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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11am. president trump wraps up the 620 summit in osaka with news that trade talks between the us and china will resume. we agreed i would not be putting ta riffs we agreed i would not be putting tariffs on the $350 billion that i could put on if i wanted. meanwhile, at her last 620 summit as prime minister, theresa may says she hopes her successor is able to secure a good brexit deal. i believe they want us to deliver not just what that means in i believe they want us to deliver notjust what that means in terms of leaving the eu, but the brighter future that we believe the uk can have outside of the european union. that is what i was working on. it is what my successor will work on.
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nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british motherjailed in tehran, has ended her hunger strike after 15 days — her husband has also ended his own hunger strike outside the iranian embassy in london. parts of the uk are set to see the hottest day of the year today — and in europe a heatwave continues to break records. 0ne, one, two, three, four. storming it — stormzy makes history by becoming the first black british solo artist to headline glastonbury. england will face the united states in the semi—finals of the world cup — that's after the us knocked out the hosts france in paris last night. and at half past eleven, join us for dateline london — where carrie gracie and her guests will discuss the significance of the decision by the us and china to resume trade talks.
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good morning and welcome to bbc news. the 620 summit has ended in osaka, with president trump committing to resuming trade talks with china. mr trump said he wouldn't impose any further sanctions on beijing. president trump also revealed he would allow american tech companies to sell equipment to the chinese tech giant hauwei. this is what president trump had to say. us companies can sell their equipment to huawei. we're talking about equipment where there is no great national emergency problem with it. but us companies can sell their equipment. we have a lot of the great companies in silicon valley and based in different parts of the country that make extremely complex equipment — we are letting them sell to huawei. huawei is very much in play in terms of our country and in terms of intelligence and the intelligent community. we know a lot about huawei.
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but i don't want to mention that right now. i think it is just inappropriate. i will say that we are not making it, other than what i told you already, we are not making it a big subject. we're going to save that for later. president trump held talks with the chinese president, xijinping, in an attempt to deescalate the trade war between the world's two largest economies. here's how he summed up his meeting with president xi. we had a great meeting. we will be continuing to negotiate. i promised that for at least the time being we are not going to be lifting tariffs on china. we will not be adding an additional, you know, tremendous amount. $350 billion left which could be taxed or could be tariffs, and we are not doing that. we are going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. president trump is due to arrive
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in south korea shortly — where he's offered to meet the north korean leader, kimjong un, in the korean de—militarized zone. i understand that we may be meeting with him. we will find out, i spoke with him. we will find out, i spoke with the people. he was very receptive and he responded and we will see, because i will shake his hand, we get along. there have been no nuclear tests. they have been no long—range ballistic tests. he gave us long—range ballistic tests. he gave us back our hostages, which is great. a lot of good things are happening there. i will let him know we are there and we will see. i cannot tell you exactly but they did respond very favourably. let us just show you the live pictures from south korea where he
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should be landing at the airbase. those pictures are coming to us. we are waiting to the arrival of president trump. our correspondent stephen mcdonnell is in seoul. what do you read in to what president trump said the talks between the us and china? soon he will be arriving. his motorcade will be coming down this road behind me, heading off to have this meeting here. yes, of course a lot of attention to the trade talks resuming between the us and china. no breakthrough yet. i suppose it is almost back to business as usual in terms of that stand off between china and the united states. at least it is not getting worse, the trade war. that is what many people will be reading from those comments, but no breakthrough. a lot of interest now in what is going to
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happen here because it has really thrown a cat amongst the pigeons, if you like, with his tweet saying he is hoping to all of a sudden go and meet with the north korea leader up on the demilitarised zone. it is about an hours drive from where i am standing. he has always going to go to the demilitarised zone, that is why we're here to cover his visit after all. but symbolism of meeting with the leader and shaking hands and crossing that border, the heavily militarised demilitarised zone, if you like. i think president trump would love to have the world's attention on this. again, that is not going to represent some breakthrough on denuclearisation. the symbolism will not be lost and again, isuppose, people the symbolism will not be lost and again, i suppose, people will say at least the situation is not going
