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really hit and week because it is really hit and miss. showers. some showers out there at the moment. if you look at there at the moment. if you look at the satellite picture, most of the cloud is in scotland and northern ireland where we see most of the show is developing today. some will be getting going out over the next couple of hours in england and wales. showers for scotland, northern ireland, some developing down the eastern side of england, some in wales and further east and southern england. showers around fairly warm and sunny spells with temperatures into the high teens, creeping into the low 20s. the winds are light so catchy shower and it could hang around for some time and there may be a rumble of thunder as well. into tonight, most of the showers are fading away. in northern scotland, we keep cloud and some outbreaks of rain. you could find mist and fog patches developing and after the rising one, temperatures mostly in a range of 4—8d. as for tomorrow, still a case of showers,
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but fewer showers. still there in northern and eastern scotland and north—east england, isolated showers elsewhere, but most places now are dry, more sunshine as well, and as a result, with light winds, it will feel a bit warmer tomorrow. creeping towards 20 degrees at the chelsea flower show. more of us into the high teens as well. you won't notice much change on wednesday although in shetland, it turns cloudy and wet and cool with a stronger breeze, showers in northern and eastern scotland, north—east england and the odd one elsewhere but money paces staying dry. so a chance of showers but quiet weather for much of this week. warmth in the sunshine, catchy shower, and a heavy downpour is possible and it may hang around in light winds. towards the end of the week and into next weekend, another bank holiday weekend. the jet stream here, which isn't doing too much to oui’ here, which isn't doing too much to our weather, will turn a bit more active and take more direct track towards the uk, squeezing high
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pressure southwards. as that happens, our weather turns a little more and settles into the weekend and the bank holiday. no big changes, but you will notice it does turn a little bit cooler so we shave a couple of degrees off our temperatures. we will find the breeze starting to pick up with the jet stream close by and there is a greater chance of a bit of wet weather at at times, showers and also spells of rain. also dry interludes with sunshine as well. that is how it is into next weekend and of course, the next bank holiday. that is your latest forecast. thank you very much. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... google has barred the world's second biggest smartphone maker, huawei, from using some of its mobile services — after the white house blacklisted the chinese firm. i think it is absolutely disastrous for huawei in the uk because it has got 7% of the uk market and that has been growing, so this is going to really put the brakes on huawei's rate in the uk and europe.
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that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. victoria azarenka has been talking to the bbc about her return to tennis after the birth of her son, as part of our ‘change the game' season. along with other leading players, she's successfully campaigned for the introduction of more ranking protection for new mothers on the tour and she said she feared it would be the end of her playing career when she found out she was pregnant during the 2016 season. in my mind, my first thought was, "oh, my god, my career is over, i will never play tennis again and i don't know what to do." i was shocked, i was panicked. but then, it was all about, i know i am going to come back, i don't know when i'm going to come
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back because i felt that it's a blessing for me, you know? it's a blessing, but i still want to have my own dreams, i still want to have my own career. brooks koepka said he was "emotionally spent" after surviving a huge scare to win the us pga championship for the second year in a row. he had led by seven shots going into the final round at bethpage black in new york, before his fellow—american dustin johnson closed to within a single shot. but koepka hung on to win his fourth major title in his last eight starts. phenomenal. i think that's a good word. i mean, it's been a hell of a run. it's been fun and i'm trying not to let it stop. it's super enjoyable and just try to ride that momentum. full—back israel folau has decided not to appeal against his sacking by rugby australia for homophobic comments he posted on social medial. he said it didn't mean he accepted the findings of the panel that
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upheld his dismissal, but that he was considering "all potential avenues". he could still take his case to the high court in australia. jamie chadwick, one of britain's leading female racing drivers, has joined the williams formula i team as a development driver. she's the only woman to win a british formula 3 race and she's currently leading the standings in the new, all—female w series, after finishing first and second in the opening races. chadwick will attend three grands prix for williams this year, starting with the british grand prix injuly. ama agbeze says she still wants to carry on playing international netball, despite being left out of england's world cup squad. as part of their wider 20—strong training squad, she could yet be called up. agbeze captained england to commonwealth games gold last year, but she's not fully fit after injury and she was incredibly emotional when she was told she hadn't made tracey nevilles final list. tracey neville's final list. sometimes you're not i am hoping
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they do really well. i will not be part of it but hopefully i am still there in spirit and hopefully i will be able to watch some of the games without crying. i am definitely disappointed but... that's performance sport. sometimes you are in it and sometimes you are not. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's your days of queuing up ast the post office to send of your parcels may become a thing of the past, as royal mail has announced plans for the uk's first ever parcel postboxes. the company said 1,400 of the new postboxes would be installed across the country in more than 30 locations, starting in august.
