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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 3, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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the questions of how theresa handle brexit, could she have done better, would borisjohnson have done better? and we know the president has arrived in britain in pretty rumbustious plain speaking mode and the chances are he will have some fairly no—nonsense answers when it comes to theresa may and brexit, and on top of that, we don't know whether he is actually going to meet with borisjohnson. whether he is actually going to meet with boris johnson. so whether he is actually going to meet with borisjohnson. so dul? probably not. i suspect we will have to buckle up for a fairly bumpy day tomorrow. —— dull? probably not. norman smith from westminster, thank you for that. let's get the weather now with stav danaos. thank you, simon. a lot of cloud around and outbreaks of rain for much of the country but southern britain had a glorious hot and sunny weekend, top temperature of 29 in norfolk on sunday making it the warmest day in the uk so far this year. today, it will be much cooler across the south—east, 20 or 21 the
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high, good eight or 9 degrees lower than over the weekend. you can see why. the heat being pushed into low continent as the low pressure brings in much cooler and more breezy atla ntic in much cooler and more breezy atlantic air flow. it will feel fresh in this upcoming week. low pressure always in charge. yes, some sunshine, but show and longer spells of rain at times and it will feel cool of rain at times and it will feel cool, temperatures a little below the seasonal average for many. today isa the seasonal average for many. today is a breezy afternoon, quite a bit of sunshine around, but some showers. you see these across the west and plenty of heavy showers across western scotland, northern ireland, where it is windy. gales of 50 mph in fact across the north west of scotland, so a blustery day. temperature clinic in the mid to upper teens celsius in the north. high teens and maybe 20 or 21, as i mentioned, in the south—east —— temperatures in the mid to upper teens. turning quite chilly in the north of the uk. you can see in the south, long spells of rain with this
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area, i knew area of low pressure, bringing wet weather to south—western england and wales towards the end of the night. it means a wet start here for tuesday morning. this rain associated with another area of low pressure moving across the country. showers developing pretty widely into the afternoon, well they could be thunder dry in the far north of scotla nd thunder dry in the far north of scotland and the best of the sunshine in the south—east, again 20 oi’ sunshine in the south—east, again 20 or 21 celsius here but cooler than that where it stays cloudy and wet. low pressure still with us into the middle of the week, the week, the front pushing slightly further north andi front pushing slightly further north and i think it could be scotland and northern ireland seeing most of the rain, further south perhaps a better chance of staying dry with some sunshine, although there could be some pretty heavy rain of the far east of england wednesday afternoon. most showers across scotland, some sunny spells further south. the odd shower and those temperatures a little better with lighter winds, 15-20dc. the little better with lighter winds, is—20dc. the end of the week remains u nsettled is—20dc. the end of the week remains
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unsettled thanks to low pressure. some heavy showers again and there is the chance to watch the end of the week we could see some heavy, perhaps thundery, rain affecting the southern and eastern parts of the country. good news for gardeners and growers but it will feel quite miserable for some. see you later. stav, thank you very much. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... president trump is having lunch with the queen at buckingham palace, on the first day of his state visit to britain. he's already caused controversy by calling the london mayor, sadiq khan, a "loser". continuing coverage with me on the bbc news channel. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. england are playing their second match at
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the cricket world cup. they won the toss and put pakistan into bat, but wickets have been hard to come by. let's cross live to trent bridge and speak to our correspondent andy swiss. andy, pakistan needed to up theirgame, after getting thumped by the windies a couple of days ago, and they've done that? yeah, ithink yeah, i think england fans will have arrived in bullish mood this morning, because pakistan were awful when they played the west indies here in their opening match. england thrashed pakistan in a one—day series only last month. but you have to say pakistan's batsmen have been incredibly impressive so far. they got off to a terrific start with their openers putting on 82 for the first wicket in pretty rapid style. thacker azzam was the first to go. he was stumped off the bowling of moeen ali. the second batsman then
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went, a superb catch by moeen ali. babar azam went, a superb catch by moeen ali. ba bar azam was out went, a superb catch by moeen ali. babar azam was out for 63. another good catch by chris woakes. 0ne terrible drop by jason good catch by chris woakes. 0ne terrible drop byjason roy. he would have got it 99 times out of 100 but he spilled the catch and it has proved very costly because mohammad hafeez is still there and going very nicely indeed. at the moment pakistan 265—3. they are into their final ten overs. they will be looking at a total well in excess of 300. england have one of the best batting line—ups in the business. but there are in for a real challenge here potentially. pakistan on their day can be very special. they are a mercurial bunch of talents. so far today they are performing at trent bridge. certainly are. it could be an exciting chase. thank you.
