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tv   World News Today  BBC News  July 7, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories... greeks welcome their new prime minister — as kyriakos mitsotakis‘ centre—right party closes in on a dramatic win. skirmishes on the streets of hong kong — police clash with protesters after a day of demonstrations. deutsche bank confirms plans to cut up to 18,000 jobs worldwide, as part of a radical reorganisation plan. a moment ofjubilation for team usa, as they win the women's football world cup, for a record fourth time. hello and welcome
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to world news today. greece's leftist prime minister, alexis tsipras, has conceded victory to the centre—right opposition, following a snap election. mr tsipras has called the new democracy leader, kyriakos mitsotakis, to congratulate him. vote—counting is under way, but greek interior ministry projections suggest 39.8% support for the new democracy party, with mr tsipras‘s populist left—wing syriza party trailing on 31.5%. mr mitsotakis spoke a short time ago. first of all i asked for a strong mandate to change the country. and the greek people delivered and i am very grateful for the result. we won an outright majority which was our main target. almost reached 40% which is an incredible number given the context of a fragmented political landscape and i feel i have a strong mandate to deliver on
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my agenda which is an agenda to grow the economy, create morejobs but also to make sure the greek people feel safe again. so what is this getting reaction in terms of this streets of athens? a short time ago i spoke to our correspondence. we just had a projection that shows a thumping majority for a new democracy, close to 40% for that party and just over 31% for syriza, the party of alexis tsipras who has now been swept from power it seems bya now been swept from power it seems by a return of the political pendulum away from the leftist populism that alexis tsipras came to power with in 2015. it has swung back to the political establishment, mainstream, new democracy, this party was seen in 2015 as the corrupt old guard here that greece wa nted corrupt old guard here that greece wanted a change and wanted to try alexis tsipras who promised to tear
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oui’ alexis tsipras who promised to tear our posterity and tear up the bailout and project budget cuts. in the end he was forced into a humiliating u—turn, a third bailout, yet more budget cuts and he has paid the price for that. he has now run kerry because it's your tap to congratulate him and he will be sworn in in athens tomorrow. the other thing interesting will be whether the smaller parties get enough of a threshold to make it into parliament and actually exert any influence on policy. it seems this will be a sex party parliament according to the projections at the moment which means that —— six party. the neofascist party golden dawn challenged this hatred of austerity into a very far right nationalist agenda. they look to have full and possibly below the threshold to enter parliament. there is another extreme right—wing party that looks like it has got into
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parliament and possibly a new party led by yanis varoufakis, who was the prime minister does micro—finance minister when he came into office in 2015. he robbed brussels up the wrong way and was quickly shelved as alexis tsipras pivoted more towards the centre. his party looks like it has gotten. a splintered parliament but it looks like new democracy the centre—right has won an outright majority and it will now look to build its profile as the leaders oppose bail out greece and there is a lot of hope that needs to be restored. growth is still only about 296, restored. growth is still only about 2%, unemployment still close to 20%. 500,000 greeks left this country at the height of the financial crisis, so the height of the financial crisis, so there is still a very upward hill to climb for this country. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. malta has said that all 65 migrants
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on board a german—flagged rescue ship will be allowed onto the island. the vessel, alan kurdi, arrived off malta's coast after it was denied access to italian ports. the maltese prime minister said that following discussions with the european commission all of the rescued migrants would be brought ashore and relocated to other eu member states. the saudi budget airline flyadeal is pulling out of a multi—billion dollar deal to buy 30 boeing 737 max aircraft. the model remains grounded worldwide after two fatal crashes in the past year. flyadeal says it will operate solely with planes made by boeing's rival airbus. a landmark trade agreement for africa has been officially launched at a ceremony in niger. the african continental free trade area will create a single market for goods and services across the continent. 0nly one country has not joined the agreement — eritrea. germany's deutsche bank has announced it will cut 18,000 jobs by 2022 in a massive restructuring. the company says the cuts, which will slash one
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fifth of its workforce, will reduce annual costs by six billion euros over the period. the chief executive says it will be "a restart for deutsche bank" as they look to escape years of financial turmoil. bbc business correspondent katy austin explains why they had to take this action. for a while deutsche bank has been looking for solutions to fairly long term problems. they include a big fall and its share price over recent yea rs fall and its share price over recent years and there has been things like money—laundering which really hit the bank, earlier this year it abandoned one possible solution could sort it out which was to merge with its big rival commerce bank. for the while we have been expecting to really look at cutting back its underperforming investment operations and that is exactly what it has announced it is going to do today. investment banking is the thing that is going to be scaled back and that is what will lead to job losses. white and those job losses in particular, what more detail have we given about those?