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backwards. also, a lot of focus on what is happening with the north korea and south korea talks and so on, but there are so many conflicting signals that come from president trump on a range of issues. he has also been talking about huawei, hasn't he? yes, absolutely. the situation with huawei, it was mentioned between donald trump and the chinese president. interestingly, he said he did not speak specifically about that huawei executive who is waiting for extradition proceedings in canada to potentially be sent united states. but they do talk about huawei and i think the us president is almost angling this as a way to draw china into a deal. because we did almost have a deal at the last stage of these talks. we are told by the people who were there that both sides had kind of agreed. it was
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when the chinese delegation returned to beijing that members of the standing committee had a look at this and they decided that they did have some problems with the enforcement procedures that were going to be brought in as part of that deal. that has been the stumbling block. so he is offering this as a way of resolving huawei as a method of trying to bring the chinese end. people who haven't been to china might not realise but huawei is a giant of the economy for china, a great hope for the future of the economy, high—tech, cutting—edge, this is where the chinese communist party would like to ta ke chinese communist party would like to take china. if huawei could get access to us markets, that would be access to us markets, that would be a very big thing indeed. we are just looking at live pictures of the plane landing at the airport there and south korea. and president trump
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with the military helicopters on standby as that visitor gets under way. just in terms of whether the north korean leader is likely to go for this meeting, it seems very short notice and it was only on twitter and we heard they had no official confirmation of that, do you know if that is going to happen? i should say first that where he is landing, that is on the outskirts of saul, really, and he will be downtown passing where i am in no time because they have the motorcade and the police driving around. there are barricades behind me to stop anyone from blocking the road when the time comes. he will be tearing down town into the capital of south korea to go and have dinner with the south korean leader and they will no doubt be talking about whether or not north korea's leader might turn up not north korea's leader might turn up in not north korea's leader might turn upina not north korea's leader might turn up in a few hours' time, actually, at the demilitarised zone to shake
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hands with donald trump. whether or not that might happen or not, not giving him much notice may well be a factor. i am so sorry. we have just lost that signal, sadly, but we can still see those pictures of the plane taxiing on the runwayjust outside the capital of south korea there. president trump having dinner with the south korean leader and tweeted just a short time ago he would be prepared to meet also the north korean leader, but very little notice and the north koreans say they have not had an official invite. quite a lot of changing diplomacy in the last few hours. we will see how that visit pans out and we will be covering that as soon as president from plans and we hear anything from that.
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also at the 620 theresa may pledged more than i point 4 billion pounds to help end aids, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics around the world. the prime minister also defended the deal that has been negotiated between the uk and the eu — but said it would be up to her successor to find a way fo delivering on the referendum vote. joining me now is our political correspondent, tom barton she is being forced out, bowing out very soon, has she hinted he she is backing? she has talked about compromise and reaching a deal, so not a no deal. what would you say? no, absolutely not. she is staying com pletely no, absolutely not. she is staying completely impartial in this race, as is traditionalfor completely impartial in this race, as is traditional for outgoing leaders. the times has been reporting she has not even told philip mae how she voted in the leadership election. absolutely fascinating. her eye now is very much weeks left in this job, on her
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legacy. that is partly what this announcement today is about. the money to be spent on the three globally significant diseases, that money contributing to an £11 billion fund for the global fund, who work to fight life—threatening diseases across the globe. it will go towards across the globe. it will go towards a medication for the 3 million people with hiv, tuberculosis treatment for 3 million people, 90 million mosquito nets to help protect against malaria. she has also been talking about climate change, trying to persuade world leaders to sign up alongside the uk to this net zero emissions target. limited degree of success there. as you alluded to, her biggest legacy is likely to be brexit, the difficulties that she has faced getting a deal to be agreed by parliament and whether her successor