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england netball head coach tracey neville will step down after next month's world cup. she's been in thejob since 2015, and led the team to commonwealth gold last year. her desire to have a family is behind the decision. tamsin greenway — who played under neville — is one of the favourites to take over. iam i am surprised at the decision. i think everyone kind of expected tracey neville to continue. she has done such an incredible job in tracey neville to continue. she has done such an incrediblejob in her four years in charge. winning commonwealth games last year and going into the world cup is one of the favourites. but when you listen to her decision on why she wants to do it, in terms of starting a family, international netball is about four year cycles. it is another four years something she wa nts to another four years something she wants to do? i respect her decision to say it now before the competition. it gives people so much time to look and decide who they want, it also lets the players know what is going on. we want to continue after the world cup, even though this is a great time for the squad. it's the legacy to carry on
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thatis squad. it's the legacy to carry on that is important. given her decision now is important. liverpool are keen to offerjurgen klopp another contract extension. he's halfway through a six—year deal, but after that champions league win at the weekend, and also pushing manchester city so close in the premier league, the club want him to stay beyond 2022. kieran trippier was in the tottenham side in that champions league final, and he says he'll let the club decide his future. the full—back has been linked with a move to italy or spain, and spurs are understood to be willing to let him leave. by by his own admission he has had a poor season. former england lionesses defender laura bassett has retrired from the game. she's 35 now, and won 61 caps for her country after making her debut 16 years ago. she scored an own goal at the last world cup that sealed their semi—final defeat to japan. i'll have more for you in the next hour.
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good afternoon. we're live here at buckingham palace as the president of the united states of america lunches with her majesty the queen at the start of a three—day state visit. the gathering clouds no indication of what has happened in the last few hours. air force one touched down at stansted this morning just before nine o'clock, ahead of a busy trip for president trump and first lady melania. the president was greeted by us ambassador to the uk woodyjohnson and foreign secretaryjeremy hunt. the couple left stansted by presidential helicopter, marine 0ne, to the central london home of the american ambassador, where he will be staying. after a short break, the first couple then travelled by helicopter, the short distance to buckingham palace, where they were greeted first by the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall, and then her majesty the queen.
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after the welcomes, a military band paraded before the royal and presidential party, with president trump and prince charles then inspecting the guard before it was time for lunch with the queen when they arrived this morning, president trump and first lady melania were greeted by the foreign secretary jeremy hunt. mr hunt said that one of the first things the president mentioned to him was the mayor of london, sadiq khan. he told us that the president's visit should be above party politics. this is a president who we have got used to being very controversial, and very combative, but, you know, he has made the comments he's made. i actually agree with him that it is totally inappropriate for the labour party to be boycotting this incredibly important visit. this is the president of the united states, we are celebrating the d—day landings when we had one million american servicemen stationed in the uk,
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willing to risk their lives for our liberty, for democracy, for our values. and i think that this should be above party politics, so i think it is absolutely disgraceful, not least frankly because today in the newspapers, the labour party itself is being accused of turning a blind eye to sexism in labour party headquarters, to anti—semitism by its candidate in peterborough, so i think we've got to put these things aside and remember this is a very special moment in our relationship celebrating 75 years of peace and prosperity because of that partnership between the uk and the usa. daniela relph is here with me, our royal correspondent. you have been looking at your phone. anything i need to know? no, just checking the timings! a state visit, these things
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go like clockwork normally, don't they? that's the idea. the second day is about more politics and diplomacy and will be more fluid. the first day is about the royal family and the ceremony and the pageantry. things happen as they are plant and to time. that seems to be the case so far. we saw the official welcome in the gardens of buckingham palace. the president meeting the queen and the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall. the queen welcoming the president, looking very happy to see him and the first lady. they met on the west terrace at buckingham palace. they are now all inside buckingham palace where there is a private lunch with the president. some of his family, other members of the royal family, including the duke of sussex, prince harry, although his wife, his american wife, megan makro, is not attending because she is on maternity leave. yes she is on
