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britain sends a second warship to the gulf as tensions with iran escalate. hms duncan will help protect british shipping — from iranian gunboats. the united states wants a naval coalition in the region. freedom of navigation is a fundamental principle and norm for the international order. it's been in place now for several decades and we have a crucial role to enforce that role. we'll be asking what more can be done to protect shipping in the gulf. also this lunchtime — president trump declares a state of emergency in louisiana as it braces itself for a hurricane. shares in the travel firm thomas cook fall sharply with a chinese conglomerate set to take control of it. # i believe i can fly...# the american r&b star r kelly — arrested in chicago
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charged with sex offences. it's rafa v roger at wimbledon for the first time since their epic battle over a decade ago. and coming up on bbc news. former england striker peter crouch has retired from football at the age of 38 after more than 21 years as a professional. he's described his career as a dream come true. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. britain is sending a second warship to the gulf, as tensions with iran rise. hms duncan — a type 45 destroyer — will bejoining hms montrose which earlier this week had to warn
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off three iranian gunboats that were trying to intercept a british oil tanker. the deployment comes as the united states tries to assemble a coalition of nations to give more military protection to shipping in the gulf. our defence correspondent jonathan beale reports. there has been a constant american and british naval presence in the gulf for decades. this recent exercise involving both countries, though the presence of warships ebbs and flows. but now tensions with iran are rising and the us is calling for a wider military coalition to protect commercial shipping in the region. coalition to protect commercial shipping in the regionli coalition to protect commercial shipping in the region. i think that what we are trying to do with the coalition, put back together in terms of military escort, for commercial shipping, terms of military escort, for commercialshipping, may terms of military escort, for commercial shipping, may be an important factor and i think that will be developing over the next couple of weeks. some nations are worried about how iran and its revolutionary guard will respond. britain, a strong us ally, has made
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clear it does not want to see tensions escalate. but the uk has now confirmed that it will be sending a second warship to the region. hms duncan, a destroyer, willjoin the region. hms duncan, a destroyer, will join the frigate region. hms duncan, a destroyer, willjoin the frigate hms montrose already in the gulf. montrose has already in the gulf. montrose has already had to come to the rescue of already had to come to the rescue of a british tanker being harassed by iranian gunboats. with that increased threat to commercial shipping, there are clear economic costs of doing nothing. you now enter into an area where you need to inform your insurer is that you are entering and that will result in quite significant additional premiums. after the events of last month, they quadrupled. the strait of hormuz close to iran is one of the world's busiest shipping lanes with dozens of tankers carrying 19 million barrels of oil every day. at any given time, there are up to 30 british merchant ships sailing in the region. sending a second royal
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navy warship will provide reassurance. but in his bid for the tory leadership, jeremy hunt warns the navy is already stretched and has suffered too many cuts. he's promising to boost the fleet ofjust i9 frigates and destroyers. promising to boost the fleet ofjust 19 frigates and destroyers. i'm surprised mr hunt hasn't noticed the navy has been run down for the last 15 years or so. it strikes me as being rather opportunist to say this at the moment. evidently with what is going on. but i would welcome any boost. the mod say there were already plans to send hms duncan to the gulf to allow hms montrose to undergo routine maintenance. duncan currently in the eastern mediterranean is expected to arrive in the gulf next week. jonathan bealejoins me now. to what extent is this new deployment and escalation of the crisis in the gulf? i think it's, you know, undeniable that iran will probably see it as an escalation and
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of course the british government is worried that that's how iran will interpret it. the reality is that hms duncan was going to go to the region to allow hms montrose, the frigate, to go into maintenance, routine maintenance, to give the crew a break. so they will be at sea together for a crew a break. so they will be at sea togetherfor a short crew a break. so they will be at sea together for a short period when hms duncan, which is a destroyer, arrives next week. but clearly, officials, admirals, ministers have looked at what's going on in the gulf and they realise it is too risky to leave british merchant shipping without an military escort in that region in the current climate. so i think iran will see it as an escalation even though it was planned. jonathan, thank you very much indeed. jonathan beale. a state of emergency has been declared in the american state of louisiana, with the threat of the first hurricane of the season. tropical storm barry — currently in the gulf of mexico — is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane later tonight
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and to make landfall tomorrow. in new orleans, there are fears the levees that were reinforced after hurricane katrina — could now be overwhelmed. leigh milner reports. reaching up into the sky, terrifying footage of a large waterspout over lake pontchartrain near new orleans. in the city, streets have been turned into rivers by the flash floods and as the storm creeps further towards louisiana, a state of emergency has been declared. this is a very significant severe weather event and the national weather service, they're using terms like life—threatening floods. as residents stock up on water and emergency supplies, forecasters predict the storm could reach hurricane strength by this evening. because it's going to be such a slow—moving storm, we are going to see huge amounts of rainfall in the coming days, maybe in excess of around 600 millimetres in total, and
