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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 16, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. we start at gleneagles in scotland where there was an extraordinary finish to golf‘s solheim cup. the united states looked like they were heading for victory until europe won the last three singles matches to wrestle the trophy away from them. our reporter sarah mulkerrins was watching: six years since europe won the solheim cup, six and a half points was the target for victory. if the players were feeling the heat it was not showing. scott catriona matthew skippered the side, and with georgia whole of england proving a cut above, early momentum went their way. at the power began to shift and whenjessica korda sank this point, the american charge was on.
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after three days of little separating the sides it came time to the final putt on the final hole. suzann petersen, out of the sport for two years after becoming a mother, no sign of rest. after a day in the scottish sun saw the need to inconsistently, it came down to that sensationalfinish. a wild card pick more than justifying his selection from a brave captain, saluted by a crowd treated to a sporting spectacle. that winning putt was a remarkable moment for suzann petersen — and her last contribution as a professional golfer. shortly after sunday's victory she announced her retirement.
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it doesn't get any better. cheering. and to do it with these girls, never thought i was going to be here four months ago until the end of the summer. months ago until the end of the summer. to have the confidence to give me the go, here, this is it. i'm completely done. australia were denied winning their first series on english soil since 2001, as england won the final test of the ashes to draw the series 2 all. steve smith made just 23 as australia — who'd already retained the urn — fell well short, losing by 135 runs. our sports correspondentjoe wilson was at the oval in london. well, the final day of this ashes series, as it turned out to gave to
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the final series. stuart broad, a hugely influential for england, got rid of australia's openers again, and got rid of steve smith cheaply. when ben stokes took that catch iraq in england thought they had the match. but wade was the batsmen who would defy them and make a century. his battle with jofra would defy them and make a century. his battle withjofra archer in particular was as as anything we have seen. larger times getting up to 95 mph. there were stairs between them, words between them, but archer did not get weighed out. they fell tojoe did not get weighed out. they fell to joe root‘s did not get weighed out. they fell tojoe root‘s spin bowling. he has not had the impact on the series with his batting that he would have liked. but he made an impact with this much with his wickets and the final catch to enter things in the early evening. is it possible that both teams and this series feeling happy? because australia retain the ashes but england have levelled it with this win. this is a somewhere they have also won the world cup. a
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final thought, if i've just matches have been played in front of huge crowds. the ashes, significant to the whole concept of test match cricket game seems as significant, as important, and is valuable as it ever has been. the man of the series was always going to be steve smith — his only batting failure coming on the final day. but still 774 runs in four test matches at an average of more than 110 — isn't too bad going. it would have been nice if they had a few more runs under my belt in this game as they walked off. but, yah, look, it was a nice reception. they have given it my all since they have been here. the last four x five months. and every test match we have played, and i did not have much left to give today, i'm pretty cooked, to be honest, mentally and physically —— fourand half be honest, mentally and physically —— four and half months. i'm looking forward to a nice couple of weeks
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rest before getting back into the australian summer. he's been a pain really, for me, yeah. he's played extremely well. he's obviously the number one batter in the world and for a reason. in difficult conditions he's stood up and done something very special. and been the difference, really. spain are basketball world champions after beating argentina in the final in beijing. their victory by 95 points to 75 gives them only their second ever world cup win. austin halewood reports. throughout the world cup, spain had been the team to beat and they finished things off in style. the spaniards had the much better start against argentina, with 14 of the first 16 against argentina, with 1a of the first 16 points. they raced into the lead and never gave it up. argentina tried to hit with an 11 point spurt, but this shot from her nandos gave spaina 16 but this shot from her nandos gave spain a 16 point lead. —— her nandos. at this stage the game was
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firmly in spain's hands. ricky rubio racked up 20 points and three assists. this means grab 47 rebounds, 20 more than argentina, on their way three second world cup crown. history was also made. he is only seconds later when an nba title and the world cup gold medal in the very same year. arsenal missed the chance to go third in the english premier league after throwing away a 2—0 lead at watford. pierre—emerick aubameyang scored twice in the first half but the home side fought back after half time to take a share of the points. it was quique sanchez flores‘ first game since being re—appointed as manager last weekend. elsewhere bournemouth beat everton 3—1. in italy's serie a, ac milan won the late game 1—0 at hellas verona thanks to a krzysztof piatek penalty, whilst on—loan arsenal forward henrikh mkhitaryan scored on his debut as roma beat sassuolo. the armenian international scored his side's third goal in a 11—2 win, roma's first
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victory of the season, they're up to seventh place with three games played. spal took their first points of the season after a stoppage time winner against lazio. jasmin kurtic was in the right place to slot home the winner, getting his side a 2—1 win in the 92nd minute. diego maradona's first game in charge of argentinian side gimnasia ended in defeat. the 58—year—old was put in charge of the superliga strugglers earlier this month, but they remain bottom of the table after losing 2—1 at home to champions racing. translation: we haven't finished yet celebrating the goal that levelled up celebrating the goal that levelled up the game, then we found ourselves 2-1 up the game, then we found ourselves 2—1 down —— haddin yet. these things
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happen in football and you have to move on as quickly as possible, even though my soul is right now. they just asked me as your head hurt? no, my soul hurts. because they don't think the argentinian champions were better than us in this game. —— i don't think. time now to bring you up to date with some of the day's other sport stories. primoz roglic has become slovenia's first ever winner of a grand tour — after being crowned champion of the vuelta a espana. fabiojakobsen won the final stage of the race in madrid but roglic was the overall winner, finishing two minutes and 16 seconds ahead of spain's alejandro valverde. meanwhile german road champion lisa brennauer was the overall winner of the two stage madrid challenge by la vuelta. world number two karolina pliskova beat croatia's petra martic in straight sets 6—3 6—2, to win the final of the wta zhegzhou open in china.
