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of his resignation. the prime minister has sacked the defence secretary, gavin williamson, over lea ked defence secretary, gavin williamson, over leaked details of private meetings. downing street made the announcement in the last few minutes, following links to newspaper reports concerning chinese company huawei last week. days ago, the defence secretary denied he had anything to do with the league, but tonight he is out. the double olympic champion — caster semenya — loses her legal challenge against new rules which will force her to lower her body's testosterone levels it's a sad day for athletics, it's a sad day for sport, and it's a sad day for women's sport, and i emphasise women's sport, in the world. the inquiry into the contaminated
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blood scandal hears from a man who formed a pact with fellow haemophilacs at school in the ‘80s to find out why some of them were dying the new scheme in leeds to change the way children are brought up is having a dramatic effect on child obesity. and i am in barcelona, as liverpool bid for a place in the champions league final. and coming up on bbc news... we'll have the reaction from south africa after that controversial verdict in caster semanya's case against the athletics world governing body.
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good evening. in the last few minutes, defence secretary gavin williamson has been sacked by the prime minister. let's get the latest from our political editor, laura kuenssberg, at westminster. about five minutes ago downing street released a rather terse, short statement revealing that defence secretary gavin williamson, who had been in his post since the end of 2017, had been sacked because the prime minister had lost confidence in him. many viewers might remember that last week extremely unusually reports of a national security council meeting emerged into the newspapers, into the daily telegraph. they had details of conversations among senior cabinet ministers about whether or not to award huawei, a chinese telecoms firm, a part in building the next stage of the telecoms network, the 5g superfast broadband. it's something the government wants to do. they'd been warned by some people not to use a
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chinese firm huawei, but the prime minister and her colleagues had discussed allowing them to take part a limited way. but the fact that that decision made its way into the press didn'tjust that decision made its way into the press didn't just raise that decision made its way into the press didn'tjust raise eyebrows at westminster, it appalled people, including government ministers and number ten. since then, the hunt has been on for the source of that league. at the time, gavin williamson's team emphatically denied that they had anything to do with this whatsoever, even though privately some people were whispering that they believed he might be the source of the story stop but, after what has been a very serious investigation done by number ten, by cabinet secretary mark sidwell, who is also the national security adviser, in the last few minutes they've released a statement saying that gavin williamson is out over what seems to have been his involvement in this. i should say we haven't heard from mr williamson or any of his team yet, but this is a
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significant loss to theresa may, not just the instability of losing yet another one of her senior ministers in sucha another one of her senior ministers in such a period of political turmoil, but also gavin williamson was one of those ministers who has been loyal to her. he has been somebody she has been able to count on in terms of his support, and he is somebody who, i think, his loss will be felt at number ten, because frankly these days there are not many people in the government theresa may had been able to rely on, and gavin williamson's sucking is not just a on, and gavin williamson's sucking is notjust a blow for him but another blow for the prime minister, no chance. —— no question. we will be back to you, laura, with the latest on this breaking story later on. the former black cab driver john worboys has been charged with four offences against women. mr worboys, who changed his name to john radford, is alleged to have used drugs with the intent of carrying out sexual assaults in london between 2000 and 2008. our home affairs correspondent
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tom symonds is at scotland yard. so for, these allegations were first made againstjohn worboys last year, so made againstjohn worboys last year, so fairly recently, but they relate to the period between 2000 and 2008. he was questioned by police last year, and a file of evidence went to the crown prosecution service in september. he has now been charged, the cps says today. the charges on the cps says today. the charges on the indictment are that he used a stupefying or overpowering drug to render two women unconscious, and then to rape or sexually assault them, and the allegations are to attempt to raped or sexually assault them, and the allegations are carried out the same offences against two other women. john worboys has changed his name tojohn ra dford worboys has changed his name tojohn radford and is in custody at the moment, but he will appear at a court later this month to answer those allegations.
