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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  July 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am BST

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hello, this is breakfast with nina warhurst and roger johnson. good morning, here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. the mail on sunday has published more leaked messages sent by britain's former ambassador to the united states. good morning, welcome to breakfast in one of them, sir kim darroch accuses president trump with nina warhurst and rogerjohnson. of "diplomatic vandalism" over his decision to abandon the nuclear deal with iran. our headlines today: the documents have been made public, despite a warning from police to the media not to publish england's cricketers get ready for the biggest game of their lives as they face new zealand the leaked material. both conservative leadership in the world cup final. contenders have defended the rights of the press to publish the document. a man's been changed with the murder of a heavily pregnant woman we're live at lord's. eoin morgan's side face new zealand and the manslaughter of her baby in south london kelly mary fauvrelle, today looking to win their first ever world cup. who was 26 was stabbed to death at her home in croydon last month. her son riley was delivered by paramedics but died days more diplomatic memos from britain's later in hospital. former us ambassador are published — despite police warning the media against it. tropical storm barry continues millions of people are braced to batter the southern us state for potentially life—threatening of louisiana, as millions face flooding after tropical storm barry made landfall in the us state of louisiana.
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more than 100,000 households are already without power the risk of life—threatening floods. and flooding is expected to be most severe in areas southwest of new orleans. the storm reached hurricane strength as it neared land, there should be lots of dry weather but has now weakened to a storm, around today, with warm spells of sunshine as well. a few showers sustaining winds of 60mph. around this morning to clear away nhs trusts, schools and local but we will have all the detail for councils in england and wales could soon have a legal duty to help you in about half—an—hour. tackle serious youth violence under plans by the home secretary. under the proposals, it's sunday 14th july. public bodies will have to share our top story: one match away data and intelligence from making history. to combat crime. england take on new zealand the government says the new rules in the men's cricket world cup final are designed to build on existing responsibilities. at lord's later today. it's their first final since 1992, and neither team has ever won the trophy. mike bushell reports. it's a huge weekend for sport. mike's at lord's history will be made one way or the other? indeed, and imagine the with all the details. pressure of this historic chance for there is the men's wimbledon final england, eoin morgan and his side, as well, and the grand prix at
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because they were finalists back in 1979, 1987 and silverstone. because they were finalists back in 1979,1987 and 1992, and on all three occasions they lost in the final. this is a chance to go one i can't remember a day quite like step further. of course, they haven't been in a final since 1992, this, mainly because england haven't beenin this, mainly because england haven't been ina this, mainly because england haven't been in a world cup final in cricket so haven't been in a final since 1992, $03 haven't been in a final since 1992, so a whole generation has passed by with england missing out on since 1992. there are five occasions like this, and for it to be here at lords, for the first time lawnmowers out there at the moment, giving it a dream. there is not any in 200 years, this is a chance eoin rain expect it, certainly no morgan and his men don't want to miss. he seemed very calm and interruptions, and in the distance the famous pavilion. the last 200 collected yesterday, saying he wouldn't let emotions get to the yea rs, the famous pavilion. the last 200 years, generations have looked down players and that there are no injury problems for the players, so there on the drama and the action, but should be an unchanged side from the never have they seen an england team lifting the world cup. what an one that was flawless against australia in the semi—final, blowing opportunity this is for eoin morgan's side. they are the number them away at edgbaston. if they play like that today then you feel the one team in the world, they beat new world cup will be england's. but we know that sometimes it doesn't go zealand in their last group match, just over a week ago, so there is a all the way of england, looking at weight of expectation on the shoulders of the team. especially after way they played and blitzed those defeats against sri lanka and australia in the semifinals. it is
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new zealand. new zealand has talent important to keep everyone calm, cool and collected. not to let like kane williamson, but not the things get to them. yesterday, he certainly seemed very calm and collect as i sat down with him, tea m like kane williamson, but not the team like australia or india, with about how he is feeling. the world rankings, but they have shown potential. the toss will be interesting, because so far all of the match is played here during the first of all, congratulations, with tournament, the side batting first has gone on to win the match, so that could be crucial today. this chance to be the first england and we'll speak to mike live captain to win a world cup, three have tried before. have you thought from lords in a few minutes‘ time about how you will feel if you when? and bbc radio 5 live will be covering the game it isa from around 9:50. about how you will feel if you when? it is a great opportunity to go out the mail on sunday has published and win the world cup, and that more leaked messages sent by britain's former ambassador doesn't come around very often. we to the united states. are extremely excited about it, i in one of them, sir kim darroch hope everybody else is. for you, accuses president trump of "diplomatic vandalism" over his decision to abandon the nuclear deal with iran. ta ke hope everybody else is. for you, take us back to when you were a boy, the documents have been made public, did you have a dream of leading a despite a warning from police tea m did you have a dream of leading a team out to a world cup final? to the media not to publish leaked material. did you have a dream of leading a both conservative leadership team out to a world cup final7m did you have a dream of leading a team out to a world cup final? it is that far removed that i never in my contenders have defended the rights of the press to wildest dreams dreamt of it. it is publish the document. jeremy hunt described it as a vital awesome. i dreamt of hitting the ru ns awesome. i dreamt of hitting the runs in the world cup final, i never dreamt i would leave my country out