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there was a thrilling final lap of the san marino grand prix, as motogp world champion marc marquez found himself in a battle with france's fabio quartararo. in the end marquez got the win which extends his championship lead to 93 points. kenya's geoffrey kamworor set a new world record in the half marathon, taking 17 seconds off the time set by abraham kiptum last year. the 26—year—old won the copenhagen half marathon in 58 minutes and one second. team brazil took gold at the world surfing games in miyazaki injapan. italo ferreira saved his best for last and earned the highest heat total of the event thus far with a perfect 10—point ride in the final. competing at his first world games since 1990, 11 time world champion kelly slater helped usa to second, japan took bronze. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest
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of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. the weekend has been very mixed. glorious across much of the south—east, really wild for a time across the north of scotland. and in between something a little bit in between. some sunshine but a bit of rain as well. the forthcoming week, largely dry, ok, a little bit of rain, perhaps, in the north—west of scotland at times. there will be some chilly nights around as well. this is how we're shaping up for monday. the remnants of the weekend's weather front to be had across the south. a lot of cloud around, the odd bit of rain. primarily i would have thought before lunchtime. after lunch a lot of cloud. further north the better chance of seeing some sunshine, a gaggle of showers there across the north of scotland, urged along by a noticeable breeze, but nowhere near as windy as the weekend. and cooler, fresher feel for the most part — simply because we're developing a bit of a north—westerly across the british isles. high pressure trying to elbow its way in, so giving that impression of a lot of dry weather to be had. variable amounts of cloud, quite a noticeable wind down the eastern shores and
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through the northern isles. and there comes that finger of rain just pushing into the north—western quarter of scotland. temperatures, better get used to it, this is how it will be for a wee while, 13 in the north to around about 20 or so in the south. from tuesday on into wednesday, the high pressurejust eases in a little bit further, cutting off that supply of north—westerlies. so perhaps just feeling a tad warmer. more cloud as this warm frontjust hangs around across scotland and there are bits and pieces of rain to be had here. cloudy fare for northern ireland the north of england. the best of the sunshine away towards the south—west, through the south—west midlands and into wales. and again, 12 to about 20 willjust about cover it. from wednesday on into thursday, that high pressure really does become ours. little in the way of breeze. it could be a foggy started the day and it could be a grey day where that fog lingers. because there's little breeze to shift it. there are no weather fronts to speak of. so it could be quite a cloudy day for some. but at least for the most part
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it is dry, if you've got outdoor plans to consider. maybe we're just finding a degree or two in some locations on those temperatures. 22 there in the south. by friday we're just beginning to bring in some air from the continent. so that's drier air. so less of a chance of cloud getting in the way of what is going be a sunny day. and the temperatures responding. coming up three or four degrees in hull, for example. and as we move towards the weekend i think we'll begin to tap into some real warmth coming up from iberia, the western mediterranean, towards the british isles. such that on saturday we could be looking at 211—25 somewhere in the south. and it's as far ahead as sunday before we see meaningful rain coming from the atlantic.
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welcome to bbc news — i'm maryam moshiri. our top stories: a huge surge in the price of oil — one day after an attack on saudi arabia's largest production facility. water cannon and tear gas mark the 99th day of protests in hong kong. a special report from kashmir — six weeks after the indian government revoked its special status and locked down communication. more than a dozen families have told us that a child from their home was taken into custody. some were released after several days, some are still locked up. and we meet the 97—year—old former fighter pilot taking to the skies


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