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ithink theirfaith, their lack of trust in our elected representatives, has been decimated. parliament has not come out of this with glowing colours. what do i want to happen? i don't want us to leave, but, for democratic reasons, we've got to leave. you voted remain, most people in this area, most people who work in yourfactory, voted leave. do you get on? we have to get on. i'm also of a different persuasion when it comes to football teams! if you get on at that level, you'll get on at this level. the only, and it isn't any comfort, that i'll have the last word, but if it pans out as i think it will pan out, i'm going to be saying, "i told you so," a lot. joe was too young to vote in 2016, although he supported remain. now his opinions have changed. i think brexit has become a sort of broken record within british politics, and i think if we were to go back on it now,
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our reputation within europe and the rest of the world would be that we are quite weak and indecisive. manufacturing is all about getting the fine details right. if only they could precision engineer a solution to brexit. phil mackie, bbc news, smethwick. time for a look at the weather. here's darren bett. the prospects look better for this weekend. we have cloud bringing with it grey skies and rain and drizzle but further north the cloud is breaking up and we are seeing some sunshine and showers. we can see the mixture on the satellite. the cloud is being pushed down toward southern parts where it will stay damp for much of the afternoon. we have
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showers further north where temperatures are pretty much where they were yesterday but it is a chilly day across southern areas. we could get one or two showers at old trafford later. the showers become fewer overnight and the wind direction changes. most places become dry. it will be cooler than last night. we are drawing down some cooler air just last night. we are drawing down some cooler airjust in time for the weekend and that comes around this area of ever present high pressure to the south—west of the uk. those weather fronts will keep at bay until much later in the weekend. a lot of dry weather to come. it looks as if it will be dry on saturday at old trafford and probably sunday. feeling chilly in the on saturday. any showers across northern england will fade away quickly on saturday, increasing amounts of sunshine. sunny spells further south and there could be one or two showers if you
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are unlucky. we have a northerly breeze that will be strongest in the north sea coasts so it is not going to feel very warm at all. i south—west england a pleasant i9 degrees. as skies clear it will get killed on saturday night. a touch of frost possible in north east scotland. for the most part we start dry and sunny and chilly on sunday with patchy cloud but cloudy skies are likely to continue across western scotland and northern ireland. it should be a dry day and temperatures of 16 to 18 degrees. next week and still unsettled and often windy with a band of rain waiting in the north—west. it starts to dry down across the country overnight and into monday so we will see some spells of rain. we are going to finish with these sorts of temperatures, 1a to 16 degrees, it is going to be chilly on monday but better on tuesday.
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that's all from the bbc news at one — so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s good afternoon. i'm jane dougall. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. play is under way at old trafford after heavy rain delays. england face a critical day with the bat on day three of the fourth ashes test. yesterday a double hundred from steve smith put australia in control of the test and potentially the series. the covers are off and england will need to bat well today to keep the series alive. australia declared yesterday on a97 for eight. england are 23 for one. serena williams will have another chance to win a record equaling 2a grand slam singles after she cruised through to the final of the us open. she beat elina svitolina in straight sets. williams is aiming to equal
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margaret court's total of all—time grand slam singles titles. she'll face 19—year—old bianca and—reescu in tomorrow's final. at 37 years old — and after having a baby — williams says she's pretty pleased with her progress. i think it's cool that i've been in more finals than anyone on tour after being pregnant, that's kind of awesome. that's currently on tour. sol awesome. that's currently on tour. so i kind of look at it that way because it's not easy to go through what i did and come back so fast and to keep playing and also not be 20 yea rs to keep playing and also not be 20 years old, so i'm pretty proud of myself. gareth bale says his doesn't listen to his critics. wales play azerbaijan in a euro qualifier in cardiff tonight. bale almost left real madrid for china in the summer after being marginalised, under coach zinedine zidane,
