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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 17, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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in italy, lecce shock torino to get their first win of the serie a season. and ahead of the world cup, we'll tell you why thousands of japanese rugby fans turned out to welcome wales. welcome to the programme, thank you forjoining us. it's the biggest club football competition in the world and it returns for the start of the group stages on tuesday. 32 teams from across europe will battle it out to win the uefa champions league. liverpool won the trophy for a sixth time last season, and begin their defence away at napoli. and it's not the only mouth watering tie to look forward to this week. richard mcelvanney reports. the champions league is back, and so, for the first time this season, could be leonel messi. the barcelona star has been missing with injury but is included in the squad that goes to borussia dortmund. without him, bassa have struggled, winning
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two of therefore league games so far. defending champions liverpool have a tricky game at natalie. they lost their in the group stage last season lost their in the group stage last season but that didn't stop them winning their sixth time no title in june and though huge celebrations followed, jurgen klopp said it hasn't affected their preparations for this campaign. you can't imagine how normal it is to carry on after the celebrations. all the private things... it is so easy to carry on normal if you have the right character. if you start going nuts and start taking drugs and drinking and start taking drugs and drinking and driving different cars and whatever and leave your mrs at home because you're a champions league winner, i can't help you, but we're not like this. we want to create more stories. there's a champions league debut as a managerfor there's a champions league debut as a manager for frank there's a champions league debut as a managerfor frank lampard. he knows how to win the competition, starring as a player for chelsea in their only triumph in 2012, and he's keen for a repeat of those nights, beginning at home to valencia.
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keen for a repeat of those nights, beginning at home to valenciam keen for a repeat of those nights, beginning at home to valencia. it is the ultimate in club football for me in terms of competitive club football, and there's something about nights at stamford bridge, something about the champions league music and the memories we have as chelsea people and i want to experience it on this side of the fence. the last italian side to win it was inter milan nearly ten years ago. new coach antonio conte was the only man to win the trophy when he was a juventus player. they start against czech champions salavea prague and conte knows not to underestimate anyone. when i spoke about slavia, i knew they would be a strong team technically with a good mentality. we have to do pay good attention because they are a really good team and they can compete in this group. ajax are still on top in the netherlands. lille will provide
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a different challenge, though, as will managing without some of last season's as. they are so far in the dutch league but anything like their run to the semifinals in may would be an even bigger achievement this time around. richard mcelvanney, bbc news. to look ahead to tuesday's games, i spoke to spanish football journalist juan castro from la marca earlier. i started by asking him how tough he thinks liverpool will find it to successfully defend their trophy. well, it's quite difficult in my opinion. quite difficult because, as you say, rarely has it been successful in renewing the title and also it's quite difficult because here in spain we see liverpool as a strong team but they have not signed any players. 0nly adrian san miguel is new in the lineup because of the injury to allison, but the champions league title has to be renewed and liverpool has not signed anybody. so
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that's quite difficult. also we think liverpool is going to be very focused on the premier league. may be this is the time to win the premier league for the first time for liverpool history, and maybe they will be too focused on the premier league. and klopp, i guess, would say it's still this liverpool tea m would say it's still this liverpool team that knocked barcelona out so dramatically last season in the second leg of that semi—final at anfield. what is the mood like in spain with both barcelona and real madrid in particular, it didn't happen for them in the champions league last season. how are they feeling this year? different moods. if you ask a barcelona fan, they are really ha p py if you ask a barcelona fan, they are really happy because they have signed griezmann, they have signed dejong, two really good players in the lineup for barcelona and they have messi, luis suarez, of course. so they have a lot of hopes to win
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again the champions league, but if you ask a real madrid fan, they are ina kind you ask a real madrid fan, they are in a kind of depression because the results are not coming. they have signed a lot of players for 300 million euros, but none of them except nn has add not being in the lineup. z and's regime is not working right now, so they have to wait —— ed in hazzard. the mood is not good in real madrid right now. in italy, torino have missed the chance to go level on points at the top of serie a after a surprise defeat at home. lecce, who had lost their first two matches, got their first goal of the season thanks to diego farias in the 35th minute. but torino levelled after the break. then with just over a quarter of an hour to play lecce got the winner through mario mancosu off the rebound. 2—1 the final score. in the english premier league, it finished goalless between
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newly—promoted aston villa and west ham at villa park. the draw moves the home side out of the bottom three, but they'll be frusrated they couldn't find the winner after west ham had arthur masuaka sent off midway through the second half. manchester united goalkeeper david de gea has signed a new contract to stay with the club until 2023. the spaniard's made 367 united appearances since alex ferguson bought him to the club from atletico madrid injune 2011. next to an astonishing welcome for one of the sides arriving at the rugby world cup in japan. 0ften athletes or teams are taken aback by the reception they get as they arrive in a host country, but the reaction in one corner of japan to the arrival of wales might be on a whole other level. daffyd pritchard has more. wales are not just wales are notjust big injapan, they are huge. warren gatland's team
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have been greeted like heroes in kit 0kushiri, their training base before starting their world cup campaign against georgia in toyota next monday. and a0 day's ( in session, more than 3000 people packed the stadium, singing the welsh national anthem and hymns. the support extends well beyond the stadium mk to gushue. everywhere you look here, there are flags and good luck messages. the welcome we've had so far has been fantastic. we had a great night last night in terms of a welcome ceremonial i suppose you would say. it was brilliant. the weather's great, so really excited about being here and getting a good week's training under our belt and looking forward to that first game against georgia. we would like to invite players to come to the stage to collect...
