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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 23, 2019 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. the first british tourists are flown back to the uk after travel giant thomas cook collapses, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded, and trips ruined. we've looked forward to this for a long time, had the wedding injuly, so it's been another couple of months waiting for this. yeah, absolutely, just totally gutted. after a brexit showdown at the labour party conference, jeremy corbyn‘s policy on staying neutral triumphs over those who wanted to back remain. teenage climate campaigner greta thunberg delivers an angry address at the un climate summit in new york. jodie comer, for killing eve.
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british talent dominates the emmys, with fleabag and killing eve among the night's winners. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. beyond 100 days will have the latest on the un climate conference at send pm. greta thunberg made an angry address there earlier. at 8pm, we will have the latest on the hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded after the collapse of thomas cook. and later at 10:a0pm and 11:30pm. we will be taking a look at tomorrow's front pages. the journalist and author yasmin alibhai—brown, and comment and features editor at cityam, rachel cunliffe. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm gavin ramjaun. wales cruise to a winning start at the rugby world cup, but it's tale of two halves against georgia. we are very positive and probably slightly disappointed in the second half with regards to taking our foot off the gas. england ring the changes for the upcoming tour of new zealand, with some big names of the summer missing out. and russia are in danger of being banned from next year's 0lympics as anti—doping bosses examine suspect lab data. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm gavin ramjaun. a good first half,
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but a messy second. the verdict of wales head coach warren gatland after his side secured a bonus—point victory over georgia, in their first match of the rugby world cup. six tries they scored in the 113—14 win. and they now top their pool in japan. patrick gearey reports. enter the dragon. wales have felt the weight of waiting. in the run—up to this world cup, assistant coach rob howley has been sent home. 0ff the field, the tournament has not had an ideal start. 0n the field, the tournament has not had an ideal start. on it, things seem more straightforward. in fact, jonathan davies did not even encounter a georgian tag on his way to scoring his first try, two minutes in. wales were fuelled by a pent—up energy which, when coupled with all 16 stone ofjustin tipuric, is hard to resist. many feel this could be wales‘ best chance to win a world cup and they began to motor in toyota. jet powered justin adams hurtled through georgia, three welsh tries in less than 20 minutes. they
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had the bonus point by half—time, liam williams says this has been the best rugby of his career. maybe it is just getting started. 29—0 at the break. georgia have hopes ofjoining the six nations in the future. when they get a chance, they make their case with force. somewhere in there was a mamukashvili, and somewhere in there, the ball was grounded for a try. they wrestled a second later in the half but even though wales had lost momentum, they always had breathing space and chasing space. thomas williams got there in the nick of time. having shown off his quickstep, now for the warts. nick of time. having shown off his quickstep, now forthe warts. he need a partner so george north finished thejob, slaloming his way to try number six. they finished with a traditional bow. maybe not perfectly in sync but if things go to plan, they will have nearly six weeks to practice. patrick gearey, bbc news. i think we came out of the blocks in that first up with the intent to replicate what we have seen on the training pitch. we were very positive but probably slightly
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disappointed in the second half with regards to taking our foot off the gas, particularly in the 22. the pleasing points for us from the game itself, the set piece, the scrum and line—out functioned well. it is just like i say, letting those opportunities go in the second half. we know as a team that we tend to get better as the tournaments go on and we build on confidence, so pleasing with the start today, and there is a lot of room for us to improve for next week and a few things to tidy up on, with the breakdown and a few things. yeah, that will be our focus for this week. australia weight wales in what could bea australia weight wales in what could be a pool decider on sunday in tokyo. —— await wales. katie gornall was watching their victory in the city and she has sent this report, saying she believes it will help the tea m saying she believes it will help the team focus.
