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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 25, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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next few days. good news. over the next few days. good news. thank you. that's all from the bbc news at six so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are.
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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines... the uk experiences its hottest day for a july ever. the nhs warns of the risk of heatstroke, and councils are stepping up home visits to the elderly. train passengers are told to stay at home, as the extreme temperatures cause chaos on the rail network, with problems on overhead lines. we're not the only ones. extreme heat has gripped much of western europe, with paris setting a new record of 42.4 celsius. in other news, on his first full day as prime minister, borisjohnson predicts a golden age for britain after brexit, and welcomes in his new cabinet. he then set off for the commons, where mrjohnson told mps while he wants to leave the eu with a deal, there must be preparations for a no—deal brexit.
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today is the first day of a new approach which will end with our exit from the eu on 31st october. nissan cuts its workforce by 12,500 worldwide, after reporting a 98% drop in profits. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday. but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. it's notjust humans who've been trying to keep cool in the soaring heat. we'll be discussing ways in which animals can cope with the hot weather. this year's mercury prize nominees include cate le bon, idles, and 1975 and the seed ensemble. we'll be speaking about the shortlist with lisa verrico from the sunday times. and at 10.1i0pm and 11.30pm, we'll be taking a look at tomorrow's front pages. our reviewers arejessica elgot, chief political correspondent at the guardian, and lucy fisher, defence correspondent at the times.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. a look at what is coming on for tonight's show. we can for the ashes are england heading for his berries and defeat in their first ever test against ireland? two a week before the ashes, or england heading for an embarrassing defeat? adam pt says he supports the protests against. supports the protests doping embarrassing defeat? adam pt says he supports the protests doping has never had a place in the sport. never has, never will. geraint thomas drops to third in the tour de france.
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also coming up in the programme... the europa league and the women's challenge cup final. a very busy day of sports. beginning with cricket. england's woes continue. at this stage, ireland looked the more likely team to win this match. things started badly when rory burns was out forjust six runs. jack leach, almost a century, and despite a 72 from jason roy, the other stores are disappointing.
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they are leading ireland by 181 runs, watching today's action was patrick gearey. thank you for joining us. it is not exactly 85 but still, another batting collapse or england. this is not great with the ashes a week away. if your austria's —— australia's coast, you're watching with a paper and pen. rory burns, he is not fit at the crease, burns. not a good chunk of that one. england's batting hero, he is not a batter at all, jack leach. look at that shot for four! he had batter at all, jack leach. look at that shot forfour! he had not made more than nine this season but with this, he did his first test 50 for
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england. with jason roy, in good order and a pretty good position. 0nce order and a pretty good position. once he went for 92, just eight short of his century, a familiar collapse. a mix—up with the captain joe root, run out forjust culture mac. jonny bairstow, a duck in the first innings and the duck in the second innings —— joe first innings and the duck in the second innings ——joe root run out forjust second innings ——joe root run out for just four. england second innings ——joe root run out forjust four. england only won 17 ahead at that point and in real trouble. —— only 117 ahead. england only 181 runs ahead, that is probably not enough. could be a trick of the chase for ireland. 0ne good note for england, chauffer
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——jofra —— jofra archer doing a test match... only time will tell. what does this mean for the future of i restricted? it does this mean for the future of i restricted ? it is does this mean for the future of i restricted? it is great —— irish cricket? what a morning that was yesterday. to go out today in conditions that were really not easy for the boulders, that really show something about irish cricket. it was not so long ago that ireland and afghanistan would not... if they could get thejob afghanistan would not... if they could get the job done tomorrow, some celebrations. and good for cricket. thank you very much, patrick, forjoining us. well, the former england bowler monty panesar joins mejoin from lord's. thank you so much forjoining us. as a bowler who has had to bat as tricky circumstances, i am talking
