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it's topped the chart for 17 weeks. the viral mega—hit that mashes banjo twangs with thumping bass from previously unknown artist lil nas x broke the previous record held by one sweet day by mariah carey and the 2017 latin juggernaut despacito. how long can it stay at the top? we will see. now it's time for the weather with alina jenkins. we think we're getting the weather... i can tell you it has very hot with a lot of rain and it has been wide sunny here in melbourne. let's see if we can get you a more detailed look at the weather. —— here in london. this week our focus is on potentially heavy and fun very rain tied in with low pressure. a driving force behind oui’ low pressure. a driving force behind our weather. notice how the isobars
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are our weather. notice how the isobars a re close our weather. notice how the isobars are close together. notjust heavy thundery showers but some windy conditions as well. showers on tuesday across southern and south—west england and wales become more widespread across england and wales as the day wears on, pushing into southern scotland and northern ireland were sharp showers for northern scotland where we see the showers again they will bring rain ina showers again they will bring rain in a short amount of time, gusty wind, quite widely maybe 3040 mile an hour, but 54 some southern coast. a cooler on tuesday compared to monday. except for some eastern counties of scotland and england with fewer showers and more in the way of sunshine. by the time we reach wednesday the area of lobe pressure pulls further north and east so things slowly start to turn a bit drier across southern south—west england and wales. showers mainly concentrate through the midlands and east anglia, northern england and into scotland with not so michelle is getting across to northern ireland to again when we see the showers they will
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bring thunder, lightning, torrential rain, perhaps 20—30 millimetres for many. particularly where we see flooding through the weekend we could see that exacerbated through the middle part of the week. as we go into thursday here is our area of low pressure pulling away into the north sea but still close by. areas we saw a lot of heavy and thundery showers through wednesday will see them again on thursday. anywhere from north wales through the midlands east anglia into northern england and southern and central scotla nd england and southern and central scotland will see the most showers. for wales, southern and south—west england and northern ireland a dry day with more in the way of sunshine and hence higher temperatures. 23, 20 four celsius. as we go into friday, most of the showers start to ease. we still have a few sharp ones going along eastern coast but many are having a dry day with warm spells of sunshine, temperatures in the high teens across northern ireland and scotland at the mid 20s across central and southern england.
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24- 25 across central and southern england. 24— 25 celsius to for most of us through saturday this ridge of high pressure keeps things dry. notice what happens to the south—west of the uk with another area of low pressure spilling more cloud into parts of wales and south—west england, maybe a few showers here later in the day before on saturday, aside from an isolated shower, mainly dry with good spells of sunshine. warm and the temperatures for many in the low— mid 20 celsius. for sunday, mainly dry but the northern ireland parts of wales and south—west england, that low pressure works further north and east so some pressure works further north and east so some showers pressure works further north and east so some showers and long spells of rain. ahead of this, spells of sunshine but temperatures a little lower compared to saturday. as we look ahead into next week let's see what is happening to the jetstream. wind is high in the atmosphere, staying to the south of the uk and what that will do is allow areas of low pressure to move between the
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area of high pressure across greenland and high pressure through the azores. some areas could become deep as we go through next week, bringing wetter and windier weather for a time. the outlook is fairly u nsettled. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment. first, the headlines. boos as borisjohnson arrives in edinburgh for talks with nicola sturgeon. he says he'll work hard for a deal — she says his brexit approach is dangerous. we are very confident that with goodwill on both sides, to mature political entities, the uk and the eu, can get this thing done.
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behind all this bluff and bluster, this government in the path that it is pursuing, i think is dangerous. a warning from vauxhall that it could move all its production from ellesemere port to southern europe if brexit hits profits from the plant. panic at food festival in california as a man opens fire, killing four people including two children. up up to his neck in water, the dramatic rescue of a father who became trapped in rocks at a norfolk beach. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kevin schofield, editor of politicshome and kate proctor, political reporter for the evening standard. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. prime minister borisjohnson‘s visit to scotland makes many of tomorrow's papers — with a picture of him meeting scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon,
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on the front of the metro. the paper reports that mrjohnson‘s visit was met with boos. today's fall in the pound leads tomorrow's financial times — as sterling hits its lowest level since article 50 was triggered back in march 2017. the times leads on the same story — with traders warning that sterling could fall further in coming weeks as the possibility of a no—deal brexit looms. the guardian says that a lack of clarity from the government about whether or not a no—deal is the main working assumption tomorrow's daily express says borisjohnson is refusing to meet eu officials until the irish backstop is scrapped. in other news britain's youngest convicted terrorist has been granted anonymity for life according to the daily telegraph. the paper says it's to stop him becoming a poster boy for the so—called islamic state group. victims rights campaign groups want ministers to review the decision.
