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tv   Lula  BBC News  May 11, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm BST

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i don't care. i'm not interested. can't be fixed and all that, anyway. if brexit has made some more engaged with politics, it is had the opposite effect with others. political changes across the north sea leave many here cold. you can find out more about who is running in the european elections on the bbc news website. and, we're going to be speaking to all the main uk parties here on the bbc news channel over the next few weeks. we want you to send us your questions. on tuesday at 5.30, we'll have nigel farage of the brexit party. the next day, at the same time, we'll be talking to chuka umunna of ‘change uk'. you can email us at, text 61124, or use social media with the hashtag #bbcaskthis.
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a huge waterspout surprised singapore residents this morning. videos were posted on social media showing the waterspout swirling in the southern shore of the island. witnesses say it was seen for around 20 minutes. the local environment agency says there are generally three waterspout occu rances each year. a waterspout is a rapidly rotating column of air over water, underneath the base of a shower cloud. now it's time for a look at the weather with darren bett. we do have better weather on the way. today we had quite a few showers around, one or two thunderstorms earlier on, but those are fading away and we are going to find clearing skies and light winds overnight tonight. it is going to turn quite chilly as well. probably a frost across some parts of scotland, even further south. temperatures won't be far away from freezing in a few rural areas. high pressure is building right the way across the uk and that will bring an improvement in the weather.
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we will find this weather front brushing the far north—west, so a bit more high cloud coming into the western side of northern ireland, later into the north west of scotland. as temperatures rise elsewhere, we will see a little bit of cloud building up, a little bit of convection, it could give an isolated light shower over the pennines, perhaps over the downs in the south—east, but on the whole drier, sunnier and it will feel warmer as well. temperatures should be a little bit higher for most areas on sunday. that's really the theme as we head into next week. high pressure around, a lot of dry weather, more in the way of sunshine and, because of that, it will feel warmer. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... the un says houthi rebels in yemen appear to be honouring a pledge to withdraw troops from key ports, opening a lifeline for millions of people facing famine. concerns over climate change might restrict the growth
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of flying in the uk, according to a senior civil servant. a 74—year—old man who was shot with a crossbow bolt in north wales last month has died. fly—tipping in england is up by nearly 40% in the past five years. the local government association says nobody has yet been given the maximum sentence. now on bbc news... in one of his first and only interviews in prison since he was imprisoned last april, former brazilian president luiz inacio lula da silva speaks to kennedy alencar. in his day, he was one of the most popular politicians in the world. luiz inacio lula da silva, known as lula, was brazil's first left—wing president. in eight years of power, he transformed the lives of millions in his country, and became one of the most influential latin american
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leaders of modern times. by the time he left office in 2010, brazil had become the darling of the global economy. barak obama: the most popular politician on earth. but lula's fall was as spectacular as his rise. as brazil descended into the chaos of mass street protests against his successor, lula himself was sensationally arrested, and then convicted of corruption. today brazil has taken a very different path, under the right wing president, jair bolsonaro. lula sits in prison, serving an eight—year sentence for his crimes. in his first television interview since his imprisonment, brazilian journalist kennedy alencar questions the former president about his life in politics, and his conviction for corruption.
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you were tried and found guilty of accepting bribes. do you accept any guilt in this case? and from behind his prison walls, lula is heavily critical of president bolsonaro. from the very start of his presidency, lula made it clear that things were going to change
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in a brazil. applause. lula's strategy for the economy was helped by a global boom in commodities from which brazil reaped the benefit. exports of oil, iron ore and agricultural products fuelled brazil's rise.
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perhaps, lula's greatest triumph was that he managed to bring about an unprecedented level of social mobility, mainly through welfare programmes, like bolsa familia. his critics complained this policy was wasteful and simply designed to buy voters.
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brazil's supercharged economy ensured its place at the top table. rio de janeiro. cheering and applause. the award of the world cup
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and the olympics confirmed that brazil was now a new global power, even though hosting these tournaments would later prove controversial. but as the tournaments approached, their huge costs created divisions. but brazil's fortunes were built on fragile foundations and the fate of the country changed dramatically with the global financial crisis, even though its effects were only
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felt after lula had left office. commodity prices, which had been so essential to brazil's rise, began to fall. although lula successfully transferred power to dilma rousseff, in 2010, the seeds of brazil's economic decline were sown. moreover, dilma lacked lula's popular touch and she failed to take the people with her.
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injune 2013, the uneasy political truce with the brazilian people ended. a massive demonstration in sao paolo demanded the reversal of a recent rise in public transport fares in the city. in the following days, the numbers of protesters grew, and the police fought back, beating up demonstrators and journalists. lula has a controversial theory of why these street protests began.
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street protests, from both the left and the right, were an essential element in the political instability that rocked brazil after lula left office. and the protesters soon had another major cause for complaint. in 2014, a police investigation known as 0peracion lava jato, or 0peration car wash, began to unravel brazil's age—old corrupt relationship between businessmen and politicians. up and down the country, hundreds of arrests were made.
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the man who was leading the operation was a charismatic young judge called sergio moro. lula agrees that, whilst corruption was rife, it was not the main obstacle to progress.
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but when moro‘s investigation turned to a construction magnate, marcelo 0debrecht, brazilian politics was turned upside down. 0debrecht‘s company was found to have received lucrative contracts from the state oil company, petrobras, in return for bribing many senior politicians. amongst the names 0debrecht revealed, were many workers‘ party figures, including lula. the former president was later alleged to own a holiday apartment in the seaside city of guaruja. judge moro claimed that lula had received free improvements to the apartment as a bribe from the construction company, 0as. in march 2016, police raided lula's house. one of the most popular leaders in brazilian history was now viewed with the same suspicion as any other corrupt politician.
