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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 23, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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against china's sun yang. and the tour de france resumes after a rest day as defending champion geraint thomas looks to make up ground in the final week. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news thatjuan mata says his manchester united team—mate paul pogba is a positive influence and brings everyone together at the club. the 31—year—old spaniard was talking during the club's pre season tour which has featured matches in australia and singapore and he's keen for pogba to stay at the club and win trophies. we all know paul and he is a fantastic midfielder. he is a fantastic midfielder. he is a fantastic guy. very positive. a good influence for everyone. i think he is happy. he brings everyone together. but i cannot speak for other people. they can speak for myself, my present, and my future in the club. also as a teammate and a
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friend they would like him to stay and be happy because he is a very good player for us. you and be happy because he is a very good playerfor us. you know, this clu b good playerfor us. you know, this club has won more trophies than any other club in england and we wanted to win again big trophies and that's what the history of this club deserves. and we know that we have to improve. we know that we have to doa to improve. we know that we have to do a better season than last season. but, again, extend compromise and they are very happy to be here, because they think we have very good people in the dressing room, good people in the dressing room, good people in the manager, we want to improve, we want to win. ideally, if everything is going well, obviously that means the coach is doing a good job, think it is also good for his staff that they have now a full pre—season with us to make us play the way they want. and that should be also important for the season. so when a physical term we are ok,
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still we have a way to improve, but we are ok. in the mental part i think we are all positive and enjoying our football. think we are all positive and enjoying ourfootball. and we think we are all positive and enjoying our football. and we are bringing manchester united were deserves to be. so hopefully that will be the same situation in a few yea rs. if we will be the same situation in a few years. if we are in the same team and have the same manager we have done good things. swimming's governing body, fina, has sent a warning letter to australia's mack horton after he refused to stand on the podium with chinese rival sun yang. the pair had won medals this week at the world aquatics championships in south korea but horton described yang as a ‘drug cheat‘ in the past. sun pipped horton to win gold in the aoom freestyle in this year's event. the chinese swimmer served a drugs ban in 2014 and is currently facing a hearing at the court of arbitration for sport over a decision to clear him of a further doping offence. fina said it "respected freedom of speech" but it had to be "in the right context". we got told that the athletes gave him a standing ovation when he walked back into the village stop
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you only had to go on social media to see the praise of the swimming world all get behind mac. it is something we all want to see, clean sport, that is notjust swimming, that his sport in general, we want to clean —— mack. it is one of those thatis to clean —— mack. it is one of those that is a very hard decision as an athlete. you have to stand on the podium getting a civil metal thinking you should be getting a gold medal. the athletes aren't going to stand up and say anything, thatis going to stand up and say anything, that is never going to improve ——if the athletes. it will never get better. and actually i think he did a really brave thing. let's bring you up to date with some of the other sports stories making news. gareth bale could be latest player attracted by the riches of the chinese super league with the welshman set to leave real madrid although zinedine zidane says it was bale‘s decision not to play on sunday against bayern munich. daniel ricciardo‘s former manager is claiming he's owed more than $11 million from the formula i driver in unpaid earnings. glenn beavis says he's due money from ricciardo‘s contract with renault, but the australian's lawyer said there was no merit‘
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in the claim. defending champion geraint thomas won't compete against his team ineos leadership partner egan bernal in the final week of the tour de france. thomas lies second, 95 seconds behind frenchman julian alaphilippe. i'm sure it's really a big honour to be in yellow during the tour. so we change the plan and we defended. i'd give everything every day. like you see, i don't go in the breakaway now. eye ride like the leader of the tour de france. so i don't know what will happen in the next day, but for sure i will continue to defend the joe zee. anthonyjoshua's promoter thinks the former world heavyweight champion shouldn't be fighting an immediate rematch with the man who ended his unbeaten run. a return bout with andy ruinunior
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will be announced later this week and eddie hearn admits the reason the fight is being made is because of the demands ofjoshua. would he or could he or should he have an interim fight, a little confidence builder? yeah, maybe. it's not him. he has no interest in that at all. it hasn't even been discussed. what has been discussed isi discussed. what has been discussed is i should have beaten anteroom was that night, performed poorly, and a loss of five. abel will be tim next time. give me that fight now —— and i will be to him next time. the ashes series gets under way injust over a week, with the opening test between england and australia on the first of august in birmingham. it's clearly a major gear change for the home side's world cup—winning stars so they have a one off test to re—adjust. and that is against ireland for the first time ever and as much as this is designed to be an important warm—up game for england, it's a huge occasion for ireland who only achieved test status two years ago.