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part of the uk's democracy. ina dreamt i would leave my country out in a world cup final, so that probably sums up how much it means. did the nerves kick in with you?” we have to remember that the official secrets act is therefore a was calm, excited, looking forward reason, and it is the police'sjob to the game. it is an opportunity we to decide if a criminal act has been have created through our hard work, committed, but at the same time not resilience, many hours of putting in forget what is precious about our i suppose work that sometimes country, which is that we have one of the most vibrant and free media doesn't want to be done. everyone in the change room has contributed to in the world, and this is a country this over the last four years, and that has always been known for it has culminated in this final.” standing upfor that has always been known for standing up for democratic values, so we standing up for democratic values, so we have to make sure that we defend the right ofjournalists to suppose the work has been done since four years ago. ironically, this publish lea ks when defend the right ofjournalists to publish leaks when they are in the national interest, and when national revolution that has led to this security hasn't been compromised. a man's been changed with the murder of a heavily pregnant woman point started four years ago in new and the manslaughter zealand, and wendy mccallum was best of her baby in south london. kelly mary fauvrelle, who was 26, was stabbed to death at her home man at yourwedding. in croydon last month. her son riley was delivered zealand, and wendy mccallum was best man at your wedding. we were by paramedics but died days humiliated in wellington, and later in hospital. eventually knocked out of the tournament, and then came back and the uk will not be able to control sat down and made a plan. we were so key elements of a no—deal brexit should we leave the eu without a deal. far behind the rest of the world at
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that's what the chancellor, phillip hammond, has said the time, and the process of getting in a new edition of bbc panorama. to the world cup, we had pretty much hit rock bottom at the time. there with just days left before he's was daylight between us and the best expected to leave the treasury, teams in the world. it was the chancellor has said the eu humiliating, and it is not a nice will control most of the process feeling. we didn't adapt to if the uk leaves without a deal later this year. conditions, and we certainly went in we're joined now by political with the wrong mindset. so you correspondent, helena wilkinson, who's here to tell us more. changed it so you started hitting teams from the front, being aggressive, brave and bold with the bat. yes, it was clear that that was as somebody who perhaps has had a direction 50 overs cricket was remained tendencies, people might say you would expectjeremy hunt to going, so in order to be considered contenders for this world cup we say you would expectjeremy hunt to say this. he has been very vocal in needed to be ranked in the top ten, and we are now thankfully ranked the run—up to the new pm, who was number one. but to be playing a just days away from going into brand of cricket that pushes the number ten, about his feelings about the impact of a no deal brexit, and opposition back, it is exciting to the impact of a no deal brexit, and the chancellor himself is likely to watch and to play in. how has your step down once that new pm takes up their post. but these are comments journey been, what would it mean to you to lift the world cup as that he has made in a panorama programme that is due to be forecast captain? it would mean everything.
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the whole country is behind you. he on thursday. and what he is saying is the sort of person you want in is that despite planning for a no your dressing room, inspiring but also keeping a lid on the deal brexit, it will when it comes expectations and emotions. imagine to would be out of the hands of the the effect it will have if england uk. some of the comments he made in win, as it is the first one—day this programme, which is due to be international being shown on broadcast on thursday, talks about how there is no way that the uk will terrestrial tv, with sky sharing control key elements in a no deal with channel 4. let's consider the brexit. he goes on to say it will be the eu who will control many of the impact the world cup has already had, being held in this country, but levers, and he also talks about the the impact it could also have if england win. let me introduce you impact of trade across the channel. he says the uk won't be able to again from the england and well —— control what happens at calle. and just to repeat what he said, he says wales cricket board city manager. we can make sure that good flow how has this helped to overcome some of these barriers? the south asian inwards, but we can't control the outward flow into the port of action plan is to better gauge the calais. he is saying that the uk south asian community at every level of the game, so to be watching, playing, partaking or even will be at the mercy of france, and volunteering in the sport. sport with just days to go until the votes england also kindly sponsored us to