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you were tried and found guilty of accepting 3.7 million in bribes in reais, 1.2 million in us dollars, in the form of improvements to the beach house apartment, it is alleged to be your property, and this was made by construction company 0as. in return 0as got profitable contracts with petrobras. do you accept any guilt in this case?
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0ne judge, sergio moro, convicted you. three from a second instance. four for the third instance. butjudge sergio moro denied this version of events and told us...
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a week after his house had been raided, dilma asked lula to join her cabinet as chief of staff. many saw this as an attempt to provide lula with immunity from prosecution by moro, but lula claims he was needed to help dilma from her impending impeachment. but sergio moro had other ideas. controversially he arranged to have president dilma's phone wiretapped and when a call was made to lula, moro believed he had struck gold.
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the call appeared to confirm moro‘s suspicions. dilma appeared to be suggesting lula take a position in cabinet to protect her from prosecution by moro.
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sergio moro denies this, and said his actions were in the public interest. "democracy in a free society," he wrote, "requires that the government know what they doing even —— that the goverened know what their governors are doing even when they try to act in the dark." the reaction on the streets to the release of the wiretap was fury. 1.5 million marched in sao paulo, outraged at the emerging evidence of a cover—up at the very highest level. dilma's plan to appoint lula completely backfired. the courts blocked his appointment as chief of staff. 0n the street, the protests grew larger, louder and angrier, against lula, dilma and the workers‘ party.
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within months, dilma was successfully impeached by congress. lula, for his part, was duly convicted of corruption over the improvements to the seaside apartment. by 2018, having exhausted his avenues of appeal, he turned himself in to begin his prison sentence. he was subsequently denied the chance to run for president. the path was now clear for a new player to take centre stage. jair bolsonaro had been a congressman for 27 years. before that he had been an officer in the paratroopers, and he maintains strong links with the military. his politics were controversial and deeply divisive.
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and then, at the beginning of september 2018, bolsonaro was viciously stabbed while campaigning, and rushed to intensive care. the following month, a divided country voted to take a new path, and the recovering bolsonaro was elected president. lula claims that brazilian democracy is at risk under bolsonaro.
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shortly after the election result, bolsonaro invited sergio moro to be his minister ofjustice. moro is now a super minister, with influence over the judiciary and full control over the federal police and public security issues. lula believes this new role is a reward for taking him out of the game.
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you said that moro wouldn‘t survive in politics. why? although lula‘s sentence has recently been reduced and he could soon be granted a form of house arrest, there are other charges relating to corruption that are still hanging over him. however, lula maintains that the most important thing for him is to prove his innocence.
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since he left office, brazilian politics has changed beyond all recognition. the economy, once the darling of the emerging markets, remains weak and fragile. his successor has been impeached, the workers‘ party removed from power, and the right—wing
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president elected. the military keeps the peace on the streets of rio, and nine members of the bolsonaro cabinet have come from their ranks. bolsonaro recently said of lula, "he has a plan to take power, in which ultimately our freedom would be stolen. i think it was a mistake that the courts gave him the right to give an interview." lula, for his part, is highly critical of the new president and the way his family are behaving in power.
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lula has been imprisoned for nearly 400 days. while millions of brazilians are pleased that he is being punished, outside the walls of the prison, his supporters maintain a constant vigil for the former president. lula and his legacy have divided a country. this particular chapter in brazil‘s history may not yet be over.
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we still expect better weather for the second half of the weekend. when the sun was out today it felt quite warm but there were quite a few showers. this picture taken in derbyshire. we have even had one or two showers making their way into northern ireland and wales. there we re northern ireland and wales. there were some thunderstorms earlier in yorkshire and sussex. those showers are fading away. 0nce yorkshire and sussex. those showers are fading away. once the sun goes down they will completely fade away so down they will completely fade away so it becomes dry with clear skies, light winds, temperatures falling quickly. we are likely to have frost in scotland but even further south we could have places close to freezing so some areas seeing some ground frost at least. high pressure is building in the uk inhibiting the
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formation of showers on sunday. the weather front just grazing formation of showers on sunday. the weather frontjust grazing the far north—west introducing high cloud into the western side of northern ireland and north—west of scotland. there could be a limited amount of convection giving a light shower over the pennines and the downs in the south—east. the theme as we head into next week, a lot of dry weather, more sunshine and an improvement over the last week. it should feel warmer in the sunshine. not blue skies every day. some high cloud in scotland and northern ireland and into england and wales, saw hazy sunshine on monday but dry. it could be close to 20 in the central belt of scotland. the high pressure will dominate our weather over the week ahead. it is sitting
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towards the east of the uk so temperatures will not be as high in the south—east. the warmest air is moving to the north—west of the uk. these temperatures are an improvement over recently and it will be dry with sunshine, 16—17 for london and lincoln. higher temperatures in the north west of uk, the low 20s in the moray firth and possibly 21 in liverpool.
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this is bbc world news today. our top stories: first signs that houthi rebels in yemen are starting to withdraw troops from key ports, making way for much needed un aid. an attack on a five star hotel in south—west pakistan is over. the regional interior minister says the gunmen have been killed. south africa‘s president promises to build a democratic, prosperous and united country after his party‘s victory in parliamentary elections. migrants who survived when their boat capsized off the coast of tunisia have given their account of the disaster in which at least least sixty people drowned. fighting for life, we are frightened, we were swimming eight hours.


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