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the daily mail reports that a former high court judge says police broke the law in falsifying evidence to obtain search warrants in their investigation into the claims made by carl beech — who was jailed last week for making false allegations of murder and child sexual abuse against public figures. boris against public figures. johnson in scotland domina1 the borisjohnson in scotland dominated the pound also getting a lot of attention. let's just start with scotla nd attention. let's just start with scotland and the i.. the picture of both ruth davison and nicola sturgeon in a boxing mood. boris johnson was in scotland and this was not an easy visit for him. he was booed really loudly when he met nicola sturgeon and for someone who appears to have quite skin and can go with some pretty tricky political situations, i think he looked a
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little bit bruised. it was not a co mforta ble little bit bruised. it was not a comfortable photo shoot. i've never heard it before. it is unusual. he will rightly have serious questions to ask of his advisers. it was avoidable. they could have met in the scottish parliament or somewhere else in edinburgh. is this his first big meeting with a political leader? first meeting, and he is being booed. the body language with nicola sturgeon going and was quite interesting. this is the third prime minister that she is met, welcomed to bute house, the official residence in edinburgh. it was all smiles with david cameron but no smiles with david cameron but no smiles today. she basically said she
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doesn't believe there is a plan. she sang the no deal exit rhetoric would be really dangerous. scotland. you also have ruth davidson not using such strong words but she doesn't wa nt such strong words but she doesn't want no deal. he said it would be terrible for the conservative pa rty‘s terrible for the conservative party's chances. what is it, due to ruth davidson's position, if boris johnson says, right, that's it. we can't get anything with brussels, we are heading for no deal, but therefore it. what is she going to do and say? she is now on the record very clearly saying she will not support no deal exit. if that ends up support no deal exit. if that ends up being the stated position of the government, she has a big decision to make. how does she make her opposition to it felt? does she
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resign as scottish tory leader? the scottish tories won't want her to resign but if you say those things so publicly, that might be what you are held to. certainly heading for a collision if we go for no deal exit. moving onto the daily telegraph, the prime minister pledges to make brexit a successful farmers, with a photo of boris johnson brexit a successful farmers, with a photo of borisjohnson saying he is going to help ring historic opportunities and new schemes to support farming. he is in scotland today and wales tomorrow. it's going today and wales tomorrow. it's going to be another possibly difficult visit because the farming community are very concerned about no deal in borisjohnson is saying he thinks there is a really bold vision that britain can achieve when it comes to agriculture and this is the kind of thing he will be spelling out tomorrow but when it comes to
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farming and brexit, there are big concerns about how you proceed once you get rid of the common agricultural policy. that subsidy base that farmers are used to. he's got to offer something pretty innovative and something we've never heard of before to try and convince farmers that brexit can work in their favour. he got quite a lot of kisses on social media for this jacket. in case you forgot what his job was, he put the word by minister on his coat. people thought downing street had gone to the bother of making him a special coat with his job title on it but it's transpired it isa job title on it but it's transpired it is a royal navy coat and they have just stuck prime minister on it using velcro. it'sjust in case he gets mistaken. it's hard to pick out ina gets mistaken. it's hard to pick out in a crowd. it's because no-one can quite believe what they are saying,
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borisjohnson as prime minister. quite believe what they are saying, boris johnson as prime minister. he looked like a bit of a dork, really. not to put too fine a point on it. we might have wellies, we might have a tweed jacket tomorrow when he is doing his farming. there is a whole section of that, isn't there? in terms of serious concern, michael gove was rumoured to be shocked by the implication of no deal on agriculture but of course, everyone has had quite awhile to prepare and the uncertainty is also damaging. at least if this government is heading ina least if this government is heading in a specific direction, people can do what they need to do. if there is no deal brexit, all of a sudden, their exploits become much more
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expensive and imports become much cheaper. those are the ones of the sharp end. does this mean lots of government subsidy? the tariff picked out a lot as british lamb. why would you choose the dish when you could choose meet from the most of europe? how does government pep-up of europe? how does government pop—up farmers in that situation? subsidising farmers to make up for any losses. 0ne subsidising farmers to make up for any losses. one is not sustainable, you can't do it indefinitely and it's so by watering the expensive. the 40% tariff on lamb comes up. it's so by watering the expensive. the 4096 tariff on lamb comes up. on top of the mass culling of sheep. just in terms of the optics. these government members, it's like a foot
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in mouth crisis. it gives us a single —— a symbol of a country that is an absolute crisis. the times has got the stirling story as well. stirling slumps amid fears of no deal brexit. the pound has fallen to a2— deal brexit. the pound has fallen to a 2— year low. there are projections that can go down further. this is really significant, the lowest it's been since theresa may triggered article 50 in march 2017. the strength of the currency, a sign of how the economy is doing and how the rest of the world views you as well. it just shows rest of the world views you as well. itjust shows how much concern there is about no deal. there has been a lot of confusion today because i think borisjohnson tries to row back and say no deal really isn't our assumption. it's not what we fully intend on doing. if this is
