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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 7, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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all the detail is being speculated upon but it is talking about how baby suffix was born not at home probably but possibly, they are saying, the portland hospital in london which was dashing meghan‘s hopes of a home birth. on two other stories, front page of the financial times has the reaction to the tweets from donald trump that he is threatening to increase tariffs on all chinese imports on friday. the times reports on a leaked document reporting the nhs is to begin a global recruitment drive for tens of thousands of foreign nurses because ofa thousands of foreign nurses because of a shortage of staff and an ageing population. the guardian has new research that shows, contrary to what we have been told, that social media does not make teenagers unhappy. and finally, page three of the times, capri, the island of italy, has introduced fines of up to
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500 euros with anybody spotted —— for anybody spotted with plastic cutlery or non— biodegradable plastic bags. lawrence gosling is about. you are a dad, you have three children, you are a grand dad, you have a lovely granddaughter, been there, done that. let's look at prince harry on the front of the telegraph. a gushing article written by briony gordon who talks about why the nation loves harry. she talks about how he was outside windsor castle to tell the news we've all been waiting for four weeks. its all been waiting for four weeks. its all been very relaxed. they seem untypical of the royal family. historically untypical! for a number of reasons. you think back to his brother and how the announcement of their children were announced much more formally. megan and harry have
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come for the complete opposite. you can see the look on his face. i felt like that with my three children and when my granddaughter was born. she talks about prince harry being boys in his enthusiasm, he couldn't contain himself. the world loves harry. absolutely. maybe he won't feel quite so boyish if he is getting up in the middle of the night to change a nappy. or do a feed, who knows? a gushing article talking about all the issues and what the telegraph and the mail talks about is that they were unusual in the sense that they were hoping to have this delivery privately, at home, in a location we wouldn't know about. the world's
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media was camped outside the hospitalfor months on media was camped outside the hospital for months on end with the. duke and duchess of cambridge. it didn't happen with this birth. the baby was 20 minutes old. and we didn't find out about 2pm monday afternoon. we still don't know which hospital she was rushed to as the daily mail described it. there is still quite a lot that hasn't been made public and again, it adds to the, you know, the sort of more natural, homely way they are doing this. dream of home birth dashed as the headline of the daily mail. it talks about the fact she was possibly induced as she was a week over. as mothers, we are supposed to write our birthing plan. i mean, just burn them, folks. it never goes
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to plan. i was two weeks overdue, i was induced, it is never a very pleasa nt was induced, it is never a very pleasant experience. not delivered ina birthing pleasant experience. not delivered in a birthing pool which was my hope. babiesjust in a birthing pool which was my hope. babies just do what they do. they come out of the way they come out. theyjust they come out of the way they come out. they just appear they come out of the way they come out. theyjust appear when they they come out of the way they come out. they just appear when they want to. two of mine were born in the middle of the night. which is quite common, actually! exactly. you can't time them. it is not like 930 in the morning sitting around. the daily mail, they, not the palace, call the shots. this has been the story of this couple since they got engaged. harry is not next in line to the throne and perhaps that's why the formality of william and kate. he is nextin formality of william and kate. he is next in line after his father. you
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can see there is a bit more of license for harry and meghan to be a bit more normal, if that's at all possible for anyone in the royal family. indeed. dig deep for all of your suggestions for names. albert, alfred, alexander. lots of names starting with a for top other have —— others have said spencer, in relation to diane —— diana spencer. martin luther king could be one of the names included. some have said nelson. i haven't seen one donald yet which is interesting. speaking of donald, a picture of the president of united states smack bang in the middle. the financial times says back from's threat to mmp times says back from's threat to
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ramp up china tariffs are nerves world markets. it would do, wouldn't it? a funny day tank holiday monday. some markets around the world closed. in asia, japan was closed for the entire week. people call him the mcdonald. the leader chinese negotiator was due to fly to the us yesterday. —— they call him the donald. the trip has been postponed and there is a suggestion they will bea and there is a suggestion they will be a smaller delegation. he caught china by surprise as well, there has been a suggestion. there is a saying about may. cell in may and go away until saint leger‘s day. —— sell in may. the markets are really exaggerated and volatile. and we
