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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  August 30, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm BST

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spfing spring of you can only... but of the spring of 1940 with the threat of invasion, the south coast was a safe haven no more. now they are leaving brighton. was also time to the local children to go. they thought the most vulnerable of all. in may 1940, the mayor of dover put out this note about evacuation. it said parents are urged for the sake of the safety of their children to register them at their schools before noon on wednesday. the evacuation will start next sunday. thousands of dover children ended up in south wales, the welcome was warm from many homes and a lot of the mining families, but not all. they were forced to ta ke but not all. they were forced to take me, and i knewl but not all. they were forced to take me, and i knew i was not very welcomed there and there were days where coming home from school, i had
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to stand outside the house until the family returned and it meant that one day, may be more than one day, standing outside in the snow falling piling up on my head. the stories of cruelty were outnumbered by those of kindness and generosity for all of the children, whatever their experience, it would be one they would never forget. the headlines on bbc news. the government's announced billions of pounds of extra money for schools in england. borisjohnson warns mps trying to block a no deal brexit that their efforts will only make it more likely. new research suggests the increased risk of breast cancer from hrt lasts more than a decade after treatment stops now on bbc news it's time for the film review.
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warm welcome on the film review. to ta ke warm welcome on the film review. to take us to the cinema releases. james kangas with us to us. but have you been watching. and enjoyably intense week of the cinema they'll be talking about sam taylor johnson's drama. and markjenkins wonderfully minimal bait. the wonderfully minimal bait. the wonderfully minimal bait. the wonderfully minimal addiction drama the souvenir. it is like a venn diagram of topics. there was quite a a controversial book.
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it is very much a family project and it is about a young man who has a semi—biographical time in a drug rehabilitation centre. this is aaron taylorjohnson and julian lewis who plays his therapist in the clinic. coffee ? hmm? sure, thanks. that yours? no. that's my boyfriend's. i ride. yeah. had him about ten years. turns out there's a way to feed the soul, notjust destroy it. we go on fishing trips. now and then. i was never good with a rod, but...
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..i can drink like a fish. yeah. i could too, once. but you're not aa? yeah. we're all aa here. everyone who works in this joint, from the janitors, to the councillors. we are all addicts. juliette lewis makes me think we don't see enough of her. that is what i thought. and i also thought what a great voice she has. one of the great voices. the supporting cast are really interesting. billy bob thornton is in there as well, another patient at this clinic. like chalk and cheese characters him and aaron taylor—johnson. a father figure to him. the supporting cast are really good and provide the lighter moments. a lot of it is very intense and dramatic. it felt to me like it was almost sam taylor—johnson who has previously directed 50 shades of grey, saying forget that.
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this is the kind of thing i really want to make. obviously that was a big movie but not particularly critically praised. and i don't think it's something that she enjoyed that much making as a film director. this is the kind of thing she wants to be doing. this is her saying i can really do character pieces. i can do now these were the actors really have to act. intense, gritty? he is full on method, broken and bruised, you can see him fading away in front of you as this addict. is it a tough watch? given the subject matter? absolutely. but two things make it enjoyable. one is the acting because it is so good and to two rae the supporting characters. are the supporting characters. i am treated by the second choice this week. explain. this is a wonderfully expelled mental drama from markjenkin, cornish director. —— experimental. from markjenkin, cornish director.
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it is about a feud in a cornish fishing village between locals and tourists. and he shot it on a 60 mil metre camera using old monochrome film, he then process it himself, there are glitches in the film, there are scratches in the film, and what you get actually is a film that on the one hand looks and feels a bit like it was made a long time ago. it looks like that for sure. like something from the early days of cinema. but the flip side is that it feels excitingly sentimental but the flip side is that it feels excitingly experimental and avant—garde in some respects. because so much of it is about a traditional way of life, the old way of life, for these cornish fishing men, the fishing industry, and they are all techniques and methods, i think actually a way that the film looks work beautifully with that. it also creates a lot of tension. it is critically be found is because there is a building tension between the weekenders, the londoners, the second homeowners in this fishing village, and the locals. that's interesting. the editing is radical at times which helps to build
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that as does the acting. so it certainly, it is not everyone‘s cup of tea, i can appreciate that, but it is not like anything else at the cinema at the moment. even though it nods back to older films, it feels very new. 0k. next film. not fishermans friend. the souvenir, little choice for this week which i think is a really interesting film and i need interesting in a good way. absolutely. interesting is always the films critic's way... of hedging their bets. this is from joanna hogg another minimal film—maker. british film—maker about a young film student, partly based onjoanna hogg's life and a relationship each begins with an older man who seems on the face of things very confident, very well spoken. very charming. but is actually hiding a secret. so honor swinton byrne
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stars in this. he can hold a sacred better than anyone in cinema. did miriam play the cello? no. the violin? no, she wasn't at all musical. she wasn't even pretty, actually. that's... ..not true. well, she had other qualities. like what? darling, i can't tell you in here. thank you. excuse me? i'm just playing, julie. stop torturing yourself. i'm not torturing... stop inviting me to torture you. ugh. "ugh." eurgh! that's exactly how you make me feel when you're being like this. thank you.
