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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 20, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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a vital bonus point. a row japan to a vital bonus point. a row beat mad nation, a nation in ireland and scotland will new alt —— sue all about. so, we are up and running. japan are in the same group as scotland and ireland, who face each other on sunday. that's when england play tonga and wales take on georgia on monday. the first target is to finish in the top two in their repective groups to reach the quarterfinals. joe lynskey reports. they play each other at least once a year, some have even played together with the lions, but for four nations, this is the climax of the four—year cycle and in all four corners, there is optimism. this could be the most open world cup. the rankings say ireland lead the way, but right now the balance of power is turbulent. last month, their side chipped 50 points to england and while rory best has led them
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to famous wins, the fear is they have peaked too soon. they start against scotland, but it might hinge on which ireland turn up. we are world number one going into the world cup, people would have probably laughed as it shows how it can change over the matter of a week. i think new zealand were number one for three years, so they are the favourites. their dip in form have come with a coach's decision. these are his final weeks as ireland coach, and so too for the man in charge of wales, warren gatland has overseen their resurgence. they won a record 14 games in a row to win but this week their backs coach has been sent home. it is undoubtedly a disruption but the line from the camp is the players have stayed calm. they have been incredibly responsible and resilient, and sometimes that brings teams closer together.
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we have got to draw a line in the sand under this. england are the only home nation to have lifted the trophy, but their last four years have been a roller—coaster. two six nations titles but then a slump and the ghosts of home soil still hang over the side. in 2015, it was all over at the pool stage. this time, argentina and france guard the way to the knockouts. for us, at the moment, it is important to get out of this pool. we have got tonga to start, then argentina and france, that is our main focus but our main focus is the first game, performing well and getting off to a good start. and poised as the underdogs are scotland, seventh in the world but they have proved on their day this side can beat anyone. ireland and the hosts wait in the group. for us, we have to win all the big moments. we have to win every moment in the game, whether a ruck, tackle or execution of a pass.
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i believe in this team, and as individuals, i believe we will create opportunities. in 2015, none of these sides got beyond the last eight, but this is japan, rugby's newest frontier, and here, there is new hope. you can go to the bbc sport website for the all the latest home nations team news. remember, they aren't playing tomorrow, but there are some huge games to look forward to — australia against fiji. the french then take on argentina in england's group. and what a game in yokohama, the world champions new zealand facing south africa. one game in the premier league tonight, and bournemouth won for the first time ever against southampton at st mary's. they won 3—1. nick parrott reports. southampton should not need firing up southampton should not need firing up against bournemouth because they have never lost at home to their local rivals. but perhaps that fine
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record led to some complacency. their analysis should have told them this is where bournemouth defender poses a danger. that if the dutchman's eighth premier league go from the corner. harry wilson is known for set pieces too. a score of some find fruitcakes but here he showed the instinct to double the advantage. that spurred a response from the saints. but aaron ramsey it was equal to everything coming at him until steve cook gave southampton opportunity they did not miss. his first goal of this season denying bournemouth a first clean sheet of the season. the visitors to go advantage might have been restored had their penalty appeal not been turned down for him and said they had to withstand a barrage of attacks and at times looked like they might not hold on. but in their search for an equaliser, southampton loss or concentration at the back as callu m loss or concentration at the back as callum wilson took advantage to seal the victory his club had had to wait almost 66 years for. let's have a quick look at some
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of the day's other sports headlines. danny willett is the joint leader at the halfway stage of the pga championship at wentworth in surrey. he's tied on ii—under—par with spain's jon rahm after a second round of 65. rory mcilroy made the cut, but is 12 shots behind. super league champions wigan are one win away from the grand final at old trafford after getting past salford in the qualifying final. they scored three tries, including this from george williams, and won by 18 points to 12. england's patrick mccormack is through to the welterweight final at the world boxing championships in russia after beating third seed usmon baturov of uzbekistan. the new england patriots have released antonio brown afterjust ii days amid an ongoing nfl investigation into allegations of rape and sexual assault. brown denies the claims made in a civil lawsuit in florida.
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to cricket, and jofra archer, one of the stars of england's summer, has been rewarded with a central contract. archer only made his international debut four months ago. the contract covers all forms of the game. he was their leading wicket—taker in their world cup—winning campaign and impressed in the drawn ashes series. but what's next for the fast bowler? i thinkjofra is capable of anything. i chatted with his dad at the oval and he thought he would hit 100 mph next year and i said i would take that. but it's important we look after him, it's not easy to bowl that pace consistently, and he is a fine asset for the team. the formula i championship has hit singapore. lewis hamilton has a 63—point lead in the title race and he was quickest in second practice today. pollutions level in the city are at a three—year high because of forest fires in neighbouring indonesia, but the race shouldn't be affected.
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jennie gow is there for us. this is a race that everybody loves, it is the singapore grand prix, not just the culture, the food, the people that make it special, but the fact it is done at a night race, so you have 1600 lights blaring down on a circuit with 23 tones. it is a real challenge, both mentally and physically, for the drivers with a race lasting almost two hours. last year, lewis hamilton set one of the most incredible pole laps i have ever seen. he will want to do it again this year and to be honest, he is dominating in the early practice sessions. going into qualifying, whoever gets that pole position is likely to be in the hot seat for winning the race. it is hard to overtake here, so we will see what happens. the background is a haze that has been smothering singapore and malaysia, coming from the forests over in indonesia. it seems to be clearing here
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but on a day where climate is key, a lot of people will still be talking about that. now, until recently, you'd probably never heard of the football club fort william, but after 840 days and 73 matches without a league victory, they were getting a bit of unwanted publicity. but that spell finally ended in mid—week with a 5—2 win. football focus has been along to see how that long awaited result felt. weirdly, you knew it was going to come. you could see the way they were turning things around. a great deal of satisfaction for the guys, for example, for the scottish cup game. we knew he had that talent and just needed the supply. the motto is, i believe, for fort william and it has never been more relevant. that's all from sportsday.
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you can see that full interview on football focus tomorrow lunchtime, but that's all from sportsday. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are madeline grant and jason beattie. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the times carries a picture of today's climate protests and leads with thomas cook being on the brink of collapse. the daily express says the travel agency have made alast—minute appeal for a bail—out
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from the government. according to the daily telegraph — the eu appeared to jeopardise efforts to secure a brexit deal after leaking a memo critical of the uk's new proposals for an alternative to the backstop. the financial times quotes reseach that labour's plans to hand 10% of shares from uk—based companies to workers would see british pension funds lose £31 billion. and john humphreys, who presented his last radio 4 today programme this week, features on the front page of the daily mail, claiming bbc bosses are out of touch. that is a quick look at those front pages. let us start off with the
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telegraph. and brexit that


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