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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 17, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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they've got their man — matthijs de ligt is set to be presented as a juventus player after arriving in turin. and jofra archer can deliver for england in the ashes — the verdict of one former captain, impressed by the bowler‘s performances in their world cup winning journey. manchester city have finally arrived in china for their pre—season tour after delays forced them to fly two days later than planned. the premier league champions had an open training session in shanghai. they're taking part in the premier league asia trophy alongside west ham, wolves and newcastle. welcome to the programme. the world's best golfers are settling in on the antrim coast
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in northern ireland. the open championship at royal portrush, gets underway on thursday. it's now the final major of the year and the tournament has seen 10 different champions over the past decade. but you have to go back to 2006 for tiger woods‘s last victory, but could he build on the success he's seen in 2019 so far. patrick gearey reports. recently, tiger woods has swapped the green jacket four o'clock of invisibility. now he finds himself back out on the open, and he admits necessary rest has left his game rusty. it is not quite as sharp as i would like to have it right now. i made a conscious effort to cut back on my schedule to make sure i don't play too much. i want to play for as long as i possibly can, and you have to understand that if i play a lot i won't be out here that long. he finds himself in wild and unfamiliar country. bought rush hasn't hosted the open since 1941, it is a perilous course only known to a few on the tour. rory mcilroy is as close to home as possible. even for a man who has won four majors, winning this would be special. a man who has won four majors, winning this would be speciallj don't get that emotional with golf
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but if it were to happen, i don't know what the emotions would be. it would definitely take a lot for me not to burst out crying. we are definitely expecting a different kind of waterworks. much has changed in northern ireland since max faulkner was victorious 60 years ago. if you go by the forecast, one thing hasn't. and full details of all the tee times for the open, plus more build up to the event, can be found on the bbc sport website. less than a month now till the premier league season starts with lots of clubs on pre—season toui’s overseas. manchester united are in western australia. 0le gunnar solskjaer‘s side play english rivals leeds in perth on wednesday. the united boss feels the club, with the reputation it has, should have more ambitious plans for next season.
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we have to aim for further up than forth. that is just being at man united, andi forth. that is just being at man united, and i tried to be an optimist and be wrong than a pessimist and be right. i can't say that these players won't be challenging for the big trophies, because they have quality, they do have the chance, and we just need that consistency. we need a good start and we need to keep working every single day and not take a rise of the target. i'm not used to us being fifth or sixth, no, but that is where we are at, and that is the size of the challenge and i love that challenge. manchester city have finally arrived in china for their pre—season tour after delays forced them to fly two days later than planned. the premier league champions had an open training session in shanghai. they're taking part in the premier league asia trophy alongside west ham, wolves and newcastle.
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we've seen it used at the world cup, and in numerous countries around the world. and in a few weeks' time, it'll be the english premier league's turn to use video assistant referee technology for the first time. it's intended to help referees officiate better and cut out match—changing mistakes, but it's not without its critics. some say it creates as much confusion as clarity and there have been fears that it could slow the game down. premier league interim chief executive richard masters says the time is right to bring it in. it has obviously been around for a couple of seasons now in football generally. we didn't bring it in last year because we wanted to be absolutely ready, particularly for those packed saturday afternoons where we have a lot of premier league fixtures, and we wanted properly var trained referees. i think it is time to do it, and we wa nted think it is time to do it, and we wanted to be done in a way that
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doesn't interrupt the flow of the game. english football is known for its fast flowing aggressive style of football and we don't want that to change, but we do want the big decisions to be right. well one place familiar with var, is china. rafa benitez had enjoyed an unbeaten start to life in the chinese super league, at dalian yifang. but the spaniard lost his first match on tuesday. a 4—1 defeat to guangzhou evergrande, ending his honeymoon period sincejoining from newcastle united. paulinho scored a hat—trick, evergrande go top. guangzhou r&f moved 5th in the table after their win over tianjin teda. eran zahavi with both of their goals in a 2—1win. all goals coming in the first half. let's bring you up to date, with some of the other sports stories today. 19—year—old dutch centre back matthijs de ligt is set to finalise a move to italian championsjuventus for nearly $85 million. the ajax player, one of the most coveted defenders in the game, had been linked with transfers
