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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 2pm. chancellor philip hammond tells the bbc he'll resign if boris johnson becomes prime minister and campaign to prevent a no—deal brexit. i understand that his conditions for serving under his government would include accepting the possibility of a no—deal brexit on the 31st of october, and that is not something i can sign up to. ireland's foreign minister warns ‘we'll be in trouble' if the new pm tears up the brexit withdrawal agreement. if the house of commons chooses to facilitate a no—deal brexit and if a new british prime minister chooses to take britain in that direction, then it will happen. but this will be a british choice. not an irish choice, not an eu choice, this will be a british choice. please confirm that you are not intending to violate
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international law by unlawfully attempting to board. dramatic recordings reveals how a british warship warned iranian forces not to seize a uk—registered oil tanker in the gulf. this is the scene live in hong kong, where tens of thousands of pro—democracy protesters are taking to the streets, in the latest challenge to the influence of beijing. can irish golfer shane lowry follow his sensational round yesterday, with victory in the open at royal portrush this afternoon? and coming up in half an hour, the week in parliament takes a look at the highlights of this week's proceedings in westminster.
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he'll resign this week, if boris johnson becomes good afternoon. the chancellor of the exchequer, philip hammond, says he'll resign this week, if boris johnson becomes the new conservative leader and prime minister. mr hammond says he doesn't agree with mrjohnson over brexit and he thinks it's unlikely britain will get a deal agreed with the eu by the current leaving date of october 31st. here's our political correspondent, nick eardley. if there's one thing these two can agree on, it's that delivering brexit has not been an easy ride. you got the green light? hang on. i haven't got a green light. oh, the story of my life. borisjohnson is odds on to become are prime minister on wednesday. our prime minister on wednesday. but the chancellor can't sign up to his brexit strategy. and so this morning, live on the television, he announced he plans to quit. assuming that borisjohnson becomes
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the next prime minister, i understand that his conditions for serving in his government would include accepting a no deal exit on the 31st of october, that is not something i could never sign up to. it's very important that a prime minister is able to have a chancellor who is closely aligned with him in terms of policy, and i, therefore, intended to resign to theresa may before she goes to the palace to tender her own resignation on wednesday. we don't know for sure that borisjohnson will beatjeremy hunt, we'll find out on tuesday. but it is notjust the chancellor getting ready for prime ministerjohnson. others are ready to quit it too. just like theresa may, the next pm will have a divided party in parliament. they will also face a familiar issue here. the border between the republic and northern ireland. both men say they want to take out the controversial backstop, but the irish government isn't having it. if the approach of the new british prime minister is that they are going to tear up the withdrawal agreement, then i think we're in trouble. i think we're all in trouble,
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quite frankly, because that is a little bit like saying, "either give me what i want or i am going to burn the house down for everybody. " so no deal remains a possibility. he says it will have a significant economic impact, and mean checks on the island of ireland. but he says it will be britain's fault. not so, says mrjohnson's team. they want to prepare for leaving without a deal, but still think a new one is possible. the deal as it stands is dead and there's no point in trying to fiddle or twiddle it. the reality is there are huge elements in it which simply are inoperable any uk. the eu is a master at hard—nosed negotiations and i think we got taken for a ride. because we were not. there will be a new boss here on wednesday with their own ideas about how to get a better brexit offer. but many of the challenges will be ones we've got very used to. our political correspondent, nick eardley is here.
