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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 2, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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this is bbc news. our headlines. england have the chance to make history at the women's world cup tonight when they face defending champions the usa for a place in the final in france. the eu's leaders have reached a tentative deal on who should hold the most prominent positions for the next five years but the package
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still faces approval from the european parliament. borisjohnson european parliament. boris johnson and jeremy hunt european parliament. borisjohnson and jeremy hunt make their pitches to become the next prime minister to members in northern ireland. three women have made it into the top ten of their bbc‘s highest paid presenters for the first time. an investigation is under way after a stowaway fell from this plane into a stowaway fell from this plane into a london garden. mps from the brexit party turned their backs as the eu anthem was played during the opening session of the european parliament. ina the european parliament. in a moment, it is going to be time for sportsday but first let's have a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. with england's lionesses on the verge of making history by reaching the world cup final, we are going to be in south
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london as fans gathered to watch the game and we will also hear from former england international is at that game progresses. after 8pm, as brexit party meps turned their backs during the eu anthem, we will get reaction from brussels as to just what they made of that. and at 11:30pm, we will be taking ourfirst look at tomorrow's front pages. i hope you can join look at tomorrow's front pages. i hope you canjoin us look at tomorrow's front pages. i hope you can join us for that. that is all coming up on bbc news. but first, sportsday. welcome to sportsday. we are live in lyon where england take on the defending champions, the usa, in the world cup semifinal. the lionesses
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are due to arrive at the stadium any minute for the most important match of their careers, but they are up against the powerhouse that is the usa. they want a fourth world cup and they won't let england stand in their way. here at wimbledon, it's a familiar feeling for roger federer. despite a shaky start. and johanna konta looks at home on what has been a good day for the brits. welcome to the programme. the stadium is pristine, if a little noisy. the pitch has been very well watered and more than 57,000 england and usa fans will be filling the
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stadium in anticipation of an electric semifinal. phil neville has said he has been waiting for this match for 18 months so can england do it? can they get to a first world cup seniorfinalfor the do it? can they get to a first world cup senior final for the first time since 1966? following the lionesses and also watching the usa very closely is pat nevin. i know you watched the usa against france game in paris. what did france not do that england have to do? there was a little bit of fear involved in the french side for a large part of the game. england cannot afford to show that at any point. i don't think they will. phil neville has built this team up into a team that is a fearless a nd this team up into a team that is a fearless and will go out there and show their best. they are still under dogs right now but they are not coming up with a negative attitude, which is a brilliant thing, because for 30 years, the us have dominated women's football, but
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thatis have dominated women's football, but that is beginning to fade now. england and a number of other countries have said, we are going to test you. if england come out today with the attitude of, we are going to have a go, we are not frightened of you, england have got a brilliant chance. nikita parris is likely to start despite missing the penalty against norway and phil neville has called her the best player in the world, she plays herfootball in lyon, and she says she is so app for taking on america. let's listen to lucy bronze. i want to play the us for all those reasons. they are the holders and to wina reasons. they are the holders and to win a world cup you have to be the best teams and they are definitely up best teams and they are definitely up there. we want to win the world cup having beaten one of the great teams in the tournament. it would have been a nice final but it is a brilliant semifinal. they are both big games and to play the us, it is
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definitely thinking we had in our minds. to play against the usa, so we are prepared for moments like this when we come up against them in the big competitions. you are up against some of the best players in the world and ultimately it is about who gets the better of each other. i'm sure me and lucy will be ready for that challenge, so will be ready for that challenge, so will the whole team across the page. 11 players against 11 players and we have got to dominate them in order to win the game. the girls, from training, everything, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time, to go up against some of the best teams in the world and show what we are about, show how we can play and do it our way, so it is exciting. when other that makes this match so tasty is the individual battles on the pitch. which whence are you most looking forward to? alex up front
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for the united states, she has not been at her best so far, but she is up been at her best so far, but she is up against millie bright. england have only given away one goal in this tournament so far. i should mention that was against scotland, which i am very happy about, but they have defended really well. a lot of people are looking at that right—hand side england, paris and bronze, that is absolutely mouthwatering, but i would warn of one thing, i think they may be one 01’ one thing, i think they may be one or two surprises. i don't know what site it will come from, maybe england more so, were no two changes and maybe even a tactical change, because when the us played against france, their tactics were fantastic. phil is going to have to his game in that one. when he was asked about the matchup between lucy bronze and her opposite number, he said it might be rachel daly who starts. there must be a temptation
