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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 3, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm BST

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‘ seems to change. nothing ever really seems to change. peter, many thanks for that. much more on the bbc news website as well of course. coming up next, the papers with our reviewers. and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers political commentatorjo phillips and the political editor of the people and the sunday mirror nigel nelson. that's coming up after the headlines. time for a look at the weather with stav. hello there. we've started this weekend on a fine note across many central, northern and eastern areas. quite a bit of sunshine around, but it's been gradually turning hazier through the course of saturday, like this picture behind me suggests across the south east of england. but further west, it's been a different story. we've had thicker cloud, outbreaks of rain. that's because low pressure's been slowly pushing in off the atlantic, and this low pressure system is going to be a player into our weather as we head into next week. so, for sunday then, we're starting on a pretty similar note as how saturday started, with a little bit of mist and fog in some areas, which will clear quickly, and then there'll be plenty of dry and bright weather with some sunshine in central and eastern parts. but already we'll have cloud, with outbreaks of rain further west. showers and thunderstorms will develop though across scotland, northern england into the latter
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part of the day, but it will be quite a warm one again. 22 to maybe 26 or 27 across the south—east given the best of the sunshine here. but it's on in towards the latter part of the afternoon to the evening where some of these showers and thunderstorms could cause some problems and locally torrential falls of rain. hit—and—miss showers, but still, met office have issued a yellow warning for these. it's summer, these hit—and—miss showers and storms could affect the flood—sensitive areas across northern england. so, that's how sunday's looking. as we head on into monday, low pressure is firmly with us, mainly affecting northern and western parts initially, and then spreading further east as the week wears on. so, it looks pretty unsettled, in fact, next week, particularly the first half of the week, where we'll see plenty of showers, maybe some thunderstorms, which could give rise to localised flooding in places. so our bands of showers and rain on monday, affecting eastern parts of england, scotland and also for northern ireland. breezy conditions in the south—west. however, there will be some sunshine around, too, it will not be a complete wash—out.
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temperatures nearly 19 or 20 in the north, and 23 to 2a degrees in the south—east. low pressure with us again on tuesday. weather fronts out towards our shores, causing some torrential downpours in places. the focus of them on tuesday across scotland, northern ireland and around some irish sea coasts. the best of any drier weather will be the sheltered east, where we could hold onto sunny spells through the day. temperatures to 22 maybe 23 degrees for most, a few degrees down from what we're expecting for the weekend and on into monday. for wednesday, low pressure still with us, very unsettled, the northern half of the country with downpours, as you can see here. some could cause localised flooding and even affect flood sensitive areas across northern england. the best of the brightness again across the south and east of the uk. it's a similar story on into thursday. low pressure will be pushing out into the north sea, so these showers affecting scotland and we should be seeing some
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more sunshine around for northern ireland, for wales, central and southern england and perhaps a little warmer, 2a degrees in london. high pressure building in for the week to start the weekend, however as we move through the weekend, this big area of low pressure will move in off the atlantic. closely packed isobars and it will actually turn quite windy, too. one thing it'll be doing is digging up some warm air from the near continent. so it won't be colder despite it turning a lot more unsettled. so, into next weekend, after that brief period of dry weather during the week, it will be unsettled. so there'll be some rain at times and it could turn quite windy, as you can see here. at least temperatures remain average.
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hello, this is bbc news with chris rogers. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines: police in america say several people may have been killed in a mass shooting at a shopping mall in the texas city of el paso. we in the texas city of el paso. do have one person in can we do have one person in custody. i can confirm it as a white male in his 20s. desperate efforts to shore up a dam in danger of collapse in derbyshire. more residents nearby are told
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to leave their homes. talks to avert strike action at heathrow resume tomorrow, but more than 170 flights next week are already cancelled. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are political commentator jo phillips and the political editor of the people and the sunday mirror, nigel nelson. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. long time no see, for me at least. not for us. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. "it's too late to stop no—deal." the telegraph leads with a message to mp5 from the prime minister's top aide. in the observer, schools chaos after no—deal brexit. a secret government document reveals some schools may even have to close.
