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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 4, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hosts england secure their place in the cricket world cup semi—finals after a convincing win over new zealand. and cori gauff has done it again. the 15—year—old american is through to the third round at wimbledon. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news that the netherlands are through to the women's world cup final after a 1—0 extra—time win over sweden. the european champions will now face holders usa in sunday's final, also in lyon. colm harrison reports. the netherlands may be european champions, but in playing in a world cup semi—final, they were breaking new ground. for sweden, though, it isa new ground. for sweden, though, it is a fairly well worn path. this is their fourth is a fairly well worn path. this is theirfourth time in is a fairly well worn path. this is their fourth time in the last four, and they were run back into thousand three. a goalless first half maybe should have been expected between
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two sides who like to leave it late to score, and so it came to pass. this goalmouth scramble was the nearest either side came to a goal in the opening 45 minutes. both teams went closer after the break, though, with fisher denied by sari van veenendaal and a post at one end, and vivianne miedema thwarted by the crossbar at the other. in truth, though, this was a poor game, and no neutral watching really deserved to sit through another minutes. yet extra time or the gold that won it for the dutch, jackie groenen the scorer, sending them into sunday's final. sweden fall short once again, but the netherlands still have the chance to add the world title to their european crown. the second semi—final at the copa america is underway, with the two—time defending champions, chile, facing peru in porto alegre. peru are bidding to reach the final for the first time since they last won the trophy, back in 1975, and the winners will face the host nation, brazil, at maracana
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in rio on sunday. 16 minutes played, currently goalless in that one. and there is also the second semi—final at the concacaf gold cup. jamaica, who have never won the trophy, are bidding to reach their third successive final. they face the host nation and defending champions, usa, in nashville, with mexico waiting for the winners. on to cricket, and england are through to the semi—finals of the world cup. the host nation made sure of their place in the last four by thrashing new zealand by 119 runs in durham. the blacks caps should still qualify, barring a freak result in friday's game between pakistan and bangladesh. our sports correspondent andy swiss was watching. come on england, it's the biggest game so far for england! don't let the smiles fool you. england fans arrived fearing their nerves were about to be severelyjangled. beat new zealand and they would be
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through to the semifinals. lose, though, and their world cup could be over. pressure? well, you'd hardly have guessed it, as england's batsmen got off to a blistering start. jason roy and jonny bairstow with a blaze of boundaries. bairstow with his second century in a row. a mammoth total seemed certain. but new zealand clung to their catches and clawed their way back. england's final total of 305 still decent, but would it be enough? well, the answer was soon clear. a spectacular catch from jos buttler, followed by the ultimate touch of luck. mark wood tipping the ball onto the stumps to run out captain kane williamson. the finger of fortune was pointing england's way, as the wickets tumbled, including one for ben stokes with his very first ball.
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fair to say he enjoyed that, and england certainly enjoyed this. thumping win and a place in the first four. it's been a bumpy ride but their world cup dream looks very much alive. it means they are through to their first world cup semifinal said 27 years and if they can reproduce this sort of form, well, anything is still possible, natalie. the way in which we played, i think, is more satisfying than the actual win, because if you win the game, you go through to the next game or the following test, you know, full of confidence. and i think today is a similar instance. i think the wicket did change after 25 overs, but in teams i've played with in the past, we'd have played a completely different game to 25 overs, and not made the most it. today we did, and it was probably the winning of the game. on to tennis, and day three of the wimbledon championships saw men's top seed and defending champion novak djokovic ease in to the third round, while the man he beat in last year's final, south africa's kevin anderson, also progressed. the big story again, though,
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was in the women's draw, where15—year—old american cori gauff moved through to the last 32. and holly hamilton can round up that and the rest of the day's action at the all—england club. after beating her idol, venus williams, on monday, the spotlight was very much back on 15—year—old cori gauff, but that pressure didn't show, with composure and confidence beyond her years, she beat her second—round opponent, magdalena rybarikova, to continue her wimbledon fairytale.” rybarikova, to continue her wimbledon fairytale. i wasn't expecting any of this. a lot of celebrities were dming me, posting me, so i'm kind of starstruck. so it's been hard to reset. long been considered a grand slam champion in the making, pliskova showed exactly what she was made of, advancing to the third round, thrashing the olympic champion puig in straight sets. and halep is through to the third round. she went the distance with her fellow romanian. third round. she went the distance with herfellow romanian. she third round. she went the distance with her fellow romanian. she took the first set, though her opponent
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fought back, serving in the second to ta ke fought back, serving in the second to take the match to a decider. halep, though, taking control back in the third and taking her place in the third round. in the men's draw, no problems for the defending champion and world number one, novak djokovic. he beat the world number 111 , djokovic. he beat the world number 111, the american denis kudla. but wawrinka has reached the end of his wimbledon journey once again. history repeating itself, knocked out for the second year in a row in the second round. this time to the unseeded american opelka. day three brings us roger federer, the world number one, ashleigh barty, we got serena williams, and what could be a pretty feisty encounter. it is rafael nadal and the outspoken australian nick kyrgios. rafael nadal and the outspoken australian nick kyrgioslj rafael nadal and the outspoken australian nick kyrgios. i am not sure that me and rafael nadal could go down to the dog and fox and have a beer together. buti go down to the dog and fox and have a beer together. but i don't know him at all. i know him as a tennis player, and i just him at all. i know him as a tennis
