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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 15, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm BST

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now it's time for a look at the weather with alina jenkins. interruptions are likely tomorrow at old trafford. the worst of the rain is easing a way eastwards. the western side of scotland, rain working up towards the northern isles. tomorrow we are close to this area of high pressure but it is this area of high pressure but it is this area of high pressure but it is this area of low pressure that continues to be the dominating feature. there will be showers across northern ireland, wales and south—west england but soon extending across much of england and into scotland as well. through the afternoon showers becoming less frequent across east anglia but where we get those heavy
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showers they will be thundery, with gusty winds. hello this is bbc news. the headlines. hundreds of homes have been evacuated because of flooding in lincolnshire, brought on by heavy rain. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranianjailed in iran, has begun a new hunger strike
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in protest against her imprisonment. police are investigating after three people were killed in separate attacks in london in the last 2a hours. there's to be a major review into hospital food after the deaths of five patients from listeria is announced in england. the leader of hong kong backs down indefinitely after mass protests over their controversial extradition law to mainland china. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me olly foster and holly hamilton. hello there, these are are our headlines this evening. australia are on top of the world cup standings as sri lanka slump at the oval. double dutch for miedema. she's now the netherlands‘ all time leading goalscorer after they beat cameroon
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at the women's world cup. and we'll have the latest from pebble beach with the leaders due out in the next couple of hours at the us open. also coming up in the programme. can lionel messi end his international trophy drought as argentina begin their bid for the copa america? there are two matches at the cricket world cup today, and despite some awful weather around the country, both have been relatively unscathed. australia have moved to the top of the standings after an 87 run victory over sri lanka at the oval. it sounds one—sided but for a while sri lanka looked
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like they might chase down the australian target of 335 but they lost their last seven wickets for 42 runs. craig templeton reports. the oval was the site off australia's only defeat of the world cup so far, time to make amends, but it was a stuttering start from david warner. his opening partner aaron finch however was looking in much better neck. finch eventually fell for 153, the highest score by an australian at any world cup. the target was still an imposing 335. a target was still an imposing 335. a target that sri lanka set about chasing with pace and precision. he felt three short of his century, sri la nka felt three short of his century, sri lanka needed him to stay in.
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mitchell starc started doing what he does and sri lanka could not handle the pace. pat cummins had the final say, it is now australia that lead the way. there were a couple of rain delays in cardiff where south africa put afghanistan into bat. the match was reduced to 48 overs a side. both teams prop up the world cup table, without a win between them. only three afghanistan batsemn reached double figures, imran tahir taking four wickets as they were all out for 125 in the 35th over. south africa have a slightly revised target of 127 but the opening pair of quinten de kock
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and hashim amla have set south africa towards victory. india captain virat kohli has tried to play down the hype surrounding their world cup clash against arch—rivals pakistan, saying the impact of the result will not last a lifetime. the two countries lock horns in manchester tomorrow with more than a billion people expected to tune in for the most—anticipated match of the tournament. andy swiss reports. it is an all—too—familiar scene at this cricket world cup. once again the rain has been pouring down and heard the ideal preparations for india and pakistan although india did get some time out in the net earlier on ahead of what is one of the biggest rivalries world sport. just to give you an idea,
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there were more than half a million ticket applications for this game and other words they could have sold out more than 20 times, and it's estimated there could be a tv audience around the world of a billion people. remember, india and pakistan rarely play each other outside of major tournaments like this because of the political tensions between the two countries. the only adds to the anticipation and not surprisingly both teams are looking forward to it. there's always pressure in any game and these carry the exact same amount of points and obviously there is a hype that's created by the media really. we are ready and comfortable and can get out there and perform and so excited about the opportunity tomorrow. any game that you play for your country can be emotional, adrenaline filled and so no one game is more important or more special for
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us than the other. as cricketers who have been selected to play for the country our responsibility is to treat every game equally because you have to be committed to play for your country. putting all the excitement to one side, india will start as the favourites tomorrow. they are unbeaten in the world cup. they have one of the best batsman in the world and as for pakistan, well they have never beaten india in a cricket world cup match. but as they showed in victory over england when they do click they are capable of doing something very special indeed. of course the only other big factor is the weather. there is the threat of more showers here tomorrow afternoon but fingers crossed we will get to see what could be one of the matches of this world cup. charu sharma joins me now. 1 billion fingers will be crossed.
