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be set of players. it is going to be the biggest sporting event that this country has ever staged. before we go, just time to give you a behind the scenes peek at anthonyjoshua's preparations for his latest world title defence. he fights andy ruinunior at madison square garden in new york on saturday night, but he's made miami his home in the run up. joshua met up with a familiar face. rory mcilroy lives in florida. you know what the ex—pat community is like. looks like he's got himself a nice pad to relax in. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. in a major blow for the two largest
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parties at westminster — the brexit party has emerged as the clear winner in the eu elections. formed only recently, nigel farage‘s party has won 29 seats and received almost a third of the vote. both labour and the tories posted some of their worst results ever — with the liberal democrats taking second place, on an anti—brexit platform. jeremy corbyn — pressed by some senior labour figures to back another referendum — said the party's position had not changed, but they had a responsibility to listen, and to ensure a public vote on any brexit agreement. with only northern ireland still to declare, let's take a look at the results in detail. the brexit party gained the largest share of the vote — 32%. the liberal democrats took second place with 20% — up 13 points on the last eu elections in 2014. labour came third with 14%,
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down 11 points on last time. the greens came fourth with 12% of the vote. the conservatives fell to an historic low, just 9% of the vote, putting them in fifth place. the snp dominated the poll in scotland, with a big lead over the other parties there. the uk independence party — winners in 2014, saw their vote fall heavily. and the new change uk party failed to make an impact with just 3% of the vote. in total, 73 seats in the european parliament were up for grabs in the uk. the brexit party now have 29 meps. the lib dems have 16, up from just one in 2014. labour have ten meps, down eight. the greens more than doubled their tally, with seven meps, up four.
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and the impact on the conservatives is clear — they've now gotjust four meps, down 15. in scotland the snp won three seats. while in wales, plaid cymru have won one seat after beating labour. counting in northern ireland meanwhile is still under way. let's get some reaction from the party leaders, earlier brexit party leader, nigel farage, spoke to reporters — accompanied by his newly elected meps. if we will have to brexit process to the conservatives and labour party, we would never ever have got a brexit that was resembling anything like the referendum. this clearly will put pressure on them, pressure on the conservative leadership contest. the question is, are they going to respond to this pressure
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or will those parties go on being coalitions, coalitions of leavers and remainers. if they do and stay indecisive and if we don't leave on the 31st of october, then i think we can produce a result in the next general election that will stun them. the liberal democrats were one of the winners in the uk's well, earlier, ispoke to the leader of the liberal democrats, sir vince cable. i was pleasantly surprised. it was fairly clear, we had momentum and it went well. i am delighted by the scale of the popular vote and the seats we have won. i think a bigger picture is if you take the remain parties as a whole, we have had a very strong turnout and a very good result. i think we are now demonstrating there is a majority of people in the country who do not want to leave the european union. the green party increased its number of meps to seven, taking about 11% of the vote. earlier, sian berry, the co—leader of the green party,
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gave her reaction to the result. we are very delighted to get to the number of votes that we did. to more than double the number of meps from three to seven. we have people elected in regions across the uk. they are going to be, if we can stay in the eu, fantastic representatives for the regions. it is a really strong message people are sending, that they want to remain in the eu, they support the party is calling for a people's vote. we can combine our efforts with the liberal democrats, plaid cymru, the snp, the parties clearly for remaining in the eu. we have thrashed the brexit party. scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, has said that the second half of next year — would be the right time to hold another independence referendum. she argued that the results showed scotland did not want brexit, and set out how she would try to keep the country in the eu. firstly, we will continue to work across party divides at westminster to try to find a coalition that can stop brexit and put the issue back to the people.
