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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 11, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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we were going to try and get you to demonstrate how to stage dive. 0h! i did 12 gigs this year, and i didn't stage dive. has it gone? i work the front, you know. i get touchy—feely! but i haven't been diving, no. i shouldn't. have you done your last dive? i'm not totally daft! # well, come on! #. that was colin paterson reporting. the duke of sussex closed a one billion pound deal on a city trading floor as he helped raise money for his invictus games he was taking part in a charity day commemorating the lives of the traders who died
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in the september 11th attacks 18 years ago today. the duke remained calm under pressure and sealed a huge trade deal, raising an estimated £50,000 for various charities. time for a look at the weather, here's ben rich. the remnants of hurricane dorian has brought some outbreaks of rain and blustery wind. most of us having a mixture of sunshine and showers. quite a deep area of low pressure passing to the north of the british isles. tomorrow we have the remnants of another tropical storm. but back to this afternoon and a weather front still bringing patchy rain into the south. elsewhere that mixture of sunny spells and showers gusts of up to 50 miles an hour possible in exposed spots in the north. during this evening and tonight the wind will ease a little and it will stay breezy with some
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clear spells. for wales and the south—west and turning a bit drizzly and for northern ireland and the west of scotland, that next weather maker will be approaching by the end of the night. so the remnants of what was a tropical storm bringing some rain tomorrow but not only rain can add the air has come from the tropics to in between these frontal systems there will be a temporary burst of something warmer and quite humid. that is where we start the day across england and wales with some sunny day across england and wales with some sunny spells but cloud amount is increasing for the rain across northern ireland and scotland. brighter skies following on behind. another windy day, not quite as windy as today. cool air behind the band of cloud and rain but ahead of thatis band of cloud and rain but ahead of that is where we have that warmth and humidity. this is friday and we are all back into some fresher air by this stage but some good spells
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of sunshine for most. some showers across the north west of scotland and also quite windy. but light wins elsewhere. contrast that with the weather they will be experiencing all week across the south—east of spain, relentless thunderstorms which could bring flash flooding. not great news for anyone headed for a late holiday here. but back at home high pressure in charge for most of us for the weekend and that means some spells of sunshine and warm weather as well. but fronting systems bringing some rain in the far north. a reminder of our top story... there are calls for mps to be recalled immediately to
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you're watching bbc news. it is just it isjust coming up it is just coming up to it isjust coming up to 1:34pm. we have just had it isjust coming up to 1:34pm. we havejust had some it isjust coming up to 1:34pm. we have just had some breaking news coming out of the oval. england are training there this morning ahead of the ashes test. there was an unchanged squad named on the other day. they have been changes. craig 0verton who was brought in as a pace bowler, he has been dropped. jason roy who played three tests as opener and then dropped out at old trafford in the defeat to australia at old trafford, he has been dropped as well. chris walks both coming into the side. changes were expected. jason roy has been dropped.
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england will be going all out to level the series. ben stokes is expected to play as a specailist batsman he has been bawling rather tentatively and he will be batting. that is one of the reasons jason roy has been dropped. the captaincy, that has also been questioned as well. jofra archer keeping his place. we are going to hearfrom well. jofra archer keeping his place. we are going to hear from jo root in the next half an hour or so. we have heard from the australian captain in the last couple of minutes. travis head has been dropped. marsh comes into the reckoning. he is looking to become the first man since 2001 to lead an
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australian side to victory in england. very happy. we came here to win the ashes. we have spoken about ita win the ashes. we have spoken about it a lot as win the ashes. we have spoken about ita lot as a win the ashes. we have spoken about it a lot as a group. last week's result was brilliant and we played very well. all the guys are fully aware that this test match is bigger than that one. this is our grand final. we want this testjust as much as any other test. we want to keep sticking to what we are doing and if we do that again, i think we'll be riding the nets. you know you have a team under pressure when the opposition captain, his position as being?? as the opposition captain, his position as being? ? as satisfying as an opposite number? not really. it has no impact on us. we note that he is a fantastic cricketer. i don't get sometimes why he is under so much scrutiny. that is the level of
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international sport. we know how competitive he is, how good he is, we know he will be coming hard and will bounce back. it is a huge player. during the november international break there will be what the fa are calling a ‘women's football weekend' on the 16th to the 17th of that month. superleague fixtures will include a north london derby at the new 62,000—capacity tottenham hotspur stadium, liverpool also hosting everton in a merseyside derby and chelsea facing manchester united. some high—profile fixtures. the fa says that this will be another landmark moment in the growing popularity of the women's game. maisie summers newton has laid down a marker to british rival ellie simmonds at the world para swimming championships in london. she won her 200 metres individual medley heat this morning — finishing nearly five seconds ahead of simmonds in third. both qualify for tonight's final. meanwhile, alice tai remains on course for a 3rd gold medal in as many days —
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after winning her heat in the 100 metre butterfly event. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. 0n there pretty soon you will fee confirmation of the team in the final ashes test tomorrow. the batsmen has been dropped for the final test tomorrow. we will have an update after tpm. thank you very much indeed. —— after two o'clock this afternoon. the united states is remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks in a series of memorials marking the 18th anniversary. more than 2000 people who died in those terrorist attacks in new york city and washington. this is the
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scene at the white house. we are expecting president trump to arrive shortly. there will be a moment's silence to remember the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives. we will be at the white house for that. there are, as there are every year, commemorations across the country to mark what was the worst terrorist attack in history. significant commemorations in washington as well. the attack began on the world trade centre in manhattan, but there we re trade centre in manhattan, but there were attacks in arlington, virginia and one further attack besides. so in front of the invited guests they
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are at the white house, we will pause now and join in the us moment of silence.