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a group of teenagers at a school in hampshire in the 19805 who all had haemophilia — the rare condition that affects your blood's ability to clot — formed a pact when some of them started dying. stephen nicholls, who's now 52, told the inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal that they vowed to find out what was killing them. most of the boys did not survive. 0ur health editor hugh pym reports. 89 boys with haemophilia were educated at a special school in the 19705 and ‘80s. just 16 have survived. some were at the inquiry today — representing, they said, friends who died as a result of being given infected blood. they were at treloar‘s college in hampshire, where there was an nhs treatment facility which gave them blood clotting products. they didn't know at the time these were infected with hiv and hepatitis c, some from foreign donors who'd been paid for their blood. everybody was worried, because the link, the press story wasjust breaking... stephen, who developed hepatitis c, said in the
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early ‘80s he and his friends began to realise they were at risk. we stuck together right through our childhood and said, if it happens and it kicks off, we could rely on the person still alive to pursue it and find out why and what went wrong. and i'm the only one left. i'm sorry. that's tough, i think about that every day and... it's tough. the inquiry heard from other patients who contracted hepatitis c. it's a virus which can cause potentially life—threatening damage to the liver if left untreated. officially, blood used in transfusions has been screened for hepatitis c since 1991. but carolyn had transfusions in 1992 and 1993, when she was being treated for blood cancer and developed hepatitis c. she says many more may have been infected without realising it.
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if every person is tested, then we'll find the missing thousands, and we can eliminate hep c. what victims and campaigners want is the truth about why so many were infected when they put their trust in the nhs for safe treatment. hugh pym, bbc news. south african 0lympian caster semenya has lost a legal challenge which means she will now be forced to lower her naturally increased testosterone levels if she wants to compete in her preferred events. the 28—year—old double olympic gold medallist has a condition which means she has much higher testosterone levels than most women. she was challenging new rules from the athletics governing body — the iaaf — to ensure a level playing field. 0ur sports correspondent, natalie pirks, reports from south africa. south africa's golden girl has never been a big talker. here comes caster
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semenya! but every step she has taken in quiet defiance has let her here. to a decision that could have changed women's sport forever. in a statement, she said, i know that the iaaf regulations have always targeted me specifically. for a decade, the iaaf has tried to slow me down, but this has actually made me down, but this has actually made me stronger. the decision will not hold me back. the governing body has a lwa ys hold me back. the governing body has always said this was never personal. they believe women with dsd, differences of sexual development, enjoy a performance advantage and should take drugs to lower their testosterone. the court today agreed to such while discriminatory, are necessary. such discrimination is a necessary , necessary. such discrimination is a necessary, honourable and proportionate means of achieving the objective of preserving the integrity of female athletics.
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objective of preserving the integrity of female athleticsm the news broke, i was with semenya's mentor, who she is called dad. it's a sad day for sport and women's sport, and i emphasise women's sport in the world. very disappointing. it's a row that's been rumbling for yea rs. it's a row that's been rumbling for years. semenya burst onto the scene in 2009, aged 18, after winning world 800 metres gold, but herjoy was short lived as news leaked she was short lived as news leaked she was made to take a humiliating gender verification test. results we re gender verification test. results were not made public but it's thought it found she was intersex, with male and female characteristics. in a rare interview, she spoke out about dealing with the whispers. interview, she spoke out about dealing with the whispersm interview, she spoke out about dealing with the whispers. if you have a problem, you have to tell me, so have a problem, you have to tell me, soi have a problem, you have to tell me, so i can't respond with people saying, oh, she looks like a man, this and that. it's their problem, not mine. this is where semenya
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trains in pretoria and where she was protected from the media after that gender verification test. they are fiercely protective of her, and the nation has looked on aghast at how she has been treated. the introduction of these regulations tramples on caster ‘s dignity, her rights, and so do they tremble on other women athletes rights. this goes beyond semenya, with the tokyo 2020 games fast approaching, and the international olympic committee is likely to announce similar rules for transgender athletes. as sport grapples with ethics of gender, some approve. i think it's the right decision and i think it's about time that caster thought about the majority and how to protect female sport. phone caster semenya, it was