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make that 1.5. i often think the early stages of the cricket world cup is like a phoney war. how much is this to admit need this match now just to get ourjuices flowing? this tournament needs 100 overs tomorrow, thatis tournament needs 100 overs tomorrow, that is important. i do not think the weather will allow that to happen. there are two different stories. one is the value of the match itself, which is limited. these are not the two best teams of the tournament, it is not like a final before a final, india perhaps favourites, pakistan a desperate because they have lost two matches, one has been rained out, theirform has been patchy. that is one side of the story but people are more interested in the other side of the story, regional rivalry and global tension. it is massive, without question. it is not regional tension match it is world tension match. there are superstars on both sides.
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what does it mean for virat kohli to get a century at old trafford? what does it mean for those players, the superstar bracket? it is a fabulous time to be a hero, no question, but it is not about that. it is a team game. most cricketers say they do it for the team, they would trade their century for a victory. the team has to play together. the team that puts less pressure of expectation upon itself is likely to do well. there is pressure from the family, friends, everyone. it is best to keep your phone aside and focus like the game, which is like any other game for the cricketers, not for the fans. it looks like south africa are going to get their first win against afghanistan. we saw australia looking pretty good. do you feel that they are going to win it? they are one of the favourites. india,
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england, australia. new zealand has started out very well. they have to have matches later on. australia, yes, they have only been beaten by one team, that is india. that is how well india is doing so far. of course they have beaten pakistan. on the evidence so far it will be a struggle for pakistan. if india when it gives them breathing space in that all—importa nt top it gives them breathing space in that all—important top four in the table. yes, england are the tough teams to begin with, they will have easy matches later on stop and enjoy the match. i am sure you well. enjoy the match. i am sure you well. enjoy the match. i am sure you well. enjoy the match. have a good time and hope the match. have a good time and hope the weather holds. that is the key thing. possibly unsettled weather tomorrow evening but plenty of cricket before then.
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it's day 9 at the women's world cup in france as we head towards the business end of the tournament. today, the netherlands secured their place in the last 16 with a game to spare after beating cameroon 3—1 with a double for arsenal's vivianne miedema — making her her country's all time record goalscorerer. paul frostick was watching. the first a0 minutes of the netherlands and cameroon‘s first meeting was somewhat forgettable but after an uninspiring start the match exploded into life. the european champions finally showed their class as vivianne miedema found the target. they barely had time to celebrate. less than three minutes later, this equaliser, a perfectly timed run exposing the dutch defence. after the break it was cameroon who were caught sleeping.
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this time another arsenal player with the easiest of goals. cameroon had their chances to make it 2—2 but this was to beat vivianne miedema's day. her 60th international goal sending them through to the last 16 and making her her country's all—time top scorer. so the netherlands top the group — through to the knockout stage, while tonight's match between canada and new zealand will be crucial for new zealand now. you can watch on the red button and via the bbc sport website from 8 o'clock. so, as i mentioned, the european champions, the netherlands are through with a game to spare — as are england of course after their victory over argentina yesterday. it means the lionesses have won both their opening games at a world cup for the first time. our correspondent katie gornall reports from le havre. today the england players will be reflecting on that game at le havre and feeling pleased that they are able to get the job
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done with a game to spare. it had all the ingredients for being a frustrating evening for them in le havre. argentina defend deep, they are physical, they have already taken a point offjapan, and in this game their goalkeeper was having the game of her life, saving a penalty. jodie taylor came to the rescue after finishing off a slick move. that was her first goal in 1a months. it was enough to put england through with a game to spare. afterwards, players were talking about it, steph houghton said it was about putting in a disciplined performance. going into this game today we knew it would be a tough test, argentina would be physical, well organised and hard to break down. we had to show some patience and we did that. it could have been even more than one goal but it does not matter, we just wanted to get the three points and qualify for the round of 16 and look forward to playing japan.
