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this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 11... philip hammond says he'll resign as chancellor on wednesday if boris johnson becomes prime minister i understand that his condition are for serving in his government would include accepting a no deal exit on the 31st of october. that is not something that i could ever sign up to. a warning from ireland to either borisjohnson orjeremy hunt — that if they tear up the brexit withdrawal agreement ‘we‘re all in trouble‘ if the house of commons chooses to facilitate a no—deal brexit and if a new british prime minister chooses to take britain in that direction, thenit to take britain in that direction, then it will happen. but this will bea then it will happen. but this will be a british choice... please confirm that you not intending to violate international
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law by unlawfully to board. dramatic audio reveals how a british warship warned iranian forces not to seize a uk—registered oil tanker in the gulf. tens of thousands of pro—democracy protesters take to the streets of hong kong, in the latest challenge to the influence of beijing. and ahead of significant week at westminster as the brexit clock ticks down — dateline london discusses what's in store for the next prime minister. good morning. the chancellor phillip hammond has said he'll resign if borisjohnson becomes the next prime minister this week. speaking on the andrew marr show, mr hammond said he couldn't accept a no—deal brexit and he'd
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step down after prime minister's questions on wednesday before theresa may goes for an audience with the queen to formally resign. also speaking on the programme, ireland's foreign minister warned that ‘we are all in trouble‘ if the new prime minister abandons the brexit withdrawal agrement — saying a no— deal brexit would be a british choice — not an eu one. our political correspondent, nick eardley is here... it is not surprising with observers at westminster that philip hammond will possibly resign. there are some brexiteers who will say he is jumping before he is pushed, but it isa sign jumping before he is pushed, but it is a sign of where our politics is. the chancellor, one of the top ministers in the current government, is attempting —— prepared to go on
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television to say that if the favourite, borisjohnson is elected three days before, then he will stand down. i am sure i'm not going to be sacked, i am going to resign before we get to that point, assuming that borisjohnson becomes we get to that point, assuming that boris johnson becomes the we get to that point, assuming that borisjohnson becomes the next prime minister. i understand that can his conditions for serving in his government would include accepting a no—deal brexit on the 31st of october and i cannot accept that. it is very important that a prime minister has a chancellor who is aligned to him in terms with policy, but i intended to resign to theresa may before she was tendered her resignation on wednesday. we have also had confirmation from david gauke, thejustice secretary, if borisjohnson,
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david gauke, thejustice secretary, if boris johnson, as david gauke, thejustice secretary, if borisjohnson, as he expects, is elected as the conservative leader. and going to the cabinet, there are pro bally and going to the cabinet, there are probally another three he will do the same. why does it matter? because boris johnson the same. why does it matter? because borisjohnson takes over with a tiny majority, working with the dup. a tiny working majority in the dup. a tiny working majority in the house of commons. and is already being set up for a huge challenge to govern effectively. now, he has to form a government and it sounds from what philip hammond was telling andrew marr this morning that that isa andrew marr this morning that that is a government that will be devoid of anyone who does not agree that a no—deal brexit could be necessary. but on that particular issue, we have got a fresh sense of the prospects of any kind of alternative agreement coming from the irish foreign minister. the big argument that boris johnson and jeremy foreign minister. the big argument that borisjohnson and jeremy hunt are both made is that we can go back to brussels, twist the arm a bit, get a better deal than theresa may and get rid of the backstop, the insurance policy on the irish border that has caused so many headaches by the government in parliamentjust up
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the government in parliamentjust up the irish, do not commence that is a goen the irish, do not commence that is a goer. they are saying, let's look at things, get ready to go with the new government, but the deal is the deal. let's listen to the irish foreign minister. if the approach of the new british prime ministers that they are going to tearup the prime ministers that they are going to tear up the withdrawal agreement, thenl to tear up the withdrawal agreement, then i think we are in trouble. i think we're all in trouble, quite frankly, because that is a little bit like saying, you do me what i wa nt bit like saying, you do me what i want or i'm going to barely has time for everybody. —— want or i'm going to barely has time for everybody. — — either give want or i'm going to barely has time for everybody. —— either give me what i want. we want to engage with the new british prime minister, we wa nt the new british prime minister, we want to invite a no—deal brexit, but the solutions that have not changed. the argument that borisjohnson and, i'm sure, jeremy hunt would both make is that the deal on the table at the moment is just not going to get through parliament. if you do not be negotiated, we end up with no deal. that is why our stance and