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nick it is come as a shock, certainly not expecting that announcement, but what do you make of the timing? it is designed for maximum impact. he is a man who has beenin maximum impact. he is a man who has been in government since the coalition years, nine years at the heart of government. all we have seen is a safe fans. fairly mild—mannered and loyal. hasjust dropped this bombshell on sunday morning live on television for the simple reason that he is despairing about the way that it looks like the conservative party is going to go, under boris johnson. he conservative party is going to go, under borisjohnson. he thinks the no—deal brexit would be a calamity and is not prepared to sit back and watched happen. there is an element of being pushed before, sorry, jumping before he was pushed. for the simple reason he was not going to stay in a cabinet anyway. the same was the case for some other cabinet members. but they are trying
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to get out with a maximum impact to say that the we think you're getting this wrong. there are rumours we could see more people leaving, stepping down. what is not going to do to boris's working majority? we will certainly see more ministers refusing to serve under boris johnson, we know thejustice secretary is one of them and there could be one or two more cabinet ministers who say they will not serve. morejunior ministers who say they will not serve. more junior ministers ministers who say they will not serve. morejunior ministers on ministers who say they will not serve. more junior ministers on top of that. the big challenge will come if, as you say, people decide to actually leave the conservative party and eat away at his working majority. because that doesn'tjust impact brexit but his whole ability to runa impact brexit but his whole ability to run a government it could be in a situation in the next few weeks where a working majority is ebbing away. there is the wales by—election next week which again the conservatives could lose a seat in that we were thin working majority could be even slimmer. what does it
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point to? it points to borisjohnson finding the first few months of government extreme hard, or working towards that 31st of october date and he has to somehow convince parliament to get on board. we are hearing from simon to add to that increasing and very busy entry, minus what he was saying. —— in tray. he has the same challenges theresa may faces, a rebellious conservative party and add parliament divided over brexit but european union holding firm. so for thatis european union holding firm. so for that is no sign that there is no europe wants to reconsider the backstop, well it to do it some point in the face of a no deal? possibly but at the moment there is no sign of it. so if borisjohnson does when, will enter downing street, struggling to see how he
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gets something through parliament but also knowing that europe says come and speak to us, yes we want to be yourfriend, come and speak to us, yes we want to be your friend, yes you want to sort something, but we're not going back on the withdrawal agreement. something, but we're not going back on the withdrawal agreementm something, but we're not going back on the withdrawal agreement. is a weekend and a busy week ahead, isn't it? another mass protest is taking place in hong kong to express anger at the way the territory is being run. tens of thousands are on the streets, the latest in a series of demonstrations that have been going on for two months. protesters entered hong kong's central area, despite being told not to. these are live pictures. some of the protesters in the background. they entered hong kong's central area. stephen mcdonell is in hong kong for us. some up the situation as it is. it looked a lot calmer earlier, very different now? certainly there is a
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lot of tension in the air here at the moment. we have the right police here who have come in with a lot of force to clear people away from the china central government building. i don't know if you can see but it is behind these right police and there, processors had gone in and spray painted the walls including graffiti saying the president is a dog and that type of thing. you can imagine how that would be going down in beijing. protesters knew that by having this illegal gathering, around the national government's headquarters and spray painting it, spraying security cameras, throwing eggs at it, spray—painting the chinese code of arms, they knew that would provoke a tough response and thatis would provoke a tough response and that is exactly what has happened. the police are comment and forced all practices out of the street also i don't how long it will take for them to move down that way because them to move down that way because the remaining protesters have retreated back to central and if the
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pattern is tonight as we have seen in recent weeks, the police won't stand by and tell the are all gone. the police will clear the streets of all protesters and we may see more clashes. you have been in the region for some time, you know the feel of politics there, how unusual is it that beijing has allowed the situation to continue for so long? it is unusual, it has escalated week in week out and we are seeing protests every week here. it is more from a movement which is opposing this unpopular extradition bell, allowing for people to be sent to mainland chinese courts controlled by the communist party into a broader call for democracy and to defend hong kong's freedoms. beijing isn't going to give these protesters universal suffrage in a hurry but now they have affected effectively
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defeated that extradition bell and thatis defeated that extradition bell and that is why they are coming out every week with these broader claims. beijing isn't going to budge but then neither are these protesters so this is just what we are going to see every week. for the foreseeable future here in hong kong. a large march like today, a peaceful march, potentially hundreds of thousands of people, then towards the end of it the more hardcore element of the protest movement if you like, stay on to take it up to the authorities, they are not afraid to have these showdowns with the police. they have come with their own helmets and the like. and the police are now increasingly showing less and less preparedness to allow them to remain in the streets and do this. thank you very much, stay safe. the defence minister, tobias ellwood, has branded the seizing of a british—flagged oil tanker by iran as a ‘hostile act'. his comments came as a recording emerged of radio exchanges between a royal navy warship and iran's revolutionary guard —
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moments before the tanker — the ‘stena impero' — was seized in the strait of hormuz on friday. iran's ambassador to the uk, says any further escalation of tensions between britain and iran would be ‘unwise and dangerous'. daniala relph reports. the radio messages came ahead of the iranian revolutionary guard taking over the stena impero, descending from a helicopter to the deck of the tanker. a british warship, hms montrose, had been alerted, but failed to reach the ship on time. it did, though, embark on a radio exchange with an iranian patrol boat.
