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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 9, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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now onto the bbc website, and research showing less than half the world's airlines are offering its passengers carbon offsetting — that's when passengers can pay extra to help compensate for the carbon emissions produced from their flight. and finally, all over the papers it's tottenham! the independent shows the moment after that goal that propelled tottenham to the champions league final — making it an all—english battle in madrid onjune 1. with me is tara reeves, partner at omers ventures, europe. tara, let's get stuck in. i don't know to what extent you have been excited about this new baby, but everybody is, it would seem. and many, everybody is, it would seem. and any everybody is, it would seem. and many, many front pages have got archie on the front page. it is a wonderful photograph. i think is a country we really want some happy news. just around the world. and
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this is it! definitely. looking absolutely gorgeous. really interesting in terms of the name. there was so much speculation as to what this little baby would be called. many thought it would be alexander or albert, alfred. nobody came up with archie harrison, i don't think. they say nobody, maybe somebody did. it was not out as a hot favourite. think a good turnout for the bookmakers, certainly. hot favourite. think a good turnout for the bookmakers, certainlym terms of the fact that they hadn't chosen a royal title either, once again, meghan and harry proving to be the royal couple that are making their choices and are, you know, not going with tradition at all, but actually being new and fresh in the royal family. exactly. actually being new and fresh in the royalfamily. exactly. that actually being new and fresh in the royal family. exactly. that isjust such a thoroughly modern photograph. a modern couple making their own choices. we wish them all the best. as the first born as the duke he could have become earl of dumbarton
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oi’ could have become earl of dumbarton or could have been lord archie mountbatten—windsor. instead he will be simply master archie mountbatten—windsor. as we say, making lots of changes within the royal family. lovely to see megan's mum, doria, next to the queen and the duke of edinburgh. that is the front page of the metro. baby archie is pretty much everywhere today. certainly on the front pages of the uk press. very sweet. let us move onto some of the more meaty issues. the financial times is on its front page iran accused of taking the world hostage with nuclear threat. that is the ft had lied. this story was breaking the stone yesterday when news came from the media in iran that they were going to no longer stick with some of the agreements in the 2015 deal. exactly. a very symbolic time to make the announcement as it is one year since the us withdrew from what president trump called the worst deal in history. and now appealing
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to the european powers, iran is to say look, can you help, and obviously restraints being urged on the iran government by europe. the language is definitely hardening on the us side, who have toughened sanctions with tariffs, sanctions on metals and mining as well, which is the second biggest export after petrol. so it is really interesting to see how the next 60 days will play out. as you say, timing is everything. because, of course, this announcement coming from iran coincided with the secretary of state's visit to europe, mike pompeo in london yesterday talking to the prime minister, talking tojeremy hunt, uk foreign secretary. but on his way to that trip he stopped off in iraakfora his way to that trip he stopped off in iraakfor a quick his way to that trip he stopped off in iraak for a quick visitjust to talk to the government in iraq
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saying we're here to support still —— iraq. given what is going on with iran, et cetera. it is interesting how everything is changing in the region and iran's position is changing quite significantly. and so quickly as well. very interesting to see how the next couple of months play out. and what the supporters like from the likes of germany and the uk, russia, china, who stuck with that 2015 international agreement with iran where iran said we would actually curtail our nuclear ambitions on what we're within iran. now they have said within iran. now they have said within 60 days we might up the ante when it comes to our nuclear ambitions are. exactly. and the countries who have stuck with the dealer saying if you pull out then we reserve the right to reimpose sanctions. but we will see. we will
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have to watch this space. it is quite a worrying situation of some levels. the front page of the i. imagine the secretary of state in the uk meeting with theresa may. the iis the uk meeting with theresa may. the i is looking on it, its front page, in headlines 5g phone space delay in britain. this is all about the uk's decision as to whether to do business with my of china when it comes to the infrastructure we need here to roll out 5g. yes. 5g is wonderful —— huawei. the question marks are around huawei. it is interesting to me as no—one has found a backdoor in the technology. it is not that people think there is any sort of spying technology in the tech right now, but there is concern about this 2017 law that means any chinese company is legally required to co—operate with the chinese
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state. and so the us and other parties are saying, within the country, that you are basically allowing china to have access to uk communications are. and the uk is trying to make its own decision, the uk government, as to whether a trust huawei or not because the united states, new zealand, other countries around the world have said, actually, we don't. but actually the united states has put so much pressure on the uk to see if you do work with huawei, if huawei does provide infrastructure and technology to the uk, we feel you are vulnerable and we will not share secrets with you. exactly. the uk's position has been that the huawei techer is what they call non—core and won't have access to more sensitive issues. but that does not seem to be reassuring the uk's other allies —— tech. seem to be reassuring the uk's other allies -- tech. as mike pompeo says the special relationship could be imperilled. we move onto the story.