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18,000 isa detail have we given about those? 18,000 is a big numberand it amounts to a fifth of its global workforce. what deutsche bank cousin said today is exactly where the axe will fall. we know thatjobs are expected to go by 2022 so there could be quite a spread out timeframe, but people have been expecting for the operations in the us, wall street and the city of london which are both quite heavy on investment banking could take quite a big hit but we haven't had that confirmed and we are expecting more details in the coming days. do we ta ke details in the coming days. do we take this as a symptom of wider problems in the banking sector as a whole or is this just deutsche bank failing to keep up with the competition? it is certainly a symptom of deutsche bank failing to keep up with the competition in investment banking. it really has struggled to compete with the big american giants which are dominant 110w american giants which are dominant now and some are seeing this as a sign that it is throwing in the towel with investment banking in a way. some analysts i spoke to don't
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necessarily think this is the answer to all deutsche bank's wider problems they say it might be too little too late but they also say they had no choice but to do something fairly radical to try and turnaround business into something more profitable. protesters have again clashed with police in hong kong at the end of another day of mass demonstrations against the government's plan to legalise the extradition of people to china. this time they gathered near the kowloon railway station, where high—speed trains depart for the chinese mainland, to spread their message to chinese tourists who come to the area to shop. rupert wingfield—hayes reports. it is now nearly a month since the huge anti—government protest in hong kong began. there is no sign of them slowing down. today another 100,000 01’ more slowing down. today another 100,000 or more took to the streets here. this time in a different place with a different audience. all of the
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previous huge protests that have happened here in recent weeks have been on hong kong island, but to date they have come over to kowloon, a very clear reason for this, the person in the shopping malls, in the hotels, this is the streets here where all the tourists in mainland china come and it is them who want to hear this message. amid the crowd to hear this message. amid the crowd to have hong kong's most democracy campaigners who have already spent time injail leading previous protests. the message is clear, we are having a massive rally fighting for our freedom are having a massive rally fighting for ourfreedom and are having a massive rally fighting for our freedom and also fighting for our freedom and also fighting for our freedom and also fighting for our rights to protect hong kong. soi for our rights to protect hong kong. so i think it is important for the mainland people to know that. we hope to let those visitors from mainland hong kong realised the message of hong kong, we hope they know we support hong kong and china democratisation and it is time to fight for our freedom. mainland chinese tourists looked on, many of
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them videoing. at one point the protesters started chanting, come andjoin us, protesters started chanting, come and join us, come and join us! across the border, hong kong cosmic protests been depicted as violent and backed by so—called foreign forces. some of these mainland tourists heard? translation: we had heard about it but not much detail, so heard about it but not much detail, so when i arrived here and saw this, i was really surprised. translation: as long as they don't destroy government apathy and aren't hurting people i think this is fine. it is clear news of these protests is making it across the border into mainland china and notjust the communist government's version of what is going on here. as night fell the vast majority of protesters drifted home. but a hard core of militant protesters began blocking roads and causing disruption. finally the police had had enough. for the past few hours a group of
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about 1000 protesters have been blocking one of the main roads here, nathan road, and now the police have declared it an illegal gathering and have moved on in full riot gear and are driving the protesters out. the game of cat and mouse continues, with no clear idea of how these protests might end. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come... "inept, insecure and incompetent." leaked emails reveal what britain's ambassador really thinks of the trump administration.