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the swedish—based owners of the tanker insist the vessel did not breach any regulations. it says its priority is protecting its multinational crew. translation: we followed the ship every second and every minute and the tanker never left international waters. we understand that the crew are in relatively good condition, but it's a stress situation for everyone. the british government says it is now looking to its international allies to help ease the tension. our first and most important responsibility is to make sure that we get a solution to the issue to do with the current ship. make sure that other british flagged ships are safe to operate in those waters and then look at this wider picture of actually having a working, proper, professional relationship with iran. but this is a hostile act,
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let's not dodge away from that. in this deepening political and diplomatic row, there are still 23 crew members on a british flagged ship who remain prisoners of iran's revolutionary guard. daniella relph, bbc news. we can go live now to dorset, and speak to henryjones, a journalist who specialises in defence and international security. hello, lovely for you to join us here on bbc news. first off, summarise the latest comments that have been made, philip hammond has said that we already have a raft of sanctions against iran so it is unclear what we can do in the immediate future. tobias ellwood has said there needs to be an international solution. so how do you see this being resolved and who, internationally, is willing to come on board and take on iran? the first thing to say is the uk is not
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necessarily keen to join a coalition just with the united states to solve this. it was reported earlier today that that had been on the table last week. and the london concern is that it is, siding with the us and allowing us to help us through the situation almost validates the us position on the nuclear deal. how you get through it is a difficult question for london to answer. a number of options have been drawn up, philip hammond has said sanctions are on the table. the understanding is the ministry of defence presented a whole raft of options to downing street and they need the green light, they need the go—ahead from their masters to do that and so it is now up to, if it is being resolved, it is up to the politicians to decide how to do
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that. and if that involves military in the region, that will be their call to make and they will no doubt enact that. admiral lord west has said that more needs to be done and it has been a call for more investment in the navy. how realistic do you think it could be for military escorts to accompany tankers through the strait of hormuz? it is not inconceivable. he is entitled to his comments the uk has a very significant presence in the region. it has hms montrose, hms duncan en route, there are other auxiliary ships again. it has a substantial presence in the region. it needs, i'm not entirely sure i buy the idea that we lack the capability to protect our shipping. what more needs to be done? i think it is hard to say. we lack the
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capability is not helpful. there is this prospect that we could have convoys moving through the strait. we could have set times where the 30 british flagged ships passing through the street every day, can pass through at a set time but that is difficult to achieve. iran earlier described what is taking place as reciprocal actions, hinting that this is it for that —— to that. surely it is not that simple. how fardo surely it is not that simple. how far do you think iran are likely to go? i agree it is not a simple as that. the royal marines on the 4th ofjuly sees the iranians tanker and hasn't yet been released. they can argue it is retaliation for that, they can spin it however they like, and of course they are going to spin
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it how it benefits them. they have an agenda here. i think an interesting point to make is what iran wants to get out of this. and how their actions with the president their actions set. if they can get away with this, if they can see is a british flagged tanker in the strait of hormuz, that was exercising innocent passage, going about its usual busiest, if they can get away with that, it sets an incredible dangerous precedent not unlike that which has been set in the south china sea by china flouting international law, upheld by the united nations. thank you had much henryjones. we have just had a statement from the tanker company that runs the shop. the president and chief executive has said i can confirm that a formal request for permission
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to visit the 23 crew members of the ste na to visit the 23 crew members of the stena impero has been made to the port where the tanker is being held. it has been acknowledged what we await a formal response. in the meantime, we will continue to cooperate and liaise with all appropriate authorities. just to remain you, the 23 crewmembers are of indian, latvian, filipino, and russian nationality. so as and when we get more on this, we will bring it to you here on bbc news. the time is coming up to 2:20pm. philip hammond says he'll resign as chancellor on wednesday if borisjohnson becomes prime