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closed, the new pm will be in downing street a couple of days invite thousands of south asian players into the game. we want to after that, this gives you an inspire future generations and allow indication of a potential split between the new pm and the treasury. future audiences to say cricket is a millions of people are braced game for me. they are going to be for potentially life—threatening doing that through an entry—level flooding after tropical storm barry made landfall in the us programme for 5— eight —year—olds, state of louisiana. more than 100,000 households and so farwe are already without power and flooding is expected to be most programme for 5— eight —year—olds, and so far we have had over 600,000 children register. what impact do severe in areas southwest of new orleans. our correspondent you think the last months has had in terms of the world cup, being here, the vanzon, the audiences watching sophie long reports. live? it has been incredible. we have had more and more people take up have had more and more people take up the sport, i have seen more coastal towns were battered by winds of up to 70 miles an hour. there was female players than ever before, and flooding in low—lying areas and more people are saying, i can do whole communities were left without this, and cricket is a game for me. power. now, the storm is moving i can't wait for the effect it will slowly north through the state of have. if they win it, it will be louisiana. barry may have been fantastic, cranky. —— crikey. downgraded from a hurricane patricia tropical storm almost as soon as it
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it is not long before we see the crowds coming in, and then the all made landfall but people here are still concerned. this is one reason important cost. all four matches why. the mississippi river has been swollen to flood levels for many held here in this world cup, the months and now forecasters are predicting further downpours in the tea m held here in this world cup, the team that has batted first has gone on to win. we will speak with a few next 48 hours. there is so much other cricket personalities in the water with the storm, it will come north. and where some of these rain next couple of hours to get their thoughts. it is such a huge day of bands sit, they have the potential sport and a huge day at wimbledon, of course, the men's final. before to produce a foot or more of rain. we reflect on how roger federer and what people here originally heeded warnings to shelter in their homes but as they started to return to the novak djokovic will go, how about streets, the city's man warned they this? simona halep taking less than are not out of the woods yet. while an hourto the storm surge risk on the city has this? simona halep taking less than an hour to beat serena williams, and deny her a record equalling 24th grand slam singles title. she beat passed, the primary risk continues williams in straight sets. to remain. the levy system that she beat williams in straight sets protects the city for a major to claim her first title flooding has so far stood up to the at the all england club, her second grand slam, storm's force. but there is concern becoming the first romanian to win the singles at the all england club. that heavy rain could still overwhelm the drainage system and it means she'll move up to number
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four when the world rankings come flash flood warnings have now been out on monday. extended to this evening. it is something very special, my mother said that if i wanted to do something in special i would have to play the final at wimbledon, so the day came, so thank you to my mother. some breaking news, with 40,000 meanwhile the british men's wheelchair doubles pair alfie hewett and gordon reid lost in straight sets tojoachim gerard people without power in the and stefan olsson in the wimbledon final. fellow briton andy lapthorne manhattan area in new york. people was also defeated in straight sets by australia's dylan alcott. have been stuck in lifts and without any power in their homes. later on centre court there's another epic expected in the men's final. after beating rafa nadal on friday, we've all been to the shops roger federer now goes for a ninth and returned with a few wimbledon title against extra unplanned items. novak djokovic, a man who's but one music producer went out beaten him at this stage twice before. for biscuits and came back joe lynskey looks ahead. with a brand new act. in men's tennis right now there are that's karina ramage, two champions who won't go away — who was about to start her shift at a waitrose store in london when a music producer called roger federer and novak djokovic have 12 wimbledon titles between
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daniel glatman, who created the band blue, saw her guitar and asked them, and at nearly 38, federer is to see her perform. she sang her own song, wasteland, still going. still graceful. but playing djokovic can come in ordeal. and he signed her on the spot. with a racket he is elastic, wimbledon's brick wall. federer i will have to start taking my guitar out to supermarkets when i comes off the back of one of the go. can you sing? it doesn't stop me great semifinals, but after those four sets against rafa nadal, how much has he got left?” trying! it's not going to work if four sets against rafa nadal, how much has he got left? i feel really good, i recovered well after the you can't sing! match against rafa nadal, it hasn't england are aiming to win their first ever cricket world cup when they meet new zealand in the final at lord's today. the hosts are playing been difficult for me to take the in their first final for 27 years, it's a game that will be shown on free to air tv. mike bushell is at lord's now. confidence again from this tournament so far and remind myself i have one more match to go. on what is the feel like? england have centre court, federer is the icon. been seen as favourites but it has djokovic feels it is not quite the been seen as favourites but it has same. his last format was tight and been an inconsistent tournament so far. the world cup is all about tetchy, but the server has been here picking at the right time. this is five times before and lost the final the crucial bit, with england being just once. he too knows how the day the crucial bit, with england being the team doing just that. earlier in
