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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  July 3, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: the chinese government calls for a zero—tolerance approach to protesters in hong kong, as the clean up begins after pro—democracy demonstrators stormed parliament and ransacked the building, beijing has condemned monday's protests as an "undisguised challenge by violent offenders". eu leaders have nominated germany's defence minister, ursula von der leyen, to head the european commission, the first woman in the job. belgium's prime minister, charles michel, was nominated as head of the european council. and this story is trending on the usa are through to the final of the women's world cup. it follows a dramatic semi final against england in lyon. the score, two goals to one. england did have a golden chance to equalise, but their captain steph houghton missed a penalty kick. congratulations to them. goodbye from me.
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and the top story in the uk: police are trying to identify the body of a man, thought to be a stowaway, who fell from this kenya airways plane into a london garden. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. trumpet‘s trade gap that are global conflicts narrowing the deficit with the rest of the world? what this indian popcorn start—up is looking farfrom narendra modi's budget this week. good morning asia, hello world, it is a wednesday. glad you could join us for this exciting bid we addition. closely watched trade
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data later this wednesday. disputes with china, the eu and india from us. looking for evidence that the trump administration is succeeding in reducing its trade deficit. monica, this is a key twenty20 election campaign? these numbers are an indication that he is following through on his campaign promise and it is not just through on his campaign promise and it is notjust the trump administration closely watching these numbers, it is also his democrat opponents facing him in the 2020 race. as of april, the deficit narrowed to a little under $51 billion and that was notjust because of the imports that had fallen but american experts drop dramatically, the biggest fall in three years. some countries have benefited from this war, mexico,
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canada and the eu with members seeing exports rise due to this increase over the past year because of the trading patterns that have shifted among the world that economists the rise in terrace have been causing economies around the world to slow down. the imf has lowered its forecast for global growth to 3.3%, citing trade tension asa growth to 3.3%, citing trade tension as a key reason. analysts are encouraged that finally the us and china have sat down back at the negotiating table but saying shrinking the trade gap between worlds two biggest economies not going to be easy and it might even be impossible. starting to hurt the bottom line of us businesses. thank you forjoining us. earlier i asked deborah elms whether trumpet‘s make america great again approach make
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trade great again? it remains to be seen. that by pushing trade conflict he will get himself re—elected. it is the one issue he has cared about the mass and clearly he driving this home to the election, his mind. let's break down the trade conflict. one was a recent european union and basically he has raised tariffs on $4 billion worth of european goods. is this a wise move? the plan is to continue to escalate, in an unrelated area, aircraft. this is a long—running debate. they have been battling over aircraft, the europeans and americans, for 50 yea rs. europeans and americans, for 50 years. the timing is interesting. these are the same products that there us have already announced another have put them on a separate list over aircraft. i think the idea
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behind the trump administration is to ratchet up tension in the eu. an impart to convince the europeans into a bilateral deal an impart to do better trade from the us perspective. when all is said and done, this herd is american businesses and this definitely disappoints them. it depends on who you talk to. from trumpet‘s respect it helps to because it drives business to back to the us. —— donald trump. doesn't do that? public not as much as he wants but it creates more uncertainty and risk and business dislikes risk and uncertainty and have you seen from the report, it drives both down in general. what about india, could donald trump impose things on them?
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it is possible. you have seen this trade tension escalate in lots of other settings and india could very well be the next candidate on a long list and we could be back here in short order discussing that. australia is unveiling its latest trade numbers today a day after the central bank cut rates to a record low. that is australia faces rising unemployment and a slowing economy. i asked what to expect? more of the same, about5 i asked what to expect? more of the same, about 5 billion for the trade surplus. this is absolutely a fantastic record by historical standards. you have to go back to the 70s to see this sort of level of trade service particularly as a percent of gdp. commodities, the values and prices are going up,
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going in australia's favourite. the thing that has been driving growth in this country has basically been a combination of stronger exports plus government spending, in the last six to nine months. amazing trade surplus but how does this play into the overall slowdown in the australian economy? the biggest thing for us is private consumption. we have had very, very slow growth in wages in real terms for many yea rs, in wages in real terms for many years, plus falling house prices and the wealth impact over the last few months, we have seen very slow growth in consumer spending and that is almost two—thirds and a big chunk slowing. the housing sector also passedit slowing. the housing sector also passed it big in construction terms. with the interest rates at 1%, will it help? only one of the big banks is passing it on in full. last time we saw only two and they will delay