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a lwa ys sport. phone caster semenya, it was always just she wanted to run naturally, the way she was born. caster semenya could appeal, but there is a low chance of success. she could swap events to one not affected by their testosterone rules, like the 5000 metres, or she could stop taking the medication, medication the un has called humiliating and harmful, if she wa nts to humiliating and harmful, if she wants to defend her world and 0lympic titles. these rules were born from a fear that dsd athletes would dominate podiums to come, but these women were born women and say it is talent, not testosterone, that has made them champions. this is far from over. transport secretary chris grayling has cancelled a pair of contracts decide to provide extra ferry services in the event deal brexit. multimillion—pound contracts were given to three ferry companies, with one later cancelled,
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as part of no—deal preparations. it's thought the latest cancellation will cost tens of millions of pounds more. obesity is one of the biggest health challenges facing the uk, particularly among children. now the city of leeds believes it has come up with a solution to the problem. the city has a programme for families which focuses on good parenting for good results. and it seems to be working. over a three—year period, child obesity in the most deprived areas of leeds dropped by 10%. across the rest of england, the rate stayed the same. so what's the key to success? 0ur north of england correspondent danny savage has been finding out. when it comes to stopping children being overweight — leeds getting it right. special classes across the city, paid for with public funds, are being partially credited with helping. the parents of these children recently completed the course... ..and are now confident about child versus food. they are allowed crisps but there's a price. you have to be good all
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weekend, be good all week, at the weekend when you're watching the movie, you could have a packet of popcorn or you can have that chocolate. try it, it's there, play with it, it fell on the floor, lick it, it doesn't matter, i'll feed it to us if you want. that's ok too. and it's having the confidence to know that is ok, and it's ok if she doesn't eat it. not lecturing, but giving parents strategies appears to be the key. it would be things like, "do you want broccoli or carrots with your tea," rather than just, "what do you want for tea?" that already, sort of, gets rid of the oven chips. and, "do you want to go out and do some activity, do you want to go to the park, do you want to go on the swings?" again, that already restricts them from thinking about, "well, do i want to the computer or watch tv? " and the effect... measurable. if we put it in real terms — that means that about 625 fewer children are starting school already obese, just in the city of leeds. i think that gives us some hope that, actually,
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this problem can be turned around. the brownlee brothers trained around here? yes, so i've actually been in the gym with them... but it's not just about special classes. this vicar runs a playgroup, and says the community benefits, health—wise, from local sports heroes. the impact of sport locally, and the profile of sport, has really gone up. i think that makes a big difference because so many people think about what they're doing physically and how they're achieving. the hope is that the example of leeds can be duplicated elsewhere. it needs to be if childhood obesity is to be tackled. danny savage, bbc news, leeds. our top story this evening: it is breaking news, the prime minister hasjust it is breaking news, the prime minister has just sacked the defence secretary, gavin williamson, after details of a private meeting relates toa details of a private meeting relates to a newspaper. theresa may says she has lost confidence in his ability to serve as defence secretary. also
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tonight, a big night for liverpool fans, they face barcelona in the semifinal of the champions league at the new camp in spain. and coming up on sportsday on bbc news, amateur gary wilson reaches his first semifinal at the snooker world championship. the former taxi driver had never been past the first round before. they're britain's most successful road cycling squad, but team sky has a new name. they'll now be known as team ineos, named after ones of the companies behind fracking in the uk and owned by britain's richest man, the billionaire sirjim ratcliffe. but the new name could bring trouble, because when because when the team makes their first outing at this week's tour de yorkshire, environmental protesters are expected to line the route to voice their anger at ineos' record on fracking. 0ur sports editor, dan roan, reports. riding into a new era — what was team sky may have a new name and look,
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at the team ineos launch in yorkshire today. the same cyclists and coaches, but now they're being backed by britain's wealthiest man. sirjim ratcliffe's bought the country's most successful sports team, and despite a series of controversies and criticism over their methods, the billionaire told me he trusted them. we looked at all of that, we talked about it, we talked to dave about it, we did our due diligence. i mean, for the record, i have absolutely no interest in cheating or drugs or anything like that. the day that any of that enters our world, we will be exiting that world. what's the point in winning a race if you cheat? there's no point. it has turned a corner, it's the only reason we are there, and, yeah, we did all our homework, and we got comfortable with the procedures and the people, the sort of people we were comfortable with. ratcliffe's petrochemicals company, ineos, owns fracking licences across this region, and protests are planned at this week's tour de yorkshire by environmentalists who accuse him of trying to buy good publicity. you're investing in a clean sport