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maternity leave. yes she is on maternity leave. yes she is on maternity leave but there is something going on because the president, in a taped interview used the word nasty and in the same sentence used her name. what is the line? do we know what is going on? the line is she is on maternity leave. ba by rg the line is she is on maternity leave. baby rg is a month old. clearly in a different time and a different moment having an american at the heart of the royal family, to bring her out for a state visit, would have been particularly useful, perhaps. of the issue is as well that the duchess of sussex, when she was just plain old meghan markle, had been very outspoken about the president. she had said he was a divisive fixture —— figure during the presidential campaign. she supported hillary clinton. she is not a trump fan. having said all that, perhaps at a different time of her life, she would have made time to come to the state visit and had to come to the state visit and had to do what all members of the royal family do, keep their opinions to
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themselves and work the diplomatic ca rd themselves and work the diplomatic card and welcome their visitor. talk us card and welcome their visitor. talk us through the itinerary because we next expect to see the president at three o'clock. he will be leaving the palace by car to go to westminster abbey? that's right. as well as the launch, he will have been given a viewing in the picture gallery of buckingham palace on various items in the royal collection that have american link. and various gifts as well. we should get told what they are. we should know later what they are. perhaps a phone without twitter! then we will see the president on one of the few parts of his itinerary where he will ta ke parts of his itinerary where he will take a road trip, a short road trip, rather than going by helicopter, from buckingham palace to westminster abbey. he will be escorted by the duke of york. interesting that the duke of york has been selected for a number of different roles during this visit. he is somebody who already knows donald trump. they have had a number of readings before both because
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prince andrew, the duke of york, has a trade envoy, business envoy role. they are both great lovers of golf. there is a connection. he would have scored the president and the first lady to westminster abbey, where a wreath will be laid at the grave of the unknown warrior. they will return to clarence house for tea with the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall. everybody wondering what they will talk about. with the thorny issue of climate change come up? will the men have polar opposite opinions? will they discuss it? will we ever know? i'm not sure. then there will be a couple of hours to prepare for the state banquet later this evening at buckingham palace. let's bring in katty kay who has come from the united states of america, not on air force one! we shouldn't be surprised that already there is plenty to talk about? yes, this is pomp and ceremony and donald trump blows up
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pomp and ceremony before he left. that is classic donald trump, to weigh in and do what all those diplomats have planned so carefully would love him not to have done. will they have had their heads in their hands? i am sure on both sides of the atlantic that caused minor heartburn. but for donald trump this plays into his image that his supporters love of the president who is unpredictable and does not stand on protocol, does not think —— care what people think about him, and says it like he feels. he won't be trying to mess things up with the queen. he is very careful. we saw him take thing —— take a step back, making sure he did not get out in front of her majesty and turn her back on the queen. there is a huge audience watching every move back home? breakfast television. those pictures we saw at seven o'clock on the east coast of the united states, four o'clock in california, americans will have woken up to the pictures of the trumps being greeted
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by prince charles and being introduced by the —— to the queen, marine 0ne landing on the grass at buckingham palace. exactly the kind of images the president would like. in terms of the comments about sadiq khan, to some extent that also plays to an audience as well? yes. i think it is the comment about the duchess of sussex, an american, meghan markle, that will get as much playback in the united states as those comments about sadiq khan. donald trump supporters were like the fact he takes on critics, they like it when he calls people little, he called marco rubio little during the presidential campaign. they may feel squeamish about the fact he is calling a member of the royal family nasty. that might be going too far. he rode it back. he said it was fake news. we have it on tape so it was not fake news. it is interesting that he went out of his way to say that he went out of his way to say that this did not actually happen.
