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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 22, 2019 6:40pm-7:01pm BST

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can't tfisfi‘it mm“ can't qualify for the afghanistan can't qualify for the knockout stages and india leapfrog england into third in the table. here's adam wild. hello and welcome to sportsday. now bowling against mit, unbeaten india. it would take something we get the latest from the women's world cup special to put a positive spin on as the knockout stage gets under way things that spin is something they and see how england are preparing do rather well. india is struggling, for their match with cameroon. virat kohli got started before he also got finished. southampton suddenly stunned and silent. others the bigger test are still to come. i did have more luck but runs still tough to find, wickets always in think there is another 15 or 20% to peril. this was an afghanistan show this team in terms of performance levels. surprising strength and for a this team in terms of performance levels. already through to the quarter moment, the mood was catching. 225 finals are two—time winners germany, but var is influential once again. needed. not many to truly make their mark on the world game but nerves and pressure can do funny things, wickets falling, their task growing. afghanistan mess out on causing a it was too much. afghanistan getting agonisingly close to one of the great shock after a defeat by india. biggest shocks of this or any world cup.
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that's it we're back with the late news at 10. more to come on the news channel. 00:01:08,536 --> 2147483051:37:18,983 now on bbc one, it's time 2147483051:37:18,983 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. the knock—out stage of the women's world cup is under way, we'll bring you an update on today's matches but first, let's go to valenciennes, where england face cameroon tommorrow for a place in the quarterfinals. our reporterjane dougall is there, you've just been in the press conference with phil neville and jill scott, how did they seem? they seemed to be confident. we were ata training they seemed to be confident. we were at a training earlier as well so we saw the squad training together, fully fit. no injuries following the game against japan which fully fit. no injuries following the game againstjapan which is a relief. a very relaxed mood in the camp after arriving here in northern france. through to the knockout stages, and there is a pretty small—town here in valenciennes. we
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source on the team having coffee nearby, they are staying very near to this stadium ahead of tomorrow's match against cameroon. you can probably see the stadium behind me, it has a capacity of around 25,000. quite a footballing town. the players have been milling around and having some time to get coffee. looking ahead to tomorrow, phil neville was speaking about, first of all the fact that england haven't really had that traffic challenge yet but they are expecting that from cameron even though they are only 46 in the world, they are expecting them to pose a challenge. the biggest tests are to come, there is more to get from this team in terms of performance. we are in a really good place to attack the lack 16. we have to keep clean sheets and later we going into the tournament, the
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defensive part of our game will have to keep improving. we will have to keep getting better at it because we will be more tested against better teams, and if we keep keeping clean sheets, we will be successful the journal. england have won all three matches so far, of course, but we've yet to see a really convincing 90 minutes from them, haven't we? they haven't got out of second gear yet have a? but you could argue they have not needed to because they have not been challenged enough. saying that, phil neville was very annoyed at the second half performance of england against scotland in their opening match. he said as much afterwards. i think the match against cameroon will be a very different match. in comparison to the opening three. one of the reasons is that cameroon are a very physical side. they are 46 in the fifa rankings so that will be a really huge match, to be meeting the number threes in the world. jill
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scott has been speaking in the press conference, the last time that any of the england players were involved ina of the england players were involved in a match against cameroon, was during the 2012 olympics, when team gb played cameron. team gb did beat them 3— zero. she scored in the match and she spoke of the physicality of them. they are a very physicality of them. they are a very physical side, they have nothing to lose. they are 46 in the world, england are third in the world, so they will throw everything at the game and actually it might be a worry for fell neville that there could be injuries and reckless tackles in this match. that may be something he will be considering before he sets out his line—up for this first match in the knockout stages. to underline themselves as being potential winners, the united states are the ones that everyone is looking at. the unbeatable? the
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united states still haven't got out of second gear either. earlier in february, england drew 2—2 so they are definitely not unbeatable. i would say they are favourites and they are favourites for a reason. they are number one in the world, the current holders, they have such a quality side and a lot of times in the world cup, some of the scenes peek during the world cup. even though they drew in february, that does not mean they will not come to fruition in this world cup. i would certainly not discount them and if england find themselves coming against the usa, i would not like to put a bet on england winning. i think the usa are self favourites to ta ke think the usa are self favourites to take this term.