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to try to burnish that image, what would you say to that view? nothing to do with it at all in my view. we've got one half of our business where we have to deal with those issues, you're talking about plastic waste and fracking, but the sport thing is totally different. that's something, you know, we enjoy sport, we enjoy the challenge, and we think it's inspirational for other people, so different sides to our business. would it sadden you if there were protests in these next few days? i think it would be disappointing, but i suppose i wouldn't be totally surprised. but i think it's a very vocal minority, i think it's a minuscule minority of people, and i think, you know, there's a high degree of ignorance. compared to the us, britain's being cautious towards fracking, and ratcliffe now fears for the future of the shale gas industry here. i think the government's been pathetic on the subject, frankly, honestly i do,
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here you are, sat potentially on some of the world's most abundant and cheapest energy source, because we have results which are really interesting in this part of the world. and, you know, the government is just not listening to the science at all, or going across to america and looking at what's happened. meanwhile, ratcliffe refused to confirm reports he's moving to monaco for tax reasons. a private affair, i think, that. but, you know, i do try to give back to the uk, i mean, i've invested 2.5 billion, and there are lots of other things that we are doing in the uk, including team ineos now. having invested in cycling and sailing, ratcliffe hasn't ruled out a bid to try and buy chelsea football club — a major new force in british sport seems to have emerged. dan roan, bbc news. ukip's leader, gerard batten, says his is the only political party that offers a clear policy to take the uk out of the european union. as he launched ukip's campaign for the european elections, due on 23rd may, mr batten said he did not want the elections to take place and brexit
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was being betrayed. john pienaar reports from middlesbrough. three cheers, everybody! more than just a one—man band? well, there's a new leader since nigel farage left to start a rival group, and ukip's new themes at their european campaign launch? much like the old ones, exactly what their target audience want to hear. we're here because brexit is being betrayed. if playing the patriotic card guaranteed success, this would be a landslide for gerard patton's party. now, some of our more sensitive mps don't like being called appeasers, collaborators, quislings and traitors, but if the cap fits then wear it. ukip had 2a meps. defections, desertions helped reduce them to four. some called their party extremist. mr batten called islam a death cult and took on a hugely controversial adviser. this election isn't about
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tommy robinson or anybody else, who isn't a member of the party. it is about your identity. this election is about the european elections and whether people want to remain in the european union or leave, and what i've said to the crowd today, and you've heard it all, if they want to leave the european union then ukip is the authentic party of leave. and you find the idea of being a racist or extremist party offensive? you know very well that this party isn't racist. you know very well that i'm not. you know very well that nigel farage is saying things for political benefit, but i'm not frightened to speak out on things which i think are important and affect the future of this country. ukip has a job of convincing to do with many voters. if you have racist policies, or policies that are what we would consider to be racist, then you're still a racist party. is that the nigel farage party or are there two? ukip, the party nigel farage left. right, but he started another party now. he started another party. yeah, so i'm just confused. brilliant. a lot better than the lot running the country now. the uk independence party
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will likely be weakened by the loss of nigel farage, whether they'll admit it or not. a figurehead, a symbol can mobilise a mood — of anger, of hope, of both. these elections will help determine whether ukip can still gain from broken loyalties to the big parties, or whether they will be discarded and left behind. for a while, politics seemed almost easy for ukip. since the vote to leave, life's got much harder. john pienaar, bbc news, middlesbrough. football now, and it's a big night for liverpool as they face barcelona in the semifinal of the champions league at the nou camp in spain. 0ur sports correspondent andy swiss is there. what a moment for liverpool and theirfans. what a moment for liverpool and their fans. yes, sophie, welcome to barcelona, and what a tantalising prospect we have in store, because liverpool are facing one of the toughest tests in football, barcelona are the favourites for the
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champions league title, but of course they also have a certain lionel messi, who at the weekend his 46th goal of the season, quite incredible. but liverpool should also have bags of confidence, they are in terrific form, they have won their last ten matches, still tussling it out for the premier league title with manchester city back home. now, the mood here in barcelona has been pretty well mannered, but we did have a few incidents last night of fans being pushed into fountains here, which liverpool have described as totally unacceptable. but otherwise here the fa ns unacceptable. but otherwise here the fans have been enjoying the sunshine. yesterday the liverpool boss, jurgen klopp, said he couldn't be more excited, and you suspect the supporters here are very much sharing that sentiment. andy, thank you. back now to our main breaking story this evening, defence secretary gavin williamson has been sacked by the prime minister. downing street said the prime
