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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 7, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines... the government launches an inquiry into leaked emails this is bbc news. from the uk ambassador in washington describing president trump‘s i'm lukwesa burak. administration as "inept", the headlines at five: "insecure" and "incompetent". the government launches an inquiry into leaked emails from the uk skirmishes have broken out ambassador in washington describing between demonstrators and police president trump's administration in hong kong after another as "in ' ' la rge—scale protest and "incompetent". against china‘s increasing control skirmishes have broken out between demonstrators and police in hong kong, over the territory. after another large—scale protest against china's increasing tea m team usa are two nil up in the control over the territory, women‘s world cup final. it's 0—0 at half time in the women's world cup final in france — sport now and a full round—up the americans are hoping to beat from the bbc sport centre holland to win the trophy with chetan patak. .. for a fourth time. we‘ll start with cricket, international condemnation of iran's where england‘s women have had announcement that it's breached a disastrous afternoon another condition of its 2015 in their latest ashes one day match against australia. international nuclear agreement. the jodrell bank observatory in cheshire — they‘ve been thrashed which has been at the forefront by 194 runs at canterbury
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of astronomical research — after being bowled out forjust 75 is declared a unesco in the 33rd over. it‘s their third defeat out of three and means they‘re 6—0 down world heritage site. in the multi—format series. they‘ll have to win the next match — a test — if they‘re to have any chance of winning the ashes. ben croucher reports: this has not been the start that england wanted. after losing the first two matches, the second bowl in canterbury said the depressing tone of what was to follow for the good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the uk government has begun hosts. australian excellence and an inquiry into a leak of emails english ineptitude. half centuries from the british ambassador in washington which described from meg laming and melissa healy the trump administration as "inept". and lower order hitting set the world champions are run chase to get back into the ashes. the third ball in the memos, obtained by a sunday newspaper, of the reply? not the start they sir kim darroch says despite his shortcomings, wanted. amyjones court for nothing. president trump's administration shouldn't be written off. the foreign office says it got worse. much worse. sarah the leak of diplomatic taylor, the first ball 40 and max cables is "mischievous". angus crawford reports. ehmer, lbw, danny wyatt? just the one, five wickets in five overs for the blu ntest of language, elyse perry, england 21—6. if you about the most powerful man
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in the world, and his could take the tidiest chrome from administration, from britain's top this crumbling display, they did stumble past their lowest one—day diplomat in the us, sir kim darroch. two years of his secret total of just 50. the e—mails leaked. in one, he wrote... stumble past their lowest one—day total ofjust 50. the inevitable was not far behind. beaten by 194 runs. if the star to the women‘s ashes is anything to go by, the end for england could well be soon. not good for england. australia post 269—7 off 50 overs at canterbury. alyssa healey and meg lanning on donald trump's recent sharing a 109 run partnership. ellyse perry takes state visit to the uk, he said the president had been 7—22 from 10 overs. dazzled by the queen, but cautioned this is still only 3 players reaching the land of america first. and on foreign policy, double figures. trump's sabre rattling over iran, england second biggest defeat to approving air strikes and then calling them off, was australia in cricket in one—day described as chaotic. cricket. the men‘s ashes starts on the 1st of august and england‘s here, serious questions record wicket takerjames anderson is in a race to be fit are being raised about the leak. for the first test. a scan‘s revealed he tore his calf muscle whilst bowling the thing with diplomatic cables, and i used to work for lancashire last week. at the foreign office, he‘ll miss their next two
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i'd be quite careful about county championship matches. what you say which is on a personal england play ireland in a one—off test at lords on july the 24th basis in those cables, because it's all very well before facing australia for the start of the ashes talking about the substance at edgbaston a week later. of the relationship, the policies, but i think some of that may, in retrospect, be regarded as unwise. before that, though, put in a statement, there‘s the small matter of england the foreign office denied it facing australia at edgbaston would have any long—term impact. in the semi finals of as for the future, the cricket world cup! that match is on thursday. the ambassador compared it to a australia won the group game against england, of course, but were beaten by south africa yesterday whilst england qualified for the semis with back to back wins over india and new zealand. roller—coaster which could lead to i think playing well against england disgrace and downfall, but cautioned at lord‘s a couple of weeks ago, about writing donald trump off, describing him as indestructible. that will give us confidence going angus crawford, bbc news. into that game. there has been a lot of build—up to the world cup and especially getting towards the pointy end, we have been in good a little earlier i spoke to lewis lukens, former deputy head form so we will have to be at our of the us embassy in london best to win that. it will just who gave me his thoughts on the leak. form so we will have to be at our best to win that. it willjust be exciting. any time australia plays england is exciting but any time at it is unfortunate, it's embarrassing birmingham as well. it is a fun