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for the england players that did not play last night, they trained this morning in le havre, good news from the camp is that toni duggan took part, she has missed the first couple of games with a thigh injury. now she will travel for the final game in the group against japan. still plenty to play for even though they are through to the knockout stages because a point or a win againstjapan will see them top the group and a more favourable route into the last 16, they could avoid the likes of canada and the netherlands for example. they will want to top the group. as for scotland, antoher frustrating performance puts them bottom of their group — after they were beaten 2—1 by japan. it makes it two defeats in a row and adds fruther pressure to theirfinal group game on wednesday. jane dougall reports from rennes. scotla nd scotland might feel aggrieved that decisions did not go their way in that against decisions did not go their way in that - against japan but they
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decisions did not go their way in that - put 1st japan but they| if , ili' ‘ti' im - ressive |entina, [m im - ressive |entina, m imresjigaijaf shelle i;.;.;;;;.;. 9: imresjigaijaf shelle kerr m "44754114 9: imresjigaijaf shelle kerr watch 2:54? 9: against england. shelley kerr watch that game and said, nothing changes, we need to beat argentina to give as a chance, it is a scenario we have had in our head since the draw was made. scotland can still technically qualify, if they beat argentina and other results go their way. in each of the six groups the top two teams automatically qualify for the knockout stages, then four of the teams that finish in third place will go through. if scotland are to be one of those four teams then they at least need to beat argentina and hope that other teams do not do as well. if not, they are flying back to edinburghfar well. if not, they are flying back to edinburgh far faster than they thought. away from the women's world cup —
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derby county are talking to manager frank lampard about a new contract amid growing speculation that chelsea are about to approach him to replace outgoing boss maurizio sarri. chelsea are yet to make contact with derby about lampard, who is the overwhelming favourite to take over from juventus—bound sarri at stamford bridge. however, derby are keen for him to extend his current deal, which still has two years to run and have already begun negotiations. brazil got off to a flying start in their copa america campaign — with a comprehensive victory over bolivia. two second half goals from philippe coutinho and one from everton soares sealed a 3—0 win, but supporters were far from happy with the tactics. let's speak to south america—based football journalist tim vickery who joins us now. good evening. thank you forjoining us. good evening. thank you forjoining us. those brazilian fans, at half
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time, it was goalless, they were actually booing their players and the manager, we do not see that very often. you do see it often when brazil play in sao paulo, it is almost not a story brazil being booed by their fa ns story brazil being booed by their fans in their home country. if the fa ns fans in their home country. if the fans are booing purcell, it is dog bites man, if the crowd are not being brazil, that is man bites dog. brazil had to work hard to break the deadlock, that is what this game is all about. bolivia came to defend. it was one of those games that was interesting while it was a 0—0, as $0011 interesting while it was a 0—0, as 50011 as interesting while it was a 0—0, as soon as possible broke the deadlock early in the second half with this penalty, it was a question of how many they would score. brazil are on their way. look at the competition, their way. look at the competition, the group phase is something of a phoney war. we will find out the reality of these teams and especially brazil when the
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quarterfinals starts. it was that transitioned five years ago from a relatively easy group stage to the southern drama of the knockout rounds that really floored brazil on home ground five years ago. let us see what will happen this time. argentina start their campaign tonight. lionel messi, a lot of people talking about that he needs to get his hands on silverware for his country finally. yes he has won the world under 20 cap, and an olympic gold medal but he has not got any senior titles to his name for his country, that is why he is here, i wondered a couple of months ago would he turn up. there is another corporate america at next year which is shared between corporate —— shared between colombia and argentina, lionel messi will have a chance on home ground next time, the fact he is here this time means he is serious about winning a title at senior level for argentina. that then means that sergio aguero is here. he demanded the inclusion
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of sergio aguero. and angel di maria also upfront. the rest of the team very different from the one that had a disastrous campaign in the world cup last year. still under a ca reta ker cup last year. still under a caretaker coach, a former west ham player. and they take part in the standout match, argentina against colombia, look at these two teams, how —— along with brazil and uruguay these are the likely semifinalists. it will be fascinating to see how argentina's new defence and midfield cope with what looks like a very dangerous colombia side. a very dangerous colombia side. a very dangerous colombia side. a very dangerous colombia side, how will argentina cope tonight? remember, james rodriguez back on the site offers great triumph five years ago when he was a break—out star at the 2014 world cup. he has had a frustrating time since then. a new coach for since then. a one—time
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assistant coach at manchester united. a one—time real madrid coach. a vast cv. he has not worked in south america before however. look at some of the attacking stars he has. james rodriguez. garcia. i will be fascinated to see how argentina's new defence cope. we will be watching. thank you. that game between argentina and colombia gets under way at 11 o'clock tonight. expect some fireworks. football really does not stop. still to come on sportsday: on the road to recovery. chris froome thanks his supporters and medical staff