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the head of campaigns for royal mail, mark street, joins me now. the postboxes can take up to two kilograms parcels. it's not meant to be suppla nting the kilograms parcels. it's not meant to be supplanting the post office, it is complimentary to it. itjust needs to be prepared, then you can use it. is the limit on the web, not the size? yes, that's right. it becomes very clear when you open the tray what will fit in. something like a foot square? that's right. talk us through the thinking on this. we are seeing a slowdown in the number of letters we are
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delivering, but an increase in parcels as more and more of a shop online. this is designed to give people that there is no line of convenience in order to get their parcels sent and received, as well. so it is the rise of online shopping, but the growth of e—mails means a drop in letters. that is exactly right. small businesses who may be treated on ebay find this incredibly convenient. they will go to the parcel post box and put the parcels inside, reassured that they will be delivered the next day. 1400 initially, is this something you see expanding, what are you aiming for? 0ne expanding, what are you aiming for? one of these on every street corner? we are trying to get them as far across the country as we can. we got some terrific feedback from a trial last year. we will keep a watching brief on things and see how it goes. is this one of the first real
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changes to postboxes since they were first introduced back in the 19th century? you're absolutely right. they were introduced by anthony trollope in the 19th century. it quickly caught on, spread from the channel islands to the mainland uk. they were originally read, then people said they caused an i saw in the countryside so they were painted green, then quickly went back to read again. these new parcel boxes, is this something that other countries are doing, are we following this from what other nations are doing, or is this your own invention? we think we are one of the first. it is in response to this growing need for sending back returns, and those small businesses who want to get supper to the customers as quickly as possible. have you tried it out? i imagine there will be some teething
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problems, some people getting frustrated that the package won't effect? i tried it out and it worked fine for me. the feeling is we will get it right. so for the average product you might buy online, it would work for that, not a cricket bat or something like that. no, the dimensions have to be right. when you consider a lot of this stuff thatis you consider a lot of this stuff that is being built, they come in bags, it is ideally sized for that. i was just bags, it is ideally sized for that. i wasjust thinking, bags, it is ideally sized for that. i was just thinking, who would buy a cricket bat online? mark, thank you very much for being with us. thank you so much. on thursday, people in the uk will be voting in the european elections and the latest opinion polls shows that nigel farage's brexit party is likely to gain the most votes, with established parties forecast to lose their majority across the european union. in scotland, there are suggestions that the snp is on track for record results.