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i think there will now be significant pressure on jeremy corbyn and the labour party to come off the fence, and backed calls for a second eu referendum. also, as i indicated before the european elections, this week we will bring forward legislation to put in place the rules for giving people a choice in an independence referendum over a brexit future or a future as an independent european nation. as well as the seats for the lib dems, the brexit party and labour,
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both gained two meps. the greens have one. conservative party no longer has any mep in london. earlier today we spoke to people in axbridge. there has been so much delay and i think everybody is absolutely achieved with the whole thing. i think the general public have all had enough of it. i think people have voted to tell the government they are not very happy with them. they are all looking after their own and not looking after normal, everyday people. i am a big fan of borisjohnson, but everyday people. i am a big fan of boris johnson, but the everyday people. i am a big fan of borisjohnson, but the reality is, it has been a struggle to change the way forward. says all really. he did
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what he did but at the end of the day, he is a bit of a joke. in the west midlands, the brexit party took more than a third of the vote if we have a look at the share, the brexit party is way ahead on 38% followed by labour, lib dems, the green party look at the conservatives who have fallen to fifth place. the people in the west midlands have been giving their reaction to those results. the west midlands have been giving their reaction to those resultslj thought their reaction to those results.” thought it was a whitewash for the brexit party. people are just so fed up brexit party. people are just so fed up witha brexit party. people are just so fed up with a tour and theyjust want somebody to say, this is what is going to happen, and get on with it. once and for all, this is what we've got. unfortunately, it will not please everybody but this is what
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we've got, let's stand together and let us achieve the objective. and steer this country where it needs to go. do people voted for, get out. we had no deal. we have no leadership at all. come on nigel, he is the only one speaking the truth. we have seen the figures, what does this translate to for the parties? this is a thunderbolt that polarises the two main parties at westminster, the two main parties at westminster, the conservatives and labour party. yes, we should insert the caveat that european elections don't translate across into a general election but there is no glass that the main parties can put on it, they we re the main parties can put on it, they were whacked in these european elections. it now means there will bea elections. it now means there will be a great deal of soul—searching
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about their instincts on brexit. firstly for the conservatives in the context of the leadership race, it focuses and sharpens the focus around that central question that we've already seen playing out in these early skirmishes of the campaign which is what is the party and the new prime minister cosmic instincts going to be on new deal brexit because they can look at the results of the brexit party and say, there are a lot of people who are desperate to see the brexit question resolved and resolved by us leaving as quickly as possible and leaving without an overarching deal if necessary. the whole idea of a new deal brexit is hugely controversial and hugely polarising as far as opinion is concerned. so it is a big move for a new payment is due to ta ke move for a new payment is due to take and a deeply divided country but is results sharpen the focus on being able to definitively counter
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that question. nigel farage of course looking forward already, saying we have got a mandate now to ta ke saying we have got a mandate now to take part in those negotiations going forward. how will europe make regarding this? it is extraordinary that the brexit party are going to arrive in brussels in a huge number with little intention of not being there for very long at all. nigel farage has talked of wanting to be pa rt farage has talked of wanting to be part of the negotiating team, i'm not sure in a practical sense how that can work, given it is government led, but in a political sense, what is clear is that the message around a new deal brexit, which will be ringing in the ears of all those who aspire to be our next prime minister, either by co—opting and pushing ahead with it or pushing against it and if you do that, it will be politically difficult given how controversial it is. the tricky
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thing i think for anyone in politics in the main two parties who seeks anything that with a compromise is that making the argument of a compromise is very difficult in the context of a set of elections where those who could regard themselves as purists, either purists for brexit, advocating a new deal brexit, or purists against brexit, advocating another referendum and staying in the eu, clearly did very well and we are seeing the labour, the consequences of their ambiguity absolutely playing out in the arguments we are seeing in the party today. we saw the shadow chancellor this morning saying explicitly the only option now is to go back to the people in a referendum. in the last hour, the shadow health secretary has said that he agrees with that. the deputy leader saying broadly similar stuff. in the deputy leader saying broadly similarstuff. ina the deputy leader saying broadly similar stuff. in a letter to labour party members tonight, jeremy corbyn still rather ambiguous talking about
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a difficult set of results for the party but then saying it is clear that the deadlock in parliament can now only broken by the issue back to the people three a general election ora the people three a general election or a public vote, we are ready to support a public vote on any deal. that is a public vote on a deal, not quite as expositors saying they would be a referendum on any circumstances. there is a big, big discussion now going on in the strategy around brexit in two big parties and as far as labour is concerned tonight, it appears there is some movement but perhaps nowhere near enough as far as some of its members would like to see. stay with us here on the busy news, we got more coming up but first, the weather. it was a bank holiday monday so i suppose mixed weather was to be expected. some of the showers will
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continue as we head through the night into the early hours of tuesday. albeit with some clear spells in between. where the winds full, some of the showers could be wintry of a high ground. not quite as cold. tomorrow, another day of sunshine and showers but showers most likely across central and eastern parts of england. some more sherry rain into the far north of scotla nd sherry rain into the far north of scotland later in the day but elsewhere we see some spells of sunshine with the wind is coming down from the north—west, not an especially warm date with highs of 11 to 17 degrees in most areas. those temperatures will climb significantly as we head into next weekend. further north and west, we see rain at times.
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time to get off the fence on beyond 100 days. the brexit party of nigel farage and resurgent liberal democrats topped the poll in the european elections. britain still split down the middle when it comes to brexit but nigel fryer say it is time the conservative government give him a place at the negotiating table. if we don't leave on october 31, this course you see for the brexit party today will be repeated ina general brexit party today will be repeated in a general election and we are getting ready for it. the eu parliament will be much more fragmented with the established
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centrist bloc falling short of


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