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says it has to be an option for the sist says it has to be an option for the 31st of october. —— and that is why borisjohnson 31st of october. —— and that is why boris johnson says 31st of october. —— and that is why borisjohnson says that no deal has to be an option. here is iain duncan smith, who has been a boris johnson's campaign manager. borisjohnson, i think, borisjohnson, ithink, has been borisjohnson, i think, has been a very clear that this. he said, even oi'i very clear that this. he said, even on monday, that the deal as it stands right now instead. and there's no point in trying to fiddle or twiddle it. the reality is that there are huge elements in it that are inoperable in the uk. so be prepared to leave without hideo and, by the way, that is not —— without a deal. and that is not including the other ones that have been done on freight on capital, and other ones that are going on at the moment. i think it is wholly feasible first engage the eu at that period and
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ireland, particularly, asking how we can make this work when the uk leaves, either honest and still... the result of that is coming on tuesday, but westminster, i think it is better to say, is preparing for borisjohnson to be prime minister coming wednesday. a whole host of issues, the headaches will be plentiful and the drama... we are in for one hell of a ride. we certainly are. and one of the issues that the new prime minister will be dealing with is of the seizure of that stena impero, the british fight oil ship. a recording has emerged of dramatic radio exchanges between a royal navy warship and iran's revolutionary guard, moments before a british—flagged oil
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tanker was seized in the gulf. the ‘stena impero' was boarded on friday in the strait of hormuz, a key shipping route. the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, has urged iran to release the vessel and its crew. and iran's ambassador to the uk has tweeted, warning the uk government against escalating tension — saying it would be ‘quite dangerous and unwise' at a sensitive time in the region. this report from ramzan karmali. the seizing of a british flag tanker, the stena impero, by the iranian revolutionary guard. tehran says it was breaking maritime rules. the owners of the tanker insist it was obeying international law. the british government has condemned iran‘s actions. we are calling on iran to reverse this illegal act. we are looking for ways to de—escalate the situation, but we are also very clear that we will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety and security of british and international shipping. the tanker was intercepted as it made its way through the strait of hormuz in omani waters. it made a sharp turn towards iran. radio: if you obey you will be safe. if you obey you will be safe. alter your course. that was the message from iran to the stena impero.
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this dramatic audio recording has emerged, that appears to show the british warship hms montrose did try to stop the siege of the tanker, but it was too far away to physically intervene. radio: stena impero, this is british warship foxtrot 236. i reiterate that as you are conducting transit passage in a recognised international strait, under international law your passage must not but be impaired, impeded, obstructed or hampered. please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board. the foreign secretary will update mps on monday about what further measures the government will take, the threat level has been raised to the highest level of alert. ramzan karmali, bbc news. our middle east correspondent tom bateman gave us
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the reaction from fujairah, in the united arab emirates. just how tense these moments have become, because well, i think it‘s leading to increased anxiety here in the straits of hormuz. you can hear in that tape, the radio exchanges between the royal navy frigate and the iranian patrol boat out in the waters here, just how tense these moments have become, because that ship, the british warship, was racing towards the stena impero trying to, in effect, protect it, defend it, but unable to reach it in time. so i think there is a sense of concern that continues, particularly, of course, among seafarers here. what we have now is that crew of 23 from the british—flagged tanker, that left anchorage here in fujairah on friday, expecting a pretty routine voyage west to a port in saudi arabia, now due to spend their second full