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it for a few months. as a reserve governor himself has been pointing out, we need more policy action through fiscal policy stimulus. out, we need more policy action through fiscal policy stimulusm other business news, imf chief christine lagarde has been nominated to become the new president of the european central bank. if appointed, she will become the first woman to head that eurozone monetary policy maker. christine lagarde has temporary stepdown from her role in the imf with a deputy standing in as acting managing director. narendra modi was a pro did for his flagship start—up initiative but as the economy slows, entrepreneurs are hoping forfurther economy slows, entrepreneurs are hoping for further funds. a blossoming business, kettering to evolving indian tastebuds, started ina garage
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evolving indian tastebuds, started in a garagejust evolving indian tastebuds, started in a garage just a few years ago, it has cashed in on a new generation of health—conscious and affluent consumers. a brainchild of this serial entrepreneur who is having to raise more money to support the rapid expansion of the company. almost 150 plus people, footing cities across the country and we pop a lot of popcorn. it is great way to raise capital it would be great. a lot of popcorn. it is great way to raise capital it would be greatm is lining up for low interest loans from the government likely to be funded in this budget. approximately 100 new businesses are formed in the country each day and they are expecting new delhi to ease their path to their prosperity. in this setting, start—ups have a similar wishlist to everywhere, less regulation, fewer compliance forms
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and easier access to funding but what they will be worried about is a slowdown in india's economic growth and tentative signs that the country's burgeoning middle—class are beginning to spend much less. winding down after a day at work, these employers want a leg up. give usa these employers want a leg up. give us a boost up encouragement for new thoughts and ideas. because of petrol, everything increases stop everything depends on the petrol.l governor person cannot live in the city. if you want to purchase something, it is a very difficult for a common person. the prime minister and its administration is racing to meet its target over the next five years but redtape is driving many small businesses to migrate to more hospitable
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economies, like singapore, and india's government will have to work ha rd to prevent india's government will have to work hard to prevent its best and brightest from taking flight. let's now take a look at asia—pacific stock market action in early wednesday trading. as you can see, a lacklustre, sideways trade for both japan and australia. investors continue to weigh in the us— china truth on increase tariffs. thank you so much for investing your time with us. sport today is coming up next. before sport today, our main stories this our: as the clean—up begins in hong kong, beijing condemns the protests as an undisguised challenge by violent offenders. eu leaders have nominated germany's defence minister, ursula von der leyen, to head the european commission — the first woman in the job.
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police are trying to identify the body of a suspected stowaway who fell from a plane and landed in a garden in south west london, landing next to a man sunbathing. officers believe the person fell from a kenya airways flight as it opened its landing gear on the approach to heathrow. here's our special correspondent lucy manning. coming into land at heathrow on sunday, but minutes earlier, from beneath this kenyan airways plane, a body had fallen to the ground. the man fell thousands of feet into a garden in clapham. a small crater visible. it is a desperate act, to stow away on a plane, and he didn't survive. the body, described as an ice block, just missed a man who was sunbathing in the garden. neighbours are reported to have said they heard an almighty bang and that a man had fallen from the sky. the kenya airways flight left nairobi on sunday morning at 7:19 british time, at the start of a nine—hour,
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4000 mile trip. it was at 3500 feet when the body fell. the plane flying over offerton road at 3:36pm, and landing at heathrow just six minutes later. this has happened in the past. we have heard about it happening in richmond. now it has just happened here. it is quite frightening, it has happened so close as well. unfortunate, the poor chap. a bbc documentary about a man who fell to his death in 2012 showed how stowaways get into aircraft. and he would have had to climb up as quickly as possible, along this bit of metal and then into the wheel arch. the temperature's down to —60 celsius, and the partial pressure of oxygen's not enough to sustain life, so the stowaway will pass out at about 20,000 feet and then they will die above 30,000 feet. then, on the approach to land, the gear comes down and they probably fall out of the aircraft and fall of their death, if they are not already dead. a bag, water and some food were discovered by the landing gear.
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they were not enough to keep the stowaway alive. lucy manning, bbc news. a man from yorkshire who shot dead his six—year—old great—grandson has been jailed his six—year—old great—grandson has beenjailed for his six—year—old great—grandson has been jailed for three years. stanley metcalf died after being hit in the stomach from a palette of an air rifle. the man pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced at sheffield court. more on our stories on our website. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: defending champions usa are through to the women's world cup final after a high octane 2—1win over england. eight—time champion roger federer
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loses the first set of his opening match at wimbledon but fights back to win in four against south africa's lloyd harris. and india have confirmed their place in the cricket world cup semi—finals after a 28—run win over bangladesh hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing news that defending champions usa are through to the women's world cup final after a drama—filled 2—1 win over england. all three goals came in the first half with the winner scored by alex morgan on her 30th birthday. the americans will now face netherlands or sweden in sunday's final. colm harrison reports. once famously described as two countries separated by a common language, england in the usa were on this occasion separated by a common cause, trying to reach the world cup final to cause, trying to reach the world cup finalto in cause, trying to reach the world cup final to in the defending champions made a bright start with a goal within ten minutes. their lead


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