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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 6, 2019 11:30pm-11:45pm BST

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cloud around the irish sea lowe cloud around the irish sea coast. a weather front is responsible, and just dragging its heels, slow to clear. we will see sunshine coming through, lots of it in fact. just a few showers for the north—east of scotland, perhaps developing across the lake district, the odd heavy one in the afternoon. the exception of the rule is for most of us have most long spells of sunshine, it will be pleasantly warm. not the heat we have seen in leon. some heat sparking intense thunderstorms as well. it should be dry. we have lost that heat across the uk by the time we get to monday morning. a really chilly night. maybe a touch of grass frost come monday morning, and freshened up in the south as well. we have then lost oui’ the south as well. we have then lost our weather front. the high the south as well. we have then lost our weatherfront. the high pressure with us to start the week, quite promising, but then we are due some
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rain and we will see more unsettled weather developing further south in the form of showers. monday looks like a lovely start to the day. chilly first, late in the day we could see cloud in wet weather arriving for the evening across northern ireland and there could be the odd shower. in southern areas. i am clutching at straws. for most of us am clutching at straws. for most of us it is another dry and bright day with temperatures around where they should be for this time of year. the temperatures level out this week, perhaps increasing a little bit. tuesday onwards in the north, very much an unsettled picture, and in the south, the potentialfor some heavy showers and something a little more thundery later in the week. let's enjoy a dry second half of the weekend and then we will keep you posted on the progress of the showers as we go through tomorrow and the new week. hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. first, the headlines:
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conservatives are warned they'll be expelled from the tory party if they vote more than once in the leadership election, after a bbc investigation found some had received multiple ballot papers. california braces itself for aftershocks after the most powerful earthquake to hit the state in 20 years. around 20 people are injured, two seriously, after a gas explosion rocked a florida shopping centre. the organisers of the pride parade in london claim 1.5 million people have been on the streets of the capital. the duke and duchess of sussex's son has been christened at windsor castle. there's been criticism for excluding the public and keeping secret the identity
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of archie's godparents. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejoe twyman, co—founder and director of delta poll, and yasmin alibhai—brown, the author and journalist. all of tomorrow's front pages are now in. we'll start with the sunday telegraph — it carries an interview with borisjohnson, the frontrunner in the tory leadership contests, in which he warns he's "not bluffing" about delivering a no—deal brexit on the 31st of october. the sunday express insists post—brexit trade deals around the world will be ready to go under boris johnson. according to the sunday times, jeremy corbyn has been plunged into a fresh crisis after his closest allies turned on him, insisting that he sack his top aides. the observer claims that the home office has a secret plan to use homelessness charities, to help deport non—uk
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rough sleepers. and the mail on sunday claim it's seen memos from britain's ambassador to washington, in which he describes president trump as "inept" and "incompetent". so a varied set of front pages. let's see what our reviewers make of it all. wright looking at the mail. —— looking at the males of the bbc haven't seen these memos but these —— this is the lead story. it is an extraordinary scoop. our man in washington is saying what most people in britain probably think about trump, or the world,
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even, but he is in a powerful and sensitive position as a diplomat and some of this is really quite dramatic. secret papers go from diplomatic bags all the time. one wonders how this was got hold of, what the purpose is to leak it to the mail. you know, ijust find it... i'm now beginning to think everything because make a conspiracy, maybe its madness. i don't know. —— maybe it is madness. they are very interesting, these papers. you would hope diplomats would be candid and honest and it is clear the representative in washington has been extremely candid
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and extremely open with his descriptions, describing donald trump as inept, insecure and incompetent. talking about the bitter conflicts within the white house. president trump himself has denied these exist and he claimed that he could be beholden to dodgy russians. there is a part to his victory in 2020. there is something interesting to the end of the article which is why my conspiracy and how they wakes up. —— conspiracy antenna. the ambassador became ambassador in 2016 and was previously at the eu and is considered a euro file. i am wondering whether there are any lots going on to get him back here and send a brexit a man to washington. but why potentially damage the chances of a post brexit deal with a
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notoriously thin—skinned president trump? by releasing these memos?m will be interesting stop as we watch president trump's twitter feed, if he takes this story seriously, but it will put the system at risk. the foreign office has responded to the story in the last 5—10 minutes. we received a statement saying the british public would expect our ambassadors to provide an untarnished assessment and their views are not necessarily the views of the government that we pay them to be candid, as you said, joe. just like the us ambassador here will send their candid response to you — uk politics. no doubt these will withstand such mysterious behaviour. —— mischievous. back to the exit on