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day off the coast of iran, in the opposite direction, with yet another day of uncertainty about their fate. the uk junior defence minister, tobias ellwood, was asked by sophy ridge whether london was considering putting sanctions on tehran. so our first and most important responsibility is to make sure that we get a solution to the issue to do with the current ship, make sure other british—flagged ships are safe to operate in these waters and then look at this wider picture of actually having a working, proper, professional relationship with iran. but it is a hostile act. let's not dodge away from that. this is a serious matter for which iran must recognise. you talk about de—escalating tensions. does that mean sanctions and things like that are off the table? well, we will... cobra was taking place yesterday, so we are looking at the operational responsibilities from that, but, yes, we are going to be looking at a series of options. but let's also make it clear that this is international waters that we're speaking about — a critical, strategic pinch point in the world and we are committed to do our role on the international stage to keep these waterways open. and therefore, we need an international solution
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so we will be working...speaking with our colleagues, our international allies, to see what can actually be done. west midlands police say a 15—year—old boy has been was shot west midlands police say a 15—year—old boy has been shot in coventry city centre. it happened last night in cross cheaping area, around 11:10pm. the teenager‘s injuries are said to be serious, but not life threatening. a major investigation is under way. detectives are treating it as attempted murder. british airways flights between london and cairo remain suspended until at least friday because of what the airline has described as a safety precaution. no further details have been given. the german carrier, lufthansa, also abruptly cancelled flights to cairo yesterday, but its services are expected to resume today. andy moore reports. the last—minute cancellation of the flight to cairo caused confusion and anger
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at heathrow airport. one passenger, due to fly to her sister‘s wedding with her husband and two children, says she now faces a huge bill to rebook. i don‘t know what to do, i can‘t even tell my sister the flight is cancelled, my kids are feeling disappointed, very, very disappointed. i had to tell them the truth that we are not going. —— that we do not know if we are going to travel or not. it may be very inconvenient for some travellers, but this plane crash is the spectre that looms behind the cancellations. in 2015, a russianjet plunged into the sinai desert, killing all 222 passengers on board. britain was one of the first countries to warn it was most likely a terrorist attack. other nations followed the uk in stopping flights out of sharm el—sheikh. it is now thought the plane was blown up by a bomb smuggled on board at the airport. so far, cancellations only
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affect flights to cairo, —— only affect ba flights to cairo. other flights by other airlines to other destinations in egypt are not affected. the foreign office has updated its travel advice, saying there is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation. it‘s as extra security measures are in place for british planes leaving egypt. earlier i spoke to the bbc travel show presenter simon calder who was at heathrow airport. he told me that even though british airways isn‘t flying to cairo other airlines are. egypt air are putting on bigger planes and hoping to pick up some of the passengers at that have been stranded by british airways. the passengers at that have been stranded by british airwaysm there any indication of what has prompted the airline to act in this way? we have been hearing, of course, about the terrible fatal crash in october 2015 and there has been intense sensitivity about security at each airport since, particularly by the foreign office. and that is why the uk remains on
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the one country where flights are banned to and from sharm el—sheikh, the main egyptian resort. there have been reports that british officials on wednesday and thursday were looking at —— are very closely at security arrangements at cairo airport, then on friday afternoon, the foreign office sat down and said, we are concerned about heightened threat to aviation and quite abruptly, yesterday afternoon, british airways said we are cancelling flights for a week. if you want to book a flight for this time next sunday, you can on british airways. i have never quite seen anything like this, where it is one specific airline on one specific route cancelled for a very specific length of time. it is baffling, as it not? that if there is a wider problem, it is not all the airlines acting in unison. and if it something only affecting one airline, why have others like a left—hander at point been involved? because it is security, no one has
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ever probably going to tell us that. —— others like lufthansa. ever probably going to tell us that. —— others like lufthansalj ever probably going to tell us that. -- others like lufthansa. i have spoken to thomas cook and easyjet and they will be opening thing their flights as normal. they believe they can conduct their flights perfectly safely. there will be some thousands of people who are due to travel to egyptin of people who are due to travel to egypt in the coming week on holiday who may not be thinking, well, i‘m not so sure about going. at the moment, before because the foreign office says, it is ok to go, we‘re just concerned about aviation, there are no grounds on which you can change or cancel your trip without losing some or all your money. simon calder. let‘s bring you some pictures from hong kong... tens of thousands of pro—democracy protesters are marching in hong kong.