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to play lucy bronze in the midfield role because the americans are colossal in that area. generally, thatis colossal in that area. generally, that is where they win games. they stop teams and then allow their quick forwards to do the business on the break. it will be on phil neville's mind to do something like that but he has to say to his players, as i said at the start, don't be fearful, believe you are better than them, and the best way to do that is to send them out in a positive formation. if you see something surprising from phil neville, take it on board and say, good on you, and every england fan will have to get behind him and the team. one former player who believes england can go one step further is alex scott. 0ne former us player who is not shy about sharing her opinion about the us team or the us coach is former goalkeeper hope solo. she spoke to the bbc about how she
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thinks the usa will be feeling about facing england. the united states has so much, they have been there before, there is so much experience on the team, so i think they have the edge in terms of that particular advantage, but for the first time i have seen england come so the first time i have seen england come so far in the last four years that i think for the first time there is actually a little bit of fear on the american side in terms of playing against england. england has been playing so well, they have been playing as a team, they have a new manager, they have worked on their football fitness levels, they have good players, they have brought a bit of fear. i think the american side is looking at them and england can beat us. that is a huge step up. phil neville has already said they need to be braver, they will need to believe more, because when you look at the usa, how fast they come out, at the usa, how fast they come out, a lot of their goals have come in
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the first 15 minutes of a game, they are going to have to write that storm and then build on it from there. whenl storm and then build on it from there. when i look at the american team, everything is full of intensity. this tempo, 100 mph, and against france, that was their downfall. england need to pick and choose when to go 100 mph, but when they have the ball, show some composure because of the usa can pull you into their trap and you don't want that. you probably heard some of the chase around the stadium, that is because some of the england players are on the we heard hope solo say that usa will see england. what do england have to do to undo the usa?” will see england. what do england have to do to undo the usa? i think the usa started well in this tournament. 13—0 was not bad against thailand. when you look at england, it has been getting better and
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better, like a good tournament football players should play, getting stronger, and the game against norway, that was a walk in the park against a very, very decent team. hope saying they will be cemetery, i think they will be. they will be hiding it, they won't want to let england know about it. but if they get beat in this one, i think this could be the turning that many people have been waiting for for many years, that the dominance of the us is finallyjust about over. you heard it here first from pat nevin. there has been so many good luck m essa 9 es there has been so many good luck messages from back home for the lionesses, and there has been sent good luck messages on social media from a couple of fairly well—known faces. ijust want i just want to wish the lionesses a massive good luck. millions of
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people up watching. good luck, girls. show the world how you lionesses can draw. come on, england. you have got everyone dreaming back home, the excitement levels are going. you are going all the way to the final and you are going to win the whole thing. where those three lions with pride tonight. go out there and get into the final. you know what this is about, get us another one, yeah? bring the trophy home. good luck, girls. be proud tonight when you wear those three lions on your chest. i will definitely be watching, supporting. come on, show eve ryo ne watching, supporting. come on, show everyone what you have got. be fabulous! come on, england. come on
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you, lionesses! lovely to see that support. you can see behind me, lucy bronze is showing a few of the lionesses around her home stadium. for now, let's cross over to wimbledon, where john watson has been watching today's play. many thanks. we will be back in lyon a little bit later on as we edge ever closer to kick—off there. it has been a bumper day at wimbledon on day two. if you had a ticket to centre court earlier, you were in for a treat because not one, not two, but three grand slam champions. roger federer was up against the 22—year—old lloyd harris. the grand slam champion had a shaky start in the familiar surroundings of centre court, dropping the first set before progressing to book his place in the
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second round. at wimbledon they first said hello to roger federer 21 years ago. he has been coming back ever since. that figure takes him out on his own for longevity here but still the ageing maestro has the same flourish. against south africa's lloyd harris, this would not be all straightforward. this was the 22—year—old taking it to the champion and getting results. a single break was enough for harris to win the first set. before today he had barely played on grass. now he had barely played on grass. now he had barely played on grass. now he had unsettled the greatest. but in grand slam matches it is a long way to the finish line, especially when roger federerfinds his way again. that is preposterously good. that is preposterously good. that precision at the net got him an early response in the second. in 22 minutes, he had found parity again.
