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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 10, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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england are fortunate to have goals in this side because against better teams, those familiar defensive frailties will be punished. natalie pirks, bbc news, southampton. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm jane dougall. jayden sancho gets two for england in an eight goal thriller at st mary's. they stay top of their qualifying group as they put five past kosovo. england cricket head coach says joe root‘s captaincy isn't under threat as they hope to level the ashes series in the final test at the oval.
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britain is approaching the top of the medal table as they win three more golds in the world para swimming championships. hello, and welcome to sportsday. it was a fast—paced, end—to—end match, but england have kept their 100% record in euro 2020 qualifying as they scored five goals to beat kosovo at st mary's. but there were some defensive problems in gareth southgate‘s side as they conceeded three and had an early scare. patrick gearey reports. they've only been playing international football slightly longer than gareth southgate have a managing england, everything new and everything is history, but sometimes
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history happens quickly. it took 35 seconds of her to score the famous goal, a timeless moment but only a temporary lead. it lasted seven minutes of four sterling nodded england level. the white waves kept coming, strolling set up harry kane to— one. the third arrive with them down and injured. the one of the ball put out, he excellently put it in. amongst the chaos, he scored his first senior goalfor in. amongst the chaos, he scored his first senior goal for england, his second arrived minutes later, 5—1 at the break. and breathe, england relaxed too long. once again in an unexplained space. next a conceited penalty. 5—3. still time for harry kane to missed his kick but by then there were for sure of the victory of ennahda ecstasy and victory. it was an incredible match, so much drama and excitement, with 8 goals to boot. our sports correspondent natalie pirks was watching at st mary's. natalie, worries for england's defence but also, what a night for kosovo,
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going ahead first and scoring three times against england? absolutely. drawing called a crazy game to play in, gareth southgate called a bizarre, i think bedlam sums it up. certainly for us journalists working on a deadline. fair play, there were not here to make up the numbers are really came to press england, have a go and boy did they do that. the atmosphere here was fantastic and demented fans, you can see afterjust31i seconds when they scored that goal from the fences at the ground are going crazy the fans back home the capital, they were loving it. it really was a momentous moment for the football side, only been around three years. england was the best tea m three years. england was the best team they played. you can see what it meant to them. and good have been talking about being a work in progress, and i think the bright things for england, sterling was great tonight. so a short in england
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shirt, you think about 14 months ago with the world cup and really how england fans were saying he should be dropped. he looks thick and integral part of gareth's side. the heart beat even more so than the captain. i9 heart beat even more so than the captain. 19 years old, playing in the bundesliga with such confidence. a great player going forward. they lost their shape far too often, defensively such frailty and so sloppy. midfielders while they did not do enough. plenty of him to work on, the outstanding was obvious but the errors were obvious. england taken a show on the road or if the fa ns taken a show on the road or if the fans here, it goes to look at think defensive coaches and southgate might be watching the replays of through theirfingers might be watching the replays of through their fingers will stop ireland were also in action in an international friendly against bulgaria. mick mccarthy's side winning 3—1 at the aviva. the two sides were level at 1—1
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until the 83rd minute when a goal from kevin long put ireland ahead. they sealed the 3—1 win in the 86th minute with a debut header from james collins. meanwhile, cristiano ronaldo scored four goals as portugal beat lithuania in euro 2020 qualifying. he's now scored 93 international goals and eight international hat—tricks. the result keeps portugal in an automatic qualifying place, five points behind group b leaders ukraine. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the headlines today. dutchman mathieu van der poel won stage four of the tour of britain in kendal today. he takes the leaders green jersey from matteo trentin byjust a single second. tomorrow's stage five is around the wirral. ronnie o'sullivan has been back in competitive action for the first time since his shock defeat at the world championship. he started the defence of his shanghai masters with a six frames to nil victory
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against china's zhang yi. american stacy lewis will be replaced by rookie ally mcdonald for team usa's solheim cup team this weekend. lewis has a back injury so will now move to a role within the backroom team. the final ashes test starts on thursday at the oval, and — though we already know the urn is heading back down under — england can level the series against australia. we heard from the coaches today, our sports correspondent joe wilson was there. to think about the ashes as you know when once series comes to an end there will be another one. for trevor, the england coach, this is dead. the finish. the last match in charge of england and is there are there specific issues to address. he says thatjoe route is under no pressure as their captain at all as
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far as england are concerned. he does admit that jason has still got to prove that he is capable of batting at this level. a lot of england's selection for this match might depend on ben stokes. we did see him bold. england say they would pick him as a specialist batsman. what is the collective motivation here? they of the series is going back to australia and they have had such a long summer, surely there must be tired. i'm sure fatigue is a small part of it. but from the match itself, when we spoke about after the last game to get back to to have into that means a lot as well. the boys would like to be competing in that final and a couple of years' time. obviously yet to draw a serious and not lose one and don't
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need any more motivation than that. they said it registered about two out of ten. motivation for australia to win the series three having one, well of course. certainly great energy in the group i have said throughout this whole series, lots of laughter and great camaraderie. that certainly gets heightened when you have a successful game. there are still unfinished business and looking forward to this last touch match. and trevor has had calm and respect during his time in charge of the england team. you will always go down as the coach who, for the first time when england the world cup. about a lifetime ago. earlier this summer. andrew strauss has received a knighthood in former
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prime minister theresa may's resignation honours list. strauss led the side to two ashes series victories and took england to the top of the world test rankings. he was also instrumental in this summers world cup triumph in his former role as director of cricket with the national side. he resigned from that role to spend time with his wife ruth, who died from lung cancer last year. he has set up a charitable foundation in her name. along with strauss, geoffrey boycott will also receive a knighthood. he told radio 4's today programme that he "couldn't give a toss" about those who say he shouldn't have received the gong, due to his previous conviction for repeatedly punching his then girlfriend in the face in 1998. domestic abuse charity women's aid said it sent completely the wrong message to survivors. after his interview with today, boycott sat down with the bbc‘s harry gration. i have just been awarded a knighthood, it should have been one of the nicest day as of my life and that is all i'm thinking of. i thought that our former prime minister had given me this honour on behalf of the british
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people, so i thought i had a duty to be available to quite a few outlets at answer questions about it. about my cricket stuff that is what i was given it for. i didn't know i was going to be set up and sandbag. how do you feel at this moment after three or four hours of media scrutiny? sad. always disappointed. because the media have an agenda, don't they? some of them, not all full topic and blame the ball, but some have an agenda. this was an agenda to talk about domestic, an opportunity to make publicity. i didn't see that coming, thought it was just a nice day. another successful day for great britain at the world para championships with nine medals, including three golds. alice tai broke the world record as she took first place in the women's 100 metre backstroke. it puts great britain in second place in the medal table.


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