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following the horror crash in france that's threatened his career. the third round of the us open is under way at pebble beach, tiger woods is one of those who has just teed off but the leaders don't get going until much later. england's justin rose is in the final pairing with gary woodland, the american who tops the leaderboard by two strokes. who is at pebble beach in california. last year he was in a similar position and faded away but he says he has learned a lot from that. he brings a lot of momentum into the third round given the way he finished late on yesterday, three birdies in the last five holes, eight monster pat on that final hole. that gives an awful lot of confidence going forward. but he needs to be able to adapt that into what is going to be a very testing circumstance. it is a us open. of
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course the greens will get harder as the weekend goes on. a big test for gary woodland. nine under par, a nice cushion to have, two shots clear of the field. justin rose just those two shots behind. we know he is capable from there. yes, absolutely. justin rose has won the us open before, he has done it ona the us open before, he has done it on a classic course as well, back in 2013. but rory mcilroy is another big threat out there. five under par, just four shots behind. this is the most comfortable i have seen him ata us the most comfortable i have seen him at a us open since 2011, and that was of course when he won his first major title, back at congressional. it was a soft, wet golf course on that occasion, this one will be firmer with a weekend. still overcast and chilly but rory mcilroy is fancy his chances over the weekend. chris froome says he's focussed
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on getting back to his best after his high speed crash on wednesday. froome suffered a fracture to his neck as well as a broken leg, hip, elbow and ribs. the collision occurred during a practice ride before stage four of the criterium du dauphine. froome has released a statement today. let's have a quick look at some of the other headlines, staying with cycling and the man who was with froome
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when he crashed on wednesday has had a better end to his week. wout poels took stage seven of the criterium. it's his first stage victory of the year and moves him up to fifth, 28 seconds behind the new overall leader jakob fuglsang. britain's lizzie deignan is the women's tour champion for the second time. she won byjust two seconds, the narrowest marging of victory in the history of the event. it's her first title since giving birth to her daughter nine months ago. in hockey, ireland have earned a place in the olympic qualifiers with a 4—0 win over the czech republic in the fih series semifinal in banbridge. they'll take on korea in tomorrow's final. tyson fury, returns to the ring, to fight in las vegas for the first time, in the early hours of tomorrow morning against the german tom schwarz. the weigh—in took place last night, as the former heavyweight champion, continues his return to boxing, after having two years out with mental health and drug problems.
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fury is the favourite, but he has said that it will not be as easy as people think. josh warrington makes the second defence of his ibf world featherweight title against fellow yorkshireman kid galahad in leeds tonight. warrington believes victory tonight could hold the key to his dreamland as he targets some big fights in america. both of those fights are live on radio 5 live, starting with warrington against galahad at 10.30 this evening. then at around 4am tomorrow morning tyson fury takes on tom schwarz — live from las vegas. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. another day where we have seen
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torrential rain in places, that has exacerbated the flooding we saw earlier in the week. burton upon trent, heavy rain, by contrast plenty of sunshine in anglesey earlier this afternoon. all of these showers are coming from this area of low pressure which continues to swirl around to the north—west of the uk. it will be staying here over the uk. it will be staying here over the next few days. we can see where the next few days. we can see where the rain has been falling over the last four or five hours. the rain has been falling over the last four orfive hours. the heaviest rain in the midlands, northern england, rain will be returning to south—east england. this is clearing eastwards, things will turn dry this evening. rain across the western isles of scotland and the northern isles. showers returning to south—western wind dan wheels later in the night. elsewhere it is dry. this area of high pressure is not too far away. this
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area of low pressure continues to be the dominant feature over the next few days. another frontal system working its way across. that will generate showers through the morning. spreading across northern ireland into northern england and much of scotland. see these showers they will be a heavy and thundery ads will emerge again. these are average wind strengths. the gas will be higher. —— thatjusts will be higher. as we start the new week this area of low pressure to the west of the uk, frequent showers across scotland and northern ireland. this frontal
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system, still some showery rain. that will tend to dissipate through the day. becoming drier with spells of sunshine. showers in scotland and northern ireland on monday will be heavy and thundery. for many it is a drier day on tuesday. still some showers around. there will be heavy rain developing from the south which will go across the uk on wednesday.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8: hundreds more people are urged to leave their homes in lincolnshire because of flooding brought on by heavy rain. going around to people, knocking on the door and then dropping sandbags, just basically helping people and doing what we can do. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranianjailed in iran, begins a new hunger strike in protest against her imprisonment. her husband gives his full backing. i said, well, if you are going on a hunger strike i think it's time that i should as well. i'm not going to leave you alone in it. police are investigating after three people were killed in separate attacks in london in the last 24 hours. a mass is held at notre—dame
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cathedral for the first time


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