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this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines... the greek prime minister has admitted defeat in a snap general election, and will hand power
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to the new democracy party the usa have decisively won the women's football world cup — after a tournament that has given new momentum to the sport. here in the uk, the foreign office has begun an investigation into who leaked emails from britain's ambassador to washington, which described the trump administration as being "inept" and "uniquely dysfunctional. " in the memos, obtained by the mail on sunday, sir kim darroch, says despite his shortcomings, president trump shouldn't be written off. here's our washington correspondent nick bryant. "inept, insecure, incompetent. " in secret cables obtained by the mail on sunday, britain's top diplomat in washington, sir kim darroch, used the most undiplomatic of language to describe the chaos of the trump white house and the personality flaws of the president himself. he spoke of donald trump radiating insecurity and delivered a withering assessment of an administration
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that was uniquely dysfunctional. in one of the messages sir kim wrote, "we don't really believe this "administration is going to become substantially more normal, "less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less faction—riven, "less diplomatically clumsy and inept. " on his recent state visit to britain, donald trump had been dazzled by the queen, he wrote, but, sir kim predicted, this is still the land of america first. on the escalation of tensions with iran, he said it was unlikely that us policy was going to become more coherent anytime soon, and that mr trump did not want to reverse his campaign promise to avoid us involvement in foreign conflicts. the leaks have reverberated through westminster. it's obviously very disappointing that this correspondence has come out into the open but it's also important to say it is the job of ambassadors to give frank, personal opinions about what is happening
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in the countries they serve, and those are just that — personal opinions. it's not the opinions of the british government. in a statement the foreign office denied it would not have any long—term impact. "our team in washington have strong relations with the white house "and no doubt these will withstand such mischievous behaviour." i don't think it will affect the special relationship. there's too much important work that we do together on a daily basis to be derailed by this type of leak. it's an irritant, no doubt. on the question of donald trump's re—election hopes, sir kim said a second term could not be ruled out. trump may emerge from the flames battered but intact, he said, like schwarzenegger in the final scenes of the terminator. with a brexit deadline looming, downing street has been especially sensitive about preserving and protecting the special relationship. the leak of these secret cables doesn't help. nick bryant, bbc news, washington.
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the us has threatened iran with more sanctions after it announced a further breach of the nuclear deal it signed with western powers in 2015. iran announced earlier that it will begin enriching uranium beyond levels set by the deal. paul adams explained more about iran's moves and the reaction. (tx next) this is the second of two threatened actions by the iranian government so it is no surprise. the foreign office says the uk remains fully committed to the deal and also adds ina committed to the deal and also adds in a statement today, iran must immediately stop and reverse all activity is inconsistent with its obligations. we have heard similar comments from eu members today. as for the united states, as you say they pulled out of the deal a year ago saying it was a very bad deal. they may be hoping that as time goes on, the european backers of the deal, britain, france and germany
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start to see things through american eyes. i'm start to put pressure on iran to do a new deal that includes other aspects, not just iran's nuclear behaviour, ballistic missiles, its regional behaviour and so missiles, its regional behaviour and so forth. no sign of that happening so so forth. no sign of that happening so far but that may be what the trump administration ultimately wa nts. trump administration ultimately wants. this is kind of death a thousand cuts for the iran nuclear deal. as far as iran and the eu are concerned no one actually wants to be seen to be the person responsible for blowing it up. it is kind of pass the parcel in the hope the music ratherfaint does pass the parcel in the hope the music rather faint does continue for a bit. it's one of the world's most visited tourist attractions. the great wall of the china attracts more than 10 million visitors a year. this, as you can imagine, brings some wear and tear. but now, they're repairing sections of the wall as katie silver reports. the earlier sections of the great wall date back more than 2000 years.