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minister. ireland's foreign minister warns the uk's next prime minister that if they tear up the brexit withdrawal agreement ‘we're all in trouble'. nato joins international criticism of iran , for seizing a british—flagged oil tanker in the gulf. british airways flights between london and cairo remain suspended until at least friday, because of what the airline has described as ‘a safety precaution'. no further details have been given. the german carrier, lufthansa, also abruptly cancelled flights to cairo yesterday, but resumed its services today. andy moore reports. the last—minute cancellation of the flight to cairo caused confusion and anger at heathrow airport. one passenger, due to fly to her sister's wedding on tuesday with her husband and two children, says she now faces a huge bill to rebook. i don't know what to do. i can't even tell my sister that the flight is cancelled. my kids, they are feeling disappointed. they are very, very disappointed. i had to tell them the truth,
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that we don't know whether we're going to travel or not. it may be very inconvenient for some travellers, but this plane crash is the spectre that looms behind the ba cancellations. in 2015, a russianjet plunged into the sinai desert, killing all 224 passengers on board. britain was one of the first countries to warn it was most likely a terrorist attack. other nations followed the uk in stopping flights out of sharm el—sheikh. it's now thought the plane was blown up by a bomb smuggled on board at the airport. so far, the cancellations only effect ba flights to and from cairo. other british airlines flying to other destinations in egypt are not affected. but the foreign office has updated its travel advice, saying there is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation. it's says extra security measures are in place for british planes leaving egypt. amanada flannigan lives and works in cairo, but is originally from staffordshire. she was due to fly back to the uk
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with ba on wednesday. she joins us now via webcam. thank you for speaking to us, amanda. just tell a switching also for and your position. not a lot. i had an e—mail yesterday from ba to say they were cancelling the flight and it would be cancelled for the next seven days and that was it basically. i haven't managed to get another flight yet but i want to have a refund so i can book immediately with another airline. do you find that ba are refusing to refu nd you find that ba are refusing to refund you ? you find that ba are refusing to refund you? i have been chasing them since last night, eventually got through to them and they said i needed to speak to the agent who had booked it through, which i have. but they said they needed to speak to ba and that was about four i was ago and that was about four i was ago and promised to, within the i have heard nothing yet. your hoping to fly back to visit family? are there
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alternatives open to you that you have considered? ba have not considered alternatives but there are many alternatives i comply with so are many alternatives i comply with soi are many alternatives i comply with so i don't understand why ba have cancelled. we have had no further information when other airlines are flying in and out of carol. what do you think of this expiration from ba —— explanation. saying this isjust pa rt —— explanation. saying this isjust part of a routine check. you travel afairamount, part of a routine check. you travel a fair amount, have you ever come across something witness before? no i haven't. i came back to cairo airport from another trip i had been on, not to the uk, and everything was perfectly normal and fine. no issues whatsoever. i didn't fly with ba, i flew with another airline but now i have never ba, i flew with another airline but now i have never come across ba, i flew with another airline but now i have never come across with this before and i have flown in and out of cairo many times. obviously egypt‘s, out of cairo many times. obviously egypt's, cairo has been subject to similar checks and cancellations of flights in regard to terrorism. in
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the past. the foreign office is saying there is a heightened risk of terrorism. just tell us what is security normally like at the airport in cairo? ba has a different section than other airlines but i have been through both and the security seems fine to me. your scanned quite a few times before you went to check, machines scan your luggage, you have to go through machine yourself, there are numerous passport checks, searches, so every timei passport checks, searches, so every time i have been through, the security has been actually fine. i do understand the position that there is a danger of terrorism, but it don't understand why. it is just ba at the moment. so what next for you amanda ? ba at the moment. so what next for you amanda? hopefully i will get some information from ba or the agent and then i will book a flight straightaway. i can book a flight straightaway. i can book a flight straightaway with someone else, but
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i think all this chasing that i am doing really isn't acceptable. it is not good customer service at all. thank you for your time and good luck. west midlands police say a 15—year—old boy was shot in coventry city centre last night. the teenager's injuries are said to be serious, but not life threatening. a major investigation is under way. detectives are treating it as attempted murder. six puppies that were stolen by burglars who had machetes have been reunited with their mother after they were found by police. they were taken by two men, who managed to get access to a flat in the north of manchester. when their mother — zena — tried to defend them she was slashed in the face. a ao—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary and remains in custody for questioning. the weather is threatening to disrupt today's final round of the open at royal portrush.