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wales had their world cup off to a perfect start with a bonus point win in toyota against georgia. it was a game with contrasting halves, wales blistering attack in the first half, scoring four tries and wrapping up the bonus point before the break. but for a team that prides itself on their defence, they will be disappointed they shipped two dries in the second half although they managed to wrestle back control and put some gloss on the scoreline. i think warren gatland will be very satisfied with the outcome here after what has been a difficult week for wales. they were rocked earlier with the news that warren gatland‘s right—hand man, rob howley, was forster return home. he is the centre of an investigation into alleged betting irregularities so that news rocked the camp but they have responded in the right way, coming through unscathed ahead of a huge game in pool b ahead of australia in six days. —— pool letter d. let‘s get more now from philippa tuttiet, former wales international, whojoins me from cardiff.
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what did you make of the match? what a what did you make of the match? what 9, what did you make of the match? what a game, and away to kick off for wales, it was an impact and a real statement to the rest of the world that wales are completely focused on their performances on the field. what did you think of warren gatland in his command of the team and what would he have said to the side? trying to figure out what warren gatland is thinking is something we don‘t try to do in wales. but i have no doubt that he would have just told them to enjoy it, remember the journey you have been on. all of their players have said they have been to hell and back for the past couple of months. but equally, remember thejourney couple of months. but equally, remember the journey over the last two years, it‘s been a long time coming and it‘s about putting it together, doing the best you can but ultimately enjoying every minute. they have had to cope with some negative headlines around the squad going into the tournaments. how do you think they have responded?” think the result says all you need to know about that. these are professional athletes. the reality
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is, life will carry on, no matter how much you think you are prepared that you have covered every eventuality, there is inevitably going to be some things that you can‘t prepare for. but as an athlete, you choose when to allow yourself the time to think about things and when you need to flick the switch in your head to purely be focused on being the best rugby player you can be and putting on that performance. i think that is what the boys did today. and wales are the six nations champions of course. on that showing, can they go and win the world cup? well, we don‘t want to get too excited yet! 0nly don‘t want to get too excited yet! only one game down but one thing that was really pleasing was their creativity in attack. they were scoring tries. to get a bonus point in yourfirst scoring tries. to get a bonus point in your first world cup game scoring tries. to get a bonus point in yourfirst world cup game is fantastic. even though we did win the six nations, we won the grand slam, we had the lowest dry conversion rate so slam, we had the lowest dry conversion rate so it was great to see the boys expressing themselves and hopefully that glut of scoring tries will continue especially when we face australia. they are not going to be giving us the kind of
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gaps georgia were giving us in the defensive line. thank you for joining us. ireland won their opening match of the tournament against scotland, of course, and they take on the tournament hosts japan next. the conditions have been tough for the northern hemisphere sides. perhaps the biggest challenge, according to ireland‘s cian healy, is the humidity. it just takes your itjust takes your breath in a different way. it is not like playing in the sun or anything like that. your breasts goes, but you get it -- your breath goes. you can get it back pretty quickly but those extended periods of play puts pressure on, and we‘ve done lots of extended training. it is in the head, then. it is not a shock. we have been to that place already. england have named their squads for the upcoming tour of new zealand.