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for the british government, one crowd to play in front of, they are hopes, as a diplomat, one can write this kind of analysis and have it a lwa ys crowd to play in front of, they are always very supportive of both not put in the public domain. sides. it will be a great what have you been hearing about atmosphere, a great spectacle. american reaction because obviously it made the front page in the uk. the defending champions the united states are closing in on their fourth it is on the news in the united states, as far as i've seen the women‘s world cup title... president has not reacted yet, as bobby few minutes ago there is they lead to nil, the first was a nothing on his twitterfeed. sir kim penalty, alex morgan going for the ball, you can see stephanie vanda g raf ball, you can see stephanie vanda graf coming in with that high leg to darroch is paid for his analysis and based on his years of experience and the boot, it went to the var and the referee pointing to the spot. and it anyone who followed the white house for the last two years will was coolly put away. by megan recognise sir kim darroch's analysis repino. and since then, usa have is fairly accurate. she has nothing doubled their lead. here it is, rose to be embarrassed about. he was doing hisjob to be embarrassed about. he was doing his job and to be embarrassed about. he was doing hisjob and doing it in an accurate way. lavelle on 70 minutes. the united states doing what was expected that the concern is, i suppose, they were getting thejob done leaked. that is a concern for the british states doing what was expected that getting the job done 2—0. and this is live. this is on bbc one at the government and it is unfortunate. we moment. 76 minutes, the netherlands went through this with wikileaks at
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doing what they can‘t to get back the state department several years into this game. but the trail 2—0. ago. it is awkward and embarrassing just under a quarter of an hour left when confidential internal documents are released publicly because it to go. the united states will diminishes our diplomats‘ ability to successfully defend their world cup do theirjobs if they are not title, it looks like. you can watch confident their analysis will be this on bbc one, follow it on the kept secret. in this time of disrupted this website and on the bbc sport app. promising —— disrupted diplomacy, as it has been described, will it despite his agent saying he wants to leave paul pogba‘s been incuded affect the special relationship, is in manchester united‘s travelling he likely to react? squad for their pre—season tour i don‘t know whether he will react, of australia, singapore i don‘t know whether he will react, i don‘t think it will affect the and china. the midfielder‘s been special relationship. we do too much absent from the first week of united‘s pre—season training important work together on a daily with permission from boss ole gunnar solskjaer. basis to be derailed by this. it is pogba wants a new club. an irritant, no doubt, but not enough to disrupt the relationship. south american football bosses say accusations from lionel messi in yourtime and questioning the integrity enough to disrupt the relationship. in your time and your experience in of the copa america are "unfounded" and "represent a lack of respect". the world of diplomacy, what would messi called the competition be your primary and first question as to why and why now these leaks "corrupt" after he was sent off in their 2—1 defeat to chile have happened ? in the third place play off.
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it's i don‘t know. i think, i read the only the second red card of his career and came in the 37th minute of the game following this have happened ? i don‘t know. ithink, i read in have happened ? i don‘t know. i think, i read in the article sir kim darroch is nearing confrontation with gary medel. the end of his tenure, there may be the referee raced over and was quick to brandish a red some manoeuvring oi’ card to both players. the end of his tenure, there may be some manoeuvring or posturing by people in london to replace him that the argentine football association has complained about "serious refereeing errors". can be part of what‘s happening, i really don‘t know. the timing is u nfortu nate, after really don‘t know. the timing is unfortunate, after the state visit that was so successful but i it was checked by var and still messi was sent off. next to the tour de france wouldn‘t want to begin to speculate where the reigning champion on who or why the link happen. geraint thomas and his team ineos came second in today‘s you know him, what can you tell us team time trial. but mike teunissen about tim? sir kim is a real professional, i retains the yellow jersey as his yumbo—visma had