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works. it is the most unique final the team doing just that. earlier in the tournament you would have said india would win, they were playing so india would win, they were playing so fantastically. then they came of any tournament in the world. it unstuck, they lost to england and we re unstuck, they lost to england and were knocked out by new zealand. is such a sacred tennis club, and the surface and the stadium, everything is very special when you australia were doing well, then they think about it, so i can't wait to lost a couple of matches and were step out their. in grand slams, knocked out by england. if england federer hasn't beacon djokovic in play the way they did against seven yea rs. federer hasn't beacon djokovic in seven years. he is a code the swiss australia, when their performance was described as flawless, they will surely win the world cup. new finds tough to crack. but he keeps zealand were finalised four years ago when it was held in australia rolling back the years and a ninth and new zealand and they were left wimbledon title could be his most disappointed by that. they are hoping to have some luck this time, remarkable. but england do start as strong favourites, and with jason roy and england's victory over scotland at the netball world cup jonny bairstow, if they get off to a in liverpool was soured by the news good start it could be a very one—sided game. england won't want that layla guscoth will miss to think like that, they don't want to think like that, they don't want to ta ke to think like that, they don't want to take anything for granted. the the rest of the tournament with a ruptured achilles. in the game itself 36—year—old ground is a hive of activity, a bit rachel dunn scored an impressive 49 points in a dominant overcast but blue sky as well. we have three special guests to talk 70—34 victory. about the impact of winning the they'll play samoa later today world cup. a lot of this is about as they try to top the group inspiring the next generation, while scotland face uganda. adding more people involved in spreading the love. we have the
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northern ireland picked up theirfirst win of the tournament. england in one cricket board city after losing to the reigning champions australia, they got off the mark with a 67—50 manager, we have the cricket coach victory over sri lanka. from the yorkshire cricket club, and valtteri bottas beat teammate lewis hamilton to pole position by the tiniest of margins at the british grand prix. the finn beat the five time world champion byjust 6 thousandths of a second. the assistant coach. what sort of problems do you have to overcome in spreading cricket to diverse communities and how have you managed to do that? the world cup has been hamilton was looking to secure his fifth consecutive amazing, we have seen so many more pole at silverstone. children pick up a bat and ball because of how far england have mercedes locked out the front row for today's race at siverstone come, but also because of how great with ferrari's charles they are doing in the tournament. leclerc third. there are cultural and society there was another crash for geraint thomas at the tour de barriers. so, what is the role of a france, the defending champion female. we have two great coaches finished in the pack on stage 8 but lost time on the leaders. beside me, and we want to make it he remains fifth, over a minute behind frenchman julian alaphilippe, who reclaimed the yellowjersey. available for as many people as possible. we also want to make sure there are facilities, taking into consideration cultural barriers women face. what sort of people have
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you managed to get involved in this? it doesn't all go to plan for the favourites and the defending it isa you managed to get involved in this? it is a project through the champion, like the great man geraint yorkshire foundation, which is thomas. willet for england? they are giving the opportunity for deprived favourites and if they play as they children to play. what sort of did in the semifinals against problems do you have to overcome to australia, it will. all those years get people involved ? of waiting will and and england will problems do you have to overcome to get people involved? and we have to face a lot of cultural barriers, lift a world cup, but they are because obviously in asian society girls are forbidden from playing certainly not counting any chickens sports, and because of this, we face yet. tropical storm barry is bringing torrential rain and 60mph winds discrimination and stereotypes about to louisiana in the southern who we are. these other barriers you united states. although the weather system has lost some of its strength, millions of people are braced face as an asian woman. normally, if for potentially life—threatening flooding. meteorologist daniel phillips joins us from the city lafayette, you are a girl and you are asian, thatis you are a girl and you are asian, near the area expected that is how you are going to feel. to be hit the worst. how does the world cup make you feel in terms of those changes? in we thank you forjoining us. it has have seen a lot more people coming been downgraded now to a storm but
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those warnings lives are under threat, how do things feel? they are picking up a little now. it was into it, just a lot more girls acquired day here for the most part. coming into play it for fun, not necessarily to take it as a career, the problem is that the wind has butjust to necessarily to take it as a career, but just to enjoy it. england are been picking up and now we're looking at the radar and is a still in it, and i think that has tremendous amount of rain and then down here that rainfall is usually got them to play... imagine if they the worst part of the storms that what we are bracing for now. just win it! do you think they will? yes! waiting for the flood threat, waiting for the flood threat, waiting and watching the water come up. that is where we are right now. it is not necessarily playing at the flooding that comes after the this level, but just it is not necessarily playing at storm presents the real danger, up this level, butjust playing the to 25 inches expected. do you feel game in the garden, using water bottles for wickets, whatever it is. the infrastructure is in place to withstand that sort of pressure? as imagine the impact it will have if best as we can. i know new orleans england do manage to win later has worked really hard to make sure today. there levy system is ready for stuff absolutely, and we will have an like this. they have been testing interview later with eoin morgan. we pumps through the week and through
