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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 27, 2019 5:45am-6:00am BST

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it says the storm. -- scorn. he onlyjust he only just lived he onlyjust lived in but it's a massive loss. i almost don't believe it. and it is a real challenge now for him, isn't it? absolutely. they didn't exist as a party five years ago, they have 20 seats now in the european parliament, that sounds pretty good. but for the president, a relatively new president to be picked by the person he beat in the residence or election, that is hard to take. she didn't do it by much but it is enough. especially as he came out of the starting gate as a political figure from nowhere, came out of the starting gate as a politicalfigure from nowhere, doing so politicalfigure from nowhere, doing so well. and this mould newspaper ——
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smile, pointing out as a man of mystery but with a strange declaration at sometimes. and it's just a question you know, of is this a crisis for macron or will he survive? it is a political embarrassment nationally. survive? it is a political embarrassment nationallylj survive? it is a political embarrassment nationally. i suppose it also says something else about marine le pen‘s real orientation of her party. the name of course, the national rally, the nationalfront, it changes of the connotations that have been associated with a party for many years and has gone from being frexit to let stay in the eu to work for us and it has worked. that is interesting. and we've seen she is really an anti— european person and yet she has changed tack and said we will work from within to change it. i wonderfrom having seen the massive britain and brexit, perhaps we should have taken that dark as well and tried to change it that way. that piece of rebranding and marketing, changing the name ——
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that dark, she is looking fresh. she's been around for a long time, the parties looking fresh which is a big worry for macron. and here i have die welt the two big parties, the socialist and the christians are crowds lose heavily —— christian democrats, they greens become the second strongest power. you can see euphoria from one side and a shrug from the shoulder of the leader of the spd,‘ we blew it', that's the impression we're getting from a german perspective particularly the social democrats, dave had a bad time. yes. and the greens are making the most of it. well here we have a french paper. saying green growth. the greens will be so happy where
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they've gotten to. they are big enough to make a front—page story themselves having watched this parliament evolved and when these parties were almost non—existent or tiny, tiny, tiny with no influence in this place, i think there is no question they will be very pleased. even the early surge we saw today in the voting which didn't carry quite through, they will be a force. that isa through, they will be a force. that is a does make there is a left—leaning newspaper in france, but this is a european message... this is one of the german papers talking about one of the main parties struggling, but the greens isa parties struggling, but the greens is a real standout result. 50 is interesting to see what view you ta ke interesting to see what view you take on it. the greens have gone from 46 to close to 70, that a significant progress, but still leaves them just a sliver as the european parliament —— of the
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european parliament —— of the european parliament. well, yes, it's ofa european parliament. well, yes, it's of a national vote and it's much of a compromise, a melting pot of politics. 28 countries represented, so politics. 28 countries represented, so whatever the figures look like nationally, of course by the time you get to the european parliament it is diluted, 751 meps. so you can't necessarily translate the impact nationally, as i say, the greens have done well in many places, in power in the european parliament. it's a melting pot of parties who will have to work together. no—one's a clear winner in the european parliament. it is interesting, reflecting on the greens. i was talking to a member of the greens earlier who was talking about a new wave. early on in the evening there was a sense that there was something happening for the greens. we then heard from a liberal group leader saying this is a new dawn for europe, europe's back in
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favour. and the green message was that's not necessarily the case at all. we realise now we can have an influence in europe and 1's the difference. the former belgian prime minister has always been — wanted to actually actually push back nigel farage from britain ever since he arrived back. but he says it's a new dawn for europe et cetera, that's coming from his view because it looked like the far right were really going to come through and that was a big worry. i think what he really is saying is this is a new europe, people are in favour of europe, people are in favour of europe, he's just so europe, people are in favour of europe, he'sjust so relieved europe, people are in favour of europe, he's just so relieved that although there is an increase in euroscepticism, but it's not what it could have been. and i think that — apart from the centre ground, eve ryo ne apart from the centre ground, everyone can take comfort from how well they have done. it's just the traditional parties you rely on to be there and look at the numbers and
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look at their messaging. look at what they are telling people and wondering who is voting for who and how and why. but we have to be careful about seeing europe is back, though, it doesn't mean suddenly the eu is having a happy new dawn necessarily. that is a bit of a push. it's not that, quite, no. i'm reaching overfor a push. it's not that, quite, no. i'm reaching over for a couple push. it's not that, quite, no. i'm reaching overfor a couple of push. it's not that, quite, no. i'm reaching over for a couple of other papers because we are here in belgium. the belgian results are extraordinary. i'll pass you one. the belgian flag. black, yellow, red is the flag and here is the message. the breaking up. it is an extraordinary result, joe. as much as nobody has a purchase on power in belgium, everyone has a tidbit. it's a lwa ys belgium, everyone has a tidbit. it's always been a little bit like that, a lwa ys always been a little bit like that,