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the telegraph. i'm not bluffing! no, borisjohnson using his newspaper to talk about his views on brexit, once again. if anyone was in any doubt, he mentions, not for the first time, that he is committed to the option of no deal on brexit. why is he saying this? it is to do with appealing to the base that he needs to win overor appealing to the base that he needs to win over or indeed is already winning over, if he is to become prime minister. there is 160,000 conservative party members. and they are all ofan conservative party members. and they are all of an age, white, very similar profiles, and they are determining, in this advanced democracy, who is going to be our prime minister. how is that...! not all of them but certainly they are ofa all of them but certainly they are of a demographic that is different to the nation of a whole. what we know is that brexit is hugely
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important to them. also hugely important to them. also hugely important above many other things. if this had been a contest between michael gove and byron —— boris johnson, michael gove could have addition to himself as the true believer in brexit where is boris johnson was the fair weather guy who wrote two articles, 14 and one against. borisjohnson is now saying he is the real deal brexit prime minister. how can anybody trust this man who slides this way and that one day he will be modern and liberal and the next minute he is saying all sorts of extraordinary things about... it will be interesting for the bid will be like a shakespearean play. one person that does trust him, turning to the sunday times, is sajid javid. jostling for position is now. yes, man in search of job
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tries to getjob is now. yes, man in search of job tries to get job from man is now. yes, man in search of job tries to getjob from man handing outjobs. tries to getjob from man handing out jobs. do they not have any principles was to mark when they we re principles was to mark when they were competing against each other, what he was saying about boris johnson and now borisjohnson is the solution? do you suggest him to turn around and say he will not serve? yes! absolutely! this is politics, yasmin. come on, mr, have some principles! but you are right.|j wonder how many people have been offered the job of chancellor by borisjohnson. i imagine that all but one of them will subsequently be disappointed. a lot of tory supporters are saying to me i hope it is mr hunt, i hope it is mr hunt. mr hunt has a secret admirer is in
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all sorts of places! yes, around about a quarter of the tory membership seems to be in support of him at the moment but that could change. let's turn to the independent. we have a poll that has run, 43% say what? 43% independent. we have a poll that has run, 4396 say what? 4396 say they would vote to leave and 48% said they will like a disorderly brexit. the two positions are neck and neck which is a repeat of the polling we have seen consistently over the last few years... i quite like what this follows telling me. —— what this poll is telling me. thank goodness, the country is deeply divided! that
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my side, remain, is edging a bit ahead. maybe i'm wrong. my side, remain, is edging a bit ahead. maybe i'm wronglj my side, remain, is edging a bit ahead. maybe i'm wrong. ithink my side, remain, is edging a bit ahead. maybe i'm wrong. i think you are reading too much into this, unfortunately. when you give people the full range of options, the most popular options are revoked during article 50 and hard brexit and neither gets more than a third of the vote. the middle is may's deal? yes. nothing gets 50%. there is not majority support for anyway forward and how boris johnson majority support for anyway forward and how borisjohnson deals with the situation in the public, the situation in the public, the situation in the public, the situation in parliament, the situation in parliament, the situation in parliament, the situation in the eu, remains a bit ofa situation in the eu, remains a bit of a mystery. another mystery! what is happening with jeremy of a mystery. another mystery! what is happening withjeremy corbyn. the sunday times, civil war, apparently, within the party. some of his loyal people, diane abbott and mcdonnell, are as close as you can be to him. he has these advisers, these
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minders, seamus milne is one of them but i think there are a couple of others, actually, they are the labour party off today. i find that astonishing, that in the crisis and the challenges that are facing the country, these unelected men are ruling the leader of the labour party. it is so depressing! so depressing where we are, actually. this isn't of course entirely new in terms of its general themes. is not the first time we have had an article about labour's difficult position on anti—semitism or bullying or the fact that there could be a coup. not with diane abbott and... what do you make of the timing?m comes in light of labour getting the lowest poll in over a decade. they
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are not doing well. at a time when traditionally, in normal circumstances, you would expect the opposition to be running away with it but they are not and they are not because they are divided in the same way that the conservatives are divided. we know that if there is one thing voters don't like, a number of things voters don't like, it is parties that are divided. they have so far been unable to really capitalise on the conservatives' failings and as long as they failed to capitalise on those, inevitably, questions will be asked. let's turn to the independent. a fantastic picture! bursting with pride is the caption. talking about london pride, of course. yasmin? ijust love it. i wasn't there but year after year it gets bigger and its likely carnival 110w. gets bigger and its likely carnival now. the august carnival. this is who we are. it is recent! attitudes move. actually, there is one fantastic thing that tony blair and
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then cameron followed, change the law and public opinions are followed. they took a risk stop i think it is fabulous. it is an amazing transformation will be 1972, there was the first march for gay rights in this country. 2000 people. is that it? now1.5 rights in this country. 2000 people. is that it? now 1.5 million was an amazing transformation, showing how this country has progressed. ok. our last story is on the front of the sunday express. some are saying it is a private matter, we are talking about archie. one person must 's secret is another person's secrecy. some people have criticised the sussex is for not being more open with the details of the child. two more pictures were published today but the details of who the


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