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have the men's final at wimbledon as well, loads going on today. some other cities, they have an extensive levee protection down there as well. the problem is once let's look at the front pages. the mail on sunday digs further into leaked diplomatic you start getting 25 inches of emails from the ex—uk ambassador rainfall, no matter where you are in the us, sir kim darroch. the paper says sir kim claimed that there is no pump in the world that us president donald trump abandoned can take that on. so far it looks the iran nuclear deal to spite his predecessor, like the heaviest rain has stayed barack obama. offshore which is some good news for us offshore which is some good news for us but the infrastructure we have as the sunday times also focuses on the leaked emails. best we can but those pumps and it reports on the fact that the brexit party chairman those levees can only do so much. and mep richard tice is in a relationship with isabel oakshotte, everything is holding and i know the journalist who broke they have been testing and closing the story last week. its main picture is the new floodgates through the week. thank wimbledon women's champion, simona halep. you forjoining us and look after the sunday telegraph is also looking yourself. i'm not quite sure we will at the diplomatic leak, with claims that prime minister theresa may have anything quite as dramatic and her officials have come under fire after the metropolitan police warned journalists not today in the uk. a little bit of to publish any more leaks. rain. isa today in the uk. a little bit of rain. is a threatening london, that its wimbledon picture isn't patch of rain? it is. it is. good the winner but two spectators who watched the final — the duchesses of cambridge and sussex. morning. nothing as potentially and the observer says
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whistleblowers who criticised labour's handling of allegations of anti—semitism are to sue the party over its response devastating is what we see across to a bbc panorama programme the united states here in the uk but on the subject. with the sport events in mind, this picture was sent in a little while ago, a photo from lincolnshire showing some showers around. a here's helen with a look splash of rain approaching the north at this morning's weather. there is a lot happening today. good of london now but it will move through and the confidence is fairly high although it may delay the start of the cricket world cup, perhaps morning. fingers crossed it is not too bad. good morning to you both. bad light more than the rain, it should clear away and be an we have high pressure with us which improving picture. by the time is often good news for dry weather, wimbledon gets away this afternoon it should have cleared away. an if that is what you want although it improving picture, could have quite a lot of cloud around this morning has been very dry across southern as you see from my. those showers areas this month so far. we need a little rain. there is some rain on are not limited to london but effect the charts this morning. this is the radar pictures showing showers east anglia and drift across the drifting towards the london area. south—east of england and then a dry however, that is early this morning and we are fairly hopeful that they picture. a little drizzle in the north—east of scotland and we could should clear through by the time the have sunshine and seabreeze
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cricket gets under way. however, developing further west and have worst—case scenario cricket gets under way. however, worst—case scenario mightjust delay some convergence showers where the the start a little bit because the wind comes together and the air is thick cloud and an odd spot of rain. forced to rise and we have isolated showers. those are likely in the but the picture improves as we go late north and west later which is through the day. we have an improving picture for other areas of where we see the high temperatures eastern england where there are today because of this keen breeze on showers, east anglia, the south and the midlands, from mid morning onwards they push out of the way the east anglian coastline to cool things down. that breeze continues with remnants of what developed overnight pulling for cloud in here yesterday in the showers and as we and in scotland. on the whole it is go through the afternoon, the chance ofa go through the afternoon, the chance of a shower shifts west but cooler elsewhere and overnight more generally speaking the west will be co mforta ble cooler elsewhere and overnight more comfortable in southern and eastern see the best of the sunshine. light wind and a keen breeze flowing areas, with the humidity gone. a through east anglia to temper beautiful starts of the day on the temperatures a little bit. 24 across west tomorrow morning where we see the best of the sunshine but it could be a few hours before we clear south—west england and south wales this cloud across eastern areas. potentially. higher temperatures for still a little drizzle around but it scotla nd should be clear. are warm and for potentially. higher temperatures for scotland and northern ireland today compared to yesterday with light wind and more sunshine coming most of us dry day with isolated through. little drizzle for the showers in the west. the highs today north and east of scotland on thick tomorrow in the low 20s for many cloud today and that thick cloud pa rt tomorrow in the low 20s for many part and feeling pleasant enough through the night meanders through with the seabreeze developing. the to other eastern parts, notjust son isjust a with the seabreeze developing. the son is just a strong wherever you scotla nd to other eastern parts, notjust scotland but england. a cool night are and let's hope that those
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for most of us, slightly cloudy showers move through. we are skies to start again for eastern confident we to get a lot of play for the cricket and the tennis parts of england, not necessarily dan can drizzly as we see we showers today. so far it looks like the this morning but it will take a while forjuly sunshine to work through. it looks try again tomorrow tennis final and the cricket final for most, just the odd shower. highs are fine. let's get the latest technology news now with click. very similar to today, with a bit more sunshine coming through in england. prospects a little further ahead bring some weather fronts into scotla nd ahead bring some weather fronts into scotland primarily later on on monday night into tuesday. that sta rts monday night into tuesday. that starts to trigger some heavy showers and thunderstorms. high—pressure hanging on in the south over a fine day here but really from mid week we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, onwards we are starting to see much not because they are easy, more unsettled weather coming in and but because they are hard. by the end of the week we are likely to see some rain coming into the far so said presidentjohn south of the country. it looks as if f kennedy in 1962. the fine weather should last for most of us today. that is once we on july the 16th, 1969, clear the showers away. should gone three astronauts, neil armstrong, for the singles final at least. edwin "buzz" aldrin, and michael collins, made ready to fulfil that promise