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the 19th anniversary of the 9/11
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attacks. let's turn our attention is now to new york city. that, of course, the focal point of commemorations. we are just a couple of minutes away from 1:46pm, a significant moment that will be marked in new york because that is the time that the first plane, piloted by the terrorists, struck the north tower of the world trade centre.
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marching band
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the star—spangled banner the star-spangled banner
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band plays and so the first moment of silence is passed in new york city to mark
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the time that the first plane struck the time that the first plane struck the north tower, the hijacked plane. and nearly 20 minutes later, a second plane went into the second tower of the world trade centre. more than 2600 people died in those two attacks alone and in the next few moments, invited guests will start to read the names of those who lost their lives exactly 18 years ago. marie rose. richard anthony.
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they read names
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being a firefighter is not a job, it isa being a firefighter is not a job, it is a calling. not everyone can do what a firefighter does, especially what a firefighter does, especially what they did on 9/11. entering buildings when everyone else is running out, know they might not make it out themselves, yet they continue to do what they were called upon to do and saved many lives. as we all know, many firefighters did not make it out. my son was one of them. he left behind his wife, two—year—old son, but his spirit lives within his children and he would be so proud of them today. while we are humbled by his actions and the actions of the first
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responders, 18 has not lessened the loss. 0ur lives have changed but we hold on the moments we share it. and my aunt, for whom i hold on the moments we share it. and my aunt, forwhom i named my daughter after. we love you forever. we miss you infinitely in our lives and they have never been the same. they read names
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and my brother and my cousin, we love you, we miss you and you will a lwa ys love you, we miss you and you will always be america's heroes. and my husband. and we believe the commemorations in new yorkjust for now. there is much, much more to come from new york and from washington. president trump will
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attend a ceremony later at the pentagon as the us commemorates the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives 18 years ago today. returning to brexit here. a very busy day in politics. just to bring you more details about the supreme court hearing. all of this following on from the court of session in edinburgh this morning. it is ruling that the suspension of parliament is illegal. more details coming from our correspondence about what to expect next tuesday and we are hearing that the supreme court has confirmed that the combined appeals about the prorogation of parliament will be held next tuesday by nine out of the 12 justices. and we're hearing that the decision to appoint a nine strong panel reflects the
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gravity of the case and the importance of the outcome to the uk's constitution. that hearing next tuesday will led by the president of the court, along with lord reid and lord care. that will be watched extraordinarily closely, of course. that following on from the judgment in edinburgh this morning and all the calls, the political calls, we have heard about since then with mps in various parties seeing westminster, the westminster parliament should now be recalled as a result of that decision. much more to come on that front tpm and from washington and new york as well. we will post right now and catch up with the weather. —— from 2pm. good afternoon. two different ex—tropical weather systems have taken control of our weatherfor the middle part of this week. today, we are dealing with the remnants of what was hurricane dorian.
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it is making for a rather windy day. you can see this area of low pressure pushing in to the north of the british isles. certainly not a hurricane any more. this frontal system bringing patchy rain in the south. behind me, the remnants of tropical storm gabrielle. and that is tomorrow's weather maker. but for the rest of this afternoon, for most of us, it is a mixture of sunny spells and showers. the showers are most widespread across the western side of scotland. brisk winds. those are the gusts you can expect for the rest of today. still the remnants of a weather front bringing cloud and patchy rain into the five south of england right through the afternoon. temperature wise, we are looking at highs of 15 to 21 celsius. through this evening and tonight, most areas will be dry and showers in the north tend to fade away. we will see some clear spells here and they are. it is going to turn quite cloudy, murky in parts of wales and the south—west of england. and remember that next weather maker i showed you, that is going to introduce cloud and rain into northern ireland and western scotland. here we have the remnants of what was tropical storm gabrielle, bringing outbreaks of rain, in association with these weather fronts. tucked in between the front, remember this area has come from the tropics.
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it is going to feel rather humid briefly. so through tomorrow, many of us across england and wales will start off as some spells of sunshine. cloud increasing through the morning. and then we see our outbreaks of rain pushing in across scotland and northern ireland into northern england and parts of wales through the afternoon. it does then brighten up towards the far north—west. it is another fairly windy day. perhaps not quite as windy as it is today. and the evidence of that humid air you can see from those temperatures — 22, 23, maybe 2a celsius in the south—east. always cooler and fresher towards the north and the west. and friday will certainly bring a fresher feel for all of us. but for most, it's looking fine, with lots of sunshine. some showery rain affecting western scotland and that fesher feel, with temperatures of 18 to 21 celsius. as we head into the weekend, well, high pressure is going to dominate for most of us. that means plenty of dry weather. temperatures will start to climb as well. frontal up towards the north. we will see some outbreaks of rain, particularly across the north of scotland. quite windy as well. further south in the sunshine,
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temperatures climbing perhaps up to 25 celsius.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at two: demands for the recall of parliament — after scotland's highest civil court rules its suspension was unlawful. we, as politicians, are calling for parliament to be recalled so we can get on scrutinising what this government is up to. if it were to be the case that the government had misled the queen about the reasons for suspending parliament and the motives for it, that would be a very serious matter indeed. indeed, in my view, it would then be at the moment for mrjohnson to resign. as more migrants are spotted trying to cross the channel — it's claimed people smugglers use threats about brexit to pressure them to make the perilous journey. changes to immigration rules will allow overseas students


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