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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  September 21, 2019 5:30am-6:01am BST

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are cleaned, what is the next step? this is bbc news, the headlines: a day of worldwide protests on climate change has reached its climax in new york, with a rally addressed by greta thunberg. like a jigsaw puzzle? yeah. they the swedish teenager addressed large crowds in the city praising everyone for taking part in what she called the biggest climate strike in history. demonstrations have taken place ta ke like a jigsaw puzzle? yeah. they take ona in egypt against the government. like a jigsaw puzzle? yeah. they take on a lot of different forms and they called for president abdel meetings. —— meanings. a house like fattah al sisi to go and demanded an end to military rule. this is thought to have symbolised egypt has seen very few protests in the six years the person ‘s lifestyle. since president sisi reassembling these figures can take as long as a year. wow. i wouldn't took power in a coup. know where to start with a puzzle a woman who claims she was abused by britain's prince andrew like this. maybe? no. here? maybe. as a teenager, has given her first television interview about the allegations. virginia roberts giuffre described the prince as "an abuser". buckingham palace emphatically denies the duke of york had any sexual contact with her. 0k.
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a number of conservative party members have been suspended, for posting or endorsing islamophobic material on social media. the action was taken following a bbc investigation. there have been repeated calls for the conservatives, to hold an independent inquiry, tourists visiting the mounds can into allegations of islamophobia also have a go of crafting their within the party. here's our political very own haniwa. a nearby arts correspondent, alex forsyth. just three months ago, during the race to be tory leader, this happened... centre offers classes. make it a shall we have an external investigation into islamophobia in the conservative party? they agree. they certainly seemed to agree, including the man who is now party leader, but there has not been much movement so far. smaller? ok. get smallerat when is your independent enquiry into islamophobia in your party starting? centre offers classes. make it a smaller? ok. get smaller at the top, i think that is under way. we have had very summary action against people who were associated... it's underway? who's leading it? we are trying to get i see. he looks a bit surprised,
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to grips with this problem. the problem is another tranche of people who say they are tory members and who have posted or endorsed islamophobic content doesn't he, this guy? is that all on facebook or twitter. comments included... "islam is the religion of hate", "i don't want muslims right? ok, even down there. wow. in this country" and "muslims are savages". details were passed to the bbc your attention to detail is amazing. by a twitter user who has been campaigning on this issue for over a year. we verified more than 20 cases, ranging from individuals liking or sharing one or two comments i couldn't really tell you what my or pictures to others regularly posting offensive material. haniwa is supposed to represent. we gave details to the conservative they are just being kind. party, which said it immediately suspended anyone who was a member but did not say exactly haniwa is supposed to represent. they arejust being kind. and haniwa is supposed to represent. they are just being kind. and when you compare it to the ancient when there might be a full, independent enquiry. a spokesman said the conservative party will never stand by when it comes to prejudice and discrimination of any kind, figurines that they are restoring, and that is why it is already it isa establishing the terms figurines that they are restoring, it is a humbling reminder of the of an investigation to make sure craft and skill that went into such instances are isolated and robust process are in place to stamp them out as and when they occur. building osaka's craft and skill that went into building osa ka's extraordinary burial mounds. next we are off to
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spain where a railway station high but for some, that is not enough. in the pyrenees holds a secret that sajjad karim was a member stretches back to the dark days of of the european parliament for 15 the second world war. years and is still a conservative. he fears the party may row back on a specific enquiry into islamophobia. is there a need for it? there is. i have been extremely lucky that i have not directly suffered the consequences of these attitudes, but what i have had is direct experience of fellow parliamentarians, where they conducted islamophobic conversations directly about me, one of whom actually is a serving minister at this moment in time. he hasn't named the minister. the party said if there was an allegation it would investigate, but some want much firmer action on the wider issue — an enquiry, and soon. alex forsyth, bbc news. now on bbc news, the travel show.