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that, coupled with storm surges, could see some life—threatening floods. the main concern is the already swollen mississippi river. if a storm surge predicted to move up from the gulf of mexico pushes water levels over 20 feet it could overwhelm the levees protecting the city. people here know what the consequences of that could be. no—one has forgotten the devastation left by hurricane katrina in 2005, which claimed more than 1,800 lives. we've all got supplies to make sure that we have food, you know, and so we cna get out. so we can get out. just got back from the supermarket. we have our beer, we have some food, fresh water, we should be ok for a couple of days. as officials warn of extreme rain and flooding, people across louisiana brace themselves for the first atlantic hurricane of the year. leigh milner, bbc news. the former television presenter
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john leslie has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman over ten years ago. the alleged incident took place in 2008, when the woman was 30 years old. john leslie is due to appear at westminster magistrates court later this month. the travel firm thomas cook is in talks on a £750 million rescue deal. the plan would give a chinese conglomerate — thomas cook's largest investor — control of the compa ny‘s package tour business. shares in thomas cook have fallen by more than 45%. our business correspondent theo leggett is with me now. a lot of people going off on thomas cook holidays this summer — what's going on with the business? thomas cook says it is perfectly 0k, perfectly safe, the bookings will be respected in the company will have after the steal enough money to keep it going well past next winter and have more money left over to invest. what everybody is worried about in these cases is that they might end up these cases is that they might end up stranded somewhere away in the world and unable to get home. but
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this is a package to accompany part of the atoll scheme so even if things were to go badly wrong they would still be able to get home. what this deal means is that there isa what this deal means is that there is a risk of thomas cook collapsing completely. —— atol. that should be averted. this is a company and all sorts of financial trouble, it has a high street business in competition with online holiday retailers, it has been losing money hand overfist and it was in a great deal of trouble. what is now happening is its major shareholder has stepped in to protect its own interests really, providing along with the banks enough money to keep the business going and according to the chief executive it will have no problems once the investment has gone through to keep it going well into the future. the question is of course what kind of business it becomes in the long run and whether it can actually make any money. theo leggett, thank you. our business correspondent, theo leggett. police across the uk are being given a new set of technology tools to help them fight online child abuse. the home office say it will enable
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officers to scan a suspect‘s hard drive much more quickly. a search that would have taken 2a hours before will now take just 30 minutes. danny shaw reports. a unique glimpse inside scotland ya rd's digital investigation department. this is where computers, smartphones and memory sticks are brought for analysis to provide evidence in the most complex crimes. these components are being repaired in the electronics lab. they're from a phone seized during a murder inquiry. scientists can restore phones thrown into water, set on fire, or stamped on, but it's painstaking work and there are lengthy delays. the problem for police is there are so many devices, it's taking too long to gather all the evidence. around four months on average. so, new techniques are being introduced to speed up the process. there you go, so in a matter of seconds it has said there's indecent images on this device. the new technology shown
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to the home secretary will help police compare indecent material with that held on the child abuse data base. the database has 13 million images. it's growing by1 million every four months. the new computers can scan a hard drive in 30 minutes. it currently takes 2a hours. you could describe it as a game changer in that it means that more of the victims will be protected. but also, just as importantly, more of these vile paedophiles will be caught and they will be taken through the courts and this will be presented as evidence and i hope more of them will be locked up behind bars where they belong. another benefit is that investigators will not have to spend so long looking at images of abuse because artificial intelligence will do it for them. for police officers, there is a limit to how many images you can look at. four hours is enough per day, if you look at more it could cause problems psychologically, so having a machine running 2a
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hours a day would be fantastic and you are not exposing officers to unnecessary images. technology has advanced a lot over the years and law enforcement is having to keep up. but it all comes down to police officers to carry out investigations and make the key decisions at a time when the service remains severely stretched and short of detectives. danny shaw, bbc news, at the met digital forensics lab in central london. theresa may says whoever succeeds her as prime minister must be more interested in public service than power. she made the comments in an interview with the daily mail as the two contenders to succeed her, borisjohnson and jeremy hunt, prepare to be cross—examined by andrew neil on the bbc tonight. 0ur political correspondent chris mason is at westminster, and chris, it seems plenty of the conservative party membership have yet to vote — so all play for? the expectation was when the ballot papers landed on doormats about a
