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couple of occasions since you have had other complaints about the audience. in february, the make—up of those attending a recording in motherwell and in particular this man aroused the anger of viewers, one of whom wrote... in on inona in on a programme from scotland in may also raise concerns when the presence of this woman led to the writer and commentator gerry hassan
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asking... we asked bbc news about the selection of the audience for question time and they said... the bbc is reviewing the vetting and transparency of members of the public participating in political programmes at the moment following the conservative leadership debate last month, but they are have also been questions raised about who only
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question time panel. there's a panel of five and i'm the only leaves a porter. the programme makers say they try to ensure a balance of political parties but not according to the journalist charles moore who appeared in april and said... again and again in this programme the balance fails to reflect the wider country. and a number of viewers agreed with charles moore, such as alan, who said... others feel that those supporting brexit dominate and object to the frequency with which nigel farage in particular is invited onto the programme. in may he had his 33rd appearance so far, which prompted dan in york to e—mail... bbc which prompted dan in york to e—mail. .. bbc news which prompted dan in york to e—mail... bbc news said in response
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that... they added... the arguments around brexit and much more complex than the choice between leave and remain... that edition of the programme in may was a particularly lively one with nigel farage clashing with the opponent of brexit, mp anna soubry. you clearly were not listening, you never do, do you? applause canl
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applause can ijust applause can i just say, applause can ijust say, you're talking about the toxicity of the debate and the kind of hot tempers we see here on the kind of stuff we see online and outside parliament. talking like this is exactly surely what we are talking about. as people, we can be better than that. for some audience members it too often resembles a bear pit with argumentative guests and rowdy audiences. eddiejones bear pit with argumentative guests and rowdy audiences. eddie jones put it like this... well, we have been trying for some time to discuss all of those issues with a representative from question time, either the independent
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programme maker or the bbc. in february we were told that someone would be made available to come on this series, but unfortunately their run has finished and they haven't. instead i am joined by three viewers of the programme, kate walsh and james sinister and in our edinburgh studio alex cameron. thank you to all of you for coming on news watch. let's start with the issue of the shouting turn of the programme, kate, you have been in the question time audience, how did you find it? the actual audience i was in the spine andi the actual audience i was in the spine and i have noticed, and this is before fiona bruce, a blaina blame at her door, that the audiences have been getting more rowdy in calling out and shouting out, and i remembera rowdy in calling out and shouting out, and i remember a few occasions when david dimbleby actually injected people from the studio, they were so rough and ready about things. and itjust lowers the tone
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of the whole thing. it doesn't become a debate, it becomes a shouting match. we raise concerns about the turn of the show with the bbc and this is what they had to say,... question time generates strong views and opinions on panel and audience. alex cameron, what do you have to say about the tone of the discussion on question time?|j think the discussion on question time?” think when people want to ask a question they should have their hands up but they are not doing that anymore, just seems to be someone has a point to make that they want to shout out and be heard. and i think that we need to get back on top of things on that score. you think it has degenerated a bit. james, you are not concerned about towing but are concerned about other things. i agree with a point alex made. it is inevitable there will be shouting because the country is so divided and people feel so strongly and as long as people did not come
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to blows, it's a reasonable safety valve. tell us about other issues, you are concerned about who comes onto the panel. the political parties nominate many of the guests and for example the conservative mp nikki thought he was on a couple of weeks ago, i could have predicted exactly what she was going to say and the same goes for many party political spokespersons. i think you should have a smaller panel but actually the bbc should choose who gets on the panel and it shouldn't just be mps spouting the party line. kate, what do you think about the panel, including issues around bias, maybe? i feel sometimes, not panel, including issues around bias, maybe? ifeel sometimes, not every week, that there are a lot of these leave people on the panel, which is fine, if they want to run it that way, that is their choice, but if by