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and he has laughed off some of his team—mates reportedly nicknaming him the golfer. a tough time for him at the club. i wouldn't say it's the worst time, but, yeah, it's been not ideal but i know, i've been there before, i know how to deal with it and it's just about keeping your head down and working hard and i think you always get rewarded with the work that you put in. michael owen says he has no problem with alan shearer, despite a very public argument they've had surrounding the publication of owen's new book. the former england strikers fell out when newcastle were relegated in 2009. owen was playing under shearer as temporary manager. shearer accused owen of not wanting to start in the final game of the season against aston villa. i would run through a brick wall to play in any game of football, i've never bottled any game. look at my
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most important 15, 20 games, i scored in every one of them, and every derby. i'm not going to bottle a game against aston villa. it's very sad for me because it's him that's got a problem with me and i would love to be mates with him again but he is obvious they got this problem and obvious we didn't succeed as newcastle manager and has a reason in his own mind why that didn't happen and i feel like a reason in his own mind why that didn't happen and ifeel like he blames me for that. you can hear an extended verison of my interview with michael on sportsday this evening at 6:30. staying at st james's park — england's rugby union team will play their first ever test match there this evening when they take on italy. it is theirfinal warm up match before heading to japan for the rugby world cup. england forward mark wilson — who is on loan from newcastle to sale this season — has played more than 200 times for the falcons in nine years. north east fans want to be entertained, that's the big thing. backin entertained, that's the big thing. back in the ‘905 when newcastle were at their best, they want to see entertainment, so hopefully we can
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entertainment, so hopefully we can entertain them on friday. it's important that we do what we've been practising and get ourselves in the right place for the world cup but hopefully the way that we have played over the last few weeks, some exciting stuff, so hopefully we can entertain that way. there has been another wicket gone, craig overton for england who has gone forfive. craig overton for england who has gone for five. that was off the bowling ofjosh gone for five. that was off the bowling of josh hazlewood. joe bowling ofjosh hazlewood. joe root is at the crease. i'll have more for you in the next hour. let's return to brexit, after opposition parties in parliament agreed to stop borisjohnson holding an election until brexit has been delayed beyond the 31st of october. mps vote again on monday on whether voters should go back to the polls. today the so called rebel alliance — including labour and the snp — decided to either oppose an early election or to abstain in the vote.
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this morning boris johnson attacked the opposition for trying to delay brexit. let's hear more of what he had to say. clearly there is a contest going on to make sure that we come out of the eu on october the 31st and there are people in parliament who plainly wa nt to people in parliament who plainly want to block that and that includes jeremy corbyn, the snp. i think they are wrong, i think the people of this country want us to get on and do it. i said to them, ok, you want to have these endless, pointless delays, i don't think the people of this country will let you. let's try an election, they said no to that. curious. they don't trust the people, they don't want an election, 0k. people, they don't want an election, ok. perhaps they don't think that they would win, fine. i'll go to brussels, i'll get a deal and will
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make sure we come out on october the sist. make sure we come out on october the 31st. that's what we're going to do. you keep mentioning october the sist, you keep mentioning october the 31st, you've made it abundantly clear that if your line in the sand. if you can't deliver that, you have to resign. that is not a hypothesis lam to resign. that is not a hypothesis i am willing to contemplate. i want us i am willing to contemplate. i want us to get this thing done and i think the people of this country also do and there is an opportunity to be so much more positive about this. i still think there is so much negativity around this country, about what it can do and about brexit. i'm looking forward to a britain where we no longer wrangle about how we're going to come out of the european union. i want to be leading a country where we are building a fantastic new partnership with our friends over the channel and where we are doing free trade deals around the world, where we are driving forward all the ways in which this country leads. look at
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fantastic scottish beef, for instance, which i've just fantastic scottish beef, for instance, which i'vejust been looking at. not a morsel of it currently goes to america. you could doa currently goes to america. you could do a free trade deal with america where you don't import their hormone treated beef but you do a deal on high quality products. you allow scottish farmers to sell to discover new markets around the world. that's the opportunity for this country stop that's to say nothing of scotch whisky and the rest of it. we should be so much more positive about the uk and what we can do and all i see isjeremy corbyn, the snp clubbing together to try and lock us into the eu when it's time to get this thing done. on monday, another attempt to force the election you want to happen, but you are having to dance to the opposition's tune. they're not going to let you have that election. what do you do? you're boxed in. i think it's a most sensational paradox. never in
