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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  August 13, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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some demonstrators remained at the airport overnight after thousands occupied it on monday. there's been a stark warning from china which called the protests a sign of terrorism and vowed to respond with an iron fist. the us attorney general says there were serious irregularities around accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein‘s apparent suicide. he says he wants to reassure epstein‘s victims that justice will be done. and this story is trending on bbc online. kangaroos aren't known to live in the snow, but as wild weather lashes parts of eastern australia they haven't been given much of a choice. this mob of kangaroos were bounding through paddocks in curraweela, which is around 300 kilometres inland of sydney. that's all. stay with bbc news. and the top story in the uk:
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plenty more on you can reach me on social media. now on bbc news, live to singapore for asia business report. hong kong airport protest. authorities restore services as demonstrators continue to target terminals. will flying cars take off? it's been the pipedream of inventors for more than a century. will it ever become reality? good morning asia. hello, world! it's tuesday, great to be back and thanks forjoining us for this edition of asia business report, i'm rico hizon in singapore and we start in hong kong. the main airport in
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the city remains the focal point of pro—democracy demonstrations as authorities say operations have resumed this morning. yesterday afternoon all passenger flights were cancelled as thousands of processes converged on terminals. earlier i asked frank mcmahon from the fraser institute how much the protests will impact hong kong's economy. it's potentially disastrous for both. it's tremendously important that the airport get open again. sadly, this is also playing into china's hands, both the radical demonstrators, the chinese people can't be trusted with democracy. so it's unfortunate on two fronts. very bad for the hong kong economy and not particularly good for the protests. and the beijing's rhetoric has indeed escalated, fred. they've already called the protests sprouts of terrorism and vowed to respond with an iron fest. is this your
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biggest fear? absolutely. china is not going to be held back by iron, moral or ethical considerations. the only thing they will do is a gain loss analysis based on nationalism and to some extent imperialism. they have less to lose by going militarily in effect into hong kong than they have to gain. and they will. its dangerous but it might someday come close to that. it is indeed dangerous and we could see an exodus of major international companies from the territory because we're seeing serious disruptions from this. absolutely. if china concedes in imposing its nonlegal legal system on hong kong, it would bea legal system on hong kong, it would be a disaster for business. legal system on hong kong, it would be a disasterfor business. —— succeeds. from singapore, that's an
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attractive destination. in other business news making headlines, the singapore economy contracted by 3.4% in the second quarter of this year according to official data. the citystate's government also had its full year growth forecast. the opposition party's shock election primary victory. the stock index losing 40% while the peso slumping against the us dollar in brazil. daniel gallas has more from sao paulo. monday's market meltdown in argentina is likely to have many repercussions in the region. the government tried to intervene in currency markets but there was no way to avoid one of the worst days in the history of argentina's stock market. what primary election results suggest our voters in argentina are rejecting the pro—business market reforms implemented by mr macri and his deal with the imf that was to implement
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austerity cuts and end capital controls in argentina. in fact, what these results suggest our voters wa nt these results suggest our voters want the return of the left—wing politicians who think argentina must itch austerity and spend its way out of crisis and a lot of market investors believe that's the wrong way forward and that's why they sold their assets on monday. a new way with doing business with huawei sta rts with doing business with huawei starts this week. wants the new rule? this new rule was mandated by congress in america and it bounced the us government agencies from buying products from five chinese companies because of security concerns “— companies because of security concerns —— what's —— band. it will also affect a couple of other
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companies. this is separate from the troubles huawei faces from the commerce department. remember, it the company on its so—called entity list in may, which bans american companies from buying from foreign firms seen as potential security threats. but a month later after meeting with the chinese president at the 620 summit injune, president donald trump said american companies could sell some technology to huawei if china buys more agricultural products. last month mr trump met with us tech companies like do—able, logging for —— lobbying for exemptions to the but the talks aren't going well and the restrictions have resulted in huawei cutting 600 jobs in the us —— 6oogle. this will have a significant impact on its operation. new rules further complicating us—china business trade. thanks, mariko 0i. shifting attention to india, and it
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is set to see one of the biggest investments by aramco from saudi arabia, buying 20% of the oil and chemicals business industries, valuing the business at a whopping 75 billion us dollars. at its a6m, reliance industries announced the launch of high—speed broadband services at budget prices, in addition to its booming geo— telecoms operation and a new e—commerce form that will help small stores get online. every year, asia's richest man uses the occasion of the agm of reliance industries to announce his next move and this time around there were three, by selling a 20% stake in his oil business, he has secured a steady supply of oil to his mega refinery. saudi ramco, the biggest oil producer in the world, has been
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in talks with reliance as it plans to secure new markets —— aramco. he talked about his booming mobile telephone business, jio. they disrupted the telecoms market with low cost calls, free handsets and appealing subscriptions. with 340 million customers, jio is india's biggest and the world's second largest telecom operator and it has plans to expand by launching high—speed broadband that offers calls, tv and internet at cutthroat prices. he said that his broadband services will reach tens of millions of residences and businesses across 1600 cities. finally mrjio launched an e—commerce venture and 1600 cities. finally mrjio launched an e—commerce venture and the new platform will help small stores to do everything digitally. it could be the next big move. the $700 billion
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retail has huge potential, especially as it is largely unorganised, but it's also one with stiff competition from global players like amazon and walmart backed flipkart. from india to the flying car. it's been the pipedream of inventors for more than a century, but none has ever made it onto the market. could that be changing very soon? let's have a look of the latest and most missing developments. along a highway near rome, a flying car makes its first test and it's an automobile that also flies.