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it‘s the latest in a series of demonstrations that began by opposing a controversial extradition bill, but have since broadened to include calls for wider political change. quite an impressive turnout. the authorities are very much still in charge, but they are clearly having to react to protest that they by rather not happening at the moment because they draw international attention any less than flattering me to have affairs are being managed. our correspondent stephen mcdonell is in hong kong for us. with pro—beijing supporters yesterday and this is a demonstration now today critical of the government? yes, another enormous crowd here, marching in favour of a democracy here. this movement, which was, at one point,
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opposing an unpopular extradition bill to china. it is now defending something else, democracy and freedoms. it is hard to estimate the size of the crowd, but there are many, size of the crowd, but there are any size of the crowd, but there are many, many people coming through here and, for the last three hours, across eight lanes of traffic we have had a crowd of their size, so you‘d have to think hundreds of thousands of people. if we were to compare to, say, yesterday‘s probation raleigh —— pro —— pro—beijing valley, this is more than ten times bigger. at the end of this protest, they have already passed the official point but we might of where their official demonstration should have ended and they are now occupying streets in they are now occupying streets in the cbd. that makes part of this
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mightan the cbd. that makes part of this might an illegal gathering and, if at some point this protest is steadier, we could see another clash with riot police. along the lines with riot police. along the lines with what we saw last weekend. —— this protesters are staying there. that is when we are seeing a these running street battles with the right place. this news yesterday, that a 27—year—old pro—independence activist was arrested with explosive materials, including ten molotov cocktails, we are told, has also fuelled fears that this crisis in hong kong is now stealing into dangerous waters, into areas where... well, dangerous waters, into areas where. .. well, could dangerous waters, into areas where... well, could be very valid indeed. for the moment, this is that least a very peaceful march and a large one at that. stephen mcdonald, in hong kong. thank you very much. the headlines on bbc news...
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it is just approaching 20 past 11. philip hammond says he‘ll resign as chancellor on wednesday if boris johnson becomes prime minister ireland‘s foreign minister warns the uk‘s next prime minister that if they tear up the brexit withdrawal agreement ‘we‘re all in trouble‘ nato joins international criticism of iran, for seizing a british—flagged oil tanker in the gulf. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here‘s gavin. it is at the final day of the open and everyone is talking about shane lowry after that course record yesterday put him four shots out in front. the weather and a strong chasing could cause a problem when he tees off this afternoon. adam wilde is there for this afternoon.
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he really had the support from the crowds in northern ireland, can he go on and win here? he has certainly got a very good chance indeed. morning from royal portrush. green is already packed out this morning. there is a huge sense of anticipation around the court —— course. after the extraordinary scenes we saw last night, shane lowry, with that extraordinary 63 round. just one short of the all—time open championship record. —— should just one short of the all—time open championship record. he has, as you say, a four shot lead. he has an extraordinary chance and he has the support of thousands of people out here. here is what he had to say after that record—breaking round last night i‘m struggling to take it all in, but this is something that i
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never thought. this does not feel a goal i don't know what it is, but look, i'm very happy with how today went, obviously. and any great position going into tomorrow and i'm very excited for it. there was plenty behind him who will have a say on this yet as well. tommy fleetwood for one. he has four shot further back. he is looking to become the first englishman since nick faldo in 1992 to win this open championship. the early starters are already out on the course. none of them really troubling the top of the scorecard. we are in for an intriguing and enthralling final day here at the open. england are preparing for today‘s
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bronze medal match — after defeat to new zealand crushed their dreams of winning the netball world cup. the commonwealth champions lost 45—117 — and made ‘basic errors‘, according to outgoing coach tracy neville. northern ireland finished 10th, scotland 11th. our correspondent natalie pirks reports from liverpool. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. tracey neville, who announced weeks ago she would step down after this world cup, no longer has to bang her own drum. her roses are gaining fans, but they knew this would be tough. they weren‘t wrong. a jumpy start soon saw new zealand race into the lead. england‘s usual swagger had been replaced with the jitters. new zealand‘s shooters meanwhile were on fire. the fans were cranking up the pressure. england needed attackers, harton and housby, to finally hit their mark. and in the blink of a quarter, england had turned a six goal deficit into a three goal lead. the win was now in their hands. but they threw it away. new zealand had all the answers and with just minutes left, england were three goals down, mouths were dry. but with new zealand so brilliant
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at both ends of the court, the roses were left to rue their mistakes. 45—117 the final score. heartbreak, then, for england. just two goals in it. but knocked out by a resurgent new zealand side. for the third successive world cup, at the semifinal stage. is it down to legs, misunderstanding or is itjust the build—up of pressure? and they did a greatjob on us, i think there were opportunities for us to take that game. and we left it too late. so the world cup final remains elusive for now. and england will have to pick themselves up today to play south africa for the bronze. a match, as tracey‘s brother phil knows all too well, that no one wants to play. it‘s looking likely that england will lose the women‘s ashes today at taunton. england currently on 214—7.