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from there, as harris battled the occasion and a leg injury, the eight times champion moved through the gears. any tension from the opening was being swatted away. take that! roger federer how to turn this round with three sets in 80 minutes but even the best can admit they were flustered. i struggled early on, felt a bit frozen, my legs were not going, and i felt a bit heavy out there. i got into the match and things started to change but it took a big effort today. lloyd played a good match. a ninth title would extend wimbledon's greatest record. in this sport, the man who has been here the longest is still out in front. yes, and another result, rafael nadal is safely through. he was playing on court number one and he w011 playing on court number one and he won in straight sets. he will meet
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nick kyrgios in the second round. he famously beat rafael nadal or one of his biggest victories in 2014. it was serena williams last up on centre court early on and she came through against her italian opponent, a straight sets win serena williams, and she hasn't played a competitive match since she went out of the third round at the french 0pen. but she showed no signs of rustiness as she came through this one in straight sets. and it means that she is safely through to the second round. as we know, serena williams has not won a grand slam title since 2017 at the australian open and she is desperate to try an equal margaret court's record of 24 grand slam titles. it is that which is motivating her in the latter stages of her career and she is safely through as well in front of that fantastic crowd out on centre court. they were eight brits in
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action today and it has been good news, with five of them progressing through to the second round. 0n brit watch for us today was michael ra dford. a special guest at wimbledon for a special day of british action headlined by the british number one. after a morning conversation with the duchess of cambridge, johanna konta based a romanian opponent. she may have been ranked 114 places below, but she was proving stubborn opposition. johanna konta when the first set 7—5, the second set was more straightforward. it definitely wasn't easy but it is these kind of battles that you are bound to face, especially in the first round of tournaments and slams, first rounds are never easy, so i am tournaments and slams, first rounds are never easy, so i am pleased i competed through and try to find the best level on the day. harriet dodd is also through but had to work for it. she came from a set down to city
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where the biggest win of her career. no celebrations for katie swan though, she lost in straight sets in just over an hour. disappointment to forward james ward, although he was in dreamland at one stage. two sets ahead. but they drew —— dream soon turned into a nightmare for ward. his opponent had never won after being two sets down, until today. another british player awaits him in round two. dan evans had no issues against his argentine opponent, winning in straight sets. and in straight sets win for cameron norrie. a first win at wimbledon for the british number two. kei nishikori awaits in the next round. an even tougher opponent forjay clark. a fourth set when, atheist wimbledon victory. he will face roger federer in round two. paul
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judd is the last british player in action. he still has work to be done. as michael was saying, the last brit in action is pauljudd and he is out there at the moment with work to do against sosa from portugal. we know he has been playing tennis in america. he recently won a big collegiate title, which earned him a wild card. but he dropped that first set 6—0. it is 2—2 currently in the second set. he has work to do if we are to make it six brits through today. and eight in total in that second round. some other big results today. angeli cuba opening up on centre court, as is customary on the second day of these championships,
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the winner of the singles last year. an all—german affair. cuba reached the final at eastbourne last week. she is through. as is ashleigh barty, the current women's world number one, following her french 0pen success. she is through. also coming through in straight sets. she is one of the favourites for the title this year following her success in paris. we have seen plenty of abscess in the men's singles and we saw another today. another of the next generation has gone. dominic thiem beaten by sam querrey. dominic thiem made it through to the french open final, beaten by rafael nadal. he was the only active player under the age of 28 to make it through to a grand slam singles final. with him going, it has certainly opened for the


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