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laura's report about this climate change. the bbc has found half the world's biggest allies don't offer carbon offsetting, but also those that do, there is not really an update on it. i'm assuming, looked at this story today and thought i'd did not know about this. i think a lot of it is to do with the fact that we as consumers don't know that as an option. what did you think?” think that is true. they also think airlines and flies are taxed so heavily, as a consumer, just under half the cost of your ticket ‘s tax. so there is some perception that some of this tax is being used in ways that would offset carbon and it is not the case. it is being used to other things. and so maybe that's away to improve things, either with away to improve things, either with a small levy that is applied to everyone, 01’ a small levy that is applied to everyone, or taking some of this tax revenue and using it for environmental reasons. for many, there are those who are really considering everything they do, consumers come in terms of its impact on the environment, the
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carbon footprint that it leaves behind, as it were. for many if they we re behind, as it were. for many if they were aware of this they would perhaps tick the box and pay the little bit extra to make sure that there carbon footprint is not as damaging as it perhaps might be. there carbon footprint is not as damaging as it perhaps might beg think that is true. let us look at the independent. it has lucas moura scoring in that injury time right at the end of the game. many of my collea g u es the end of the game. many of my colleagues here who are here overnight were watching and cheering in the bbc news room. did you watch, tarha or were you in bed, like me as loi tarha or were you in bed, like me as l0| was tucked up in bed, but my family what's up group is going nuts. they are huge fans. it isjust lucas moura. just wonderful. with yourfamily try lucas moura. just wonderful. with your family try to get to madrid on june one? i have seen that the tickets are now so expensive. are there any? it looks like many floods are completely sold out. and the prices were ticking up during the game. very clever algorithms
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happening there. it has been fascinating. tarha, thank you for being on the briefing. it has been great to have you with us. thank you for your company. so many of you have been in touch. let me remind you of some of your tweets. we have a lean, a regular on the briefing, she says "wow, suddenly our super random we can break in madrid to see old friends visiting from the us, on the 31st of may until the second of june, she says it is going to be interesting". eileen, you need to get tickets. matt ross is to be vespers have not signed a play in 18 months and they pay very little compared to the bigger clubs —— says to be fair, spurs. the bbc briefing is the place to look at the bigger debate. i will see you soon. hello there.
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wednesday was a thoroughly wet, cold, windy day for many areas. further south we did see the sunshine appear through the afternoon, but that gave way to showers and some thunderstorms with hail. all tied in with this area of low pressure, which is slowly moving out into the north sea, although its weather fronts will continue to affect parts of the country as we head through today. now, early on today it's going to stay quite damp across parts of scotland, northern england, with persistent rain, still quite a breeze blowing in off the north sea there. but northern scotland will start dry with clear skies. so here another cold one with a frost out of town. but further south, because of more cloud and rain around, then it should be a less cold start. so for thursday, it will be a damp start for many. a lot of cloud around. the best of the sunshine across the northern half of scotland. winds will be generally lighter across the uk as that area of low pressure continues to pull out. but into the afternoon, i think it will be a mixture of sunshine and showers for northern ireland, for much of england and wales. though the far south—west to stay dry. we'll see top temperatures of 111—15 degrees in the south. as we head on into friday, the low pressure continues to pull away. although this weather front will continue to bring showers mainly to central parts of the uk.
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but winds will be lighter still on friday, so we'll start off on a fairly cool note. there will be some sunshine around. but as those temperatures rise then showers will also develop, some of them could turn out to be heavy ones. again, southern scotland, northern ireland, into the midlands, northern england as well. i think the south—west should stay largely dry. highs of 15 or 16 degrees. and a little less cold across scotland. now into the weekend, it looks like high pressure is going to start building in, although there will be northerly winds on its eastern flank for a while, so it will stay quite chilly into the weekend. but then as that high pressure moves a little bit further eastwards we'll start to draw up some warmer southerly winds. so it's a slow process but this weekend looks like it will be turning drier and it should turn a little bit warmer as well, particularly beyond sunday. now for saturday, it's a chilly start in those northerly winds, quite bright with some sunshine around. but we think showers will develop — mainly across eastern areas. and some of these could be quite heavy. the best of the sunshine further west. and in the sunniest sports across the south—west we could see 16—17 celsius. but a little bit warmer further north too. 0n into sunday then, i think we will start off chilly again with some sunshine. a bit of cloud will develop here and there.
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probably the best of the sunshine again further west, probably closer to that area of high pressure. but it should be a little bit warmer across the board, with highs of 17—18 celsius. and then beyond sunday into next week with that high pressure building in, southerly winds, it will be turning warmer with some places seeing the low 20s celsius.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. 0ur headlines today: the second incredible football comeback in as many days — spurs defy the odds and score a last gasp winner against ajax to set up an all—english champions league final. there were tears ofjoy in amsterdam from manager mauricio pochettino who called the performance a miracle. the stress of serving on the thin blue line — one in five police officers are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. we cannot win a war against water — the stark warning that some communities may have to move


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