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earlier, joanna gosling spoke to the political scientist professor sirjohn curtice, who gave his analysis on the latest polls. well, i think in truth there's not much sign of a great deal of movements in the polls since around easter or so. that was the moment when the brexit party clearly emerged ahead when the conservatives clearly were in deep, deep trouble. and when it began to become evident that the labour party was losing ground, both amongst its remain supporters and amongst its leave supporters. the brexit party essentially is mopping up the vast bulk of the leave vote. somewhat over three fifths of those who voted leave are saying they are going to vote for the brexit party and they are essentially doing so because they wish to punish the conservative party for its failure to deliver brexit and perhaps in some cases, they've lost confidence in the ability of the conservative party ever to deliver brexit. 0n the other side of the argument, the vote is still much more fragmented. if anything, it's become more
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fragmented because during the course of the campaign, the liberal democrats have been edging up. it's not clear on average across all the polls that they've yet got more remain voters than labour, but certainly labour is seeing it vote being eroded in that direction and the biggest single source of loss of 2017 labour votes away from other parties is to the liberal democrats. so the result therefore, effectively is probably this campaign, as has been true of much of the wider brexit debate, we are seeing the public polarising between on the one hand, the party that is most clearly saying let's leave and let's leave let's leave without a deal, let's just leave now. and at least one of the parties that say no, actually we should be trying to hold another referendum with a view to reversing the decision. the truth is, i think what both conservative and labour have discovered is that being in a compromised position or in the case of the conservatives, also being a party that's not been able to deliver on its compromise,
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is a rather uncomfortable place to be over brexit, because the public is polarised between, on the one hand, leavers, who just want to leave and those on the remain side he would hope a referendum would produce a different result. how polarised is it if there when you look at how well the brexit the brexit party is doing versus change uk? they are obviously representing the poll opposites, but change uk is right at the bottom of the poles so does it indicate the majority of the british people want to leave without a deal? it certainly doesn't indicate the majority want to leave without a deal. remember although the brexit party are in the lead, they are an average at 32%. that is way short of what is required to represent a majority. and the truth is, the polls have long shown that around a third of the public are in favour of leaving without a deal. 0n the remain side, one of the many things that's been going on is frankly a civil war between the liberal democrats and change uk, for essentially the same vote, the socially liberal pro—remain vote, but it's been clear
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for some time the liberal democrats have been winning that civil war. not least probably helped by the enhancement of their credibility in the wake of their performance in the english local elections and the truth is, this election has come far too early for change uk. whereas the liberal democrats, they are still not at the kind of strength they were before they entered the coalition in 2010 but they are in a stronger position amongst the electorate than they have been at any time since then. so we are seeing a bit of a mini liberal democrat revival, insofar as the electorate is polarising around brexit options. it is the liberal democrats who are the beneficiaries of that polarisation. travellers have been urged to check train departure times after major timetable changes came into effect. train operators say they're adding more than 1,000 extra services per week. network rail say they've learned the lessons from last summer when changes led to weeks of delays and cancellations. consumer group which? said last year saw the highest rate of cancellations since comparable
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records began in 2011. in a moment, we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news. google blocks huawei from using some of its mobile services, in a major blow to the chinese telecoms firm. the inquest into the london bridge attacks has been hearing how ignacio echeverria tried to fight off the attackers by hitting them with just his skateboard. president trump has warned iran it will be "destroyed" if a conflict breaks out between the two countries. i'm susannah streeter. in the business news: thomas cook has been reassuring customers who have contacted the firm with concerns about holiday trips, after its share price crashed falling to just ten pence today. it says it's "business as usual" but added that it was looking to strengthen its financial position. news that google has barred
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smartphone maker huawei from some updates to the android operating system has had a positive impact on shares of other telecoms equipment makers. shares in rivals ericsson and nokia are both higher in early trade. as you've been hearing, new designs of huawei smartphones are set to lose access to some google apps. ryanair‘s profits fell by nearly a third last year to £880 million as fuel costs rose and fares fell. europe's biggest discount airline added that profits could be lower this year as fares continue to fall. more in a moment. now to tata motors, india's biggest car—maker and the owner ofjaguar land rover — and you might want to cover your eyes. this within the past hour, it's reported a 47% drop in quarterly profits, and a full year pre—tax loss of £3.6 billion. the group is really struggling to sell the luxury jaguar land rover