many interactions with them and team won the stage. nick parrott has more. he was doing hisjob had many interactions with them and he was doing his job and had many interactions with them and he was doing hisjob and doing it well. he was reporting the facts and tea m team any‘s forebears have dominated atmosphere on the ground as he saw the tour de france, winning in six it from his interactions with the of the last seven years but they white house. have never won the team time trial the foreign office has told iran it and they were keen to change that. must "immediately stop" all activities that breach defending champion geraint thomas the nuclear deal agreed led them away and possibly to avoid with world leaders in 2015. any mistakes, the numbers corresponded to the order in the earlier, tehran confirmed it line. the names changed, the would break a limit set
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on uranium enrichment — approach to marginal gains has not and keep reducing its commitments every 60 days, unless european asa approach to marginal gains has not as a set the time to beat. the team countries did more to relieve the impact of american sanctions. leader might have challenged had he not crashed on the opening stage. they ended up 21 seconds off the the german government has also said it is "extremely concerned" by the developments. pace. adam yates from britain is alice porter reports. another favourite for overall victory but his chiltern scott taymor 11th victory but his chiltern scott taymor11th on what he described as a stressful day. the nerves were last week, iran began jangling as a challenge close. the showing its defiance against the 2015 nuclear deal — quickstep messing —— messing up a an agreement designed less tha n to contain iran‘s development quickstep messing —— messing up a less than one second and regularly of nuclear technology. hinged on what your movies i could the regime breached the terms by going over the stockpile limits do and having tony martin in the set for low enriched uranium. squad help them beat ineos by 20 now events have gone one step further. seconds. to increase the overall at a news conference in tehran, lead of the dutchman. senior officials said they would soon exceed the level of uranium enrichment britain‘s cal crutchlow set out in the deal. translation: in a few hours' time, finished third at the german grand technical work will conclude and the process of proliferation above 3.67% will start. prix, just four days we expect that tomorrow morning, after breaking his leg. when the iaea take samples, the we will have gone beyond 3.67%. honda riderfractured his tibia and damaged knee ligaments in an incident on wednesday but still managed to make
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the podium, crossing the line just iran says there is still opportunity seven seconds behind for talks, but european leaders may not be so hopeful. leader marc marquez. all of the single matches in wimbledon will be played tomorrow and that includes 15—year—old coco during an hour—long call gauff, arguably the story of the with the iranian leader, tournament so far. she knocked out the french president expressed strong concern about the one of her idols, venus williams, in consequences of abandoning the deal. the first round and with two more so how did we get to this position? wins under her belt, she will play just over a year ago, donald trump upended the agreement simona halep for a place in the and the us imposed tough economic sanctions on iran, severely quarterfinals. craig templeton has damaging its economy. been looking at her story so far. what a week it has been for coco gauff. an unknown before the i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw tournament, the 15—year—old is now from the iran nuclear deal. in a few moments, i will sign the talk of sw19. after shocking one a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating us nuclear sanctions of her idols, seven time grand slam champion venus williams, on the opening day... this is a dream on the iranian regime. debut! she has seen off magdalena ryba ri kova debut! she has seen off magdalena rybarikova and she survived two european leaders are struggling match points before beating polona hercog on friday night. to postpone the moment when they have to declare the nuclear deal dead. it is crazy. i remember before i but if iran continues to breach its terms, angering the us, they may
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have no alternative. played venus... when you walk to alice porter, bbc news. lead into the practice courts there our middle east analyst are people waiting and one little kid asked me for the picture and alan johnston is here. after the next day, after i played venus, everybody was saying my name. lots of pressure coming from the uk, it was pretty surreal how life and germany, saying you‘ve got to changes in a matter of seconds. the stop this but iran is saying it is maturity of her play can make you forget she only turned 15 in march over to europe, what can europe do? and has already earned hundreds of they are saying to europe, you have thousands of pounds. but like most teenagers, what she wants is pop. my to come and help ease the impact of those american sanctions and the mother posted me on instagram and i sanctions can‘t be overstated. they we re mother posted me on instagram and i were screaming. i hope she told her are hammering the iranian economy. they are being rigorously enforced daughter i‘d bite me! i would love to ta ke daughter i‘d bite me! i would love to take concert! she has caught the and the pain will only grow with eye of the woman who has dominated women‘s tennis for the past two every month passing. the leadership decades. i think she it is doing in tehran will see this as everything great. i‘m a big fan, potentially an existential threat. actually. i am so excited for her. i it is desperate to find a way out. love her family. gosh... it's it is desperate to find a way out. it‘s been saying for more than a