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might also face similar difficulties. at a press conference this morning she was asked about where tory party members, whether they are more concerned about brexit than they are about the future of the conservative party. i believe that conservative party members, as with the majority of the public in the united kingdom, want us to deliver on brexit. i believe they want us to deliver not just what that means in terms of leaving the eu, but the brighter future that we believe that the uk can have outside of the european union. that's what i was working on. it is what my successor will work on. of course, jeremy hunt and boris johnson more hustings today. jeremy hunt is catching up with the public, according to one paul making gains on borisjohnson. according to one paul making gains on boris johnson. if according to one paul making gains on borisjohnson. if there is a general election, which is possible, thatis general election, which is possible, that is going to be an important factor, isn't it? yes, tory party
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members taking lots of things into consideration when they decide when the ballots get sent out in one week, to cast their vote. yes, this paul suggesting that among conservative voters, not the electorate as a whole, thatjeremy hunt may be pulling ahead at least in as faras hunt may be pulling ahead at least in as far as he would make the best prime minister. when the same people are asked who they would like to be prime minister, they are lumping for borisjohnson. prime minister, they are lumping for boris johnson. 0pinion polls prime minister, they are lumping for borisjohnson. 0pinion polls are very ha rd to borisjohnson. 0pinion polls are very hard to read. the hustings continue up in carlisle and the north—west of england and in manchester. another chance for members in those parts of the country to put forward issues that are important to them. boris johnson is refusing to do a head—to—head with jeremy hunt, although jeremy hunt is challenging him to do that but borisjohnson
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hunt is challenging him to do that but boris johnson is hunt is challenging him to do that but borisjohnson is ahead. hunt is challenging him to do that but boris johnson is ahead. these hustings are one after another. we will be watching them. tom, thank you very much. we can cross over to holyrood in edinburgh now where the queen is attending 20th anniversary celebrations for the scottish parliament. 0n 1stjuly 1999, power was devolved from westminster to edinburgh, allowing laws which affect day—to—day life in scotland, to be passed there. the anniversary comes as brexit continues to raise questions about the future of scotland as part of the united kingdom. we can see the queen there. and prince charles also accompanying the queen on this visit. we have seen the royal crown of scotland being carried up towards the parliament, too. a number of tourists are gathered outside to watch what is going on. the queen is due to be making a speech. she has spoken
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before at parliament. this does come as nicola sturgeon has made clear she wants to hold another referendum on scottish independence, because scotla nd on scottish independence, because scotland voted to remain and there isa scotland voted to remain and there is a sense among some voters scotland voted to remain and there is a sense among some voters in scotla nd is a sense among some voters in scotland they would be dragged out of the european union against their political well, because of the way the brexit referendum was carried out and the... it would be interesting to see what would happen ina interesting to see what would happen in a future scottish referendum. that is not in the gift of holy writ, the parliament in london has to allow that. the future of scotla nd to allow that. the future of scotland is part of the brexit debate. a very interesting time for this visit, 20 years on from devolution. the british—iranian woman, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, who is currently serving a five year
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jail sentence in iran has ended her hunger strike. she's been convicted of spying — a charge she denies. her husband richard ratcliffe, also ended his hunger strike outside the iranian embassy in london where he has been for the last 15 days. here's what he told the bbc radio 4's today programme this morning. i had ihada i had a phone call this morning and it is good news, she has decided to stop her hunger strike and i will be stopping it. i am very relieved. 6ood stopping it. i am very relieved. good news for yourself but particularly for her. that's right, it was getting hard for me but i am sure it was much harderfor her. she has said she has had some breakfast this morning, some porridge with apple and banana in it. iam relieved because i would not want her to push it much longer. relieved because i would not want her to push it much longerlj relieved because i would not want her to push it much longer. i want to ta ke her to push it much longer. i want to take you to south korea because president trump is working off of the plane. he hasjust landed in the capital of south korea as he arrives
