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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 8, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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brazil are copa america champions. the host nation secure victory over peru to end a 12—year wait for the trophy. welcome to sport today. the united states won the women's world cup for a record fourth time. they overpowered the netherlands in lyon. megan rapinoe‘s penalty and rose lavelle‘s goal gave the defending champions victory in the second half, after resilient defending from the dutch. here is our sports correspondent katie gornall. lyon, a city at the confluence of the rhone and the saone — a place where two rivers become one, and where from two finalists will emerge one champion. the odds pointed towards a us celebration. no country has won more than them. while the netherlands fans were enjoying a world cup final for the first time. the usa expected to be here.
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their confidence is almost concrete. but the underdogs weren't overwhelmed, and achieved something no team has managed yet at this world cup. they stopped the us from scoring in the first 12 minutes. the american tide kept coming, but the netherlands kept finding new ways to turn it back, sari van veenendaal again at her best. the european champions had absorbed so much pressure, eventually they would crack. var was called upon to spot this high foot. penalty was the decision, and up stepped megan rapinoe. commentator: shoots, scores. the us captain, as she has done all tournament, seizing the spotlight. for every established star, the us has another emerging. and scores! rose lavelle has been a walking highlights reel in france. here was another for the collection. 2—0, and it could have been more. the netherlands have risen rapidly on the world stage, but it seems no—one can stop the record—breaking march of the usa. they have retained their title and lifted the women's world cup for a fourth time.
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winners come and go in sport, but true champions always want more. it was tough. the netherlands played really good, but we are so excited. two it was surreal, it was unreal being there. the usa was kind of taken over, i feel like, but it was just crazy. — — taken over, i feel like, but it was just crazy. —— taking over. taken over, i feel like, but it was just crazy. -- taking over. it was the experience of a lifetime, for sure. great world cup win. strong women, beautiful women, great sure. great world cup win. strong women, beautifulwomen, great game. sarah mulkerrins has been there throughout for us, and reckons the usa team and particularly co—captain megan rapinoe have won more than just the title of world champions. this tournament has been about battles on the pitch and battles of it. we know that this us women's national team have filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against their
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federation. megan rapinoe, one of their cocaptains, is a big vocal advocate for equality within the game. she has been quite vocal here at this tournament, and she on the pitch has pulled her team to this victory. we have seen her time and time again, particularly in the knockout stages, pull her team through. that win against spain, that when that against france, she missed out on the semi—final with an injury, but she was back to lead the tea m injury, but she was back to lead the team today. she leaves this tournament —— leaves this tournament as world cup champion, she leaves it as world cup champion, she leaves it asa as world cup champion, she leaves it as a golden ball winner, she also leaves it is a golden breadwinner. and i think as far as the legacy of this team, she has been the biggest star, and she is trying to create change for the coming through. megan rapinoe scored the first of the goals tonight, she of the old guard, rose lavelle of the new guard scored the second. they have strength in depth they are proving yet again that they are the biggest force in women's foot well. —— football. well, the victorious
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players have been reacting, of course, on social media, the co—captains very much leading the way. alex morgan, who finished joint top—scorer, pictured on instagram here kissing the trophy, saying she thinks she's in love. two—time fifa player of the year carli lloyd, in what will probably be her last world cup, posting the team celebrating, marking four stars for the amount of times they have won the trophy. and last but by no means least, megan rapinoe, winner of player of the tournament and the golden boot for top—scorer, alongside ashlyn harris here. no caption needed. just the winners' medals. en route to the win, rapinoe and us president donald trump fell out when rapinoe said she would refuse a visit to the white house if they were to win. trump has tweeted his congratulations to the us team, saying america is proud of you all. no indication of the relationship between him and rapinoe warming up yet, though. other public figures have been keen to show their appreciation, too. talk show host ellen degeneres said these women are the best of what our country represents, and she welcomes them onto her show. tennis great billiejean king congratulates the side on their historic fourth world cup win. and another legend of the game who is still playing now at wimbledon, serena williams, following up on those sentiments, saying she is happy and proud
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for each one of them. brazil are copa america champions. they beat peru 3—1 to continue their record of winning the competition every time they have hosted it. gabrieljesus had an eventful match — scoring, assisting, and getting sent off. richard mcelvanney reports. not the copper america final many predicted. was ill against peru in rio's maracana. in their group game, the hosts had won 5—0, so it was no surprise to see them take the leave, with a goal after just 15 surprise to see them take the leave, with a goal afterjust 15 minutes. this was a different peru, and they weren't going to fold this time. they were handed a penaltyjust before halftime. guerrero's spot kick should have sent them into the
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break level, but with just seconds of the half left, jesus them ahead again. the manchester city's stryker‘s involvement was cut short in the second half when he was sent off for a second yellow card. and that sparked a bit more fight from peru. they would press for an equaliser, but as the clock ran down, everton went down in the penalty area. that gave richarlison the chance to clinch the copa america for brazil. he did, and the ninth title went to the hosts. the fairytale continues for madagascar at the africa cup of nations. look at what it means to their fans. in their first appearance at the tournament, they have gone and reached the quarter—finals. they beat democratic republic of congo on penalties after their scores were level following extra—time. madagascar play ghana or tunisia on thursday for a place in the finalfour. for us, wejust for us, we just play football. we don't have nothing to lose, and i