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year to europe that you have to help actually. i am so excited for her. i love herfamily. gosh... ijust us ease could not field out more pride. she year to europe that you have to help us ease their way through the sanctions and the europeans haven‘t done enough, in the view of the follow serena on court number one iranians. so we see these tomorrow and this time it is a former world number one simona halep developments this week. first the stockpiling to a greater limit and in her way. but who is to say that the fairy tale cannot continue? then they are taking the enrichment process to another stage. and here‘s what‘s happening at the originally there is pressure on donald trump to hold firm, allies women‘s world cup final again... these are pictures you can see live wa nt donald trump to hold firm, allies want him to take a firm stance on bbc one. you can follow this on against iran. we hear about what‘s the sport website. states leading called the iran hawks pushing donald the sport website. states leading the netherlands to nil. and they trump to carry on. how much pressure looked like they are going to is he under? successfully defend their world cup he will be hearing it from two title and become the first team to sides. certainly seniorfigures in win four world cups. the netherlands 01’ win four world cups. the netherlands his administration who are long or the european champions and they wa nted his administration who are long wanted to take the toughest possible had hopes coming into this tournament but the us were line on iran, not least as national overwhelming favourites and they took the lead with a penalty from security adviserjohn bolton, before megan repino on the one hour mark he was in the position he is now in and then alex morgan was fouled by use to talk about the need for the dutch defender. the referee regime change in iran. there is giving the spot kick three var and
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another constituency that mr trump the lead was doubled for the us thanks to rose lavelle. the united must take into account, the more states at the moment look like they isolationist type of republican, that does not want to see america will get thisjob done states at the moment look like they will get this job done and become the first team ever to successfully win back—to—back titles is that bull getting caught up in more middle eastern conflicts. a sense that gets is gathered by the keeper... it was them nowhere, painful memories of a result most people were expecting and you can catch that life, the iraq and, in the end, mr trump will closing stages, on bbc one on the perhaps or perhaps not be listening action also is on the bbc sport to both the sides. and, as he would website and the app. and that is all say, make his own mind up and it so from us. we have more support for difficult to predict what is going to do, as we all know, from one week you, of course, in the next hour but 110w to do, as we all know, from one week to do, as we all know, from one week to do next. as we‘ve seen with north korea, no you, of course, in the next hour but now on the news channel, it is time for click... country america is putting pressure under is going to give up their insurance policy and this uranium enrichment at the moment is iran‘s insurance policy. what‘s the likelihood that they will back down. you feel there is the unstoppable force of mr trump meeting the a warm welcome to click. welcome to click.
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immovable object of ayatollah welcome to click, i am spencer kelly. khamenei in tehran. at the moment finally we have reached it‘s a very difficult to see quite a very special milestone. where there might be any wiggle room. remember, a few weeks ago the we have been on air every week japanese leader shinzo abe came to of every year, without a break, since we launched in the year 2000, tehran on a very rare mission and which means this week you are received a message from president watching season 1, episode 1000. trump to the iranian leadership but he was not at all well received. and to celebrate, we are ayatolla h he was not at all well received. ayatollah khamenei said mr trump was making a world first. not worthy of engaging with, the doing new things is in our dna. line in public is a very hard. the i am floating on air. iranians say they will not talk to the americans unless there is an which is why we don‘t abandonment of the american just show you the tech, sanctions. that is of course we use the tech to push extremely hard to see, that would the boundaries of what‘s possible on tv. ta ke extremely hard to see, that would take a u—turn of quite extraordinary proportions from donald trump and he here is the team. it is marc on camera one and two, is not given to that normally but we simon on camera three and four, did seea jen on five, nima on six and seven, is not given to that normally but we did see a u—turn a few weeks ago ben on eight and this when he called off that planned is thalia on nine.