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it's a combination of aeroplane and car. it meets all of the requirements, all of the regulations for both aeroplanes and cars in the united states. you can fit it in your garage, you can drive into an airport, you can unfold the wings and fly into another airport, fold it up and drive it to your destination.
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before we go, let's have a quick look at asia—pacific markets and how they're faring after the dow plunged by close to 400 overnight. the nikkei 255 in the red by one i.4% and the all 0rds in the red by no .4% -- 0.496 -- and the all 0rds in the red by no .4% —— 0.4% —— read byi.4%. so far a bad day for the markets —— zero red. thanks forjoining us. of there is a national shortage of hrt, hormone replacement therapy, which is used by about a million women, mainly to help with symptoms
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linked to the menopause. many of the most commonly prescribed forms of the treatment are out of stock at chemists. the government say it's a result of manufacturing delays, as our health editor hugh pym reports. according to my doctor, there are no patches for at least three months, if possibly longer. the last time i went into the chemist, the pharmacist said, "we don't know whether we will be getting them back in at all." i'm just afraid that a lot of the symptoms are going to come back and it really eats into the quality of life. these are anxious times for some women on hrt. shortages of some products, including patches, have caused distress and fear. 0ne campaigner trying to raise awareness of the menopause told me how even the thought of not getting hrt is alarming. i suffered very, very badly. i was very anxious, i had depression, i had paranoia as well as the physical symptoms. the idea that i may go to my doctor and not be able to get the hrt is worrying. i don't want to go back to being that hormonal anxiety mess.
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the government advice is that alternatives are available and patients should consult their 6ps, the doctors say that is not as easy as it sounds. the products they have been used to and are stable and very happy with are suddenly not available and they are having to go to their 6p for alternatives. sometimes they're having to go back and forth between the pharmacy and the 6p, and one of the challenges we have is that 6ps don't know at any one time what products are available at the pharmacy. and patients say switching to an alternative could itself cause side effects. i was given the last tablet that they had available which caused terrible side—effects that were almost as difficult to live with as having no hrt. supply problems can happen in the pharmaceutical industry, though this time they've had a ripple effect, taking in many patients. it seems to be my understanding a lack of a particular ingredient with a particular manufacturer which has caused a knock—on for other manufacturers having
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to increase their supply to meet demand. there have been complaints there were shortages of some drugs at pharmacies earlier this year. there were suggestions of unofficial stockpiling in the supply chain ahead of brexit, though there is no evidence that is happening at this stage. the hrt issue underlines that shortages come with a human cost. hugh pym, bbc news. you can reach me on social media and duncan is here with the headlines in about 15 minutes. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm marc edwards and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: saudi arabia's al nassr are into quarter—finals of the afc champions league courtesy of a double from former
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brazil international 6iuliano. no us open later this month for andy murray, but the former world number one returns to singles action in cincinnati with a defeat to richard 6asquet. joshua vs ruinunior. the rematch is on, but questions surround saudi arabia as the chosen location. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. we start with football — and saudi arabian sides al—nassr and al—ittihad are both through to the quarter—finals of the asian champions league. al—nassr came from behind to beat al—wahda in the uae, while al—ittihad beat the iranian side zob ahan. colm harrison reports. with them one level at 1—1, there was also play for in the return match at abu dhabi. the home side made a great start. but the match and the tide


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