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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 18, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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crucial slumber until woken by a crucial whistle, penalty, won by harry kane, 1-0 whistle, penalty, won by harry kane, 1—0 by harry kane. while he was out injured the run to madrid was sustained by others like lucas moura. spurs had smashed and grabbed yet didn't make a getaway. olympia cause had been the better team for long periods and quick quality moments. daniel present a's goal camejust moments. daniel present a's goal came just before half—time. moments. daniel present a's goal camejust before half—time. it moments. daniel present a's goal came just before half—time. it put fire beneath the cauldron. not long into the second half, yanda thangam's trip, olympiacos penalty, mathieu valbuena placed the greek champions level. still, despite it all, spurs might have won it, dele alli might have passed it, but that opening, like this evening, was a chance missed. there were eight games in total this evening — gareth bale started for real madrid as they lost 3—0 to psg. angel di maria with two — bale did have the ball in the net —
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ruled out for handball... atletico madrid fought back from 2—0 down to level things againstjuventus.... and you find lots more details on all the matches on the bbc sport website. after a six—year battle with motor neurone disease, former rangers player fernando ricksen has died, at the age of 43 years. he passed away at a hospice earlier this morning. the dutchman spent six successful seasons at ibrox, helping the club to the treble in 2003. alistair lamont has more. a poignant day at ibrox, the passing of fernando ricksen marked by swathes of scarves, shirts and messages. the fans morning one of their favourite sons. a hero for everyone, for what he went through and what he has actually done to bring it for the forefront as well. you see with the turnout how much it means, it is early days, only three in the afternoon, by the time that we can come as it should be full. and what a tribute. commentator: the
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captain of the side fernando ricksen... he became a cult hero to those fans ina he became a cult hero to those fans in a rangers season laden with silverware. one of the men with whom he shared those good times was among the first to react to today's devastating news. he stole the hearts of the supporters by the way hearts of the supporters by the way he played on the park, and the rangers family showed their appreciation during his illness. the support and love they gave him, that gave him also energy and the strength to keep writing i think. rangers's own tribute led by their managing director stuart robertson said...
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throughout his battle, ricksen had used his position to raise money for charity. when someone is well known as fernando ricksen talks about illness and opens it up, people can see how it has affected him as an individual, that is really helpful. just in terms of general awareness, general understanding, people knowing what to expect when they do meet somebody with the illness, it makes an enormous difference. measure of the man that was fernando ricksen. some other stories making the news now. europe's ryder cup captain padraig harrington has named robert karlsson as the first of his vice—captains for the 2020 competition at whistling straits. karlsson made two ryder cup appearances as a player, winning at the k club in 2006.
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wales' rob davies has become european para table tennis champion for the fourth time. he beat world number 5 endre major in today's final in sweden. and reanne evans says she'd love to face ronnie o'sullivan at snooker‘s champion of champions event in coventry in early november. evans' place at the tournament was confirmed when o'sullivan won the shanghai masters last weekend. it wasn't perhaps the best bit of news for wales boss warren gatland on his birthday yesterday losing his backs coach, over an alleged betting breach — ahead of the rugby world cup injapan. gatland has spoken today — and believes the setback of rob howley‘s departure won't derail the team's preparations. but he admits they were all shocked at the news. our reporter tomos dafydd has the latest for us. backin back in training amid a scandal concerning one of their own. the man who has been up warren gatland's side throughout his 12 year reign is
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gone. rob howley are said to be devastated by the allegations but the head coach insists it will not derail the team. you have to deal with adversity at times, key players and how you respond and react to that, and this has happened, and i must say the players in the last 24—hour severally stepped up, and they have been incredibly responsible and resilient, and sometimes that brings teams closer together. tournament organisers say they fully support the welsh rugby union's proactive approach. it was the union that brought the matter to the union that brought the matter to the attention of welsh rugby. the welsh rugby union where first informed exactly a week ago, the day the players flew out to the far east. an integrity team from a betting company had got in touch, seniorfigures then flew betting company had got in touch, senior figures then flew out to japan and after a series of meetings on monday, it was decided rob howley should be sent home. we were probably best place to come out to
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japan, and at that point we also informed world rugby that there had beena informed world rugby that there had been a potential breach, and that we would be coming out and seeking some face—to—face time with rob to get his perspective on the situation. rob howley is now back home and faces a detailed investigation. if found guilty, he could be banned for life from the sport. the player say they are disappointed but must focus on the task ahead. we are literally drawing a line in the sand, we are not going to be able to do anything about this now, and the only thing we can control is what we build up for four monday night. that has been the main message from the management and players alike, just make sure you don't lose sight of what is important, and at the minute what is important, and at the minute what is important is monday night. howley's replacement arrives here in toyota city tomorrow. stephen jones replacement arrives here in toyota city tomorrow. stephenjones has been briefed by team management the way ahead. the welsh rugby union deny it has been an embarrassing
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episode, but with the integrity of the game called into question, it has undoubtedly been a bruising turbulence 2a hours for welsh rugby. somerset will have to beat new county championship leaders essex in their final match if they are to claim a first ever title. that's after essex beat surrey, and somerset slumped to a heavy defeat to hampshire at the ageas bowl. hampshire's south african fast bowler kyle abbott took 17 wickets in the match. they're the best figures in a first class game since jim laker took 19 wickets in a test against australia in 1956. the defeat means somerset trail essex by 12 points heading into the title decider at taunton. so here's the top of the table, heading into the last round of matches. essex are looking to win a second title in three years, and a draw would be enough for them down at taunton. so it's a must—win match for somerset, who will at least have home advantage. that's all from sportsday.
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coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are former trade minister digbyjones, and talkradio presenter daisy mcandrew. welcome to you both. good evening. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. no one story leads the papers tonight. the metro goes with the angry father of a sick child who confronted borisjohnson whilst he was visiting a london hospital. the man — who was also
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a labour activist — accused the prime minister of only visiting for a press oppurtunity. the telegraph leads on comments from the the leader of the house of commons, jacob rees—mogg, praising nigel farage and calling on brexiteers to return to the conservative party after britain has left the eu. there's more brexit in the express — the paper says the eu wants to see borisjohnsons brexit plan injust 12 days time. the guardian says saudia arabia has shown off what it says is wreckage of drones and cruise missiles that proves iranian involvement in weekend attacks on two oilfacilities. the paper says the move increases pressure on president donald trump to respond to the attack. the times says the home office is manipulating crime figures by telling the national anti—fraud service to dismiss tens of thousands of legitimate cases. the financial times says israel is in political limbo and faces weeks of coalition talks, after benjamin neta nyahu and his chief rival
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benny gantz came neck and neck in the country's national election. so, all sorts of places we can start, but why don't we start with the guardian? and a very striking headline, saudis to trump: here's oui’ headline, saudis to trump: here's our proof, now world must respond to iran. daisy, of course, this is in the wake of the attacks on the saudi oilfields at the weekend, and the saudis today have produced some compelling photographic evidence of what they say are drones and cruise missiles prove iran was responsible. the iranians we must of course repeat deny any involvement. the iranians are denying it, but as you say, the saudis had this very dramatic press conference this afternoon, showing as they put it bona fide evidence that these drone attacks on saturday, which took out
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attacks on saturday, which took out a huge amount of the world's


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