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american attack on iran. so, who this was the world‘s first full tv knows? thank you for that. programme to be filmed and edited only on mobile devices. thousands of anti—government protesters have again taken to the streets of hong kong. fyi, it was a nightmare. they‘re protesting this week‘s click has been filmed entirely in 360 degrees. this was another world first, the extradition of citizens where we reinvented how tv was made, to the chinese mainland. for an audience that could look our correspondent robin brant is in hong kong, and gave us this update. in any direction at any time. that picture tells quite a story. and this week, for click 1000, what has happened, you said earlier we have really gone for it. things calm down? it was calmer where we were and we are now nine or do i explore the cave, it was calmer where we were and we are now nine oi’ so it was calmer where we were and we are now nine or so hours after the or do i look behind the tree? demonstration began and there was a i‘ll explore the cave. period towards the end when a harder group of protesters moved away from so turn to page 84. the harbour side and moved a couple of miles up here and they‘ve been involved in essentially far more this is how i spent a lot of my childhood, reading books where aggressive confrontations with the i could choose my own adventure, police. the police had the upper where at every point, i got to decide what happened next, hand and are in the process of and every time i read it,
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clearing the streets. i have to say the story changed. we haven‘t seen any violent i absolutely loved them. confrontations, no fighting, but we‘ve seen a very assertive police not only was i in a different world, force trying to flush out these protesters and that‘s exactly what but because i was in charge of the story, that story they are now doing. in terms of the came to life. conduct of the protesters, if you it felt so real. have been arrested but no criminal damage that i‘ve seen. it‘s been loud and unpleasant at times, and come on then, spen. lots of bashing on shields but no violence at this stage. so, after choose your before we carry on, if you look own adventure books, behind you and let us know if you came computer adventure games, wa nt to behind you and let us know if you want to continue because there‘s first with text, and then with amazing graphics. lots of movement. if so, we will but both would let me carry on. what are the protesters explore vast worlds, bigger than any book. saying at this particular the problem is tv demonstration what are you hearing? doesn‘t let us do that. it tells one story, it makes one set of choices, this was all about that proposed and we just sit back and watch. extradition bill, highly contentious because people in hong kong thought until now. the government in beijing could use i demand freedom! it as the government in beijing could use itasa the government in beijing could use it as a tool of political persecution but now the movement has become about lots more, it‘s become
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imagine if everything that a bit universal suffrage, the type you watched was interactive, of democracy they have in hong kong, and if you could change your experiences depending on your mood, something far more familiar. like i your desires, or even how much time you had. said, for now, this demonstration if you go online at the address that‘s on—screen now, was a peaceful one and the you will find a special version protesters we spoke to were very of this programme that is interactive. keen it should remain peaceful and the police urge them to be rational because we saw something far more you get to choose which tech stories you hear about, and in how much detail. as you watch, you‘ll be given options to dive deeper, violent when the legislative council or maybe to look at things from a different perspective, was occupied on monday. around or maybe to skip one entirely. 250,000 people on the streets according to protesters and it went the technology used to make this possible is known well. in the past hour or so things as object based media, have changed and the police are now or obm, and it could be the future of how we watch video content. in the process of trying to clear the streets. i want to stress we‘ve broadcasters have been developing not seen any actual violence, any the tech for years now. fighting yet and i have not seen bbc r&d has explored the concept anything but we‘ve not seen any with various online tutorials. criminal damage and there are plenty the step by step nature of obm of shops around here. beijing will be watching these is particularly useful there. images, for how much longer are they netflix has had a dabble with its puss in boots, and more recently, likely to tolerate this? with charlie brooker‘s
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interactive bandersnatch. i think two things are going on, the and now, premiering the bbc‘s first police are investigating the events of last monday, there were far more ever obm tv show is us. aggressive and there was some violence, some people have been arrested and they continue to to say it‘s been a tricky, investigate and go after the brain—melting minefield would be an understatement. ringleaders. the protesters want to maintain the momentum, more events like the one today and they could it‘s a little bit like trying to pick up ants from space even become weekly events. beijing, using tweezers with a blindfold on. broadly, what they really fear is civil disobedience like this these are all the plans that we‘ve made to figure out how we‘re spilling over. it talks about going to structure this episode. taiwan, hong kong in a way as always doing obm is really different being internal affairs but they because you have to think of the story in different ways, really fear a contagion, they fear because people might have seen people on the mainland getting a other bits of the story, they might have chosen different sense of what‘s going on here over path through the story. the past few weeks and wondering if they themselves want to use that i have been told to create kind of pressure to push for reforms 700 million versions. that they may want on the mainland. it has taken more brainpower than any episode i have ever worked on, and more teamwork, thank you for that in what clearly to get the thing out there. is quite a stressful situation. stay trust me, we‘re not talking to each other the moment.