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the impact of no deal and this is three orfour the impact of no deal and this is three or four days. could the impact of no deal and this is three orfour days. could it the impact of no deal and this is three or four days. could it get worse, could it take a tumble even further? it's quite worrying. it's important to remember that only 90,000 odd people voted for boris johnson. the conservatives only one a mandate popped up by the du p hundred different prime minister who was not really looking like no deal prime minister after a very tight referendum result. we are in really strange times. there is no massive majority mandate for anything. today was the first day they rolled out this new phrase that keeps saying it's undemocratic. there are serious questions about what mandate is therefore taking the uk out of the eu without a deal? putting that on
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the side of the bus or front and ce ntre the side of the bus or front and centre of the vote leave campaign. talking about going out in wto terms, that was seen as a last resort. that's why there is more talk of a general election. it may well come the boris johnson talk of a general election. it may well come the borisjohnson has to go to an election, give me a mandate to take me out without a deal. it could be an exciting one. onto the guardian. alistair campbell has said, iam guardian. alistair campbell has said, i am finished with corbyn‘s labour. you would given —— you would expect the labour party to be doing better in the polls and a lot of people in the centre ground of politics say they feel homeless, previous supporters of the labour party unable to be loyal to this
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leadership. and alistair campbell is ina very leadership. and alistair campbell is in a very difficult —— different political position but he's done a long piece explaining his position. it's the complete end of an era. 0ne very, very big dominant new labour figure and it's the end of the road for him. he can't continue with the labour party anymore and for corbyn supporters, this will be no great loss. people will be very happy, i'm sure, i'm sure there are loads of vile comments about alistair campbell on twitter but itjust shows you can't remain in labour, he doesn't recognise it anymore as the party that he was so instrumental m, m party that he was so instrumental in, in the 90s and 2000s. he says that he does not think labour will wina that he does not think labour will win a majority againstjohnson in any kind of election and he does not feel the party truly represents is values. they're the main thing is,
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alistair campbell is a big campaigner for a so—called second vote, staying in the eu. he has grown increasingly frustrated at abilities to make a decision as to whether labour are leave or remain. he's also got deep misgivings about the whole anti—semitism crisis and labour's ability to tackle the properly so those two things combined in the fact that you said he was expelled by the party for voting lib dem at the european elections. it's come to the end of the road and i think it will be a long time before alistair campbell will be back. whether the lib dems get more of the labour boat or labour will be forced to change their policy at conference, it will be interesting. i just their policy at conference, it will be interesting. ijust want their policy at conference, it will be interesting. i just want to their policy at conference, it will be interesting. ijust want to move the telegraph because there is a
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little paragraph down the side. it says turkish bees stowaway gets the death sentence, it stowed away in a family's luggage. the british beekeepers association have said this particular be, this species, would endanger native british species of bees. they could be viruses, it could out— compete british bees so basically to protect our bees. it survived transit from turkey and it's still alive. you would get the fright of your life if you open your luggage and saw that. is there a brexit parallel metaphor? everything is about to exit these days. and on the animal theme, the daily mail has the most bizarre
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headline forks. —— daily mirror. daily mail has the most bizarre headline forks. -- daily mirror. the daily mirror famously has the mirror chicken which wearing a mirrored costume and chasing tories around at election time. a trans hired that the man who is borisjohnson's new director of medications, lee kane, who we know well, used to work at the mirror and he who we know well, used to work at the mirrorand he is a who we know well, used to work at the mirror and he is a former mirror chicken. he chased david cameron around. is this actually true? i messaged him tonight when he saw —— when i saw that and he has not denied it. the story is true. we've all had past lives. his chickens have come home to roost. it's a cracking exclusive. he obviously
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knows what it's like out there on the trail. as you said earlier, it didn't stop them allowing boris to enter a pretty hot hothouse earlier in scotland today. he will know all the tricks of the mirror so he will be really great if it comes to an election. he will know that is coming from. are you both on election footing? a little bit. holiday first? get as much rest between now and the autumn. it's going to be a rollercoaster. we might all be proved totally wrong. i'd be very calm. i hope so, on this occasion. that's it for the papers tonight. thank you, kevin and kate. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you 7 days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later
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on bbc iplayer. thank you, kevin and kate. goodbye. good evening — i'm chetan pathak with your latest sports news. just days before the start of the ashes, australia's opening batsman david warner limped out of practice today after suffering a bruised thigh. he's due to make his test comeback after a 12—month ban for his part in a ball—tampering scandal in march last year. he was pictured receiving attention from medical staff and and had an ice pack on. warner and his team—mate steve smith, who was also involved in the ball tampering scandal, returned to the one—day team earlier in the year and played in the world cup. and england of course