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has anybody doubted the fact that he wa nted has anybody doubted the fact that he wanted to know what went on by com, the first thing he did was put on the first thing he did was put on the television and criticised coverage by cnn! the president loves television, which is also why he would like these images. he is comfortable in the world of television. he is almost his own best producer. he would like those pictures. daniela, the state banquet, the pictures tonight, they are the ones that everybody will remember perhaps of this visit. it is the moment, the white tie, but a lot of concentration and who is not here as well? yeah, you would normally expect a state banquet held by the queen to involve the leaders of all political parties, the mayor of all political parties, the mayor of london. that is not going to be happening. lots of people will not be turning up. they indicated they didn't want to be invited or turned down the invitation. it will be a different make up. we don't get given the guest list in advance but it will appear on the court circular and we will get a steer later today about who is attending. the queen is
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going to toast the american president. that will be a real moment for him. it is interesting what cat he was saying about how we will love these images. watching them inspect the guard of honour later —— earlier, he took his time. sometimes these can go off very quickly indeed. you have seen a head of state walked quickly. he had his moment. he stopped and talked to lots of soldiers. yes, he was being guided and given information about certain people there with the prince of wales behind. but he took his time. he wanted to enjoy this moment. it was a particular spectacle, the president in the midst of the british military in the gardens of buckingham palace, and he was not going to let this go quickly. this is an interesting time in britain in terms of politics. what are you expecting him to do tomorrow? do you think because theresa may, a lame duck prime minister as of friday, would he want to get involved and meet some of those who want the job? the
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reporting is that he has not reached out to borisjohnson reporting is that he has not reached out to boris johnson to set up a time to meet. now i guess that could change. he has already talked about his support for nigel farage and ford borisjohnson. he is not trying to hide this. he is not trying to pretend he is neutral in this succession process. he comes at a time when there are a string of issues between the united states and united kingdom that do with a dressing stop —— addressing. whether it is views on iran, the trading relationship... this is not an easy time in the uk and us relationship. i can't think of another time when there are quite so many thorny issues between the countries that do need substantive talks. whether they will get a chance to address those, particularly given that he is meeting a lame duck prime minister, even though he is meeting members of the cabinet as well, it is hard for a state visit. thank you both very much. in a moment we will have the business news. first the headlines.
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the president and first lady have arrived in the uk for a three—day state visit. they'll have various engagements with the royal family, meetings with theresa may, and attend the d—day commemorations in portsmouth. minutes before touchdown, mr trump criticised the mayor of london, calling sadiq khan "a stone—cold loser", after mr khan said he didn't agree with the visit. this afternoon, the president is having a private lunch at buckingham palace with the queen. he'll return for a state banquet there this evening. hello, i'm ben bland with the business news. the uk manufacturing sector contracted in may for the first time sincejuly 2016 as stockpiling ahead of brexit eased, more in a moment. a director of uk energy firm ineos has described a campaign by tv chef hugh fearnley—whittingstall, about plastic on scottish beaches, as "pretty pathetic". tom crotty said the chef had taken a simplistic view on plastic in his bbc documentary,
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war on plastic. ineos' plant in grangemouth has been accused of adding to plastic waste on local beaches, which the firm denies. more trouble for boeing. the us federal aviation administration says that more than 300 737 max and ng jets may contain improperly manufactured parts that need replacing. all 737 max jets were grounded after two of the aircraft suffered fatal crashes in the space of five months. president trump is here. he certainly has strong views on trade and what he expects from america's trading partners. in various cases, such as with china and more recently mexico, he has made it clear if he thinks the us is getting a bad deal, he will use tariffs against goods they export to the united states. that of course has a ripple effect, including on the united kingdom. what can businesses here in britain
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hope will come out of this state visit? allyson stewart—allen is a business consultant and the author of working with americans. good to see you. what do you think the best outcome from a business point of view could be from this visit? well, i am not convinced we will get anything agreed, because theresa may's last date is friday and of course congress ultimately gets to approve the trade deals and any agreements. while he might put pressure on the uk as regards the norway situation, i'm not sure a lot will change. it is a very special and essential relationship between oui’ and essential relationship between our two countries. and business, that typically transcends what happens on a political level. business people are focused on how do we in the uk make the most of the
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us? and regardless of maybe some of the threats that have emerged, ultimately it is for most companies i have been talking to, business as usual. although that said, you mentioned the issue of far away, the us has threatened to not continue business with its partners... that puts a strain on the relationship, doesn't it? ijust wonder whether given the prime minister here is shortly to leave office, whether that limits how much impact the conversations between them can have on say something like the huawei issue? i think that because she is leaving he will want to wait until the next prime minister is in situ and he is actually then negotiating with someone who has the power to either come to an agreement with him and the us on huawei, or have some
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other plans in place. but i think you will find it pretty unproductive to try to negotiate with her, given she is four days away from leaving office. what about in terms of trying to broker peace with the various trade wars the us is engaged with, given that it does hit car manufacturers, for example, around the world if tariffs are introduced, and also the steel and aluminium tariffs? we have seen the knock—on effect on british steel. one thing we know about negotiating with americans is that the more quantitative you are the better. any arguments that are made to try to influence his administration must be anchored in numbers and demonstrated that there is going to be an economic and a commercial impact that could be irreparable once any policies are past that have a
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knock—on effect, a negative effect, and the uk. i think there are ways to position the argument. the problem you have obviously is that there is a degree of unpredictability about the policies that you have seen from the administration until this point. so i think that makes it very challenging for industry in this country, but the best they can try to do is demonstrate that any policies like that will have a negative impact in money terms because that's just how we work! really good to talk to you. some other business news. it's a crucial week for sir philip green's arcadia retail group, which includes topshop, burton, wallis and dorothy perkins. creditors will vote on his proposed restructuring plans on wednesday. he wants to shut up to 50 stres and negotiate lower rents on others. —— stores. if landlords — who own the store buildings — and the pensions regulator do not back the plans, the high street giant could go into administration.