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to manchester united, psg and barcelona. kieran trippier is close to sealing a move to atletico madrid for $25 million. the england right back has been with tottenham, in the english premier league, since 2015 and has played more than 100 times for the club. the 28—year—old would become atletico's third major defensive signing of the summer. clarence seedorf has been sacked as managed of cameroon. the defending africa cup of nations champions were knocked out of this year's tournament by nigeria in the last 16. seedorf had been in charge since august last year. assistant manager patrick kluivert also leaves. algeria face senegal in the final of afcon on friday, but claude le roi, who has coached at nine different africa cup of nations, says the tournament doesn't get the best out of the players. the togo coach says it's due to it's
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new slot in the calendar, in the northern hempisphere summer. togo coach claude leroy has criticised the new timing the players finish the competition in europe, and straightaway they come to the africa cup of nations. that's why first of all, a lot of injury, and some of the top players are burnt out. you can see mohamed salah, sadio mane — a fantastic player, but you can see that he is not completely ready for this kind of competition on a physical level. they were playing a lot of games at their clubs in england or germany, spain, italy, or france or other
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countries. the former world judo champion from britain has died. he was the last british person to hold that world title. he was european and commonwealth champion, retiring in 2011, and he had recently taken up the post of head coach with the welshjudo the post of head coach with the welsh judo association. cause of death is not being revealed. former england captain andrew strauss, says that jofra archer has what it takes to step up to test cricket. archer took 20 wickets in the world cup, a record for an england player. born in barbados, he only qualified to play for england just before the tournament began after a change of eligibility rules. strauss says he should be a shoe—in for the ashes, which gets underway injust over two weeks.
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if he's fit enough to get through a test match, he is a point of difference player he gives us something we wouldn't normally have. he is so good and calm and composed, i'm struggling to think of another player that has had the impact he has had in such a short period of time. now, it's one thing to be the nba's most valuable player, but when giannis antetokounmpo tried his hand at baseball, there were mixed results. the milwaukee bucks forward said he'd never even touched a baseball and it showed as he tried his hand in the batting cage beneath the stands before the new york yankees faced the tampa bay rays. the 611" player got some coaching which enabled him to hit a stationary ball. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest
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of the sport today team, goodbye. it is true to say that weather does not stop at a country's borders. if we take a look at what happened on sunday here in the uk, south—east england we had some grey and boring skies. a bit of rain around, cold air brought in by the jetstream that reactivated an old weather front to bring that wet weather. yesterday later, that cold air had reached the warm waters of the mediterranean, with a waterspout in bastia in corsica. we had 13 times the amount of rain they would normally see in the whole month ofjuly falling in one day. in one day. right now, severe thunderstorms battering parts of greece. a severe weather warning in place for much of the country, damaging winds and large hail. elsewhere, high pressure holding
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onto the south—east of the uk, but low pressure spinning in of the atlantic, and increasingly over the next few hours we will see rain turning heavier and steadier in northern ireland, and turning quite damp as well in western scotland. 0therwise, dry start to the day. temperatures 10—15. some sunshine for eastern scotland and northern ireland. through the rest of the day, it will turn wet across western fringes of england in one, the rain getting into scotland, cooler air across the north and west of the country. some sunshine for the south—east, with high temperatures up to 26 degrees. it could be very slow to clear, but eventually we will get there, and some sunshine follows. on thursday, a day of heavy showers moving into the north and west of the country.
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on friday, another area of low pressure swinging in off the atlantic, again this will bring some wet weather across northern ireland, western parts of england and wales, and perhaps into southern parts of scotland. many of us will see some rain at some point in the day. temperatures a little bit below par for this time of year. as we head into the weekend, that area of low pressure moves through, further troughing bringing further showers and rain. we could see some rain around as we head into the weekend.
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welcome to bbc news, my name's mike embley. our top stories: the house of representatives votes to condemn president trump's racist tweets, as emotions run high on capitol hill. donald high on capitol hill. john trump, by causing such harm donald john trump, by causing such harm to the society of the united states, is unfit to be president and wa rra nts states, is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removalfrom office. as us sanctions take their toll on iran, we look at the impact on some of most vulnerable members of society. more on the the story of safa and marwa from pakistan, born joined at the head, as doctors in london succesfully separate them.
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