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this week on the travel show. i take to the sky here injapan to check out one of the country's latest world heritage sites. our global guru has tips on how to help fund your travels while you are away. and alex goes on board a unique bull ship that has been adapted so eve ryo ne ship that has been adapted so everyone can be part of the crew. theme music plays. we start this week in osaka. a modern city totally rebuilt after the devastation of the second world
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war. but among the street crossings and skyscrapers, you can still find a rtefa cts and skyscrapers, you can still find artefacts from and skyscrapers, you can still find a rtefa cts from its and skyscrapers, you can still find artefacts from its past. you might just not be able to spot them from the ground. made it to the top. it isa the ground. made it to the top. it is a little bit of a view, it is not bad, a lot of trees here. not really that much to see. to get the best view of these historic wonders, you really have to take to the sky. taking off... let's go. dotted across the city, there are nearly 50 grassy hills, some of them built in a distinctive keyhole shape. the still to come on this week's travel show. simon has tips on the best way japanese call them kofun, burial to earn money while you are abroad. mounds built over 100,000 years ago. and alex heads off to sea on a
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specially designed followership. how doi specially designed followership. how do i get up there on that mast? these man—made structures hold the remains of some of ancient sucker‘s while i have been in osaka, i have host powerful figures. —— remains of some of ancient sucker‘s noticed that the burial mounds that host powerfulfigures. —— osaka's for top end this year, the burial we featured earlier in the show i just about everywhere and i am not sites were recognised as one of the just about everywhere and i am not just talking underground. check out this place. city's first unesco heritage sites. well, i have never had a burial this man has been studying the terms mound shaped quiche before. let's for decades and was involved in the hope it doesn't taste any different. successful unesco bed. —— the tombs. here goes. it's very thick. looking —— successful unesco bid. good inside.
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tastes good, just like a regular quiche. thank goodness. the size and shape of a burial mounds depend on the person's status. the sites were decorated with clay figurines that were used in the ceremony. ok. so once they hello again, this week the theme is southeast asia on a budget. i've got some advice on some hidden gems in singapore and kuala lumpur. and prospects for picking up casual work as you travel around the region. but first, it's 500 years since leonardo da vinci died and to mark the visionary and artist, a new blockbuster exhibition is opening in paris on the 24th of october. the show is running until february next year but it is expected to prove so
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popular that admission is only, you need to book ahead was not back to southeast asia and on instagram,... i'm looking for hidden gems in singapore kuala lumpur, especially cultural sites or museums. in singapore i have two favourite and both of which seem to be under visited. this is now military museum. including the surrender chamber depicting the events when british defenders surrendered to the japanese in british defenders surrendered to the japanese “119112. and british defenders surrendered to the japanese in 1942. and three years later, when the occupying army itself surrendered. the other is the treetop walk, which takes you high above the rainforest of the heart of the island. kuala lumpur also has open rainforest with high altitude access, the forest echo park. miraculously preserved in the heart
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of the urban jungle, gives splendid views of the skyscrapers. my other highlight is the capital ‘s old railway station. which when the current building opened in 1910, was one of the most spectacular buildings in the young city. fred is off to thailand and vietnam in november and december. fred, i got much experience of wheelchairs on sand so i sought some expert advice. in terms of swimming, there is equipment available in some beaches will stop they have the amphibian show. that's a chair with much bigger wheels that can go over both the sound and then it can go on the sea and foot. definitely look out for amphibian shares. as you know, fred, they're difficult to finance i think your best bet is to contact one of the specialist travel
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companies, in terms of thailand and beth dunn, i've been asking around and come up with pickett as an option for you. a quick search shows there are hotels nearby with good wheelchair access and an alternative might be karon beach. finally, simon wonders other places i can get short—term work that might fund my travels around the world? i have been working my way around the world for a number of decades. picking fruit in australia, making radio commercials in california. but finding unskilled work in a reasonable rate of pay in a country with relatively low wages and a large supply of labour, is both difficult and morally questionable. earn at home, spend abroad. i think that's the best way to go. do keep sending in your questions and i will do my very best to find you the
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a nswe i’s. do my very best to find you the answers. from me, simon calder, the global guru, bye for now and see you next time. finally this week we're heading to the port city of cardiff in the united kingdom. the last capital was once one of the largest docklands in the world, made up of a bustling community of seafarers. and now, it a starting point for the travel shows alex taylor who is in for a unique ceiling —— sailing experience. this is tenacious, the only tool to structural ship of its kind in the world, designed and built so it can be sailed by a truly mixed ability crew. however going to get us up there? i will be on that mast? are you serious? this is the largest wooden ship to be built in the uk for over a century when it was completed in 2000. thejubilee
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sailing trust is a registered charity running the ship which focuses on people can do instead of what they can't. with my ginger biscuits in my bag i was hauled aboard to spend a week with my new shipmates. on board i will be part of the ships watch, the sales, and getting stuck in. what you got here isa getting stuck in. what you got here is a bunk. and you've also got lockers. i think we are expecting some pretty choppy weather as we leave here. but i guess the captain will explain it. ginger biscuits are good, right? you are the crew. not guests or passengers good, right? you are the crew. not guests 01’ passengers 01’ good, right? you are the crew. not guests or passengers or any of that nonsense, you are the crew, you are
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the ones going to do all the bits and pieces to move the ship, to make it all happen. now, to do that, we have to do a little bit of training. these are permanently rigged imposition. we've got to evacuation routes, this is one of them, and although we ask for our wheelchair users of those people that are with them that for an emergency, the wheelchair user is in their wheelchair. matter gently. -- nice and gently. south-westerly, four or five, occasionally six at first. heave, heave... two, six. heave.