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if england make it through, they will face norway or australia. we already have one quarter—finalist. two time winners germany are into the last eight after a comfortable 3—0 win over nigeria in grenoble. however, var was once again influential. as miriam walker khan reports. the last time they beat a european tea m the last time they beat a european team was the world cup. it was a tall order for team was the world cup. it was a tall orderfor nigeria. team was the world cup. it was a tall order for nigeria. back on the bench, out with a broken toe. 20 minutes, the nigeria bubble was burst. a corner find minutes, the nigeria bubble was burst. a cornerfind its minutes, the nigeria bubble was burst. a corner find its way to ahead and enter the back of the net. just minutes later, i nigeria player catches a german player. straight on
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the net. the germans in full control. next, it was leah schuyler stern. picture perfect for germany who still have not conceded in this yea r‘s who still have not conceded in this year's permit. afghanistan afg ha nista n narrowly afghanistan narrowly miss out on causing probably the biggest shock of the cricket world cup as in the managed to grind out a win in southampton. they leapfrog england. into third. afg hanistan's cricketing journey has been a sporting success story. five games, five defeats, the world cup fairy tale is flagging. now bowling against the mighty unbeaten india,
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it would take something special to put a positive spin on things. still, spin is something we do rather well. india struggling. southampton suddenly stunned and silent. others had no luck. the runs still tough to find, wickets in peril. this was an afghanistan show of surprising strength. for a moment, the mood was catching. the target, just 225 cool heads needed. not like that. this was afg hanistan's chance to not like that. this was afghanistan's chance to make the mark on the world game and it looked like a chance they mightjust take. the impossible seemingly now a little less so. nerves, pressure can do funny things. going for glory, only found a safety of indian hand. wickets wrong, their task growing, it was too much. afghanistan getting
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agonisingly close to one of the biggest shocks of this or any world cup. a hat—trick ending afg hanistan's dream for cup. a hat—trick ending afghanistan's dream for india, celebrations and relief. new zealand are currently second in the world cup standings and will be all but through to the knockouts if they can beat west indies at old trafford. kane williamson scored his second century of the tournament as he hit 148 offjust 154 balls. the west indies were set 292 to win, but they've already lost two wickets. they're currently 75 for 2. and you can keep across that game on radio 5 live sports extra and the bbc sport website, where you'll also find in—play highlights. world number 38 gilles simon is into the final of queen's tomorrow after beating daniil medvedev. it was another gruelling three—setterfor simon — he's gone the distance in all four of his matches this week. but he eventually got the better of medvedev after ‘over two
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and a half‘ hours on court. he'll face feliciano lopez, who's just beaten the 18—year—old canadian felix auger aliasim. the matches at queen's are really getting backed up, after terrible weather. lopez will be back on court at any minute, in the doubles with andy murray. these are live pictures from the club. whoever wins this will stay on the court for the semifinal as well. you can follow it on the red button. they are at highbury in the second set. you can also view on the bbc sport website and app. we do have two britons through to the wheelchair final, though — alfie hewett beat dermot bailey to earn a meeting with his doubles partner gordon reid tomorrow.
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roger federer‘s preparations for wimbledon are going well. he's through to the final of the atp event in halle after a straight sets victory over france's pierre—hugues herber. federer, the top seed, will face david goffin in what will be his fourth final this year — and if he wins, it'll be the 10th time he's won at halle. he isa he is a great guy. i really like his game, he has one of the best backhands in the game. superfast on his feet, great putting on a court thatis his feet, great putting on a court that is difficult. he played a great match today to stop his opponents run. soi match today to stop his opponents run. so i think i will have a tough final. particularly against david who i have a lot of respect for. the french open champion ash barty could become world number one tomorrow. she beat barbara strycova in straight sets to reach the final of the wimbledon warm—up event in birmingham, where she'll playjulia gorges. if barty wins, she'll replace naomi osaka at the top of the standings.