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the express leads on tory mps asking brexit party leader nigel farage not to field candidates against them. leading in the mail on sunday, borisjohnson tells michel barnier get new orders from brussels in order to reopen talks on the brexit deal. in the sunday times, an end to the menopause — pioneering surgery can delay the effects for 20 years. depending on what newspaper you read, it depends on what you might end up believing or not believing about brexit. but there is very little escape. you sound really excited about that. we are living and brilliant like everyone else in the country. let's talk about the sunday express first. this comes from leave eu founder who claims at least ten conservative mps have been asking him to try and persuade nigel
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for rog not to field brexit party candidates in seats where they feel it would fear it would split the conservative vote. this comes off the back of the bye election on thursday in brecon which saw a liberal democrat victory. but three —— the liberal democrats won byjust under 5000 votes. 3300 odd people voted for brexit. there is no guarantee they would have voted for the conservative candidate. but chances are they probably would have done. you can see why conservative mps are afraid. by the time there is a general election, the way people vote might have changed slightly. a general election, the way people vote might have changed slightlym will not be that long away. you make an assumption the election will come before october 31 in this scenario. the only where the tories have a chance it if they can neutralise the brexit party. so either you need electoral power or you get nigel
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farage out of the it collapses after that. so send him to washington or something like that. do simi to get rid of the brexit party as an electoral threat. and rid of the brexit party as an electoralthreat. and if rid of the brexit party as an electoral threat. and if you have the liberal democrats and the the green party and as we saw that welsh party and other parties who are willing to do ideal and not split the vote against each other, than it does seem to be a little bit more really smart tactical voting. which with our ridiculous system is the only way. right now, politicians who should be busy with their constituents are planning for a general election in the next couple of months. yes, certainly. our bet is within weeks. by christmas for sure but by october, probably. you do not look very enthusiastic. we're all a bit tired, do not look very enthusiastic. we're alla bit tired, art do not look very enthusiastic. we're all a bit tired, art week was met we could do with a break from elections. i think it beat for the public as levels of they went to see
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things happen. which takes us nicely into the sunday telegraph lead. mps told it is too late to stop no deal. this is weird. can you explain this to us? i can try to. the prime minister's chief adviser, i cannot work out whether he is brighter than people like myself orjust a complete genius or is a complete charlatan. but certainly i don't understand what he is actually saying here. we do not endorse nigel‘s comments. saying here. we do not endorse nigel's comments. what he is saying is mps have missed the boat and there is no way to stop eight no deal even if they force a general election through a vote of no—confidence. they promised or has the power to hold that general election after halloween and therefore after we have left with no deal. but the math does not turn out. why because that makes sense?
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under the fixed parliament act, if there is a vote of confidence, 14 days after that, there is time to form a government. jeremy corbyn could do if he could command a majority of the house. a new prime minister could do it, even maurice johnson could do it. in those 14 days, you try to form a new government, if that fails, a general election. how the math of that seems to me that you would end up having that election before the end of october. and there is another point that you and i know because nigel only just revealed it that you and i know because nigel onlyjust revealed it which is about british summertime. which is elections are best held in summertime because otherwise turnout gets lower because of darkness. supplement goes back off deborah the fifth and they would have to do it pretty quickly. they had to call it as soon as they get back. 25 days to have the election, that will give you an election on the 24th of
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october. put your money where your mouth is. what do you think will happen in the next few weeks?” happen in the next few weeks?|j think happen in the next few weeks?” think there will be a general election. i think borisjohnson has a majority of one it's we go through, we will see a lot of manoeuvring. who would've thought there would be this much political news in august? but there is a lot of manoeuvring and i think there is going to be an enormous amount of pressure on the anti—no deal tories. bearing in mind that you've got people like the former chancellor philip hammond now on the back benches, you have a jeremy hung on the back bench. you have quite influential people on the back bench. do they want a general election or do they want their party in government if that means even putting up with boris?” in government if that means even putting up with boris? i think there are enough decent people who would put the country first and who really realised that a no deal breaks it would be an absolute disaster. and borisjohnson is a would be an absolute disaster. and boris johnson is a very divisive figure is far if the tories are concerned. are not all prime