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cars in key markets such as china. however, jlr returned to profit in the fourth quarter, following a big restructuring and cost—cutting drive. rachel burgess is deputy editor of autocar and joins me from the newsroom. soup, some signs of a turnaround in the fourth quarter, but this is a massive fall in profits, what has gone wrong? there are a lot of things at play here. china is a major problem, their sales have slumped for all, not just their sales have slumped for all, notjustjaguar their sales have slumped for all, not just jaguar land rover. their sales have slumped for all, notjustjaguar land rover. for jaguar land rover, a problem has been the quality of their vehicles. 0nce chinese consumers lose trust in the manufacture, it takes a lot for them to regain that confidence. but sales are up in america, which is
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110w sales are up in america, which is now their biggest market, and in the uk. they are in the middle of this restructuring. they had to make £2.5 billion worth of savings and have done that through redundancies, cost efficiencies. they need to keep that pace up to make sure they can continue the upward trend of the last quarter. there was an impairment charge forjaguar land rover. what did that concern? there we re rover. what did that concern? there were a number of things that affect attack, including china, diesel, and brags it, they are the things that they were cited for, but they are just trying to refocus on what they're doing in futures to these things don't again. as far as electric vehicles, there is to switchover. it is slower in some countries than others. has that also hit them? i think that the problem with diesel, that has massively had their sales in europe. they have had
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to speed up what they were doing with electric models. they have a halo model, its electric suv, but they need to offer more and more electrified cars, particularly for china, where electric cars are really important. there have been rumours that tata was thinking about selling offjlr, are there any truth to that? will the size of this turnaround resolve the situation? it's an interesting rumour and one that we spoke to the ceo of jaguar land rover last week and he said this is a my domain, so he didn't deny them, but we were half expecting news today and there is none. i guess we will watch this space. rachel burgess, many thanks for talking to us. a look at some other business stories now. oil prices have risen today saudi arabia said it would recommend oil producing cartel 0pec maintain production cuts. saudi energy minister khalid al—falih said that there
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was consensus among 0pec members to maintain production cuts to "gently" reduce inventories. brent crude jumped more than 1.4% following the minister's comments, and brent crude now stands atjust under $73 per barrel. london—based estate agent foxtons said revenue in its sales business fell in the first quarter. it blamed a "very challenging" london property market. however the company said its first quarter performance was "in line with the board's expectations".back in february it warned that the london housing market is in a "prolonged downturn". this a billionaire technology investor has shocked graduating students in atlanta, georgia, by telling them he will pay off all of their student loans. robert f smith, one of america's most prominent black philanthropists, was giving an address at morehouse college, a historically all—male black college. nearly 400 students will benefit at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. the class of 2019 and their teachers were stunned at the news before
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breaking into applause. let's take a look at the financial markets now and thomas cook's share price is still hovering around the 10p mark, after falling further this morning. it comes after analysts at citigroup on friday said the travel firm's shares were "worthless" following a £1.5 billion half—year loss reported on thursday. yesterday, the firm said, "we have the support of our lending banks and major shareholders, and just this week we agreed additional funding for our coming winter cash low period". foxtons' shares are also down significantly today after that fall in sales revenue and warnings of a very challenging market. that's all the business news. more than £35,000 has been donated to help a model railway exhibition, after its collection was completely trashed by vandals.
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market deeping model railway club lost years of work in the break—in and were forced to cancel their exhibition in lincolnshire on saturday. four people have been arrested on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage. he's one of the biggest names in showbiz, and is recognised around the world for his heartfelt lyrics and flamboyant style. now, sir eltonjohn's life is getting the hollywood treatment, with a new biopic starring taron edgerton and richard madden. they spoke to breakfast‘s graham satchell, in their first uk tv interview, ahead of the premier in london tonight. # and i think it's going to be a long, long time.# you have, if i may say so, an amazing voice. i'm very comfortable with you saying that. that's good. very well deserved, he has an outstanding voice. it's beautiful because he knows how to sing and he knows how to act and he knows how to dance. it's going to be a wild ride.
