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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 22, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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hello and welcome to sportsday. so let's start with adam peaty, because britain's golden boy continues his domination in swimming, storming to his third successive gold in the 100 metres breastroke at the world championships. and, just a day after breaking his own world record and becoming the first man to break 57 seconds, he says there's more to come. ben croutcher reports. when it seems your main competition is yourself, just try to make the numbers are small as possible. this is adam peaty. in the field debate, but in a race against time. he smashed his own world record in the semifinals, the first man under 57 seconds. his mantra, do it once, do it twice, grip better. adam peaty is normally the one out
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in front by some distance. he is just the world record. goodness me, this is very exciting indeed! by halfway the destination of the gold medal was decided, but how long would it take to get there? not long. adam peaty was in a class of one. he said i want to do it, do and do it again. and he has done it! my goodness me, adam peaty is the world champion for the third time in a row. the time absolutely brilliant. that time 57.14 was the fourth fastest in history, more than a second faster than anybody has ever swam. my biggest statement today was going faster than yesterday. i had to be ihad to bea i had to be a better person than myself. i made a tiny mistake on the first length trying to force the speed a bit too much. i'm still learning. if there is still room for improvement, his world record
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in the 50 metres could be injeopardy tomorrow. the question is, how low can adam peaty go? meanwhile, australian swimmer mack horton has been warned by the sport's governing body, fina, after he refused to stand on the podium with sun yang, who'd beaten him to gold in the 400 metres freestyle yesterday. horton was making a protest about the chinese swimmer, who he's previously called a "drugs cheat". sun yang served a drugs ban in 2014 and is currently facing a hearing at the court of arbitration for sport over a decision to clear him of a further doping offence. fina said it "respected freedom of speech" but it had to be "in the right context". i won't share a podium with someone who's behaved in the way that he has. it's tough, it's scary to do, but nothing is changing, so i had to make a stand. they've been trying ten, 15 years of their life, clean, doing the best they can, and then there is people who behave like this and think they can get away with
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whatever. it's not on. the chinese super league has emerged as a possible destination for gareth bale, who's set to leave real madrid. two chinese clubs are reportedly interested in signing the welsh star with wages around a million pounds a week. bale has three years on his contract in spain. but he was left out of their pre—season match against bayern munich and coach zinedine zidane said it would be best for everyone if he leaves. bale has won four champions league titles with the la liga champions, but he clearly has no future there under zidane. apparently, in montreal last week, gareth bale was basically hired as a vanity project is successive to ronaldo, and it didn't pan out like that, but in wednesday he made a big play with the zinedine zidane to try and convince him to give him more chance, and zinedine zidane, who has so chance, and zinedine zidane, who has so much more chance, and zinedine zidane, who has so much more power chance, and zinedine zidane, who has so much more power at the club since being persuaded to come back, has been steadfast. i was surprised at
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how stop zinedine zidane made it as well. it's been an incredible turnaround for irish golfer shane lowry. just a year ago, he'd missed the cut in carnoustie and was sitting in the club car park in tears. fast forward 12 months and he's lifting the claret jug at royal portrush. so how did lowry get back to grips with golf? joe lynskey reports. shane lowry strode up the last and he knew no one could catch in. the island of ireland waited half a century to house the open. their champion in waiting was six shots clear. this was why they had stayed out in the rain. to some it is a dull, fuddy—duddy old game. but moments like this make you think. at the start of the week, shane lowry as champion was 100 to one and 12 months ago he missed the cut at carnoustie, but his coach, his caddie and his family have helped him believe. look, i am here now, a major champion. i cannot believe i am saying it.
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the people around me really believed i could, which helps me. i sat in the car park at carnoustie a year ago to this week and i cried. ijust didn't like doing it and look, 12, what an excellent year this was. after crying in the car park, now he had songs to sing. he went straight to dublin to celebrate and called off the tournaments he planned for the week. they could skip work here where he led the game. this county won gaelic football's biggest prize and his dad and uncles were part of the team. in his home town, they already knew the champion within. the biggest thing about shane, he never showed any fear. we believe in him.
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he is one of the best. 0n the world stage this week, not only to win it, but so comfortably and easily and nearly casually... we are in awe of the man. 0n the world stage, this island keeps winning majors. since an englishman last won the open, now four men from the republic and northern ireland have done it. including patrick harrington. for shane lowry, he has gone from a hero to a friend. to be able to hang around with someone like padraig harrington, who we know paved the way for the success of irish golfers and i am so happy i can add my name to the list of major champions. shane lowry. .. this was the year golf‘s oldest major found a new champion and new fans. the winning margin was the biggest for nine years, but in portrush and across this isle, it feels like the best ever. and you can watch all the highlights
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from portrush on the bbc iplayer. it's a rest day in the tour de france before riders take to the alps. defending champion geraint thomas is lying second overall, one minute 35 seconds behind leader julian alaphilippe going into the last six stages. and thomas says he's looking forward to stepping up the pace in the mountains and still thinks he can retain his title in paris on sunday. i think the main thing is, going into the alps now, i feel motivated to get there and really sort of try and finish this tour off well, because slightly up and down year, for sure, because slightly up and down year, forsure, and because slightly up and down year, for sure, and race, because slightly up and down year, forsure, and race, compared to because slightly up and down year, for sure, and race, compared to last year. but, yeah, the main thing for me is that i finished strong yesterday and i'm just itching to go now. i much prefer the alps, a lot better memories, for obvious reasons, and i'm looking forward to it. time for a quick look at the other sports stories making
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the headlines today. danny cipriani's chances of playing in the rugby world cup appear slim after he was left out of england's latest training squad. cipriani had originally been picked to go to italy for the 38—man camp but, despite not being injured, he now won't be travelling. the highly—rated flat horse sea of class has died after a severe bout of colic. as a leading filly, last year she won the irish and yorkshire 0aks and was also narrowly beaten by enable in the prix de l‘arc de triomphe. and arsenal have agreed a deal to sign spanish midfielder dani ceballos from real madrid on loan. the 22—year—old will fill the gap left by aaron ramsey who's gone tojuventus. it's been a long journey for the irish cricket team but, in a momentous match this week, they're taking on england in a test for the very first time. for england, it's a major gear change from the fireworks of their one—day world cup glory. now they have to tune in to test cricket for the ashes, which starts in just ten days. 0ur reporter henry moeran has been
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with both teams at lord's. eight days on from one of the most memorable days in the history of english cricket, the confetti and the champagne corks have been cleared away and lord's is gearing up for the start of the test summer, four days against ireland is the first assignment, starting on wednesday and a big opportunity, notjust for those england players making a case for ashes selection but also an irish side playing in an historic occasion and for some members of the squad, playing against a side they have played for before. it is really special to be here. all the lads will be looking to taking them out on wednesday. they've got a good side. it is important we go out and try and do what we have been doing well. england are resting some of their big—name players who were busy during the seven week world cup period, like
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ben stokes and jos butler, given this test match off ahead of five weeks of intense ashes battle. it gives a chance for others, lewis gregory of somerset who comes into the squad for the first time. a lot of the focus is at the top of the order. england's opening partnership of rory burns and jason roy, looking to get some form in ahead of the challenge against australia. seeing the boys last sunday was amazing and to get in and amongst that feeling. as you can imagine there is a fair amount of excitement. maybe a couple of sore heads as well. it's been a really good move and a good place to get amongst. bit of irish in me, i always keep one eye on what the irish boys are doing. we have played a fair few of them before in county cricket and it's something i am looking forward to.
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red bull cricket for some time, may be a bit vulnerable.


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