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as they prepared for apollo 11. we will be talking about wimbledon a little later. 20 minutes past six, the first crewed mission this is to land on the moon. three men to represent the culmination of a dream. here at nasa in houston, texas, mission control monitored every brea kfast. aspect of the moon shot. time now for this week's film review. these days it's used to monitor hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. the international space station, the actual control room used to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark — what do for the apollo 11 mission we have this week? is undergoing a bit of a refurb we have the dead don't die, in honour of the 50th anniversary. it is a zombie movie but not marcos flores is one of the current a horror movie. so you are fine. 0k? mission controllers for the iss. we have stuber which there was no guarantee that apollo is an action comedy. 11 was going to be successful. and the brink, a documentary i mean, it was really cutting edge, dangerous stuff, wasn't it? about steve bannon. yeah, definitely. there was a lot of risk involved the dead don't die. in the missions themselves and how yes, it is a zombie movie but that is about the end dangerous they were, but also a lot of unknowns in terms of the horror. of being able to successfully this is an ironic, kind of movie. land on the moon. the 36—storey tall saturn v moves this is byjim jarmusch. out of its huge assembly building
6:20 am
and heads for the launchpad. so we have two cops, to build the launch vehicle, adam driver and bill murray, nasa contracted boeing, north american aviation, who are driving around centerville the douglas aircraft company, which is a real nice place. and ibm to help build a rocket that then they start to think would end up being the biggest something weird is happening, there are news stories and most powerful ever built. about the world being knocked off its axis by polar fracking. daylight ending when it shouldn't do. by the time they get call that a rocket? to to the station, things are going severely wrong and the dead are coming back to life this is a rocket. and walk on the earth, not to the delight of everybody. inside here is the saturn v rocket. guys... stage 1 gets you off the launchpad shouldn't we be telling each other that it's all going to be ok? like this will all go and up to a speed of 6000 mph. away like a bad dream? ronnie? two and a half minutes later gee, wendy, i'm not all of this fuel is burnt. sure i can say that. cliff? you don't want to carry an empty casing into space so you ditch it to save on weight.
6:21 am
please? it's all going to be ok, wendy. then five rocket engines in stage 2 ignite and send you into the upper atmosphere. maybe it'll alljust go away... a bad dream. at 115 miles up all that fuel is gone, too. i doubt it. you ditch the second stage. and this rocket on stage 3 fires you were laughing all you around the earth and into orbit. the way through that clip. then it powers down and, who doesn't love bill murray? there's a lot to be said for him. a little while later, it restarts. this time it sends you to the moon. individually, there are lots of funny and charming moments. you have a cast which includes steve buscemi, tilda swinton so here's the thing. wielding a samurai sword, that bit there. iggy pop is on the search of good coffee. that's where the people sit. if you are a fan ofjimjarmusch it all the rest of it is fuel. often starts to feel like a greatest laughter. while the rocket was hits collection of quirks and jokes, incredibly powerful, there isn't anything so, at the time, was
6:22 am
you haven't seen before. the computing power required for the apollo programme. you might see it as a sister picture even though in popular culture to only lovers left alive. the computers of the day, the weirdest thing about it is which in this case were giant mainframes, are often compared that it takes a lot of tropes unfavourably to contemporary technology. from george romero's zombie movies, particularly the dead trilogy. the 360 75 that we used was a 1 mip machine — which i know you watch on hard rotation. one million instructions per second. each of which are about a specific thing, dawn of the dead is about consumerism. this sort of is seems to be saying, and it had 1 meg of real memory or1 we are all consumers, million bytes of real memory and 4 and what we are looking for is wi—fi, zombies walking around million bytes of auxiliary memory. looking for wi—fi. in passing, it is quirky the numbers you hearfor the iphone and funny up to a point. that i own are anywhere from 10,000 there is also a fourth times as fast as that to even wall breaking device, a million to maybe even — i think i've seen one that was 100 there is a song by sturgill simpson, it is on the car and bill murray million times as fast. says why do i know the song? and adam driver says homer programmes the actual code it is the theme song. used for the descent and ascent and also how do you know this is going to happen? of the lunar landing module. well, we have seen the script. and onjuly the 20th 1969 it kicked there is a weird fourth wall breaking. in, as neil armstrong piloted you think it is handily going to do something really interesting the lunar lander onto
6:23 am
and magical and itjust doesn't. the moon's surface. every now and then, it cuts back to tom waits who plays this sort we're going that line. music plays. of wild man and lives in the words and quotes henman melville. and does a lot of being tom waits with hair. right, we're go. tom waits is that the only impression i can do. i wanted more. we've had shut down. i think there are individual funny the eagle has landed. and quirky moments but itjust felt at 0239 hours armstrong exited like — yeah... the landing module and uttered the immortal phrase. it seems to me like you're saying it doesn't quite hold together. like the zombies, it doesn't go that's one small step for a man, anywhere itjust wibbles around and then falls over. one giant leap for mankind. wibble! i love that! now, as any good tourist knows, photos are a must. let's move to the second film, which i haven't seen, armstrong and aldrin also left but i like the premise. a plaque and a flag. and took a phone call from president richard nixon. kumail nanjiani and dave bautista in a comedy. hello, neil and buzz, i think kumail nanjiani is really i'm talking to you by telephone funny, he is an assuming uber driver. from the oval room at the white house. and this certainly has to be the most historic phone call ever made.