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shane lowry began his round a short time ago with a four—shot lead, but dropped a shot on the first hole. adam wild is at royal portrush for us this afternoon. the fairways and to the tees and the green are absolutely packed out here at royal portrush on the northernmost coast of county antrim. the atmosphere is quite extraordinary. at times, somewhere between a ryder cup crowd and a football crowd, such as the chanting and the shouting. all the excitement very much to do with, as you say, shane lowry, the irishman sits on top of the leaderboard. he started today with a four shot lead, he has just passed behind us going through the third. that lead has now been cut to a three shot lead. it is also do with his extraordinary afternoon yesterday. he shot a 63 in his third round. one of the finest rounds of
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recent yea rs. round. one of the finest rounds of recent years. in open golf. there we re recent years. in open golf. there were extraordinary scenes as he came down the 18th last night. it was very emotional, very excited, he said he was going to think about holding that famous claretjug as he goes to bed, last night. he is very popular around these parts. the crowd have really put their support behind him. he is going down nicely, he found a bogey after finding the bunker but he is just powered the whole three behind me. the weather could play spot in the golf this afternoon. it has been raining pretty steadily, wendy is causing a few out there. tea times were moved forward to avoid some of the worst weather. behind shane lowryjust slightly down the leaderboard, tommy fleetwood the englishman who is playing with him this afternoon. he is hoping to become the first
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englishman since way back in 1992, nick faldo, the last man to lift the claret jug nick faldo, the last man to lift the claretjug as the open champion. but there are other angus men as well. well in contention. lee westwood, rolling back the years, what a story that would be, in his 25th consecutive open championship. he has never won it of course. how he would love to lift at claretjug. danny willett going very nicely as well today, one under par. as is justin rose, he has dropped a shot today but he remains well in contention. we are in for an enthralling, exciting afternoon of golf and the crowd are really responding. there has been some extraordinary scenes, it is extraordinary scenes, it is extraordinary noisy and is only going to get more noisy as we reach a climax later on. studio: will get your updates later. thank you. in portugal, at least one village has been evacuated, and more than a thousand fire fighters deployed to three separate wildfires in the castelo branco
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region, north of lisbon. one person has been seriously injured, as well as four firefighters. six neighbouring regions are on the maximum fire alert. a three—year—old boy has been rescued after falling into an abandoned well in china, that was four meters deep and just 30 centimeters wide. firefighters tried to pull the boy out by tying a rope around his wrists but were unable to bring him to the surface as he was stuck below the waist. they excavated a tunnel at one side of the well. they finaly managed to free him and he was treated by medics at the scene and reunited with his family. now it's time for a look at the weather with chris.
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the weather hot and sunny, warm at times for northern ireland and scotla nd times for northern ireland and scotland but some rain showing up at the moment for northern ireland and western scotland with a particularly 5°99y western scotland with a particularly soggy afternoon here. notice it should stay largely dry for eastern scotla nd should stay largely dry for eastern scotland and across much of england and wales where we have got someone sign spells, quite a bit of cloud, temperatures up to 2a degrees. overnight tonight, the rain really mounting up across western scotland, 25 to mill clinic 30 mil metres of rain generally but we could see as much as a hundred over the hills so the weather particularly wet here. localised flooding is a possibility as we head into monday. monday we start off rather cloudy, south—westerly winds pushing the raina south—westerly winds pushing the rain a little bit further northwards in scotland, staying pretty wet for the western isles stop outbreaks to give some very hot spells, highest temperatures soaring up to 29 degrees across eastern parts of england. warming up for northern ireland with highs of 25 and about 24 ireland with highs of 25 and about 2a in aberdeen with some bright weather too.


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