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safe. thank you for now. what does that stand for? wizard. the headlines on bbc news: but we couldn‘t have done it without r&d‘s otherworldly expertise. the government launches an inquiry into leaked emails from the uk ambassador in washington describing matthew and his team have been president trump‘s administration devising an obm strategy as "in ‘ ' for the last few years. and "incompetent". skirmishes have broken out a couple of years ago we decided between demonstrators we wanted to try and transfer this and police in hong kong, after another large—scale protest capability to create this stuff. against china‘s increasing we were busy engineering it, but we didn‘t have any tools. control over the territory, so we decided to build a story kit, essentially. custom—made software can handle it‘s still goalless in the women‘s hundreds of pieces of content, world cup final in france — like video, audio and text, the americans are hoping to beat and put them together on the fly, holland to win the trophy for a fourth time. as viewers make their choices. so it‘s a tool that is aimed at producers who have no hot software development skills, so the whole idea was to allow these people to then easily use an interface like a drag—and—drop let‘s get more on that world cup interface like story former, to create those experiences. all in all, we think we have 148 final. different chunks of video, the usa playing the netherlands, which to my mind makes looking to win the trophy
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for a record fourth time about a gazillion different paths through the content. the defending champions are up against the reigning european champions in the final also tons of footage, with the score currently 0—0. and we‘ve used up every let‘s speak to five hard drive that we have. live‘s seth bennett who‘s in lyon. i suppose it‘s been keeping me up at night, thinking are we going to get it i understand there has been finished in time? it really has been impressive action from the a challenging process. netherlands goalkeeper. there's been times when i had to dojust like... she has been outstanding in this but we think, we really think, game. she made four high quality it‘s been worth it. putting you in the driving seat savesin game. she made four high quality saves in the first half including will mean, hopefully, two from alex morgan, one from close you at home can enjoy the show more range where she got a foot onto it than ever before more. and onto the post and another from at the core of being able to give you all these choices is the idea further out, around 20 yards. she of branching narratives, dived low to her left hand side and possible options that lead onto the next bit, got the ball away. she does not have or reroute you to a park a club at the moment, previously at where the story can flow from there. arsenal. if she wanted a show reel to get advice on how to create putting together, the world cup a multiple—choice click, i went to create one of the creators final is the perfect platform. the of the fighting fantasy books i grew most interesting thing is the way in up with, ian livingstone. which the dutch have played. they it involves writing multiple absorb lots of pressure from the storylines at once. americans what they‘ve done really well and come and has their own and how i used to do it was create a map, opportunities through the game. they
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on which i kept a record are trying to hit the americans on of all the encounters as you went the break whenever they possibly through the adventure. it‘s giving you a choice like do can. we understand we‘ve just had a you want to turn left or right, penalty awarded for a foul, we have which is a simple choice, or do you want to try and tiptoe that image on the other half of the past the sleeping goblin or attack him with your sword. and the choices are quite varied. screen. you spoke about the action from the netherlands, lots was made so when i‘m writing i have to keep a record of where in the england match in particular the reader would go. so if you make this choice, when they took on the usa about the i need to make sure that they can actually get out of there, physical and athletic nature of the and then these are usa. at the netherlands are giving all the encounters. they find gold, they find treasure, as good as they are getting and they find magical items. proving to be quite a danger to the can i show you our version of an adventure map? americans. they are the european champions and this is the layout of this actual they play some fine football. this interview, which is multichoice. has been a story that‘s been a long what do you think? minimalist. time in coming for them but over the not too many options, last ten years they‘ve really so we should be done provided a great platform to improve in less than four hours. because it can take you days to get through themselves on qualifying for the a fighting fantasy game book. good luck on your adventure. first world cup four years ago to playing in this final. they carried on making major strides. that was ian livingstone talking megan rapinoe, there she is, the to one of his biggest fanboys. american captain, about to take the now, currently, normaltv doesn‘t
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penalty. let‘s see what happens. allow us to show you a fully interactive programme, so to give you a feel of what click obm will be shoots, scores. like when you watch it online, we‘ve added a dash of it to this week‘s tech news. america have scored. this is the you will see some options second half of the final of the pop up on screen. you won‘t be able to click them, we will do that for you. women‘s world cup. the usa have but it should give you an idea of what to expect. here is lara. scored against the netherlands. the game is obviously not over yet but megan rapinoe making it look very hello and welcome easy there. absolutely, megan to the week in tech. rapinoe has been one of the this week, the church of england superstars on and off the field at issued its first guidelines for social media users. this tournament, with her outspoken comments and her play on the field its release came the same time as the archbishop of canterbury as well. her sixth goal of the streamed his own live video. tournament. she‘s been absolutely outstanding and now for the dutch, nearly a decade ago, alphabet, they‘ve got to find a way back into the company that owns google, they‘ve got to find a way back into announced its balloon spin out, the game where they have been defensively sound for much of it, loon. they now must get on the front foot, this promised floating masts which would deliver 4g services use the likes moving forward. the to the world‘s most remote places. it is now planning to launch its own trial with african telecom.