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building started after the unification of china and continued until the 16th century. but parts of this well trodden path are no longer looking so great. translation: the first reason for this destruction is the wind, sunshine, earthquakes and heavy rains which were the main factors. another reason is the service damage caused by the trampling of too many tourists. that metal surface. now workers are restoring it using traditional methods. translation: we have adopted the original method, the original technology and the original materials in order to better extend the heritage of the ancient great wall. it's a painstaking task, for the mules it is a a0 minute journey carrying building materials up some of the steep pads. and hoists are used to lay stones in place. it ta kes a5 used to lay stones in place. it
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takes a5 minutes to installjust one stone. some of which may more than 100 kilograms. translation: the bricks used are those of the ancient great wall, many of them had collapsed from the original wall. authorities have reverted back to traditional methods after they received backlash a few years ago when they ordered a 700—year—old stone will be fixed by covering it in cement. they have also recently imposed a daily cap of 65,000 visitors on the most popular part of the world. chetan has all the sport. the united states have won the women's world cup for a record—extending fourth time. they secured their first ever back to titles after beating the european champions the netherlands 2—0. it took a while for the goals to come but a megan rapinoe penalty and a second from rose lavelle got the job done in the second half.
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our sports correspondent katy gornall reports. lyon, a city at the confluence of the rhone and the saone, a place where two rivers become one and where from two finalists will emerge one champion. the odds pointed towards a us celebration. no country has won more than them. while the netherlands fans were enjoying a world cup finalfor the first time. the usa expected to be here. their confidence is almost concrete. but the underdogs weren't overwhelmed and achieved something no team has managed yet at this world cup — they stopped the us from scoring in the first 12 minutes. the american tide kept coming but the netherlands kept finding new ways to turn it back. sari van veenendaal again at her best. the european champions had absorbed so much pressure, eventually they would crack. var was called upon to spot this high foot. penalty was the decision and up stepped megan rapinoe. commentator: shoots, scores. the us captain, as she has
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done all tournament, seizing the spotlight. for every established star, the us has another emerging. and scores! rose lavelle has been a walking highlight reel in france and here was another for the collection. 2—0 and it could have been more. the netherlands have risen rapidly on the world stage but it seems no one can stop the record—breaking march of the usa. they have retained their title and lifted the women's world cup for a fourth time. winners come and go in sport, but true champions always want more. the copa america final is underway in brazil, where the hosts are taking on peru and hoping to win the trophy for the first time since 2007. with 20 minutes played it is looking good for brazil, at the moment they lead by 1—0. meanwhile, south american football bosses say accusations
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from lionel messi questioning the integrity of the copa america are "unfounded" and "represent a lack of respect". messi called the competition "corrupt" after he was sent off in their 2—1 defeat to chile in the third place play off. it's only the second red card of his career and came following a confrontation with gary medel. the referee raced over and was quick to show a red card to both players. the argentine football association felt it was unfair on messi and has complained about what it calls "serious refereeing errors." meanwhile, playing at the africa cup of nations for the first time, madagascar have kept their remarkable run going and are through to the quarter finals after knocking out the democratic republic of congo on penalties. the match finished 2—2 before madagascar won a—2 on spot kicks. meanwhile, sunday's other game is currently underway, algeria are on course to reach the last eight too, they lead guinea 2—0 with around an hour played. dutchman mike teunissen has
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extended his lead on the second day of the tour de france after the team time trial in brussels. defending champion geraint thomas and his team ineos were the first to go and their time for the 17—mile stage was the best until the final team crossed the line. that was team yumbo visma of teunissen. and he now leads the race by ten seconds, thomas lies joint sixth overall, 30 seconds down. that's all the sport for now. japan has one of the oldest populations in the world and that means not enough young workers. so the government is getting more women into work, bringing in foreigners and developing robots. stephanie hegarty went to tokyo to meet one robot that could one day be sitting in this very chair. welcome to the bbc. i am erica