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by that incredible heroic not that you had in the ashes back in 2009 in cardiff, considering that, how good you think that 92 was from jack leach today? i thinkjack leach did brilliantly well, because considering the batting collapse again again, it's got to be a concern going into the ashes. jack leach did not get the 50 runs that he did, this total right now would be looking under 100, and 180, elite of 180, they can get 200, it is going to be a difficult case for ireland because they are batting against england's bowling. we know that this pitch, you really got to pitch the ball up, so anything can... it's going to be a famous win if ireland doing this, but i thinking would have to, england
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anything over 150 would be in the game. it will be great viewing tomorrow. monty, whatever happens in this test, it is a warm up? what do you think this assessable kind of shape england rn? we know they have just won the world cup but that is clearly a different sport, as much as it is a 50 over game? what do you think will be changed at of that test if anything? just a technical issue with the batting. they're just going at the ball where, especially on this pitch, the lord's pitch which is been quite slow, watching england that. at one point, when jason roy and jack leach are batting
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really well, it was going to be a good day. they are collapsing and they seem to find themselves getting out, going at the ball really hard. they need to get there and tally out of the system and really batten down. the sooner they do this, hopefully a competitive ashes series, because they way they are going now, it looks like australia are favourites to win the ashes. let's hope he isn't right there! monty panesar, thank you forjoining us monty panesar, thank you forjoining us from lord's. the world aquatics championships in south korea are coming to the business end. no medals for team gb today. we'll talk about the sport in a moment, but first the furore over the podium protests rumbles on. britain's golden boy adam peaty has told us he supports the actions of some of his fellow competitors who've protested against sun yang this week. peaty‘s team—mate duncan scott joined the australian mack horton in refusing to share the podium with sun yang over the chinese swimmer‘s doping history — and the fact that he's currently facing an appeal for
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a further offence. absolutely. we will stand for what is right and the rest of the road is with us. all the countries were clapping him. we know doping has no place in sport. he never has and it never will, but is just cutting that message out for us and sending the ground. —— getting that message out. massive applause to dunks. as it should be. i repeat ten times a day to the media, doping has no place in sport, any sport, and the people who will win... if you cheat and win, you know you haven't won. that stays with them for the rest of their life. hopefully dunks next year will smash them out of the water. well, watching that comment from adam peaty with me are mark foster and rebecca adlington — who are part of the bbc‘s team covering the world championships.
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firstly, i asked them reaction to what he had to say. it takes a lot of courage. you've just had the swim of courage. you've just had the swim of your life and use kind of are going through it all and then to make this into a negative stance and really reflect on that, rather than the swim speaking for itself, but actually they have done it in a real dignified way, a silent protest is the only way to go about it in a professional manner rather than kicking and skimming and shouting and... that does not mean anything. it has been really powerful and i personally thing with duncan and was actually amazing —— with duncan did was absolutely amazing. we learn, from getting up, the amount of training and dedication, the sacrifice you make, to be the best you can be. when someone is standing there and is taken away from you unjustifiably so, it hurts. without
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them sticking together can things wants to change —— without them sticking together, things wants change. sun yang winning medals. is this something team gb could do without? it has been a disappointing day for britain. it has been a disappointing day for britain. the rules need to change. sun yang, i feel for him anyway, because yes, he cheated, three months band. if you get banned for cheating, it is a lifetime ban. that is the only to the cultic. for the british custody, really... i am the cultic. for the british custody, really... lam missing the cultic. for the british custody, really... i am missing one. anderson. and we got to talk about caleb, swam the fastest time in
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history over the freestyle. just a phenomenal race, one that duncan scott decided to pull out of to concentrate on the medley, and you can understand what duncan thought, you know what, i will give this one a rest? under 47 seconds which is absolute phenomenal. the australian, total walk in the park. it was one of those committeemen's 100 of those committeemen's100 freestyle, always a heckuva race. so much depth on the team, the relays are so much depth on the team, the relays a re really so much depth on the team, the relays are really strong. we have got some great relays to come. we have also got luke greenback going tomorrow night. some opportunities tomorrow night. some opportunities to pick up medals in. rebecca addington and mark foster with me earlier. britain's geraint thomas has dropped to third overall in the tour de france.