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minister is? not like this. you will not have that reaction that theresa may had. they got fed up with her but they welcomed her at the beginning. he is not even being welcomed. a load of sacked ministers on the back benches with that they wa nt on the back benches with that they want to get their revenge. people who supported jeremy hunt who dislike borisjohnson who supported jeremy hunt who dislike boris johnson and who supported jeremy hunt who dislike borisjohnson and do it intensely. they would rather bring their own party down and get rid of him then put up with him. see you have got that kind of problem. there are enough to do that?” have got that kind of problem. there are enough to do that? i think there are. if he actually does deliver it brexit on halloween, we renew the whole thing all over again with a deal. but if the math as up in this article or not, what this is telling joe public is that what we have already seen in parliament with brea ks already seen in parliament with breaks is what will continue to see where they pull things out of the hat, the things they can do to delay it, to stop it, to get rid of the
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government, all these things will get pulled out and note breaks it progress at the end of the day. what this is telling the readers is do not worry, we are going to come out to our diet. not worry, we are going to come out to ourdiet. or not worry, we are going to come out to our diet. or whatever his phrase was. which is not necessarily true. and he... there is a possibility of an emergency budget which has to be voted through the house of commons. that could be voted down because a lot of these promises are not new money. they are money for local government and it is not new and has already been announced. there is a lot of stuff going on i think they could change things. is there enough clarity among the parties if there was a general election that it would all must become like a referendum? is there enough to go on for your vote ? is there enough to go on for your vote? i was about to say that if borisjohnson, he would suit him tactically. you go to the country and say europe is not moving, the
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house of commons are scuttling me completely. i am going to go to the country and you are basically going to be asked no deal or stay in? that is right. depending on what party you vote for. yes. it will be a brexit election. put it up for the voters, like a second referendum. it is kind of winner takes all and that is kind of winner takes all and that is what borisjohnson is going for. iwe is what borisjohnson is going for. i we recording this programme tonight? let's put this back to you on the 1st of november. if he actually succeeds, i want to on my totally about the way he is operating because on that basis, at the moment, downing street feel they are there for three months. but after that, if you put it off, they have got years ahead of them. what does the brexit secretariat say in the mail on sunday? he says in the short version that since the may
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elections, the european elections, he is arguing that michel barnier the chief negotiator is now got a new mandate, a different mandate. he says 61% of the makeup of the european parliament has now changed so he needs to go back to get a new mandate from the new european parliament and start negotiating again. i mean, it is an argument but it is the same old stuff. they have got these phrases like we have a strong and stable with theresa may, now going to turbo—charge. strong and stable with theresa may, now going to turbo-charge. backstop ectomy is the buzzword. it sounds frightfully uncomfortable. writers will have a joy on that. that is what that is about. go back to the un back and start negotiating. this whole thing about being offered a deal, that is it and then that is what pushes it, there are still
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negotiations. the eu cannot move. the whole thing about the problem theresa may face when she ran out of road. but the basis of that deal is not something the eu can move on, let alone wants to move on. if we are all wrong about this and boris johnson... as i say, you have to reassess borisjohnson johnson... as i say, you have to reassess boris johnson as a prime minister. with without about 27 countries, they will come up with a minimum deal in case a body else wants to exit. and that is what this is all about. the idea of reopening the deal, no. if you can get rid of the deal, no. if you can get rid of the backstop, well, then he has achieved something. so you could be wrong? certainly actually rob leth come back on halloween and see. what you have in the messages are dominic cummings say nothing can stop us now. you have the brexit secretary saying come on it, europe, you can do something else. and as nigel said, we are the most important
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thing to the 27 other countries. there is other stuff to be getting on with us that we are facing climate change, problems and crisis and catastrophe. and it warns potentially in all kinds of things. it is not all about us funnily enough. the independent. tories must act now to block no deal.” enough. the independent. tories must act now to block no deal. i wasjust saying to nigel that she is a lucky leader. she has come at the right time. if she gets it right, she know she can be the kingmaker in this muddled mess that we are in. as they we re muddled mess that we are in. as they were just saying, you muddled mess that we are in. as they werejust saying, you know, what they did in that by elections last week, they did a deal so that the welsh party and the green party did not stand against them. they have already said they will not stand against the green party in brighton where caroline lucas is the only green party mp. so if she is sensible, if she has good momentum which he has of the moment and we