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have finished the reporting season for may around the world so it is a strange time of year. story on the front page of the times was not nhs looks abroad for thousands of the times saying they have seen leaked information to talk about a strategy to boost employment levels within the nhs. yes. there has been concern since the referendum and what impact it might have. what is interesting is the issue about this shortage of nurses has been going on for decades in the uk and this plan that the times is talking about is filling not even half of the gap with overseas nurses and then there's the suggestion that if they are recruiting from india, the philippines, australia, the republic
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of ireland, what that does to the health services of those countries as well. it seems extraordinary that we are in this situation with or without brexit. the guardian has this story. children's social medial use has a trivial effect on happiness. it goes against all the information we have had so far or even advice or concern about the impact on young people. it does feel very surprising and if you read into this story, it is a fascinating one. the professor behind it has said there are nuanced reasons behind lack of well—being amongst adolescents but this is actually a sort of review of a number of other studies completed in 2009— 2016. in the last two years we have seen some really very sad cases of children taking their own life as a result of what they are seeing on social media so part of me thinks i am sure there is something in this but it does
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feel like the discussion has moved ona feel like the discussion has moved on a bit we want this kind of report. interesting. as i say, details online. the guardian have it as do others. i love this headline in the times, this is the final straw. capri hands visitors from using plastic. —— bans. people talk about the carrot and the stick to change our behaviour. this is the stick. i'm not sure people take plastic with them when they go on holidays to places like capri. one pa rt holidays to places like capri. one part of italy that is doing a lot on the whole green phase we are into reduce the amounts of plastic so good on them but let's see what different it makes. is all going to make a difference, i believe. everything we can do to help the environment. thank you, laurence and thank you as well for your company. that's the briefing. goodbye. hello, good morning. early bank holiday monday last
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year, the temperature was a record 29 degrees. this time round, 1a celsius at best. and that was in the south—west of england, where we did see some sunshine. and, whilst we'll see temperatures recovering a little bit across more southern parts of the uk, it is going to be staying on the chilly side, and there's some more rain to come, as well. and most of it is going to be coming from this area of cloud that's going to bring some wetter, windier weather, actually, overnight into wednesday. we've got a lot of cloud on the scene for many places at the moment, still some bursts of rain here and there. but skies are a little bit clearer in scotland, and here we've got the colder air, of course, so there may well be a touch of frost. further south, more cloud for northern ireland, northern england, still producing these showery bursts of rain, and we may well see a few showers developing through the midlands and across east anglia, too. for scotland, it really is a case of sunshine and showers. we're going to find those showers a bit wintry over the tops of the mountains.
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the air is going to be cold enough for temperatures no better than single figures in most places. some wetter weather for southernmost parts of scotland, northern ireland, northern england, and those showers also affecting north wales, moving further south into the midlands and across east anglia. southern england, south wales, probably dry for most of the day, and a bit sunshine mayjust lift those temperatures to 15, maybe 16 degrees. but this is where the low pressure and all that cloud is overnight and into wednesday. these weather fronts pushing some rain northwards and eastwards across the uk, so for many places, it's a bit of a wet start, i suspect. this rain is going to pivot and push its way slowly northwards, getting stuck across central, southern scotland, northern ireland and northern england. after the rain, a clearance to sunshine, but some heavy, thundery showers, particularly towards the south—west. some blustery winds, too. easterly winds for eastern scotland
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and north—east england, together with the rain, will make it feel quite cold. temperatures 6—8 degrees at best. further south, some warmth in the sunshine, but those showers are going to be heavy, accompanied by some gusty winds too. and almost more of the same, really, as we move from wednesday and into thursday. low pressure just drifting slowly across the uk, those weather fronts stuck across the northern areas. so cloud, some patchy, lighter rain perhaps by this stage for scotland, northern ireland, northern england. further south, some sunshine. again, some heavy and thundery showers. this time they're more likely to be across east anglia and the south—east of england. temperatures on thursday much like those of wednesday, again below average for this time of the year. goodbye.
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good morning and welcome to breakfast with louise minchin and dan walker. our headlines today: congratulations from around the world for prince harry and meghan, as they announce the birth of a baby boy. is every father and parent would ever say, your baby is amazing this little thing is absolutely to die for and little thing is absolutely to die forandi little thing is absolutely to die forand i am little thing is absolutely to die for and i am over the moon. there's excitement in windsor and in meghan‘s home city of los angeles. this morning the world's media are camped close to the sussex's home, waiting for a name and a first sight of the baby himself. schools in england are told
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