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on the final day of their four day test match. after australia declared on 420. england, having lost three one—day matches already to australia — would lose the multi—format series. that‘s all the sport for now. i‘ll have more in the next hour. thank you, gavin. police say they‘re concerned about the welfare of a litter of newborn puppies that were stolen in manchester by burglars armed with machetes. they were taken by two men who managed to get access to a flat in the north of the city. when their mother, zena, tried to defend them she was slashed in the face. officers fear the five week old staffordshire cross puppies may not survive without their mum. earlier i spoke to leanne plumtree from the rspca about the attack. this is a really shocking incident where we know that at least one dog has been hurt, the mum is enough. we know that her seven puppies have also been taken and we are extremely
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concerned for their welfare. as you have already said, there are only five weeks old, which is much too young to be taken away from their mum, so there is a chance of that they are going to be suffering where they are going to be suffering where they are going to be suffering where they are right now. the impression given by reports of police of this burglary is that these were not dogs are stolen, they seem to have just found them and taken a liking to them and help themselves to them. and then when mum intervened, the attacker. presumably they are not necessarily the kind of people that you would want dogs to be in the hands of anyway? i think the fact that dogs are away from their mum, at least three weeks before they should be, is a great concern in itself. yes, that is the way that it signs that perhaps these dogs have been taken, because they have been spotted in the house, rather than the fact that the burglary took place targeting these dogs. so, i suppose that what we might say is that, perhaps that gives us more of
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this chance of having these dogs returns. what i would like to do right now is to appeal to whoever has the dogs, anybody who knows anything about where these dogs are, to get in touch with the police. if they do not want to do that, they can call us. all we were talking on bbc news if you weeks ago about a recent change in the law that has come in that we deal with one of these problems where animals are treated as if they are property or have been in the traditionally, therefore if an animal is injured, and attack actually, there was not much that the law could do about it. presumably you are very keen to see the law reflecting the public treatment about the mistreatment of animals? absolutely. we would like the law to better reflect how people feel about animal welfare. animal welfare is deeply important to people in this country and hopefully things will change to better reflect
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that going forward. take a look at how an australian man has celebrated the 50th anniversary david mayman blasted around the sydney opera house in a jetpack on sunday — to the delight of onlookers. the entrepreneur — who is the head of an australian jetpack aviation company — performed spins and flew backwards. you might see it as a bit of self publicity. it is not quite linear, but let‘s take a look at the weather. an atlantic weather system moving in. much of eastern scotland, much of england and wales, at least by day, we‘ll be staying dry with hazy sunny spells. low to mid 20s, just any teams where the rain comes in
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and the wind strengthens, which will lead to a very wet and windy night across a ireland, northern england and scotland. particularly wet weather through southern scotland and the lake district. the rain still around by some of us by the end of the night. temperatures higher by the end of tonight. —— compared to last night. misty low cloud hanging on to some coast in the west, where elsewhere some very warm to even hot sunny spells developing. near 30 in the hot spots and, for some, it gets hotter even by midweek. philip hammond says he will resign as chancellor of the exchequer on wednesday if as predicted byjohnson becomes payments. i understand his conditions for serving in his government would include accepting a new deal except, that is not
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something i could ever sign up to. whites might island‘s foreign minister warns the next prime minister warns the next prime minister is... dramatic audio reveals how a british workshop warned iran services not to seize a british tanker in the gulf. hello, and welcome to dateline london. i‘m carrie gracie. this week, in the fortnight since a tanker carrying iranian oil was seized off gibraltar, tehran repeatedly threatened to retaliate by seizing a british tanker in the gulf. and then it did exactly that.


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