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mercedes‘ complete dominance of the formula one season looks set to continue into its 8th race, the french grand prix. as championship leader lewis hamilton took pole position, just ahead of his team—mate valteri bottas. but it was another frustrating day for ferrari's sebastian vettel. as david domb reports. if friday's practice was dominated by mercedes, qualifying looked destined to be similar. that every bot has finished fastest and was again on top for much of saturday. the problems persist for sebastian vettel, not even 204i the problems persist for sebastian vettel, not even 2041 was after his canadian race review request was rejected, final qualifying issues destabilised his progress. i suspected technical problem forcing him to pete and he fell further behind the leaders. ferrari team—mate start third. when it mattered, lewis hamilton improved on
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his time. it will be the championship leader at the start of the grid. he is on pole for the third time this season. the 86 time he started in once race at the front. and the 60th with mercedes. he started in once race at the front. and the 60th with mercedeslj would front. and the 60th with mercedes.” would say it is a more enjoyable discovery. especially when you get your first lap on the q}. you think, i'm done. and then you think you know you go quicken the next in. if you're behind your like i have to catch this time. your psyche shifts. the leaders are due out in the next hour for the third round of the women's pga championship in minnesota, but england's mel reid isn't among them, after falling to one—over par during a poor second round. australia's hannah green is out in front on seven—under—par, she's only in her second full year on the lpga tour and this could be herfirst title.
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england's jordan smith has hit another fine round at the bmw international in munich — he shot a 66 — one better than yesterday's effort — to move to 13—under—par, one shot clear of a group including his countryman matt fitzpatrick. let's have a look at some of the other stories making the sports news today. blue point has completed a rare double at royal ascot. ridden by james doyle and trained by charlie appleby, he added the diamond jubilee stakes to tuesday's win in the king's stand stakes. he's only the third horse to complete a double in the two group 1 races. great britain have won theirfirst gold medal at the european games in minsk, the recurve women's team beat hosts and surprise finalists belarus 6—2. it comes just a day after the event was dropped from the 2022 commnwealth games programme in birmingham. and in super league, hull fc are flying against catalans dragons — they went behind early
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on but they were 26 points to 10 ahead by half time, thanks to four tries, including this one from albert kelly. they're now leading 36—10. 50-10 to hull. andy ruinunior has revealed how he's been enjoying his success since become world heavyweight champion. ruiz won the wba, wbo and ibf belts when he knocked out britain's anthonyjoshua in new york at the start of this month. he admits he's used his new—found wealth to make amends with one person in particular. i bought a carfor my mum. that was the first purchase i made. i bought my mum a car because i messed up a lot of our cars when i was young. so i got her a brand—new car. lot of our cars when i was young. so i got her a brand-new car. we can tell you that andy murray and his partner phyllis janne lopez won their match in the doubles at queens
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dry sunny and mostly one for the most of the uk. a few showers in the north of scotland, most bases dry, partly clear skies. turning wet particularly around cornwall and the isles of scilly. temperatures, the most of them. name to 12 celsius. that will change as we go through this week. as we start this sunday, most of you start the same as you started saturday. patchy wing and drizzle but clouding over for most through the south—west for the most. wales and northern ireland through the afternoon, strengthening breeze. increasingly humid across the south, some isolated showers in northern scotla nd some isolated showers in northern scotland but as humidity levels are
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to build up into sunday night, things transforming. parts of wales and the midlands, into northern england and we could see rainfall totals up to 50 millimetres, could close some flooding issues. the headlines. boris johnson and jeremy hunt take part in the first
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of sixteen hustings in front of the conservative party members who will choose which of them becomes the next prime minister. just to be clear, you're not going to make any comment at what happened? i think that is obvious from the foregoing. mrjohnson avoided answering questions about why the police were called to the flat he shares with his partner on thursday night. the two conservative leadership contenders also faced questions from tory party members, including their strategy for brexit. my words are eminently feasible, which was taken to mean that i was not
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