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won that world cup. who could forget the drama? the perfect boostjust before the ashes which start on thursday. or so they would have hoped — there was then a less than convicing test against ireland last week and its no surprise that ashley giles, england's director of cricket — says they need to raise their game if they're to make a strong start against australia. the bbc‘s sports editor dan roan has been talking to giles ahead of the first test at edgbaston. hopefully what we can take into that winter is important. i don't know how we would have picked those players up if we got over the line on sunday evening but do you ever really need lifting for ashes series? i look at edgbaston, it's been a fantastic ground. we are a couple of days away from another ashes series. there is nothing quite like it in cricket. the new premier league season gets underway in less than 2 weeks — were liverpool play newly promoted norwich, a week on friday. before that though — they'll play the team that beat them
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to last season's title by a point, manchester city, in the community shield this weekend. it's the first time liverpool have been involved in it since 2006 and whilst it hasn't always been given importance over the years, liverpool bossjurgen klopp says he's taking it seriously. liverpool haven't been in good form pre—season, losing three of their last four friendlies and although klopp doesn'st think it's a match that will impact what happens in the season, he's treating it as a final. nothing to do for me with the rest of the season. it's a game, and even if we play with eight players away, for example, i would like to try to win it. it's a final. this is the first time that i realised nobody sees it like that, to be honest. a curtain—raiser is unbelievable. so we think constantly about the game and how can we prepare. gareth bale has pulled out of real madrid's trip to munich for a pre—season friendly against tottenham tomorrow, following the collapse of his proposed move to china.
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it's understood bale's not in the right frame of mind to play after real prevented him from moving to the chinese super league. bury‘s opening league one fixture against mk dons this weekend won't be going ahead after the efl said the club hasn't produced the outstanding information it requires to show how they'll be funded moving forwards. the efl says bury will now be referred to an independent disciplinary panel. meanwhile bolton wanderers opening match against wycombe which was also in doubt will be going ahead bolton have been in administration since the middle of may, with a proposed takeover of the club still not complete. but the efl says it's satisfied after a meeting that the necessary requirements will be met so the game will be played as scheduled on saturday. and st helens head coach justin holbrook is expected to be named the new coach of the gold coast titans
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in australia's nrl within the next 24 hours. holbrookjoined saints in 2017 and guided them to a first challenge cup final in 11 years after they beat championship side halifax on saturday. the club are also 10 points clear at the top of super league. holbrook‘s expected to see out the rest of this season with saints. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. bye. we started this week off on a fine note. plenty of sunshine up and down the country on monday and it was quite warm to. now we turn our attention to this area of low pressure which is going to bring some unseasonably strong winds and heavy showers, feel quite cool as well. certainly today, feeling on the call slide. some of these downpours could lead to localised flooding and it could be strong winds which cause issues to trees bring —— being infull winds which cause issues to trees bring —— being in full leaf. showers
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affecting southwest england and wales, migrating north and east wards. you can see where some of the heaviest of the showers will be. wales in the south—west. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour along the south coast, up to 30 or 40 miles an hourso the south coast, up to 30 or 40 miles an hour so quite a wild afternoon for the time of year. certainly cooler than it did on monday. probably in the warmest spots, 20—23 in the far north and east. as we head through tuesday night, we had across central and southern areas. thunderstorms smiling around this area. not a particularly cold night, muggy across southern particularly cold night, muggy across southern areas. particularly cold night, muggy across southern areas. temperatures generally around the mid—teens. we've got low pressure moving further north so affecting more northern and eastern parts of the uk as we head and into wednesday. not quite as strong as we will see today but those showers heaviest across
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parts of scotland, northern and eastern england. drier conditions into northern wales, the south mid wounds in southern england. the best ten pages, 22, 20 three degrees. 0ur area of low pressure slowly pushes out into the north sea. the isobars wide and so the wind will be lighter but the area of low pressure will generate showers across northern and eastern portions of the uk with a p°p‘up eastern portions of the uk with a pop—up because the winds will be lighter and likely to be slow—moving. again affecting parts of scotland. further south and west, more sunshine, lighter winds. finally as we as we end the week. a bit warmer as well.
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i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines: as afg hanistan's presidential election gets underway, the trump administration says it will start withdrawing american troops by the end of next year. more than 50 prisoners are killed in fighting between rival gangs in a brazilianjail. i'm samantha simmonds in london. also in the programme: 0ne one day after sending this ministers out to talk up a no deal brexit, the prime minister of britain says he will go on extra 1000 miles to go get a deal. and we take a look at car culture — japan—style. meet the masters of the boso—zuku approach to automotive style.


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