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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 8, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the move is seen as boosting the city's hopes of becoming a global financial tech hub. on the guardian website, georgia's republican governor brian kemp has signed legislation to ban abortion once cardiac activity can be detected. opponents say this could mean as early as six weeks, before many women even realize they are pregnant. and finally their calling it the miracle on merseyside. the mirror like every uk paper has uk premier league football team liverpool on their front pages. the paper says the reds produced the greatest night in anfield history to reach the champions league final after overcoming barcelona with a stunning second—leg fightback. we've heard some of our fans that are watching now and you are celebrating, which is great. with me is jeremy thomson—cook who's
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chief economist of the payments company world first. i your liveable fan? i'm not but you can help but celebrate was not i was worried at the tv last night. the barcelona fans may or may not be watching as well so we need to consider that. let's have a look at the first story. in the evening standard, this is not the paper that is fran london. it's the latest line of the talks between the government and the labour party, it would seem they are not moving. there is no compromise despite the pressure on both sides. , brexit continues to be the uncompromised ball political schism that has been for the past two or three years, to be honest. it seems a bit of a hail mary attempt to get the labour party and the government to agree on brexit. it seems strange that the labour party would go towards these talks openhanded and say yes, this would
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absolutely help bring in a tory brexit. for as many labour voters that voted to leave back in the referendum in 2016, there has to be almost as many if not more who voted to remain and have expressed a preference for a second referendum which we know the conservative party simply don't want. this article quotes the shadow business secretary who confirms that the negotiations are not going well and the fingers pointed at the conservative party. the fact that they will not move on the so—called redlines. 0ne the fact that they will not move on the so—called redlines. one of them is no movement the so—called redlines. one of them is no movement was a the so—called redlines. one of them is no movement was a customs union, labour on more in favour of the idea of the uk remaining in a relationship with the eu than we have now. it's a very similar relationship but that is not palatable to many in the tory party. it's a bit of a halfway house for trade between the uk and the eu and therefore the uk and the rest of the world. we don't trade —— it will
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make trade a bit easier. it would certainly help a little bit with the situation on the northern ireland border. what it would do is still maintain outsourcing in any future trade deals to brussels. that is a big issue, isn't it? appear on the customs union, we cannot freely negotiate independent deals. much like turkey cart at the moment. i can't do this a the customs union, we have to see a customs union because there are different. if you look at the turkish run, they have to do see that control to brussels. it means we would have no say. arguably... that's not brexit? that's not brexit and not being part of the eu. labour have been pushing for it, it's a conservative redline at the single market free trade in goods and services can only come
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with the freedom of movement of people which is another redline for the conservative party. that is a square... we are taking part in the selections and europe on may the 23rd? that is less than three weeks away. exactly. we saw the movement and the boost for remain supporting parties, the lib dems, the greens. people like that. and the brexit party rump the european elections. in the meantime, companies have to be early for every single scenario. travelodge are going to recruit stu d e nts travelodge are going to recruit students for a future outside the eu. it's quite an interesting idea and many might look at this and think, this is great. we are bringing people intojobs. think, this is great. we are bringing people into jobs. we are bringing people into jobs. we are bringing students into jobs, bringing people into jobs. we are bringing students intojobs, more jobs are available to them. it does. what this points to is that this is all about investment was up on
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brexit and the delay in the article 50 process have delayed any certainty about what is happening. it has delayed investment and that isa it has delayed investment and that is a further push down on productivity in the uk. the reason why an appointment are so good in the uk, so close to full employment as you would classically call it, as as you would classically call it, as a positive people have been brought in to dojobs a positive people have been brought in to do jobs that typically a business was, which are need this. businesses make the process is your, this is a classic example of this. 3000 people being brought in on a temporary basis to fill a whole. this is nodal planning. this is nodal planning by a big, big hospitality industry. have been hit really ha rd. hospitality industry. have been hit really hard. the hospitality and leisure industry across the uk but specifically in london as well, i with this struggling. companies like travelodge because those usual seasonal workers that will come to the uk are choosing not to do that. they are not have the ability to work. i hope it works for the
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hospitality industry as much as agriculture and the nhs rely on these workers. the financial times, give us your take on the story. choosing facebook is pushed into payment so what's up. what is the payment so what's up. what is the payment system? why london? first off, this book tried a payment system through its messenger service, integrated messenger service, integrated messenger service within the platform and that got shut down a couple of weeks ago. payments, the future of the meeting of technology and payments is going to be the thing that drives the banking system, drives financial services over the course of the next 20 years or so. we have seen the impact on tech such as facebook,