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know that madagascar, we are very, very good players. quality technique, and we just use this, and we train ourto technique, and we just use this, and we train our to go as far as possible. algeria also made it through. the last time they won the competition was 29 years ago. algeria won 3—0 against guinea, and are yet to concede a goal in the tournament this year. riyad mahrez was on the scoresheet. dutchman mike teunissen has extended his lead on the second day of the tour de france after the team time trial in brussels. defending champion geraint thomas and his team ineos were the first to go, and their time for the i7—mile stage was the best until the final team crossed the line. that was team jumbo—visma, of teunissen, and he now leads the race by ten seconds. thomas lies joint—sixth overall, 30 seconds down. finally, in motogp, marc marquez extended his championship lead with a dominating victory at the german grand prix. the honda rider led from start to finish to record his sixth straight win at the sachsenring. he now leads the championship by 58
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points from ducati's andrea dovizioso. now to the women's ashes, and australia thrashed england by 194 runs in the third one—day international. australia posted 269—7 off their 50 overs at canterbury, and what a struggle it was for england in reply. ellyse perry took 7—22 from ten overs, as england imploded. australia, remember, won the first two odis in the series. this is england's heaviest ever odi defeat at home. they have to win the test and all three t20s to regain the ashes. jon rahm has moved into the lead in the european tour's race for dubai, after winning the irish open. the spaniard produced a superb final round of 62, eight—under—par for the day, to win by two shots. it is the second time in three years he has won the tournament. it's been a really great week. every
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timei it's been a really great week. every time i come, again, it is one of my favourite weeks of the year. i've said it all week. i love the people of ireland, i love the country of ireland, i love the people here and the golf course, and the sport is unbelievable. every time i come it is like being at home —— support. i'm thrilled to be able to be us open champion again for a second year, and join the likes of seve. and to be the second spaniard to win more than once, a lot of pride to ta ke more than once, a lot of pride to take on that. and what about this for a first win on the pga tour. rookie matthew wolff sank a 26—foot putt from the fringe for an eagle on the final hole to win the 3m open in minnesota byjust one shot. the 20—year—old finished 21—under par and wins $1.15 million. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello. well, after a fine end to the weekend, the forecast for monday is looking pretty decent across most of the uk. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. however, the week ahead is going to be quite changeable. i think many of us, at one point or another, will get at least a little bit of rainfall. now, here's the latest satellite picture, and clouds are gathering just to the north—west of the uk, in fact, streaming in into ireland right now, so that means that the skies will be pretty hazy across some western parts of the uk. and the high pressure is moving away and giving way to these weather fronts here in the atlantic. but the high pressure will be back later on, once these weather fronts push through. so the forecast on monday morning, then — a lot of hazy weather there first thing across many western parts of the uk,
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but i think it'll start off clear across much of scotland, eastern and southern parts of the uk. in fact, pretty chilly very early in the morning there in eastern scotland and north—east england. temperatures could be as low as two or three degrees above freezing, a real nip in the air. now, here's monday morning itself, so pretty cloudy across ireland. northern ireland there getting rainfall there for sure. belfast probably by late morning, early afternoon getting some spots of rain — nothing too heavy, but it will be very damp. and then eventually that rainfall will reach south—western scotland, later in the day or come evening. the vast majority of the uk, a bright day. bar a few showers there, maybe in the south, the weather is looking sunny. beautiful around the english channel coast. how about the championships, then, at wimbledon? beautiful weather — temperatures of around 20 degrees celsius, light winds as well. now, here's tuesday's weather forecast. it looks as though we'll see high pressure developing across the south once again, but weather fronts moving through northern parts
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of the uk, so there is going to be a definite split between the north and the south. we'll call it the northern two thirds of the country pretty cloudy, with a few glimmers of brightness from time to time. some rain for belfast, glasgow, probably many western and northern parts of scotland too. a few spots of rain possible around the lake district and yorkshire. southwards of that, it should just about stay dry, but pretty cloudy. the south coast itself on tuesday looking mostly on the sunny side. not cold — temperatures even in belfast getting up to around 21 degrees celsius, and if anything they could be peaking, those temperatures, at around 25 in the south, in london, come wednesday. but, on the whole, quite a bit of cloud around there. you can see these weather symbols showing some rainfall from time to time, too. bye— bye.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: a shock defeat for greece's socialists as a centre—right landslide ushers in a new era. we wa nt we want to drive a real reform agenda for the country that is ambitious, very bold and very, very detailed. president trump reacts to the british ambassador‘s message leaks which labelled his administration as "inept" saying the diplomat "hasn't served the uk well". the long reach of the far—right — how shadowy online networks are connecting extremists across the world. and jubilation for team usa — winners of the women's football world cup for a record fourth time.


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