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always a fractured political situation but not to this degree where no party of any sort has much more than 10— 12%. so it really is the three colours of the flag. andy greene. 0h, the three colours of the flag. andy greene. oh, and by the way the greens have done quite well, too. —— the greens. i look at it, it's funny how you look at it with a different eye. 0h, how you look at it with a different eye. oh, this affects me now! and presumably as a belgian citizen, quite worrying, because there is no sense of direction, the coalition government was ‘s always been a challenge, hasn't it? but i assume it's going to get harder, isn't it? i'm living in a country as a national or a country where it is compulsory to vote and that has genuinely made me look, i have to vote, the police are going to come knock on your door if you don't. when you look at the complexities of
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eldon politics you do say well, it a lwa ys eldon politics you do say well, it always seems fractured, anyway, —— belgian, there are so many parties. so for this newspaper saying we are deeply split, well, it must be bad if you are making a big issue of it. yep, they are with any case. and we have just a minute or so left, a reflection coming from some of the press here. what is your take away from what has happened? there was a great sense that the populist were going to sweep away not that long ago, they have an added all their weight, no—one has, actually, but as you said, very few parties are in a position where they have to say we have been thumped. it's interesting because it's been a very interesting night, lots of changes going on but the funny thing is in this multinational parliament, the fact is the fundamentals do not change. yes, the centre ground has been trounced, really, because of the strange bedfellows who have come
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together literally, the groups, the alliances of conveniences at a political level, you can't say that, oh, it's certainly not dominated by the far right and certainly you can't say oh, the the far right and certainly you can‘t say oh, the pro— the far right and certainly you can't say oh, the pro— european — the greens, the liberals have become dominant. what you do have is a centre—right and a centre left and the democrats or liberals who will have to come together if they want to form a majority in terms of getting legislation through. at the day—to—day truth is that this parliament has not fundamentally been altered stop interesting eggers, and they reveal a lot about voting patterns, and changes in views in europe, but it really isn't going to be everything. jeff, thank you very much indeed. thank you for being with us here on the briefing. analysis will go on as the results solidify. you are watching bbc news. hello.
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it wouldn't be a bank holiday weekend without some rain around. unfortunately, those of us who need it most have actually seen very little and sussex was one of the counties which avoided most of the showers on sunday. by contrast, we've had a lot of rain across parts of scotland, particularly highland and aberdeenshire as much as 30 millimetres, well over an inch, injust 2a hours. now this frontal system lingers as we go into bank holiday monday across scotland. that's going to keep further rain going across chiefly across the central belt, southern scotland, down into parts of the far north of england and northern ireland. elsewhere, it's a day of sunny spells and scattered showers. but the showers most frequent across north—west and south—west england and wales. a brisk west or north—westerly wind will push them a little bit further into the midlands, some southern counties of england, but fewer showers across east anglia and south—east england. more in the way of sunshine here so that means higher temperatures, 18 or 19 celsius. mid to high teens for most butjust
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9—10 celsius for the far north of scotland. and we'll keep some showers going through the evening, they will tend to fade but some showery rain reforming across northern ireland, parts of wales, eastern scotland. elsewhere, a mixture of variable cloud and clear spells. but it will be a cooler night compared to the nights had through the bank holiday weekend. so on into tuesday, we've still got this little frontal system diving its way southwards, still generating showers. the winds will be lighter but they are coming from the north or the north—west so the cool air that we've been seeing across scotland will start to dig its way a little bit further southwards. a cool start to tuesday for many. there'll be some bright or sunny spells, but on tuesday quite a few showers developing across central and eastern areas. the best chance for east anglia and south—east england to see some decent rain will be from the showers, but they are going to be somewhat hit—and—miss. few showers further west, the best of the sunshine here, temperatures for most in the mid—teens, maybe 17 or 18 celsius across southern england
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where we get any sunshine. into wednesday, we've got this area of high pressure building from the south—west, so that's going to kill off most of the showers across england and wales. it should be a dry and fine day here, still some showers to talk about, chiefly across northern ireland and the western side of scotland. after a sunny start for much of the uk, the cloud will build. but for much of england, wales and southern scotland it should be mainly dry. temperatures typically again in the mid—teens, 17 or 18 celsius further south. soto sum up the week ahead, it's going to be cooler for a time. there will be some rain, but for those who need it most there may not be very much. bye— bye.
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good morning — welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. 0ur headlines today. nigel farage is making plans for brussels. the brexit party claims an overwhelming victory taking the lions share of the vote across the uk in the european elections. if we don't leave on october the sist, if we don't leave on october the 31st, then the scores you've seen for the brexit party today will be repeated in a general election and we are getting ready for it. the conservatives suffer their worst performance since 1832 — pushed into fifth place, while labour are punished for a lack


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