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minister asked mr williamson to leave the government having lost confidence in his ability to serve. political correspondent ben wright reports. are you or any of your officials behind the huawei league? absolutely not. ambitious, young, self—assured, gavin williamson was a rising star of the tory party with his sights trained on number ten, but his career is now in tatters, sacked over lea ks career is now in tatters, sacked over leaks from a national security council meeting. yesterday he denied doing anything wrong. council meeting. yesterday he denied doing anything wronglj council meeting. yesterday he denied doing anything wrong. i never have lea ked doing anything wrong. i never have leaked anything from the national security council, nor would i ever lea k security council, nor would i ever leak anything from the national security council. gavin williamson became an mp in 2010, he was given a role in the northern ireland office and became an aide to david cameron. in 2016, he was given the job of conservative chief whip, at the enforcer of tory mps, they make and break up other careers. he kept a ta ra ntula break up other careers. he kept a tarantula on his desk, a message to tory mps not to mess with him. gavin williamson was catapulted into the
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cabinet in november 2017 after the resignation of michael fallon. he had no military experience but relished the role. despite gaps that brought derision. russia should go away, should shut up. but now he is gone, one of the most dramatic and mysterious sightings for many years. then right there. back to political editor laura kuenssberg in westminster, the news brokejust half an hour ago, the prime minister saying she has lost confidence in gavin williamson, but he still denying he did anything wrong. you did, although the prime minister put in her published letter that there was no other credible explanation for this very seriously, that there was clear evidence that pointed to him being the source of it. i have just spoken to him in the last few minutes, and he has absolutely categorically stated that neither he nor his team had anything to do with this information coming from the national security council, that he would not leak from the nsa, national security council, that he would not leakfrom the nsa, nor would not leakfrom the nsa, nor would anybody who had been involved in working with him as the defence secretary. so still absolutely
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sticking to his story that it was nothing to do with him. but clearly the prime minister, after such a serious and unusual leak from an organisation like the security council, which is sort of the most secretive secret government committee that cabinet ministers attend, clearly she felt that she had to take action in this case. it will be very interesting, in the coming days, to see how this all plays out with gavin williamson still trying to stick to his side of the story. and remember, just to attend these meetings of the national security council cabinet ministers have to sign the official secrets act, and in theory breaking that act is something that is against the law. but politics moves very, very fast, gavin williamson has in the past few minutes been replaced by penny mordaunt, who was the international aid secretary, she becomes the first female defence secretary, and in her shoes a promotion for another young rising star of the tory party, rory stewart, who was a more junior minister, who now moves into the
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cabinet for the first time, replacing penny mordaunt. so a new look cabinet in part at a time of intense political difficulty for the prime minister, still strong enough to move ministers around? perhaps. laura kuenssberg in westminster with the very latest, thank you. straight to the weather with stav. a top temperature of 18.5 celsius, the best of the sunshine across the eastern side of the country, then later for northern ireland, eastern side of the country, then laterfor northern ireland, a band of cloud and rain spreading eastwards, fizzling out across eastern england through the overnight period, xiao was confined to the far south—east, a cluster of showers moving into the north west, sting damp for the north—east of scotland. elsewhere, clear skies, sting damp for the north—east of scotland. elsewhere, clearskies, a chilly night out of town. tomorrow, we start on a dry night for many, showers from the word go across northern scotland, clusters of showers developing for northern
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ireland, england and wales, some turning heavy, even thundery across the eastern side of england. top temperatures of 16, maybe 17 degrees, but across the far north of scotland, temperatures falling away because we have this cold front sinking south on friday, opening the floodgates to arctic air across northern area, feeding in some wintry showers to the hills of scotland, strong, gale force winds as well, that cold front line through central parts of the country to friday afternoon with rain on it. to the south of there, some sunshine in the last of the mild for now, further naughty green hue indicating that cold air digging in, temperatures widely in single figures. it stays cold as we head on into the weekend, in fact that cold out winds out quite blustery as well, particularly across northern and eastern areas, so don't be surprised to wake up to a touch of frost early saturday and again on sunday, gardeners and growers beware. so for the bank holiday weekend, it will be cold, dry for
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most in the sunshine, gradually the wind is easing down into bank holiday monday. that's all from the bbc news at six, so it's goodbye from me,
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