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they are all at it. how intrinsic they are all at it. how intrinsic they have become to our normal lives. when it comes to technology within the financial sector, there's been a lot going on in the uk. specifically london. this been a lot of exciting start—ups that have proven to be successful. this is a lot happening here. is a popular facebook chose london? it is a bit ofa facebook chose london? it is a bit of a centre for this kind of technology was to one thing, working in this industry, they say the silicon valley, faced is based in silicon valley, faced is based in silicon valley, faced is based in silicon valley, apple is based on silicon valley, apple is based on silicon valley. american technology so far behind that of europe. co nta ctless so far behind that of europe. contactless payments, for example, p°ppin9 contactless payments, for example, popping your card against a reader, unlike five — 8% are done by that. putting it in london means they are in the centre. we going to look at the story about the governor of georgia. he signed into legislation to ban abortion once cardiac
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activity can be detected in the baby in the room. many would argue this is around about six weeks, which is going to be an extremely emotive issue in the run—up to the 2020 elections in the united states. president trump has been quite vocal about his profile views. in the us this divides people. this is the most divisive issue in american politics. georgia has signed this but they are the seventh or eighth state to have this so—called heartbeat abortion ruling, north da kota, heartbeat abortion ruling, north dakota, mississippi, iowa, many places doing it. i'm a big fan of men listening is not legislating. when it comes to woman's body, the back of the six week term would still be in place for women who have been subject to a rain for example, incest, it's obviously, iphone, deeply problematic. the fact is also that as much as we happy and uk,
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northern ireland, northern ireland women come to the uk, to see people living georgia and going to other states. they're putting themselves at risk in many cases. it's a very worrying development. let us talk about liveable. we watched the match? i was fast asleep. everybody on the edge of their seats. and to be honest, after the second goal, you knew that something brilliant was going to happen. and it did. but you don't go until the whistle blows. and i was texting friends who are from liverpool and they were hidden behind the sofa and eventually when the final whistle went, they burst into tears and things like that. it is a place to be today. it really is. liverpool or windsor? 0ne be today. it really is. liverpool or windsor? one of the other. thank you for being on the programme and thank you for your company. it's been good to hear from you, you for your company. it's been good to hearfrom you, i will you for your company. it's been good to hear from you, i will see you soon.
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hello there, good morning. with the benefit of some sunshine yesterday, temperatures reached 17 degrees at heathrow. but for the most part it remains chilly and that's the way it's going to stay through the rest of this week. and there will be some showers or some longer spells of rain. the weather is changing again. you can see how this cloud is sort of curling itself up into a knot. the thickest of the cloud is producing some rain and that is continuing to push its way up from the south—west. still quite chilly though, ahead of that. across some northern parts of scotland there may be a touch of frost. and we've still got some rain elsewhere across scotland, and that's going to be joined by this general wet weather that we've got moving up from the south—west, heading northwards across england and wales. following that, across wales, midlands and southern england, we should actually get some sunshine but the showers developing could be heavy and thundery as well. the wind is turning to more of a south—westerly, lifting the temperatures, but with an easterly wind and that rain for eastern scotland and the north—east of england, it really is going to be a cold day. temperatures 6—8 degrees i think degrees in many places. not quite so chilly for western scotland because we've got
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that easterly wind. temperatures may make double figures in northern ireland, but rain is never too far away. a cold day with rain on—and—off across northern england, and perhaps north wales. some heavy, thundery showers heading towards norfolk, through the home counties, and towards the south—west of england. low pressure essentially in charge of our weather. that was that curl in the cloud. the low centre itself is just going to drift slowly eastwards across the uk on thursday. still got a weather front end of the north, producing rain and drizzle but that should be moving away from scotland. sunshine following on behind but still cloudy and damp across northern england. some showers for northern ireland. and some showers across parts of england and wales, especially in the south—east of england this time. those temperatures — there they are — still disappointing for this time of the year, below average and quite chilly again underneath the cloud and rain in northern england. that low pressure though is going to pull away or take away most of that rain with it as well. we've got low pressure,
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low pressure, high pressure, high pressure — it's what we call a cull, and when we have that sort of weather pattern you're going to get some showers. there's going to be some sunshine. difficult to say exactly where the showers are going to be. that's where they're looking at moment for friday. and some of those could be on the heavy side once again. but large parts of the uk will still have a dry day. but again, those temperatures are below par — 10—15 degrees fairly typically. however, as we head into the weekend, we've still got some chilly air to begin with, but it is going to be warming up as the weekend goes on and into next week. much more sunshine and temperatures probably getting up to 19 or 20 celsius.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: a significant fall in numbers of family doctors — as new figures are revealed, gps tell us they've got too many patients to treat. a miracle on merseyside. liverpool are on their way to the champions league final after beating barcelona 4—0 on a night of fantasy football at anfield. we can't believe it, can we? it was the best night ever. it was a team effort, all the way, the six champions league now. i'm proud, i'm really proud. a navy veteran whose medals were taken from him


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