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it's lovely, part of a team already. learning things, so, it's a really new experience, really. i got mark imprints from how all the ropes were, if you didn't have gloves in your hands would be in pieces. a final destination will be pool in dorset. —— poole. chris, my watch leader of the journey tells me how he started. i came along with no experience, i came on board and i was butted up with a guy who'd had a stroke but he was in his 20s. he was such a lovely guy, we have such a really good time, it was just a nice
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atmosphere on board. everyone kind of pictures in and it's a great equalising environment. i don't like the distinction of able—bodied and disabled. i don't either. i hated. and the more time is spent with a wider range of people, the more i dislike it. because you come on ships and you suddenly find that people have got all sorts of strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities. irrespective of the way they are. that is amazing. that's beautiful. that's ridiculous. they are so
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close. as the sun sets on my watch on the dolphins, it was my turn to ta ke on the dolphins, it was my turn to take the helm of the 700 ton ship. bit more to the right. actually spot—on at the moment. bit more to the right. actually spot-on at the moment. absolutely spot-on at the moment. absolutely spot on. only on camera. i'm terrible. you're doing what you should be doing which is stop, look at it, what's it doing, which way do i need to turn the wheel? can you turnit i need to turn the wheel? can you turn it exactly the right way. behind the wheel of a tall ship like this, it's behind the wheel of a tall ship like this, its huge and it's quite powerful. as night falls i finally get time to reflect on today's challenges and look ahead to tomorrow. i don't know
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how everything started in it ended so i'm a bit lost. you see things which i would never see, dolphins especially. hopefully go up the mast and met people which is amazing, we've all got on well. as a team, it's been a bonding moment for everyone. that's all we've got time for this week, coming up next week. cat is in iceland learning about the effects climate change is having on the country ‘s glaciers and ice fields. it's like dancing. and we rejoined alex as he takes on another tall
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ship challenge at sea. i hope you canjoin us ship challenge at sea. i hope you can join us for that, don't forget if you want to follow the travel show team on theirjourneys, on the road in real time, you can catch us on social media. but until next time, from me and the rest of the travel show team in japan, time, from me and the rest of the travel show team injapan, it's goodbye. hello. friday brought a lot of sunshine to a lot of places across the british isles and i don't think we're going to see a radical change for many areas on saturday. simply because the overall pattern is still pretty similar. high pressure in the continent, low pressure in the atlantic, therefore, we are still tapping into this run of south—easterly airs
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and quite strong winds at times, up from the mediterranean, through the near continent and into the heart of the british isles. that is dry air so we are not seeing an awful of cloud for most of us just at the moment. the exceptions to that, the northern isles and later in the day, the first signs of the atlantic front trying to cloud things over in the south—west. an onshore breeze from the north sea will keep the eastern coast down at about 15, 16, 17 but come inland, 20 plus is widely available. through saturday night and on into sunday, the first signs of the change in that the high—pressure drifts further away and in comes the front from the atlantic. that will set the tone for sunday. before the persistent rain arrives, we will have some quite sharp showers and maybe the odd thunder storm gradually drifting up the spine of the british isles and then the front makes progress away from the western fringes ever further towards the north and east and to avoid that rain, some of it quite heavy will have to be that further north and east. still, the temperature in excess of 22—23 degrees or so towards the east but fresh air
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is coming in from the atlantic and that sets the tone for the start of next week. monday, not too bad. the rain from sunday gradually eventually clearing away from that far north—eastern corner of scotland and then a lull in proceedings and then late in the day, more signs of the next belt of wet and windy weather pushing in from the atlantic into the south—western quarter of the british isles. not cold by any means but the temperature is back on what we have seen at the weekend. and then as we move from monday into tuesday, that area of low pressure becomes pretty resident out towards the western side of the british isles and at times, through the next few days, it will be throwing these belts of cloud and wind and rain across many parts of the british isles. it's all going to be quite mobile so it won't rain persistently anywhere for the whole day but while that rain is around, you will notice it, this is not showers, thisis belts of rain moving in from the atlantic. and there is not a great deal
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of difference as we go from tuesday into wednesday. low pressure still out towards the west of the british isles, still with these weather fronts working their way in and at times, some really quite strong winds. quite a change on the way.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast withjon kay and naga munchetty. our headlines today: thomas cook asks for emergency government funding to stop it going bust and leaving thousands of holidaymakers stranded. infighting overshadows the start of the labour party conference as activists try to remove the deputy leader tom watson. the united states is to send troops and military defence systems to saudi arabia after drone and missile attacks on the kingdom's oil facilities. the rugby world cup is under way and the defending champions new zealand play later against south africa, who are expected to rival them for the title in what's expected to be the most open tournament in years.
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