5:21 pm
superstar of the european championships, she is a flying winger and i suspect she will add a great deal of peace, she will be in loon‘s balloons are each the size the game very soon. the usa looking of a tennis court, but they need to win it world cup titles for the to be as they are filled with enough helium to keep them afloat while carrying solar first time. they are looking for numberfour first time. they are looking for number four overall. this has been quite a fantastic powered networking gear. tournament. difficult to come across someone now who does not know the this robot bear is quite aptly called huggable. women are putting on quite see the new trial suggests it performance in the world cup. talk could help poorly children feel better in hospital. to others about the background and more than 50 sick kids took part how we‘ve come to this. in the study with mit media lab, it's northeastern university how we‘ve come to this. it‘s unbelievable what we‘ve had and how the roman‘s game has grown. it and boston children‘s hospital. was huge in canada four years ago —— the hi—tech toy not only brought out more smiles, the woman‘s game. but in canada that but also got the kids out of bed to be more active too. some of the kick—offs were in the evening which made it difficult to huggable is far from the only cute get that worldwide spread of audiences but within this what we‘ve robot on the block, though. in europe, this little robot even seen is magnificent numbers of people watching the game. the usa— goes to school for sick children. this means they can virtually attend england game attracted 4 million classes and play with their friends. viewers in the netherlands. in
5:22 pm
and finally, an american artist has england the biggest audience was built robotic arms to let you poke, inflate and generally play around over 11.7 million viewers at peak time, which is at the peak of the with famous paintings. most watched show within the dish tv neil mendoza‘s mechanical masterpieces is displayed at through this year. the woman‘s game the children‘s museum of pittsburgh. has continued to grow and the that‘s it. investment from the european teams in particular has become greater and we are seeing greater parity. the that is the short version of click but check out big criticism previously op women‘s football has been the goalkeeping has not been good enough but through the long version this week. this tournament we‘ve seen goalkeepers getting better and better. the number of goals scored is pretty similar to four years ago the machine keeps on turning next week to celebrate the anniversary but the technical play, the of the moon landings. defensive play is something that improves, the coaching has improved also. so we are seeing a different level of play and a big shift for me we will bring you click has been the european sides, where 1001, a space odyssey. until then, on behalf of everyone the money has been invested and who has worked on this programme we‘ve seen the likes of england, the and there have been many, thank you very much, thank you for watching and taking netherlands, sweden all pushing the
5:23 pm
usa are very close. and spain, one part and we will see you soon. of the emerging nations, that a similarthing. of the emerging nations, that a similar thing. the us are clearly at the superpower still —— clearly still the superpower but the gap is much smaller now. to remind people, usa 1—0 netherlands. we will be watching that game are very closely. hello, most of us have been the shadow chancellor, enjoying a fine sunday. john mcdonnell says he would campaign and vote there are weather changes for britain to remain in the eu, on the way, in the week ahead. that might be good news if you want urging the labour party to come out and support a second referendum. a bit of rain on the garden. mr mcdonnell pressed jeremy corbyn there will be some rain to "get on with" making the decision at times this week. high pressure in control, to support a public vote. but there are weather fronts gathering in the atlantic. this area of high pressure is going to be squeezed away southwards along with the settled weather. let‘s look at the satellite picture. labour lost support to both you can see a lot the liberal democrats of land showing up. and the brexit party in the recent not a huge amount european elections of cloud out there. because of confusion an area of cloud towards the far over its position on brexit. south—east did produce outbreaks here‘s our political of rain as we started sunday, correspondent, jessica parker. two men at the top of but it has been brightening up the labour party at the heart of for many through the afternoon. decision—making. one or two showers around. the shadow chancellor is increasingly trying to any of those are fading clear the path for a clearer as we go into the evening. message on brexit. largely clear skies.