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kier shares have tumbled by a massive a0%, after warning that profits will not meet expectations this year. the construction and services group said underlying profit would be around £25 million below previous expectation. it blamed higher costs and problems at units in the road, utilities and housing maintenance businesses. last year, kier launched a reorganisation aimed at cutting costs and selling none—essential businesses. retail giant marks & spencer is perilously close to being booted out of the ftse100 this week, for the first time since the index was launched in 1984. its shares have tumbled by nearly a fifth over the past six months, as sales and profits have come under pressure. but it is likely to be saved from an embarrassing demotion from britain's blue chip share index in this week's ftse reshuffle, thanks to its £601 million investor cash call. a quick look at the markets. here is what they are doing. the ftse fairly flat but down just a shade. a caddo among the fullers. metro bank down
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ahead of a key shareholder vote. let's return to buckingham palace and simon. ben bland, thank you. i will talk to you later. let's look at the weather with stav da naos. hello there. although much of the country saw outbreaks of rain at the weekend, southern britain did see a lot of sunshine and some high temperatures. a top temperature of 29 degrees in norfolk on sunday afternoon. big changes taking place now. low afternoon. big changes taking place now. low pressure afternoon. big changes taking place now. low pressure sweeping of the atla ntic now. low pressure sweeping of the atlantic pushing the heat off into the near continent. it is turning more unsettled and breezy. this coming week, with low pressure largely in control, there would be a bit of sunshine. showers or longer spells of rain. some could be heavy. it will feel rather cool. today low— pressure it will feel rather cool. today low—pressure to the north of the uk bringing a blustery day. windy for scotla nd bringing a blustery day. windy for scotland and northern ireland. here we will see most of the showers and
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some could be heavy, particularly in western scotland. 0ne some could be heavy, particularly in western scotland. one or two further south, and they will be blustery. they will also be a lot of sunshine through the afternoon. that pushes temperatures to 21 degrees in the south—east, which is eight or 9 degrees lower than what we saw over the weekend. tonight it stays blustery. we will see further showers at times and lengthy clear spells. to the south—west, the next area of low pressure pushes him to bring some wet weather to south—west england and into wales. elsewhere it should stay largely dry. temperatures in double figures in the south—west. it is a wet start to the south—west. it is a wet start to the south—west. it is a wet start to the south—west quadrant of the country for tomorrow. the low pressure m oves country for tomorrow. the low pressure moves northwards and we will start to see showers and longer spells of rain becoming more widespread. it is the far north of scotla nd widespread. it is the far north of scotland and part of the south—east which are likely to stay driest with some sunshine. 20 degrees in the south—east, much coolerfurther north where we have the rain. low pressure sits on top of the country
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for the middle part of the week. we hold on to the unsettled weather. showers or longer spells of rain, some heavy in places. they should be sunny spells in between in parts of northern ireland, england and wales, with light winds it will not feel too bad in the strong sunshine, june sunshine, 19 to 20 the high, but where it stays wet across the north, ten to 1a degrees. we hold onto the theme towards the end of the week as well. low pressure bringing showers or longer spells of rain and cooler as well.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2pm... it's the royal treatment for president trump as he begins his state visit to the uk. there was a formal welcome from the queen and prince charles earlier this afternoon here at buckingham palace. gun salutes in green park and the tower of london mark the occasion. the president is here for three days. but there was controversy from the start of the visit. this morning mr trump criticised the mayor of london, sadiq khan, calling him "a stone—cold loser", after mr khan said he didn't agree with the visit.
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