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it all gets much darker though, doesn't it? don't be fooled by that clip. it gets grittier. what i really liked about it is that it doesn't feel like it is really pushing you in any one direction, it is not a family it is not a familiar feel like it is doing you as an audience to think one thing or another. it has a distance about the whole thing. a lot ofjoanna hogg's films do. so you actually build your own opinions rather than the film telling you what to think. it has that subtlety about it, complexity about it, and some wonderful performances. honor swinton byrne you might recognise, she is tilda swinton's daughter. she plays tilda swinton's daughter in the film. and she is great. look out for richard ayoade. it is slow, complex, eerie at times. quite unsettling at times.
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but i think that is very rewarding. i found it quite... particularly as a woman, quite a stressful watch because i thought you have got to leave him! now you really have to leave him! this is really stressing me out. but it is about someone who is only in her early 205 who doesn't have the confidence and maturity to see that. and tom burke plays it perfectly. i think he has a bafta in the bag he was amazing. i would hope so. he is particularly sleazy and unpleasant to watch. i think it is the pinstripe suits. they are unsettling. we both loved pain and glory. reuniting with antonio bandar abbas banderas. it is a semiautobiographical story about a director struggling with creativity, pain, literal pain, back pain it is a semiautobiographical story about a director struggling with creativity, pain, literal pain, back pain
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and looking back on his childhood. his life. some very familiar themes for the director, the father—son the father—son —— mother—son relationship, sexuality, film—making. gorgeous, bright colours! that is how you know you're watching one of his films. the difference is that personal site, feels even more honest. he is always honest in his films but this feels even more so he is opening his heart. i think he hit 70 in a few week and it certainly feels like he is a man who is now looking back on things. i think it is glorious and banderas is glorious. a quick thought about dvds and streaming? amazing grace. aretha franklin recorded the album, it was filmed, the film never came out, it was never edited, never put together but that much until a few months ago, last year in fact. when, after 46 years,
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they finally put together this documentary of aretha singing this album and that is what it is with up it is 90 minutes of aretha franklin and the southern california coming to acquire singing gospel. very simple, that is a joy. so pure and so simple and it is aretha franklin at the height of her powers. everyone i know who says it is very uplifting. even if you don't like soul music, you can witness the passion of singing. you might not like gospel but watching it, you will fall in love. thank you very much james with all your recommendations for the weekend ahead. enjoy your weekend whatever you go and see. goodbye. hello again. it was quite warm in the sunshine across southeastern parts of the uk with a different story further north and west where we have some clouds and rain
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continuing to this evening and overnight. particularly wet across northern ireland and into scotland, should turn dry across north wales and england, began to arrive over the sea at the end of the night, dry and warm temperatures of 12 to 14 degrees we should see the back of that rain in the morning across northern ireland with sunshine and showers developing, the rain continues for longer and scotland especially in the north we get some sunshine chasing and across england and wales behind that band of rain arriving in the southeast of england and east anglia in the afternoon, not much rain here by then with temperatures still 24 degrees or so, turning cooler and fresher elsewhere, despite the chilly start of the month and heavy showers depending on north wells, a bit drier north on monday, and not quite so drier north on monday, and not quite so chilly.
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this is bbc world news today. i martin stanford. our top stories... there have been more arrests in the latest crackdown on hong kong's pro—democracy movement, ahead of another demonstration. lawmakers are among those arrested. the protesters remain defiant. we hong kong people won't give up and won't be scared by this injustice. as brazil accepts foreign help to deal with the fires in the amazon, we report from deep inside the rainforest. even when the fires have been put out, this is what remains. the dense rainforest that once stood here is no more. and this has happened in more than 80,000 places across the amazon this year alone. security experts reveal a "sustained" attack by hackers — using malicious websites to target iphones.


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