. it be cool where we have the rain but the sun this time of year it will be cool where we have the rain but the sun this time of year is pretty strong sunshine, 16 to 17 is the 1st of may, it will feel quite pleasant with the wind but then it changes because come thursday, because this weather from coming down from the north and it is behind that that we get this arctic air that i talked about earlier which brings down the risk of some snow showers for the hills and also the possibility of night—time frost and a real wind—chill as well, temperatures getting back into single figures and on the strength of the wind, it will feel even colder but they do recover those temperatures as a go to the bank holiday weekend. goodbye.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00pm: the head of boeing defends the safety of the 737 max aircraft, saying he is sorry for the loss of life and insisting the company has a duty to eliminate risk. we know every person that steps aboard one of our aeroplanes places their trust in us. we will do everything possible to earn and really earn that trust and confidence. the us deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, who appointed robert mueller to investigate allegations of russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, has resigned. footage has emerged appearing to show the leader of the islamic state group, abu bakr al—baghdadi, for the first time in five years. it is unclear when the propaganda was filmed. rape victims are being told to hand over their phones to the police


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