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week ago the very assiduous conservative members would cross the box, shove it back in an envelope and post it back and by now the contest would be done and dusted but the hints we are getting suggest that fewer than half of conservative members have voted as of now so there still is jeopardy in this contest there still is jeopardy in this co ntest eve n there still is jeopardy in this contest even if plenty of servers, for what they are worth, suggest borisjohnson is streets ahead. enter the outgoing prime minister, remember her, giving an interview to the daily mail this morning, i think we can expect a few valedictory interviews from mrs may. interesting quote you alluded to in the introduction, let's bring you that quote directly because it's worth pondering on. here is what she said. too many people in politics think being prime minister is a position of power. actually, it is a position of power. actually, it is a position of service to the country. all too often those who see it as a position often those who see it as a position of power see it as about themselves and not about the people are serving. now, who on earth could she possibly be referring to there? she didn't refer to anyone by name but you don't have to be the most
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assiduous reader of political rooms to think the politician that might have been in her mind may have blonde hair. meanwhile, as you say, the set piece interviews for the two candidates, mrjohnson and mr hunt, jeremy hunt's interview has already been recorded and borisjohnson's will beer this afternoon. there is no more fiery, ferocious, forensic political interviewer as andrew neil. flipping frightening for many a politician. i've known many a politician who would climb an alp barefoot to avoid an interview with andrew neil and the two of them go in front of him today and you can see those interviews at 7pm tonight here on bbc one. chris, many thanks indeed. chris mason. just to underline that. you can watch the andrew neil interviews with borisjohnson and jeremy hunt at 7pm tonight here on bbc one — and afterwards on bbc iplayer. the time is 1:1lipm. our top story this lunchtime. britain sends a second warship
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to the gulf to help protect british shipping from iranian gunboats. the united states wants a naval coalition in the gulf. and still to come: england's commonwealth champion netballers start their world cup campaign tonight in liverpool. and coming up on bbc news: it's a big day for the big three at wimbledon, with roger, rafa and novak hoping to book their place sunday's men's singles final. to wimbledon now, where the biggest match of the year in the men's game will take place today. roger federer faces rafael nadal on wimbledon's grass for the first time in more than a decade. david 0rnstein is there for us. quite a prospect? ben, you say the biggest match this year — the biggest match shortly for
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many a year. 2008 was the last time roger federer and rafael nadal met at wimbledon, and how can we forget that day 11 years ago, described by many as the greatest tennis match of all time? iam many as the greatest tennis match of all time? i am delighted to be joined by the person who will be commentating on the match later today on bbc one, the former british number one andrew castle. andrew, how will this whet the appetite of the crowd here at wimbledon? the last time they played, 11 years ago, i can't believe we had to wait that long, federal came in as a champion and nadal pegged him back. —— federer. it was my great honour and privilege to commentate on that, as it will be today, but it was a real turning of the tables in the sport at that moment. this young man had driven through the older chap. i didn't think they would be around 11 yea rs didn't think they would be around 11 years later, but here they are. it will be a wonderful match. it is the battle between the characters.
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whatever sporting rivalry you would like to invoke, for me, this is the very pinnacle. so i can't wait for it to begin. nad al, djokovic and federer all in peak form all at the same time, and all in the last four ofa grand same time, and all in the last four of a grand slam. and all uninjured, andi of a grand slam. and all uninjured, and i think murray will rejoin them next year. i think his hip will be fine. it is not an easy match for novak djokovic in the other semifinal, but he is expected to go through. novak is the best player now. i am sorry to disappoint rafa fa ns now. i am sorry to disappoint rafa fans and roger fans, now. i am sorry to disappoint rafa fans and rogerfans, of now. i am sorry to disappoint rafa fans and roger fans, of which now. i am sorry to disappoint rafa fans and rogerfans, of which i am one, but the finest tennis is coming from the defending champion, novak djokovic, and he is world number one for a reason. the next three days will be fantastic. 1-word answer for the winner of the tournament? novak.
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second op today, prime—time, it is federer against nadal. the netball world cup has begun in liverpool today. 16 nations are taking part, including england — led by tracey neville, twin sister of phil neville. the roses are amongst the favourites, having won commonwealth gold last year. but australia and jamaica are also strong contenders. kate grey is in liverpool. you join mejust as you join me just as they have started practising for the opening ceremony that will start later this afternoon. we have had a brilliant morning of netball here this morning, with lots of great atmosphere stop the prize for the best supporters has to go to zimbabwe, who have lit up this stadium with singing and chanting throughout the match that they did indeed win. come this evening, there will be plenty for the home nation fa ns to will be plenty for the home nation fans to cheer about. liverpool is set to host the most competitive and unpredictable world cup to date. 16
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nations go into battle with over 100,000 spectators expected throughout this tournament. netball is certainly having its time in the
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