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any chance on the odd week when there are more remain people you hear the leave people say this isn't fair, only one of me and four remainers, whereas if the roles are reversed the remainerjust gets on with it. and the other thing i really do wish we could get out of this thing of lever, remainer. it is getting, as you say, very divisive. question time is getting too embroiled in brexit. yes, it is important, but so are things like social care, nhs, education, care for the elderly. so there's an issue about how far it dominates. it is too dominating now. alex, what is your view of the panel make up and issues around balance, whether it is too much around brexit or two per brexit or anti—brexit?” too much around brexit or two per brexit or anti-brexit? i feel that there's too much of the programme
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time being used brexit. everybody knows that when the usual suspects, and the panel, we know what their views are, we know what they are going to say. we need to be diverse and find out what else is happening in the country. as far as the panel is concerned, i would lose the celebrity. i think the celebrity is there to promote themselves. celebrity. i think the celebrity is there to promote themselvesm sounds like you think the same, james. i am actually pro brexit and i feel that there is a prime remain bias, andl i feel that there is a prime remain bias, and i think that comes from the fact that so many members of the sort of london commentariat, journalists, think tank people get on. can we talk about nigel farage, because it is one of those issues around panel booking that seems to exercise people on social media. some people feel he's been on too much, what do you think? he has been on too much, and he stirs things. he
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was on the week when i was in the audience. and he does, he stirs the audience. and he does, he stirs the audience up. you can fuel the sort of tension rising. lots of catcalling and screaming and yelling. and i just catcalling and screaming and yelling. and ijust thought this is so uninformative, because he would be shouting across the other panel members. we have to leave it there but thank you to alex cameron, kate walsh and james sinister. that is all from us, we will be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye. with the weekend upon us, the weather is looking generally dry and settled for many of us. it has been quite a warm, humid week, but actually things have been turning a little bit fresher. through the weekend, plenty of spells of sunshine, one or two showers around.
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it won't be quite as hot and humid as it has been earlier in the week. the reason for the dry and settled theme is this area of high pressure that is building its way in from the west. slowly, that will squeeze away a ny leftover showers. we will still have one or two showers on saturday morning, particularly for parts of northern and eastern scotland. later in the day, a few cropping up down the pennines, in towards the midlands, and perhaps the odd one reaching the south—east of england as well. elsewhere, a lot of dry weather. the cloud should thin and break during the day and allow some sunshine to break through. with temperatures in the region of around 17—24 degrees. so reasonably warm still through the day on saturday. of course, the action continues at the championships in wimbledon. during saturday, we are expecting mainly dry and settled weather. there is just the outside chance of a shower or two. by sunday, it looks like things should be dry at wimbledon. so heading through saturday evening, you can seejust a few showers continuing down the spine of england. they should tend to fade away overnight as we move on into sunday as higher pressure builds
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in from the west. temperatures a fraction cooler, i think, first thing sunday morning. it won't be too warm or humid. some spells of sunshine from the word go for many of us, but still some patchy cloud drifting about. the wind turning more northerly, so that will draw in a bit more cloud and a bit of a cooler feel around these eastern coasts of england and scotland too. just the off chance that we might catch one or two showers further west by the time we get to sunday. it will probably be warmest towards the south—west of england and wales, 23 degrees there in cardiff, cooler where you have got that breeze coming in from the north sea further east. of course, it is the british grand prix at silverstone on sunday. it should be dry — we are expecting a fair amount of cloud, 19 degrees or so with just a gentle north—easterly breeze. and for the cricket world cup final as well at lord's, a dry theme to the weather through the day on sunday. not quite as hot or as humid as it has been. then that largely settled and bright theme continues into the first part of the working week before it then turns unsettled from midweek onwards. before i let you go, let's have look at what is happening on the side of the atlantic because tropical storm barry is strengthening.
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it is likely to strengthen quite soon into a hurricane before making landfall in louisiana. this is likely to bring some very damaging winds, intense heavy rainfall as well as a significant storm surge which is bringing dangerous conditions and flooding to parts of louisiana. we have got more details on tropical storm barry on our website. bye— bye.
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this is bbc news. welcome if you're watching here in the uk, on pbs in america, or around the globe. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories... braced for storm barry, louisiana declares a state of emergency, with warnings of high winds and heavy flooding. facebook reportedly faces a multi—billion dollar fine over the misuse of personal data and privacy breaches. testing times in the relationship between the us and turkey as ankara takes delivery of a russian missile defence system. and federer through again. the eight—time champion overcomes rafael nadal to reach his 12th wimbledon final.


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