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all know politics is a very short span, but what she is doing now is calling on the tories and the backbenchers we mentioned earlier, the david gauke squad and the former pro—european ministers to stand up and be candid to stop borisjohnson. and that rings true with what nigel was saying earlier. prepared to put country before party. they did not ca re country before party. they did not care about the conservative party if you are the liberal democrats. when they go that far as affecting?” suspect there will be some defections. not the people. not philip hammond and rory stewart. but there could be some people. philip hammond will lead the rebels on the back benches probably and so she is a billing to people like him, david gauke and rory stewart and also trying to get people in government and in cabinet who don't have a like
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of no deal and nikki morgan. let's go on to the observer. and there is another story they are on brexit. kind ofa another story they are on brexit. kind of a way from the politics. this is a reality. but is it? schools could close and food shortages. i live in kent and i can tell you the operation brings the whole county to a standstill. i sat on this programme not many months ago it was somebody going it is only kent, actually it is the main route for all freight coming in from dover and everything else. you cannot move, you cannot get to school, cannot get to work or hospital appointments or airports or you anything, you are stuck. what talking about is a secret department for education analysis but it is talking about the obvious, which is if you are going to manage stuff, hospitals, schools and other institutions are going to have to manage. in its schools and particular cases, if there are food shortages or a transport problem,
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what do you do? you have to make the decision like any civil emergency which does not always have to be violent. do you close down the school because if the kids cannot get there in the teachers cannot get there and you have not got any food, you have no option. so it is pretty sensible basically. a bit of a hysterical headliner that is what headlines are for. an awful lot of this was going on in theresa may's day. one of the reasons why the cabinet was shifting away from no deal was they were going to see how serious no deal would actually be. but would it be that serious and will it have that much effect on things like schools and hospitals in the long term orjust the first things like schools and hospitals in the long term or just the first few months? she makes a good point by the southeast of england. within hours of eight no deal breaks it, unless i can sort of thing out, you will have gridlock from dover to london. now they have modelled it, something that happened under theresa may, we have a story tonight in the sunday mirror which is gps
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are giving medicines out so patients can stockpile it because they are worried about disruption. and there are certain medicines. you cannot stockpile them because they are time sensitive. you can stockpile food? up sensitive. you can stockpile food? up to sensitive. you can stockpile food? uptoa sensitive. you can stockpile food? up to a point. the fact is we don't know what life will be like with no—deal brexit. we think we know what it would be like. we know because as i have said we know what happens when there is a problem with strikes or problems on either side of the channel. we know what happens to the lloris and you cannot move. we know what happens when there are food shortages or problems. whether it is bad weather or things like full and mouth disease or transport constricted. so we do know. the observers say the public being informed may cause panic. how much will be told? they are spending a lot of money on it. when they are doing the planning, i heard tales of
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stuff they were keeping back from us because it was so horrific. you are right. he does not mean it will happen. what they have done is worked out what might happen. and the awful thing is what if it does? also on the front page of the observer is the situation there, the shooting in america happened a bit too late i think. they will not change up as he went on the air, yes. this will stay on the front page because it is not getting any better there. in a sense of this puts in perspective the political machinations that we are talking about and clinical ambitions. these poor people are stuck for so they don't know when they have houses and as we heard on the weather forecast, there is rain forecast. if the flood level does not go down, the dam may burst still. and so it is shocking but it stood there for 200 years. but this is a lot of dams. only now
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you start realising... this election many believe in climate change was a mouse with a biscuit ability see this happening, this is real, this is actually what it could cause a what happened. it was not built to hold that much water. a victorian dam made of mud basically. the hottest day injuly on record anywhere around the world i mean and three degrees of that is caused by human behaviour. so you have got parts of the world burning, parts of the world in siberia on fire come out all of this stuff and i think as nigel says, people may be getting to realise it is notjust about we can grow peaches and it can be nicer. because it is raining more but it because it is very old... the rain started off here. you get more rain. i could be on the weather channel.” don't know, carry—on though.