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history has there been any opposition party that has been given the chance to have an election and has turned it down and if i may say so, ithink has turned it down and if i may say so, i think they are making a mistake. it's their decision. they don't want to have an election and move things forward, fine, we will get the deal on october 17, 18th, then we will come out of the eu, but that will be the beginning of a process in which we start a new partnership with our european friends, plus we look to new opportunities around the world and we really start to take this country... today i'm announcing a big boost for scottish farming, but that's just on top of all the investments we a re that's just on top of all the investments we are making in education. why do you put money on education? because we got fantastic, brilliant kids spread around this entire country but the funding for their schools isn't the same across their schools isn't the same across the country so we are levelling up, we are putting more into education. we've got an amazing nhs but it
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hasn't had the investment it could have. we are doing 20 new hospital upgrades. this is the moment when global interest rates are so low, this is the moment to have a golden age of infrastructure. that's what sajid javid set out in the spending review this week and in the budget this autumn, you will be hearing a lot more about infrastructure, about improving our roads, our railways, doing fantastic things with full fibre broadband across the whole country so that the most in remote, rural communities get access to the technology that brings the country together. you continue to take criticism from members of your own party, who you removed the whip from. there is a suggestion you should allow an appeal method. is that something you consider and is there a way back for those members? i want to be very clear about this,
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it grieved me deeply. i don't want to... these are friends of mine and i work with them for many years but we have to get brexit done and we we re we have to get brexit done and we were being very clear about the risks we are running now in snarling up risks we are running now in snarling up the process of leaving the eu in parliament and of course i'm going to reach out to those members and i have been to try to find ways of building bridges, but i've got to be clear, we must get brexit done and thatis clear, we must get brexit done and that is my message to my colleagues. let's come together, get this thing over let's come together, get this thing over the line and unite our country, then get on with defeating the labour opposition and finally have the guts to have an election. an american woman has been charged with human trafficking in the philippines after she allegedly attemped to smuggle a newborn baby out of the country. jennifer talbot was arrested
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after a six day old boy was reportedly found in her bag, as she attempted to board a plane to the us on wednesday. our philippines correspondent, howard johnson reports from manilla. cctv footage obtained by the bbc showsjennifer talbot cctv footage obtained by the bbc shows jennifer talbot passing through security at manila international airport. here she opens a sling bag to reveal what appears to be a baby in swaddling before passing through a security scanner into the departures area. the philippine authorities say jennifer talbot, a 43—year—old from ohio, was able to pass through the airport immigration counter without declaring the baby boy but was intercepted at the boarding gate by airline personnel. miss talbot was paraded in front of the media on thursday by the philippine national bureau of investigation, a face etched with despair as the charges we re etched with despair as the charges were announced. officials allege mrs
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talbot had intended to conceal and sneak the baby out of the country. according to the mbi, she is alleged to have presented a notarised consent form from the child's mother to allow the baby to travel to the us but authorities say the form had not been signed. it is believed the boy was born last week in a hospital in the southern philippine city. the pa rents in the southern philippine city. the parents have been charged under child protection laws where the boy has been placed in the custody of social services. magistrates in france have dropped manslaughter charges against air france and airbus over a plane crash that killed all 228 people on board in 2009. the airbus 330 aircraft had stalled in a storm and fallen into the ocean. the victims' families had blamed the plane's crew for losing control after speed sensors froze. they called the magistrate's decision an "insult to the memory of the victims" and plan to appeal.