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for a visit. he is due to be dining with the president. he hasjust come from the 620 summit injapan. he has also tweeted today that he is offering a meeting with the north career leader in the demilitarised zone. we do not know if that meeting is going to go ahead. it is still a very sensitive time in north korea and south korea relations, with that attempt to get a diplomatic breakthrough not yielding a fill result. let's see what happens there. we will bring you the latest. let's go back to scotland because her majesty the queen is speaking in edinburgh. my great affection for scotla nd edinburgh. my great affection for scotland and the many happy and personal connections i enjoy with this wonderful country. it has been with great pleasure that over the yea rs i have with great pleasure that over the years i have watched scotland grow and prosper and have been with you at each stage of your parliamentary
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life, including on landmark locations such as today. 20 years on, this chamber continues to be at the centre of scottish life, as an important forum to engage and unite diverse communities. and also a home of passionate debate and discussion. through new initiatives, you continue to strive to be responsive and accountable to the people you serve and to engage and involve those who might not otherwise participate in political debate. it is perhaps worth reflecting that at the height of the word parliament lies its original meaning, a place to talk. i have no doubt that for most of these last 20 years this striking chamber has provided exactly that, a place to talk. but
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of course it must also be a place to listen, a place to hear views that inevitably may differ quite considerably one from another, and a place to honour those views in turn, this occasion today gives us an opportunity to honour those who help turn talk into action, notjust members of the scottish parliament but all those behind the scenes, the many unseen, unsung individuals who are not afforded recognition by the nature of their role in parliament, but who nonetheless join together to support parliamentary work in the service of others and the success of the nation as a whole. the presiding officer, as we look to the future, it is my sincere hope that this
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parliament and all those who come to serve and it will use the power of this chamber to celebrate those invisible pillars of our communities, and follow their example by working tirelessly to improve peoples lives and strengthen the bond of friendship and partnership, both at home and abroad. today, with the echo of excitement and enthusiasm i encountered 20 years ago, i extend to you all my warmest to good wishes on this special anniversary, for the continuing prosperity for the people of scotla nd continuing prosperity for the people of scotland and for those who represent them in this remarkable parliament. applause the queen they are addressing hollyrood 20 years after it was given the power of devolution for
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scotland. the queen saying it was an important place to talk and to listen, but also of course to take action. this comes as the question of brexit is raised, the whole question of scottish independence again and indeed the whole union between scotland. a question of whether it will lead to the break—up of the uk. the queen marking that anniversary in particular heated times. let's go to something a bit more calm, i think. here is the sport. having to follow her majesty, though. first to the women's world cup, and italy take on the netherlands in the quarter final this afternnon, while germany and sweden will battle it out for the last semi final place this afternoon. england are of course through already, and they will have to beat the holders usa who beat host france
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2—1 in last night's quarterfinal in paris. american co—captain megan rapinoe proved to be the difference, scoring a goal in each half for the holders. france did get a consolation late on, but the usa saw the game out despite a late penalty claim for handball. the semi—final between england and the usa will take place on tuesday night in the 60 thousand capacity stadium in lyon. eight o'clock kick—off. eight o'clock kick-off. they outplayed us first year with the ball today. they were defensively so strong. we took our chances. this team, unreal. an unrealamount strong. we took our chances. this team, unreal. an unreal amount of heart. well, england reaching the semi—finals means there will be a great britain women's team at next year's 0lympics... britain last played in the 2012 london games and as england have reached the last four at the world cup in france, a british team
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will compete in tokyo in 2020. there will be 12 nations fielding women's sides. manchester united have signed aaron wan—bissaka from crystal palace in a fifty million pound deal. the england under—21 right—back only made his first—team debut for palace last year. up to £80,000 a week. england fans will be keeping a close eye on pakistan's cricket world cup game with afghanistan at headingley. afghanistan won the toss, chose to bat and lost two wickets in two deliveries. shaheen afredi removing first hashmatullah shahidi and then 6ulbadin naib. afghanistan have just lost another wicket and are 57 for 3 from 12 overs. pakistan would move above england into the semi—final places with a win. england play india tomorrow. in the women's one—day tour match, england are are 88 for1 playing australia a with 37.2 overs left.