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i could be on the weather channel.” don't know, carry-on though. you get warmerairand don't know, carry-on though. you get warmer air and more moisture in the clouds which means you get harder rain. eat your heart out.” clouds which means you get harder rain. eat your heart out. i don't know that beck that is fascinating. i heard know that beck that is fascinating. iheard him know that beck that is fascinating. i heard him doing it on the weather forecast yesterday. they did check the dam in november and they said the dam in november and they said the waterway is trustworthy and there is nothing wrong. but the environment 80 —— agency has been cut back and they have had a gradual chipping away. all right, we're out of time until 11:30 p:m.. that's it for the papers this hour. jo and nigel will be back at 11:30pm for another look at the papers, and they might change because of that shooting in america which will keep you updated about here on bbc news. and don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you seven days a week at, and if you miss the programme any
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evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, jo and nigel. next on bbc news, the latest headlines. hello, good evening. after a week that's brought flooding and disruption in some parts of the uk, i'm sure we could all do without further heavy downpours, but there are more in the forecast. the satellite picture shows all these different areas of cloud pushing in from the west. there's an area of low pressure about here. that's going to be dominating our weather through the coming days. so, during tonight, for many places, the daytime showers will fade, but we will see some further showery downpours of rain pushing across northern ireland and western scotland through the night. could be the odd flash of lightning, the odd rumble of thunder, temperatures between 13—15 degrees. so, we go into tomorrow, we start off with this band of heavy showers perhaps moving into wales and the south—west, perhaps weakening for a time, but as the day wears on, we will see those showers popping up once again. they'll be quite hit—and—miss. some places won't get the showers,
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but where they do crop up, they could be heavy and thundery. not too many showers down towards the south of the uk, particularly the south—east, here predominately dry. fairly cloudy, but some sunny spells and highs of 26 degrees. but for northern england up into scotland, there is a met office yellow warning in force. this is the lowest level of warning that the met office will issue, but it covers the potential for 30—40 mm of rain to fall in some areas from these hit—and—miss downpours and thunderstorms. so, that could be enough to give some localised disruption. notice some more heavy, thundery showers pushing through northern ireland during the evening. they slide further eastwards into north—west england and wales as we head into the early hours of monday. and it's another fairly muggy one as well, 14—16 degrees. so, we start the new working week with this big lumbering area of low pressure dominating the scene. and this will only slowly drift its way eastwards as we head on through the week. so, monday's forecast will start off with quite a few showers,
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some pretty heavy downpours in places, but for many spots, actually, those showers will tend to drift away northeastwards. so, some drier weather, some spells of sunshine, although some more heavy downpours returning to northern ireland later in the day. 19 degrees for glasgow and belfast, 24 degrees in london, and then we look further ahead. and certainly across the northern half of the uk, including in northern england where we really don't want any more rain, well, there are some further heavy downpours to come. not as many showers further south, and those temperatures up to 24 degrees.
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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines. it's being reported that at least 18 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a shopping centre in the texas city of el paso. we do have one person in custody, i can confirm he is a white male in his 20s. we don't feel that there is a threat to the public or there are any other suitors at this time. —— shooters. desperate efforts to shore up a dam in danger of collapse in derbyshire. more residents nearby, are told to leave their homes. i did have to walk up the road last night and just scream because i did face what i could lose. talks to avert strike action at heathrow resume tomorrow,


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