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player, and ijust don't... know, i don't know him very well. i mean, we have a mutual respect, but that's about it, i think. back to football, and wednesday was the first of two rest days at the africa cup of nations ahead of the knockout stage which gets underway on friday. the tournament has been hailed as a success so far, largely due to the quality of the pitches. the bbc‘s piers edwards has been taking a closer look at the playing fields of egypt. at the last nations cup, the state of this pitch was heavily blamed by several coaches for causing injuries to players. fast forward two years, and the story is very different. great pitch. it's like playing on a carpet, and for us as south africans, we like to move the bowl, so africans, we like to move the bowl, so it works in our favour. africans, we like to move the bowl, so it works in our favourlj africans, we like to move the bowl, so it works in our favour. i am here in the state in which stage the opening match of the tournament and which will stage the final itself on 19july. and which will stage the final itself on 19 july. and if which will stage the final itself on 19july. and if we looked down at the turf, we will see what good quality it is. very green, very
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tightly bound, and unlike previous nations cup tournaments, you have to look really ha rd nations cup tournaments, you have to look really hard to find the barren patches. and that's a real contrast to several tournaments gone by. patches. and that's a real contrast to several tournaments gone bylj to several tournaments gone by.” remember we went to play in some countries, you know, iwill remember we went to play in some countries, you know, i will not say where it was, but it was really, really bad. and i think there was a couple of horses on it. everything was on it, so it was a little bit funny. sometimes across the continent it hasn't been up to scratch, but it certainly will, and it should help the flow of football, the way the teams play. at some previous nations cups, green paint has sometimes been used to cover up barren pictures. not so in egypt. certainly the quality of the pitch has been superb, and i think it is well done to the football federation, yes. the localfootball federation. they have also contributed to a local improvement in the quality of all. so what has changed? in the quality of all. so what has changed ? well, perhaps in the quality of all. so what has changed? well, perhaps bizarrely, the tournament's expansion to 2a
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teams may actually have helped some recently la id teams may actually have helped some recently laid surfaces. normally on oui’ recently laid surfaces. normally on our competitions, the teams have the right to train on pictures the night before. they had decided that since the pictures brand—new, we want to keep them in good shape as much as we can. we have a longer competition, 2a teams now, and they are going to be used more, so we've decided to actually communicate to the teams before the competition started, to tell them that this official training would be cancelled. we would have a visit for the players, so they will have 15 to 20 minutes just to walk around the pitch in their sneakers. despite having just five months to prepare, egypt has also managed to provide nearly 30 training pictures. so giving the likes of home favourite salah, mahrez and others a platform. the players cannot stop raving about the quality of the pictures. not
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only the football pitches but the training sites themselves, which means that at least we have got this one right. organisers are going back to basics, but for now the pitch is looking pitch perfect. tokyo's new national stadium is 90% completed, with the opening of the olympics just over a year away. the $1.25 billion stadium is located in central tokyo, and will be the scene of the opening ceremony in just over a year's time, plus it will also host athletics and football. 115,000 of the 60,000 permanent seats have been installed, and the grass surface should be down by the end of the month with the all—weather track to be installed in august and september. just enough time to tell you that peru are 1—0 just enough time to tell you that peru are1—0 up just enough time to tell you that peru are 1—0 up in that second copa america semi—final. the winner of this goes on to play brazil on sunday. everything else on our
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website. but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. for some parts of the uk, the next couple of days will bring blue skies, sunshine and warmth. but in other places, it will look and feel very different. this is how it looked in the far north of scotland on wednesday. on the satellite picture, you can see the way in which this cloud has been approaching, pushing in from the north—west, and as this cloud makes a bit more progress, we will see some outbreaks of rain. so, as we head through thursday, rain initially across the northern and the western isles will increasingly spread across the northern half of mainland scotland. the heaviest rain always across hills in the west. to the east of high ground, the rain very showery, very patchy in nature. more cloud filtering into northern england, northern ireland through the day, but the further south you are, we're going to see quite a lot
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of sunshine and some real warmth. 2a degrees for birmingham, 26 degrees in london, so that's the sort of temperature we could well attain at wimbledon during thursday afternoon. certainly sunny skies overhead, very light winds as well. the day ends on a sunny note across the southern half of the uk. but further north, we have our cloud, we have our outbreaks of patchy rain, sinking a little further southwards, and then a new push of slightly heavier, more persistent rain gets into the far north—west of scotland by the end of the night. quite a mild night, as well — lows of 11—15 degrees. so, as we go into friday, high pressure still trying to hold on across the south. some fine weather here, but these frontal systems will continue to bring some outbreaks of rain across the north of the uk. certainly a lot of cloud into northern ireland, north—west england and scotland, some rain once again pushing down across the northern half of scotland through the day. ahead of that, in the sunshine, some real warmth — 26, maybe 27 degrees. but underneath the cloud,
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with the outbreaks of rain, it will feel cooler — 17 degrees in aberdeen, 18 in belfast. and that is a sign of things to come, because as we move out of friday into the weekend, these frontal systems in the north will make some progress further south, and as this cold front here moves southwards, it will open the door to some cooler air. the winds switching round to north or north—westerlies. this band of cloud sinking southwards, maybe getting stuck across southern england and south wales for a time. could be the odd spot of rain here on saturday. elsewhere, patchy cloud and sunny spells, but with those north or north—westerly winds, not especially brisk for most of us, butjust bringing a slightly cooler feel, so temperatures 13 degrees in aberdeen, maybe 22 in london. and we keep those slightly lower temperatures as we head into sunday. a lot of dry weather, a lot of cloud as well, but some spells of sunshine.
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welcome to bbc news. i'm mike embley. our top stories: an airstrike on a migrant centre leaves dozens dead in libya. un officials say it may be a war crime. china tells the uk to keep out of its affairs as the row over britain's support for hong kong's protesters deepens. the uk government chose to stand on the wrong side. it has made inappropriate remarks. boeing promises $100 million for families of those killed in the 737 max crashes. dutch delight in the women's world cup. a goal in the 99th minute puts the netherlands into the final with the usa.


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