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in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news. opposition parties have agreed not to back a government push for a general election. it means that a ballot before october the 31st is now unlikely. borisjohnson is now unlikely. boris johnson is in now unlikely. borisjohnson is in aberdeenshire to announce extra funding for scottish farmers but he is still facing questions about his brexit plan. a senior police chief has criticised the prime ministerfor a senior police chief has criticised the prime minister for using a senior police chief has criticised the prime ministerfor using police officers as the backdrop for a speech about brexit. west yorkshire's chief constable john robin said he was disappointed that officers had been used in the event which he had understood was purely about police recruitment. in the business news: sir philip green's topshop retailing empire plunged to 170 million pound loss last year, blaming a "dramatically" changed retail landscape and increased competition. the results are for taveta
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investments which owns the arcadia group — including topshop and the brands miss selfridge and dorothy perkins. the business has since agreed a rescue deal with its creditors that triggered 48 store closures. british airways has rejected a last—ditch proposalfrom pilots' union balpa to re—start negotiations aimed at averting strike action. ba pilots are due to strike on monday and tuesday over a pay offer — of 11.5% over three years — that they say is too low. unions representing cabin crew and engineers have accepted the offer. caution is dominating the house market, according to the uk's biggest lender. halifax, part of lloyds banking group said house prices rose by a whisker of 0.1 % during the summer the uk housing market remained subdued. few properties are changing hands with the political and economic situation leading people to stay put. the pound is continuing its rocky ride on the currency exchanges.
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sterling has edged lower today after a tumultuous week when it plunged to three—year lows before rebounding strongly after mps voted to block a no—deal brexit. so although the pound has fallen 0.2% against the dollar today, over the week it's gained more than 1%. if losses are curtailed today, it will be on track for its best weekly performance sincejune. for more on this let's talk to fiona cincotta, financial market analyst. this shows that politics has influenced the trajectory. politics has been hugely important and brexit has been hugely important and brexit has been hugely important and brexit has been massively important for the pound since the referendum but as we are moving towards the 31st of october deadline, we have been seeing the focus on the movement of the pound is much more volatile. the key point for the pound at the moment is how close are we to a no—deal brexit? that's the tipping
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point for the pound really. the currencies of this week and the insta nces currencies of this week and the instances of this week, investors are seeing we have actually stepped back from the brink of a no—deal brexit. we expect there to be a lot of volatility because although we have stepped back from the brink, we haven't had anything secured and it is the timing of the election which is the timing of the election which is also creating a lot of problems as far as pound traders are concerned. if you are holding off to buy foreign currency, you can'tjust look at the state of politics, there are obviously economic factors and to some extent there is a report in the united states today which could have some bearing is well on which direction sterling takes. that's right, that report has literally just come out and there are only 130,000 newjobs just come out and there are only 130,000 new jobs created just come out and there are only 130,000 newjobs created in the us in august and that was below the hundred and 60,000 expected so the
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feeling here is that there are fears this us, china trade dispute is starting to sink in to the us economy and disrupt the economy, not just the manufacturing sector but potentially the more dominant services sector as well. has that put pressure on the dollar? we have just seen as we've been speaking on air that the dollar has fallen. it's not quite in positive territory but it's moving towards the flatline. fiona, thank you very much for that update. can you trust the online reviews of the hotel you're looking to book? the criticism of fake reviews on sites like tripadvisor is nothing new — but today which? said the website is still failing to take down bogus or suspicious reviews which are artificially boosting the rating of some of its most popular hotels. but tripadvisor, said the site went after fake reviews "very aggressively" and is doing more than any other platform out there,"
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the secondary ticketing website viagogo has improved how it communicates with customers, prompting the competition and markets authority to suspend plans for legal action. the competition watchdog said its concerns over how viagogo presented information had been addressed but stressed it had taken viagogo far too long to make the changes. now elsewhere in the news — samsung's folding phone is finally on sale after months of delay. tech watchers say it could change the face of the industry. the galaxy fold is available from today in south korea. it will hit shops across europe and elsewhere in asia in the coming weeks. the price tag for early adopters? almost $2,000. let's check in with the financial markets. the pound has grown in strength a little bit against the dollar which has had a little bit of an impact as