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0ne welcome continued into the evening as wales held their capping ceremony tonight, honouring their players and singing for their host. —— the warm welcome. —— for their hosts. wales's strength and conditioning co—star hugh bennett came tojapan as a conditioning co—star hugh bennett came to japan as a player, and he's been back recently as part of a welsh rugby union delegation promoting rugby in kitakyushu. there's a lot of work behind—the—scenes that gone on into it, but for the players to experience the welcome, we've had great welcomes already from the plane and so on, but you have a training session with 15,000 at the stadium was outstanding. wales have already proved to be a big hit injapan and they can count kitakyushu as a home from home. now
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as they begin their question to win as they begin their question to win a first world cup, they will hope to win yet more fans along the way. and spain have returned home from beijing after winning the basketball world cup on sunday. having met the country's king and prime minister, the team showed off their trophy in front of tens of thousands of fans that took to the streets of madrid to celebrate the success. it's the second time that spain have won the world cup, the last time being back in 2006. they beat argentina. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's plenty their looking ahead to this week's uefa champions league group stage matches. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello once again. autumn is presenting its quiet face towards us just at the moment. sometimes it can be stormy. well, we're seeing that quiet spell of weather certainly dominating for the next few days. dry by day and cool, as befits the season, overnight. that's the way the pressure chart is shaping up for tuesday — high pressure very much the dominant feature. quite a number of isobars you'll notice as we get on into tuesday. thejetstream is coming up and around the atlantic high and sweeping down into the heart of continental europe, offering some more unsettled fare there and certainly colder conditions as well than we're enjoying here in the british isles. a coolish sort of start to the day, but come the afternoon, plenty of sunshine around. the temperatures again, the midteens or so up to about 20 degrees. just tempering the sunshine late on in the day as we bring a warm front in from the atlantic. it'll still be there as we move
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from tuesday on into wednesday. enough cloud associated with that for there to be the odd bit and piece of rain, primarily across the northern half of scotland. elsewhere, it's going to be a really decent sort of day. by the stage, the high pressure will have moved just sufficiently far towards the east to pushed those chill north—westerly winds out into the north sea, so it may well feel a tad warmer across the north—east of scotland simply because you've lost the strength of the wind. come thursday, that high pressure is going to be very much the dominant feature, keeping it fine and settled in all parts. you'll notice as we move towards the latter part of the week, so the high centre moves over to continental europe, and that allows the chance for us to pick up air of continental origin. there's still some warmth across the continent at the mediterranean at this time of year, and we're going to start tapping into that. it brings drier conditions across us, so any chance of mist or fog that may well have been there the first part of thursday won't be an issue on the first part of friday.
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those temperatures just ticking up by a degree or two quite widely across the british isles, 20 as far north as aberdeen. not a great deal changes from friday into saturday. notice the run of isobars is there from south to north, keeping the atlantic fronts at bay at this stage. so saturday's another glorious day for many parts of the british isles. there's just the chance of one or two showers, quite heavy showers at that, getting into the far south—west to finish off the day. a high on the day of 25, that's really not bad for the time of year. and then come sunday, we start importing some moisture. a frontal system trying to come in from the atlantic, but ahead of it we'll have some thundery showers gradually working their way up and across many parts of the british isles on what is going to be quite a sultry day.
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welcome to bbc news, i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: boos for boris johnson as the prime minister of luxembourg tells him brexit‘s become a "nightmare". don't become a "nightmare". put the blame on us becau 110w don't put the blame on us because now they don't know how to get out of this... situation. they put themselves in. the human cost of the world's deadliest conflict. a special report on afghanistan's so—called ‘forever war‘. president trump says it looks like iran was responsible for the attack that halved saudi oil production. but he insists he doesn't want war. and the teenager who took on climate change — greta thunberg accepts amnesty international‘s ‘ambassador


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