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the defending champion is still 95 seconds behind the overall leader julian alaphillipe, but he missed out on bridging that gap with just two meaningful stages to go. simon brotherton was watching in the alps. we have three mountain, all of them 2000 above sea level. on the third of those claims, a very famous mountain in terms of the tour de france in the history of the race, near the top, he did lose contact with the rest of the overall contenders. the libyan writer —— colombian writer... geraint thomas countered, force and acceleration. and in that acceleration, when others went after him, alaphillipe could not hold the pace. he is such a good dissenter, he catch them on the descent. although he did not gain time, with alaphillipe, they did not lose time. it was a very
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good day for another colombian as well. he took the stage on his own, a minute and a half clear of the frenchmen. simon brotherton there. 0nto football, and there are still plenty of europa league second qualifying games. let's start with the scottish premiership side aberdeen. they're in the georgian capital of tbilisi playing the little—known side chikhura sachkere. it's half time. aberdeen are already 1—0, chikhura scoring from a penalty. it's a huge day for the small welsh premier league side connahs quay, who've just kicked—off against pa rtizan belgrade in the first leg of their second qualifying round. the semi—pro side connahs quay have already knocked out kilmarnock in the last round. it's goalless in rhyl with around 15 minutes on the clock. wolves will be hoping to avoid a giant killing when they play the northern irish side crusaders in their second round europa league qualifying tie later tonight. premier league wolves are hosting european football for the first time in 39 years. crusaders won the irish cup
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and finished fourth in their premiership. ian winter reports. don't mention brexit here. after a ao—year absence, wolves are back in europe — and nuno espirito santo has voted to remain in the europa league for as long as possible. how much pride does it give you to the manager of wolves back in europe? a lot of pride, because i'm the manager of fantastic players, a fantastic group of men that want every day to improve. now we're finally back in the place where we belong, so i hope we do well in europe. the whole excitement around the area at the moment, it'sjust brilliant, and having a team that we can actually be proud of. it's fantastic for everybody to have european football back, but it's a big game for us and we're really looking forward to it. just back from their successful trip to the far east, the asia trophy winners swap the heat and humidity of china for the heat and humidity of wolverhampton. and waiting for them at molineux tonight, crusaders from belfast. they finished fourth in the northern ireland premiership last season, and their manager has been in charge for 1h years.
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is this the biggest game in the club's history? oh, no doubt. we played fulham probably seven or eight years ago in the europa league, but this will top it all. we're looking forward to it. i'm sure the wolves fans are really looking forward to it, because they're coming into europe for the first time in a long time. it will be a big thing and i know it's a sell—out for them also, so it's exciting for them also. tonight, a full house will welcome european football back to molineux, and that will be a scary prospect for crusaders, whose ground is half the size of kidderminster harriers. ian winter, bbc news. there's one more bit of home interest in the europa league tonight — and that's rangers, who'll be hoping not to slip up at home to progres niederkorn like they did two years ago. good luck to them. let's round up some of the day's other sports stories now. arsenal have signed the real madrid midfielder dani ceballos on a season—long loan deal. the 22—year—old has made 56 appearances for the spanish giants since joining from real betis.
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melissa reid is in contention after the opening round of the final major of the year. the initial minutes tied for sixth —— englishwoman is tied for sixth. the last two races at southwell were abandoned due to the heat. thejumps meeting had already been brought forward by a couple of hours — and extra shade and vets were available. but with temperatures in the 30s, the final two distance races over hurdles were cancelled. after shane lowry‘s 0pen championship victory at the weekend, there's more good news for irish golf today because adare manor is set to be named as the venue to host the 2026 ryder cup. the limerick course has beaten the belfry to the honour of hosting the biennial tournament between europe and the usa. here is the bbc‘s golf correspondent ian carter. the course has been remodeled and
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had reviews for that. it is not a huge apprise the europeans have decided to go with adare manor as the next venue, after the course in rome, which will be the next home match for europe. that is in 2022. i think this is vindication of the success think this is vindication of the success that irish golfers have had. it vindication of the property as well, and there will be the hope that there can be a repeat of what happened the last time the ryder cup was played in ireland. that was in 2006, and of course, that year it was a 9.5—8.5 record equalling when on dedication. iain carter there. the women's challenge cup final is taking place this weekend, and crucially for fans who want to see the sport grow, leeds vs castleford is part
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of a triple—header before


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