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manchester city striker sergio aguero played a part in both goals as argentina beat venezuela 2—nil in the copa america quarter—finals — but it was a pigeon rather than a star footballer who stole the show. if you look closely here, you can see the pesky pigeon on the pitch during that match and when we see the replay we can see that rodrigo de paul of argentina was no match for the winged beast. is this a free kick? the pageant was unharmed and it did fly away, unscathed. now for the weather... hello. rising heat and humidity are the main features of the weather today across many parts of the uk, particularly for england and wales, not quite as hot for scotland and northern ireland as yesterday. this is the picture taken earlier this morning in west sussex, beautiful blue skies there, looking across the english channel. today could see temperatures as high as 3a celsius under the blue skies,
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and with all that sunshine, the hottest place towards the london region today. yesterday we had temperatures of 30 celsius across scotland, it won't be quite as warm today. we have some heavy, thundery showers pushing across parts of northern ireland and south—west scotland, in particular, one or two of them into the north west of england too. further south, across england and wales, we are looking at a dry day, with southerly breezes developing, top temperatures will be about 33—34dc. quite widely in the low 30s for england and wales, typically the mid 20s for scotland and northern ireland. into the evening, a fine one for many across central and eastern parts of england but some heavy showers for northern england and scotland. heavy showers and thunderstorms push their way out to the east through tonight, with something fresher following on from their west so not quite as hot and muggy as it was last night across the north—west of the uk, overnight low of 16—17 towards the south—east. it could still be quite a humid start to the day on sunday, but in general, sunday will feel different to today, a much fresher day to come with a mixture of sunny spells and a few showers.
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the heat with us, and across france today, will be pushed further east into europe so it will be 6ermany and poland that will feel the brunt of that extensive heatwave through the course of tomorrow. for us, it will be a fresh appeal to the day, a mix of sunshine and showers, most of the showers in the north—west, initially for northern ireland and western scotland. a few of them getting into parts of northern england and north wales by the afternoon. the southern half of england and wales should stay dry through the day, with temperatures up to 25 celsius in the warmest spots, most of us getting high teens or low 20s on a sunday, still above average for the time of year. as we look ahead, sunday night into monday, we have got high—pressure out toward the south—west, low pressure sitting towards the east, that combination means a little more of a north—westerly influence to our weather into the new working week. so it's still a largely dry, a bit of sunshine here and there for monday and tuesday, those temperatures return to something more typical for the time of year. bye— bye.
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hello, and welcome to dateline london. i'm carrie 6racie. this week: "right back on track" — says president trump of us trade talks with china. but was it peace treaty or truce when the 62 met at the 620? and the heart wrenching photo of a drowned father and daughter which reminded us all of the misery and the urgency of global migration. my guests today: marc roche of le point, italian writer and filmmaker, annalisa piras, polly toynbee, columnist for the guardian, and john fisher burns, veteran reporter for the new york times.
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a 620 summit is often more about the quips, cold shoulders and calculations that happen on the sidelines, than it is about headline initiatives. the same was true of osaka. but much of the world was holding its breath for a breakthrough on the trade war between the us and china. so, are the big two now back on track as president trump has claimed? join, use start us off. it is very difficult to read into the sorts of state m e nts difficult to read into the sorts of statements by president trump, he has made them before, they have proven to fall short. it seems to me that resolving the trade imbalance between the us and china will take more than a friendly meeting with xi jinping. wheni more than a friendly meeting with xi jinping. when i lived in china last, nearly 30 years ago, the total trade
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between china and the us, both ways,


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