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well, eight days on from one of the most memorable days in the history of english cricket, the confetti in the champagne corks have been cleared away and lord's is gearing up cleared away and lord's is gearing upfor cleared away and lord's is gearing up for the start of the test summer, four days against ireland is the first assignment, starting on wednesday. and a big opportunity not just for those england players looking to make a case for usher selection but also from an oral inside playing in an historic occasion and for some members of the squad playing against the either basely played for before. it's like really special to be here. i think they have got a good side. really special to be here. i think they have got a good sidelj really special to be here. i think they have got a good side. i think we can't take them lightly. they think it is important we go out and do what we have been doing well. england arresting some of their big—name players who were busy during that seven week period. the likes of ben stokes and jos buttler, given this test match ahead of five weeks of intense test battle. lewis
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gregory from somerset comes into the squad for the first time. a lot of focus is on the top of the order. england's opening partnership of rory burns and jason roy looking to get some form in ahead of the challenge to come against australia. you know, to see the boys get over the line last sunday is an amazing thing. and, yeah, just to get in amongst the feeling, that can. as you imagine, there is a fair amount of excitement, maybe a couple of sore heads as well. here, no, it has been a really good mood, a good place to get amongst. a bit of irish only. i was keep an eye on what the irish boys are doing. yes, it will bea irish boys are doing. yes, it will be a good test. we have played a fair few encounter cricket. as a youngster, when both my brothers stopped playing with many beau gardner would throw a ball against the back wall and have a bite. so potentially to have the chance to do thatis potentially to have the chance to do that is great. so much cricket has already gone the summer but there are still six test match is here in
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england starting here on wednesday and ireland will feel, and this massive occasion for them, this could perhaps be an opportunity with england fresh from their world cup triumph in preparing for the ashes and not having played red bull cricket for some time maybe just a little bit vulnerable, what an occasion it will be for iris cricket and what an occasion to start this test summer —— read ball. now to tennis where fifth seed benoit paire has been knocked out of the hamburg open in the first round by fellow frenchman jeremy chardy. after paire won the opening set in a tie—break it was chardy who responded taking the next two sets for 6—7, 7—5, 6—3 victory setting up a possible second round match against another of his compatriots richard gasquet. also through to the last 16 is hungary's martin fucsovics. he cruised past a disappointing phillip kolschreiber winning 6—3, 6—0 against the german in just over an hour and will potentially face top seed dominic thiem next. after winning the open championship at royal portrush on sunday, irish golfer shane lowry was celebrating in dublin well into the early hours of monday with a well—known song —
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see if you can pick it? music plays. yes, you guessed it, the fields of athenry with some backing vocals as well. six shot victory for shane lowry on the weekend. tommy fleetwood in second position. eye can tell you with adam peaty winning the breastro ke with adam peaty winning the breastroke in the last 2a hours he goesin breastroke in the last 2a hours he goes in the coming hours in the 50 metre breastroke eats. looking to make it a double on that one. he has not been beaten in five years and that 100 metres. —— peats. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the sport today
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the heatwave is upon us, at least across a large chunk of the country, particularly central and eastern parts of england. and tuesday really could become quite oppressive as temperatures hit the mid—30s in some areas. now, if we look at the satellite image you can see this huge clear area across europe. this is where the heat will be building over the next two or three days. and, as you might expect, the heat‘s coming in from the south, from algeria, from morocco, spreading across spain, into france, and temperature records could tumble. now, the july record, july for the uk, is 36.7, set in 2015. we may be approaching those values come thursday. in the short term, the weather's fairly quiet out there. some rain in the north—west of scotland. some clouds in western and southern areas. but very warm in the morning. 17 degrees there in cardiff, 16 the lowlands of scotland. and once some of that low cloud in the west and the south clears away it's pretty much unbroken sunshine all through the day.
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strong sunshine beating down on us and raising those temperatures, too. we think around about 3k degrees in london, 30 across northern parts of england. but much fresher there in belfast, no heatwave, 22 celsius. and then on tuesday night we've thunderstorms on the way. probably quite widespread. some big downpours with frequent thunder and lightning. and this is what it looks like from late tuesday into the early hours of wednesday, spreading widely across the uk. behind it leaving a legacy of cloud. so that means that wednesday may start off a little cloudy in some areas. and some of that cloud may linger through the day. so in one or two areas temperatures may be a degree or so lower. you won't probably notice much much of a difference. but 33, 3a, maybe 35 in one or two spots is possible. 0ut towards the west, more likely mid or the high 20s. and then on thursday that heat does spread across europe. it'll be peaking in france and the uk, benelux, and starting to reach
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scandinavia as well. and this jet stream propels that northwards as well. so in london we could hit 36 degrees in central london on thursday. high 20s to 30 degrees across northern parts of england. and it's just possible somewhere in the south—east, not necessarily in london, we might hit 37 celsius. but it all depends whether there will be any showers around or the cloud amounts. i'm sure most of us agree that's a little too hot. that's it. bye— bye.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: britain calls for a european naval mission to protect ships in the gulf, after iran's seizure of a british—registered oil tanker. questions for hong kong's authorities and the police following a brutal attack on pro—democracy protestors by masked men. who will become britain's next prime minister? the winner of the conservative party contest will be announced within hours. and tens of thousands step up demands for the resignation of puerto rico's governor, among them pop star ricky martin. we just can't take it anymore.
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