6:24 am
dave bautista is a law enforcement agent, who due to a complicated plot and what did we learn from the apollo missions contrivance, there is a bad guy that we still use today? he has been trying to get for ages. he has a laser surgery, we are leveraging a lot therefore he can't see. he knows where the bad guy will be. of the experience that we gained with the vehicles themselves he has to get an uber in terms of the rocket design, driver to help him. the capsule design, and what it so they are thrown together takes for us to safely, like a sort of odd couple you know, send that body up to space buddy cop movie. i think kumail nanjiani's always funny, he does get the maximum laughs. and bring it back down. he isjust a driver driving an electric car. the problem is, it is not really a recent poll suggests that one in six britons believe the moon enough for the film. landing was staged. also they have a brilliant martial arts performer who is never really in the age of the internet, conspiracy theories run rampant, given the chance to shine. and claiming the moon landings were a hoax is at the head of the pack. so in the end it comes down companies like nvidia have tried to whether you find kumail nanjiani to use technology to prove the moon and dave bautista landings did happen. sparking off each other. dave bautista plays the whole thing they built a 3d render like a short—sighted bear using a powerful graphics processing with a sore head, which is a joke unit, which realistically represents that lasts around 15—20 minutes. how light behaves on the moon, debunking popular conspiracy theory about the lighting in the moon
6:25 am
afterwards it starts to kind of... landing images being wrong. again, a talent that i wanted more. i will confess that i did laugh four or five times and all of those laughs were because ijust find well, we decided to do some digging on our own and examine the evidence kumail nanjiani just funny. that proves, yes, human beings number three is a documentary but have landed on the moon. this has a regular cinema release? jonathan swift, the famous novelist, satirist — yes, documentaries are now a very important part of cinema. "reasoning will never make a man this is directed by alison klayman, correct an ill opinion by which reasoning it is a documentary about steve bannon. and what steve bannon did having he never acquired." gone out of the white house for complicated reasons and is now if someone has an unreasonable opinion about something, going around the world trying based on nonsense, it doesn't matter to drum up support for his populist how much reasoning you do with them, you're never going to reason them out of it, because reason didn't get them there to begin with. nationalist movement. there are the famous ones, that you know, the fact that they didn't actually go to the moon, actually launched the rocket and orbited the earth, for a few times, pretended they went in doing so, we see him, consorting with a rogues gallery to the moon, and came home. oh, radiation, that's the other one. of people, people with links to far right groups, there is no way they could have gone on the other hand, through the deadly van allen belt opportunist millionaires — and nigel farage. that surrounds planet earth. there's the anomalies with the photographs,
6:26 am
if you're interested, what i like to do is set up something — and i'll fund it somehow all of which are ridiculous. stanley kubrick directed it — and i think you're the perfect guy. in a film set in area 51, somewhere in the desert. the technology to fake the moon landings did not exist in 1969. the technology did exist we help knit together this populist nationalist movement to get to the moon in throughout the world. 1969 — just. because guys in egypt are coming to me, the modi guys in india, duerte. you know, and we get orban, and... we are somehow some sort of convening authority radio: three feet down, 2.5, for conferences and stuff like that picking up some dust. so we get ideas out... i mean, you think that's big shadow, it's different but it's a worthwhile thing? yeah... nobody's got it, nobody very pretty out here. is doing it right now. it's not being done. the lunar surface cameras were based on our 500 el systems. the reason that we are going to beat we had many modifications. corbyn and sanders is they're not the viewfinders, and the mirror prepared to take system, all of this was removed on the powers that be. we're fire breathers, to save weight, which then locked i mean, we're taking into a chest bracket on the establishment every day. you've taken on the tory party, on the astronaut‘s suit. and it was literally moving i'm taking on the republican party. their body, tilting their body, they don't have that... to frame up the images. and that's why we can steal a march on them. and the reason they don't want to do you can't see any stars because the contrast range it — it's immigration. as long as they don't take on... of the surface images is too high. theyjust refuse to take on immigration, we're prepared to take it on. if it's a bright day and you stand yes. it's a global revolt. outside a house and open the door "we're fire breathers and we're taking this on."