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well. investors a re has had a little bit of an impact as well. investors are keen to find out what the situation is as well as the global trade picture is concerned. bhp has improved and berkeley group is resilient despite the report from halifax about house prices are stagnating but doing quite well so far today. that's all the business news. more black, asian and minority ethnic people are donating their organs than ever before. however new nhs figures suggest that demand for a transplant in minority communities, is still much higher than the number of available donors. graham satchell reports. nighat and her husband are on their way to collect their son from his first day at school. i can't believe he's
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in full time school. it's a day that i never thought that we would envisage, especially when we were given 2a hours for him to be... either live or die, essentially. oh, my goodness! hello, mama. how was your first day? good! qasim was just a few weeks old when doctors discovered he had a serious and rare liver condition. they said he'll have a 50% chance of getting liver cancer by the time he's five years old. if he's not going to do well, he'll need a liver transplant. my world fell apart. qasim was in and out of hospital, his condition getting worse as nighat and her family waited and waited for a donor organ. it was becoming desperate. they gave us 2a hours to find a donor and that
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desperation as a parent... you will never know that desperation until you go through that, cos we were... we were beside ourselves. they said, just be prepared. you might have to wait longer on the transplant list because we don't get many donors from ethnic minority groups so be prepared. but that wait was agonising. nighat is a gp. her father is the imam of the local mosque. some muslims believe organ donation is not allowed in their faith so nighat and herfather have been working hard to change hearts and minds. if i can get the conversation started within our community to discuss things like this, we must, as a faith and a community, as a culture, develop with the technological advances that are coming about in medicine. people from a minority ethnic background are more likely to need
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a transplant because they are more prone to conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, but they wait longer because there aren't enough donors. after an agonising wait, qasim eventually had his liver transplant in 2016 and, as you can see, he's doing well. organ donation is anonymous. all nighat knows is that qasim's new liver came from an eight—year—old boy who died afterfalling off this bike. afterfalling off his bike. how those parents found that courage in the darkest of times of times to say "yes, it's ok, you can have our organs." as a mother... i don't think i can ever comprehend... to be able to do that shows me that there are good people, there's kindness, there's humanity.
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their baby is with me every day. i am looking after him and his legacy is definitely living on and we will make a change, i promise. now it's time for a look at the weather with darren. hello. prospects for the weekend look better but today is a cool and breezy day with a lot of cloud spilling down with that weather front where we are seeing some patchy rain and drizzle but behind that northern areas are brightening up. we'll get some sunshine through this afternoon there will be showers around, especially across western scotland and northern ireland, pushing into the irish sea. 16 celsius in northern areas, 18 at best in the south but the rain continues across southern england and wales. it clears away during the early evening and the wind
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direction changes to more of a north or northwesterly. clearer skies overnight, a few showers. it will be chillier than last night, perhaps seven or nine celsius, colder still in scotland in rural areas. we are drawing in north to northwesterly wind and pushing down cooler air for the start of the weekend. these weather fronts at bay until late in the weekend and it should be a dry day for the ashes on saturday, probably dry on sunday as well, but feeling chillier, those temperatures nothing to write home about, there will be a northerly breeze as well. showers to move away from north wales, drifting southwards across england and wales. if you catch one, you are very unlucky. sunnier skies arriving across the northern half of the uk but we've got those winds from the north or northwest, blustery down the north sea coasts and it will feel chilly, 1a celsius at best. higher temperatures across south
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wales and the southwest of england, possibly up to 20 celsius, but with the wind is becoming light overnight on saturday it will turn quite chilly. we might get a touch of frost in north—eastern parts of scotland. plenty of sunshine to start the day for much of the country on sunday, developing a bit more cloud and we'll see sunny spells but across western scotland and northern ireland, it will be quite cloudy, those temperatures again sitting at around 16 to 18 celsius. the rain is lurking out towards the northwest. it will make an appearance sunday night through monday, this rain and showers or longer spells of rain pushing down across the whole of the country so it is turning more unsettled. it will feel chilly, 1a to 16 celsius at best on monday.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm martine croxall. today at two: opposition leaders agree to stop borisjohnson having a snap election until brexit is delayed beyond the end of october. we were in agreement that the prime minister is on the run. boris is broken. we have an opportunity to bring down boris, to break boris and to bring down brexit and we must take that. robert mugabe — the liberator of zimbabwe who became its dictator — has died at the age of 95. hurricane dorian has caused ‘unimagineable destruction', according to the government of the bahamas. coming up on afternoon live — all the sport with ben. cricket — england faring any better today?
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