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so, elton is the executive producer on this film. he is. and i wonder whether you felt it was a help or hindrance. i think i've felt very much that it's a help. there is a world in which i might not have felt that way because it's a very specific iteration of this story and one that doesn't hold back from the darker moments. and i think i would have felt slightly crestfallen, had those moments gone by the wayside but thankfully our subject matter is a brave man and a man with integrity. and that's the story he wanted to tell, too. john reid. elton. i know it seems all a bit overwhelming at first but something makes me think you'll get used to it. in fact, i predict you could be the best—selling artist in america if you desire. so you like the songs, then? not quite as much as the singer.
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i play his first partner. they were together for five years before john reid started managing elton john and the relationship started off from a place of love and passion and then changed and became something really different as the film goes on, as people will see when you watch it. your name, taron, in welsh means ‘thunder‘. is that right? what actually happened, ‘ta ran' is ‘thunder‘, so ‘taranau a mellt‘ is ‘thunder and lightning', and ‘taran' means ‘thunder‘ and my mother, she does not like me telling this story — she spelled it wrong on the birth certificate. no! so now it's taron, or taron, if you're going to make it english but no, originally my name was conceived as being something welsh. you sang on stage with elton. it's a great dream, growing up? it's a privilege and an honour
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and i think he really enjoyed it as well which is really exciting and really fun. # hold me closer, tiny dancer. # count the headlights on the highway.# i wish everyone knew elton 10% more so that they could know how good taron is at portraying him and bringing all the best elements taron does throughout the whole film, which is a film about love and overcoming so much in your life, despite the bad things and still at the end of it having this beautiful, positive outlook on life which elton has. and i'm very at peace with where we have arrived and where we have landed and i hope that people are moved and i hope that people are slightly challenged at times and i hope that ultimately it's uplifting. thank you both very much. thank you for your time. thank you very, very much indeed.
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rocketman is in cinemas from wednesday. now it's time for a look at the weather. with the bank holiday looming at the end of this week, the weather is looking a bit mixed over the next few days, but many of us will see warm sunshine. we have some blue sky, some cloud around, but not all of us will be capturing two showers. the heavy showers that we have seen today should be easing away and there will be more spells of warm sunshine and fairly light winds. this is the satellite and radar, showing where we have had the cloud and rain over the last few hours. some showers on the east coast of england, northern ireland and scotla nd england, northern ireland and scotland seeing some outbreaks of rain. elsewhere, the showers will be few and far between. through the central spine of the country, lots
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of dry weather. in the sunny spells, temperatures getting up to between 14-21d. we temperatures getting up to between 14—21d. we will keep the cloud and patchy rain in northern and eastern parts of scotland through this evening and overnight, a few showers lingering in the north—east of england, too. elsewhere, the skies will clear. temperatures fall to between 6—10d and we may well see the old michie passed first thing, but that will clear away quickly. for much of the country it is a dry day with lots of sunshine. more cloud persist in northern and eastern scotland. elsewhere, you could capture room shower, particularly on the east coast of eglin, but mostly she should stay dry through the day with temperatures reaching between 15 and 22 degrees. that will feel pleasant in the sunshine. adding on into wednesday, it is a similar picture. wednesday, it is a similar picture. we have high pressure in charge for much of the uk, lots of dry weather with lots of sunshine, but there will be the chance of seeing cloudy
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and damp weather for northern and eastern parts of scotland. temperatures between 14—20d on wednesday. looking further ahead, this is the jet stream. it looks like later this week the jet stream moves closer to the uk. it may well drive weather systems in from the atlantic, so although the next few days are looking woman settled, there is a hint of a bit of room before the end of the week, mainly in the north and north—west, driest towards the south and east. goodbye.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2. we are in middlesbrough as the bbc focuses on this town's past, present and future — the council's chief executive will describe ambitious plans for middlesbrough's future. the main news headlines: google blocks some of its services from wah—way, the world's second biggest maker of smartphones, after the us government blacklisted the chinese company. the man who died trying to fight off the london bridge attackers with his skateboard. donald trump warns iran it will be destroyed if it picks a fight with the united states. coming up on afternoon live all the sport with azi.


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