6:27 am
the thing is, the documentary to the house and look in, doesn't interrogate them at all, you can't see any of the detail it is a fly on the wall documentary. because it's too bright where you are. so this is as close as a modern it is like spending time in his mind. equivalent as we would have. it has a 100 megapixel sensor. the film—maker had very good access. yeah, great access. if we took it to the surface today would not be able to capture stars in a way, it is left to journalists and lunar surface detail who we see actually challenging in the same image. bannon. radio: oh gee, that's great. is the lighting here decent? one of the issues of doing it great interventions from paul lewis of the guardian and others in a studio is the dust on the moon. who do actively challenge him, and when there is no atmosphere, talking about charlottesville, affiliations to people who are appallingly racist and have extremist views. dust behaves differently to when there is atmosphere. those sections remind you the importance of good so now you would have journalism, ofjournalists to have a studio that you evacuated who are willing to raise the hard and had a vacuum in. questions, willing to integrate the lunar mission comes as a climax of the space race that the united states and ask things that are difficult. and soviet union have been competing in since the mid— 1950s for technological and scientific supremacy. —— willing to interrogate. do you really need to be interested in the minutiae of us politics the soviets possessed advanced to enjoy it as a film? tracking capabilities of their own, enjoy is a strange word and have used them to track icbm because i found it very hard company missiles as well as spaceflight. to be in. i respect the film—maker's decision so their inability to detect a conspiracy of this to literally stand back and let nature seems unlikely.
6:28 am
people have their say. moreover, they would have had every give them enough rope, incentive to expose this in order let them say what they want. to score a major propaganda victory. obviously, there are moments in the documentary which do cause an intake of breath in which people apollo engineers were very well aware of the van allen belt. say things which are quite outrageous but the documentary a, it wasn't in them for very long, is very keen to just stand back and b, it charted a course actually and say, judge it yourself. where the van allen belt which i did. it is quite weak anyway. anyone who follows you on twitter you would think that having moon rocks on the earth would be living can imagine how you judged it. proof that the conspiracy let's talk about best of the week. theories can be debunked. well, this film, which is out those rocks are still in cinemas, and it's not a really being studied today. some of them are sealed up, wide release, but it's never look away and it's a film never yet been touched, by florian henckel von donnersmarck, because the scientists, who made lives of others. even back in the '60s in the '70s, i think it is a very smart film. knew that technology would get it is inspired by, but not based on, better with time and they would be the life of gerhard richter. able to make new scientific discoveries. the artist. yeah, the artist. we have, left by the apollo it's a film about ways of seeing, astronauts on the moon, that is kind of talking about quite complicated artistic ideas retro reflectors, these but wrapped up in a melodramas that are passive experiments, where, a bit like cat's eyes, goes through various we can fire a laser at them. sections of history — bounce lasers from the earth to the moon to understand from the war and then from fascism the changing behaviours to communism to the west of the moon and its orbit.
6:29 am
and what is interesting about it, it is sadly not enough for the deniers, they will on the one hand, it's a very always see conspiracy. mainstream and very accessible film while conspiracies have of a love story and a mystery. been around for decades, they certainly have a new lease on the other hand, it is a film which — look at that title, never look away on life in the age of the internet. — is asking about the ways in which artists can look at things things like facebook groups, by kind of looking at them let all these disparate ideas from the side. where people come together and find each other in a way we have never had before. so the romans had conspiracy sometimes you can only look theories, theyjust didn't at something by looking away. it's three hours long... have the internet. now we still have conspiracy yeah. ..but it flew by. theories, because we are humans ok, that's good. and our brains are fallible, i'm terrible with long films and we have the internet, but i thought it absolutely flew by. it's a perfect storm. all right. and dvd? yes, this is a very brief theatrical release, but armstrong, the documentary about neil armstrong that is it for the short cut of click. is coming out on dvd next week. we are at the anniversary of the moon landings, we have seen a lot of films about it — it was apollo 11 just recently and first man, the feature film, not long before that. but the fact of the matter is that it is such an astonishing story. this documentary concentrates much more about his life story — so before and after the mission. armstrong, but i am just addicted to this... it's all very fascinating, isn't it? that's just the thing. every single time, i am astonished
6:30 am
at what was achieved when people work together, what you can actually do. at the centre of it is this very, very enigmatic character who was never very emotional in public but did something extraordinary. fantastic. thank you very much. see you next week. enjoy your cinema going. 00:30:16,429 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 bye— bye.
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