5:24 pm
he says there is little time to lose on more fully getting temperatures are going to dip away overnight. behind another referendum. quite widely in the countryside we need to express a view now which is in single figures, close to freezing clearly saying i will vote to remain in northern and eastern scotland, where there might be and i want to campaign remain. a brief touch of frost as we are going to monday morning. whatjeremy is rightfully the cloud increasing to the west. doing, and this we talked about atlantic weather systems coming our way. for northern ireland, cloud moving in. is one of the differences some outbreaks of rain. between us, i say get cloud increasing elsewhere on with it, jeremy is much wiser, he wants to talk to the west, and might produce drizzle, especially on coasts and hills later in the day. for the south and east, to people and then go for it. isolated showers. for most it is going to be a dry monday and temperatures in the high teens or low 20s. pretty much where they are going to stay for much of the weekend. that is fairly close to average. have divisions sparked civil war at the top of the as for wimbledon, well, it is going to be pleasant it is rubbish. temperatures for playing tennis as we start the week. just into the low 20s. it might get a little bit warmer as we go through the week, but not by much. pressure on another issue, it‘s looking mainly dry anti—semitism allegations in the with outbreaks of cloud and a few sunny spells to be had. remember the area of high pressure labour party, but signs that this could move further in the coming being squeezed to the south? that is the situation on tuesday. weeks. this weather front is taking some outbreaks of rain
5:25 pm
from northern ireland, decisions being made here too. across scotland, part of northern ireland, north wales, towards lincolnshire, voting is under way in the tory norfolk. leadership contest. south of that, high borisjohnson is striding pressure clinging on. more cloud around. some sunny spells to be had, temperatures in the low 20s, whereas we are in the mid—teens towards a halloween departure date in northern scotland with outbreaks of rain. still some outbreaks of rain on wednesday, from the eu but some tory mps do not thursday and friday. have a it is looking like showers, taste for a no deal brexit. but some of those could be heavy and thundery. a sizeable number of us are meeting and having conversations at all a range of temperatures across the uk. borisjohnson has tried the mid—teens for northern scotland, mid—teens for some in northern england. to dampen down the decidedly mixed. there will be some occasional pleasant sunshine. possibility of a new deal departure some opportunities for getting wet. putting the odds at1 million to temperatures fairly close to average one but whoever takes over will face the same divided views that for this stage ofjuly. eventually sank the prime minister‘s plans. jodrell bank observatory in cheshire has been awarded unesco world heritage status. it‘s home to the lovell telescope which has probing into the depths the organisation says it embodies the value unesco places on the universality of science, and its ability to build
5:26 pm
international collaboration and foster peace. let‘s go live tojodrell bank — and our correspondent andy gill. fantastic news for the site, what does it all mean? here they are absolutely delighted to get world heritage status, not least because if you think of some of the other british places that have hit like the liverpool waterfront, lake district, giant‘s causeway, very much about landscape but this is not just about the heritage here at jodrell bank but the science as well. the only real parallel in britain is perhaps the kew gardens in london. behind me is the lovell radio telescope. named after sir bernard lovell who started the radio telescope here in 1945 and pioneered the use of radio waves to explore space, rather than visible light.
5:27 pm
this was the biggest radio telescope in the world when built, it still the third biggest. it tracked the russian and us spacecraft in the space race of the 1970s. it‘s pushed forward our understanding of the moon and meteorites and quasars. as an escort put it, it transformed our understanding of the universe. —— as unesco put it, it understand our understanding of the universe. one of the reasons the telescope is here in rural cheshire as there are very few radio waves around to interfere. normally you are not allowed to have a mobile phone here. they reckon if there were a mobile phone on mars there were a mobile phone on mars the telescope you could pick it up. for example, jodrell bank is the headquarters of the square kilometre array. imagine a whole square
5:28 pm
kilometre of dishes pointing at the same part of the sky and the detail you could get. in fact, these radio telescopes are not all in one square kilometre, they are dotted around in the southern hemisphere. but the effect is the same as if you had an entire square kilometre of radio telescopes. it‘s not online yet but when it comes onlinejodrell bank will be the headquarters for all the data and the coordination. one other thing they are pleased about to get the unesco world heritage status is they are keen on making the public engage with and understand science and they think having this will really push that forward and they can get more visitors in and explain to them what they are doing and why it‘s important. to them what they are doing and why it's important. exciting stuff. thank you very much. time for a look at the weather. after a largely fine into the
5:29 pm
weekend the week ahead is looking mixed thoughts on sunshine and some rain as well. you may appreciate a splash of rain for the garden at times, not much of that today can‘t this is bbc news. just patchy in south—east england. i‘m lukwesa burak. fine evening for most but turning the headlines at six: chilly, rural sports into single figures. close to freezing in north—east scotland. lots of jubilation for the united states sunshine from the word go. soon who have won the women‘s world cup becoming cloudy in northern ireland with a 2—0 victory against and rain moving in, cloud increasing the netherlands in france. to the west, drizzly elsewhere in these are the scenes live in in lyon some spots, isolated showers to the as the americans are crowned world east and south of the uk but for champions for a record fourth time. most it will be fine on monday. temperatures pretty much staying the government launches fixed for most of the week. there an inquiry into leaked emails from the uk ambassador in washington describing president trump‘s will be some occasional sunny spells administration as "inept", but either some rain or showers to be had at times as well. that‘s the 00:29:54,672 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 latest forecast. "insecure" and "incompetent". it‘s unfortunate, it‘s embarrassing
5:30 pm
for the british government. one hopes, as a diplomat, one can write this kind of analysis and
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