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henri... i feel like we are in a chat show here but i am not sure who the presenter is. meet erica, the first robot newsreader in the world. hi,| first robot newsreader in the world. hi, iam first robot newsreader in the world. hi, i am erica, first robot newsreader in the world. hi, iam erica, nice to first robot newsreader in the world. hi, i am erica, nice to meet you. you too. i am from ireland. hi, i am erica, nice to meet you. you too. i am from irelandlj hi, i am erica, nice to meet you. you too. i am from ireland. i love you very much. this is erica's engineer. today's news, buckingham palace is expected to announce... she has three modes, she can be operated remotely, pre—programmed with a script or she can work in al mode, where in theory she can carry out a spontaneous conversation. tofu! i
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like tofu. i can eat at. i'm not sure you can. i can eat it. if you insist. ai mode still needs some work. are you confident that she will be able to have a normal conversation one day? 50 yea rs i 50 years i have got until retirement, we will see. reminder of oui’ retirement, we will see. reminder of our top story. the great paymaster alexis tsipras has admitted debate ina snap alexis tsipras has admitted debate in a snap general election and will hand power to the new democracy
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party of kyriakos mitsotakis. that is bbc world news today. thank you for watching. the weather in the week ahead is looking a little changeable. some sunshine around, decent weather, but we we re sunshine around, decent weather, but we were there when a little bit of rainfor we were there when a little bit of rain for the parks and gardens, particularly across northern areas but almost anywhere will get at least a little bit of rain. here is the satellite picture. weather fronts lining up in the atlantic. in the next 2a hours it will be the north of the country that gets the cloud and rain. the weather fronts lining up in the north but this high—pressure is trying to cushion. a battle between the high and the south and these lose coming in, at different times, hence that changeable weather through the
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course of the week. this is what it looks like early on monday morning. quiet across the board. outside of town it will be colder. milder in the south. this weather front is moving in to northern ireland, by the end of the morning it will be pretty cloudy. that cloud will probably reach the lowlands of scotla nd probably reach the lowlands of scotland by around early afternoon. there is some rain due for belfast on monday, difficult to say what time, probably later in the day that the vast majority of the country fine day, beautiful weather on the south coast and some beautiful weather along the north sea coast as well. 2a the top temperature in the south. cardiff perhaps. great weather for wimbledon, the winds are light, sunny spells around and very pleasa nt light, sunny spells around and very pleasant temperatures are so great weather they're in london. here is tuesday, but high pressure trying to build. also weather fronts tuesday, but high pressure trying to build. also weatherfronts moving in so build. also weatherfronts moving in so the weather fronts in the north on tuesday, a bit of a north—south
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split. let's call it the very first out of the country, the best of the weather on tuesday, sunny skies along the southern counties. cloudier in the midlands and in the north probably some rain. liverpool, newcastle, belfast, glasgow getting a little bit of rain but cardiff and plymouth and southampton and london the weather should be fine on tuesday. beyond that it looks like the weather will be very changeable. friday could bring a lot of showers throughout the uk. some could be heavier, thundery and may be some hail. it will be cold.
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my my god this is bbc news, the headlines —— mike hello. greece will have a centre—right government out of the new democracy party run a snap general election. its leader kyriakos mitsotakis said he would change greece, cut taxes and create morejobs and change greece, cut taxes and create more jobs and investment. tens of thousands of anti—government protesters have ta ken to the streets of hong kong for the first time since the storming of parliament. police with batons and shields have clashed with some demonstrators. deutsche bank will cut 18,000 jobs over three years as part of a radical reorganisation. the shake—up will significantly shrink its investment banking business. they are yet to specify exactly where jobs will be cut. the united states have won the
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women's football world cup


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