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the big name to miss out from the test side is jonny bairstow. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson has more. well, naturally, there is an autumnal feel to lords today as we eat out the last days of the english cricket summer. the england players have a long and varied winter ahead of them. the squads we have had an ounce today, in many ways, reflect the need for some players to have a rest. that is why you are not seeing some of the big—name white ball players in the t20 squad for new zealand. but when it comes to the test match squad, jos buttler is a wicketkeeper, jonny bairstow is absent. that is notjust a question of him needing a break. that is a selection decision, as ed smith explained today. i thinkjonny ba i rstow has explained today. i thinkjonny bairstow has the potential to be a top, top test match player. he‘s already one of the best white ballplayers in the world. seven yea rs ballplayers in the world. seven years ago, he was picked to play test match cricket as a batsman for england. seven years on, i believe
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he can have a terrific spell back in the side once he has had a bit of a reset. he‘s had a very busy summer and it is an opportunity for him to step back for a moment, reset, work on some things and come back better. i know it is yourjob to name the squad and you don‘t decide where players actually fit into any starting 11? correct. but it seems to me there is the potential come here, forjoe root to bat at number four. we can reveal that he does wa nt to four. we can reveal that he does want to bat at number four so that has implications for selection. quite simple, three people have to bat above him! if he says he is going to bat at numberfour, there are three places there. you can see from the make—up of the squad that their batting is tilted towards top order batsmen in terms of the number of players we have got and that is perfectly logical, a corollary of joe root, the captain, batting at numberfour which joe root, the captain, batting at number four which is something we wa nt to number four which is something we want to support. t0 gfx)there‘s been plenty of attention on england‘s failings there‘s been plenty
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of attention on england‘s failings with the bat this summer. so they‘ve turned to some fresh faces. 0llie pope actually played for england last summer, but has really impressed with surrey. he can keep wicket too. dominic sibley of warwickshire is just below him in the batting averages and lots of people have called for him to have a chance. and kent‘s zak crawley is thought of as one for the future. he could be an option to open the batting. essex were frustrated by the rain as they bid to seal cricket‘s county championship in the final match of the season. they need to avoid defeat against title—chasing rivals somerset at taunton. somerset batted after winning the toss but soon lost former india test star murali vijay to jamie porter. fellow opener steven davies was then trapped lbw by sam cook. spinner simon harmer, fresh from his heroics on t20 finals day on saturday, then took two more quick wickets, and somerset were 75—4 when rain stopped playjust before lunch. and unfortunately, no further play was possible for the rest of the day.
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russia will miss this week‘s world athletics championships for the second time in a row — after the sport‘s governing body upheld a ban. the country‘s athletes were suspended four years ago, after a report found evidence of widespread doping. it comes as anti—doping officials investigate lab data from russian athletes, which they suspect may have been manipulated. the results could put russia‘s participation at next year‘s tokyo 0lympics under threat. we have found, quite honestly, some inconsistencies and we don‘t know yet whether it‘s tampering or manipulation or whatever else it might be. since the rules state that ultimately, if there is to be any, if we assert noncompliance in russia, inevitably, and they don‘t accept it, inevitably it will be settled by the court of arbitration for sport. so you have to be very,
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very careful if you are going to do that, that you don‘t transgress any of the legal rules. you have to know exactly what happened and that is the process we are involved in. well, russian competitors were banned from the paralympics in 2016 and all athletics events at the olympics that year, as well as last year‘s winter olympics. earlier i spoke to our sports editor dan roan, who explained what happens now, after this latest incident. if they fail to explain these inconsistencies in the next three weeks, russia, wada can click declare it noncompliant again and say they are barred from international com petition, in world championships or 0lympics, paralympics, and they can‘t host any international sports events, either. russia would you then have to accept the punishment or go to the court of arbitration for sport and challenge it. it is ultimately down to cas to decide whether the punishment sticks 01’ decide whether the punishment sticks or not. there‘s a huge amount at sta ke for or not. there‘s a huge amount at stake for russia now and more widely, the entire anti—doping
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system and framework because this case will demonstrate to what extent wada now has the power to really bare its teeth and come down heavily on countries who come in this case, appear to manipulate lab data. how likely is it that we would see russia banned from next years 0lympics? russia banned from next years olympics? that depends on what happens in the next three weeks. they might be able to provide some kind of explanation as to why the data, the inconsistencies are there. what wada have been looking at is a database which was provided by whistle—blower and comparing it to the data they went to moscow to retrieve themselves. theoretically, they should both marry up. but they have found some discrepancies. either that is because the whistle—blower fabricated some information or because certain files have been deleted by the russian authorities before they were handed we re authorities before they were handed were handed over to wada. wada believe it is the latter of the two possibilities which is bad news for russia. unless they can explain it away, there‘s every chance that wada will come back in a few weeks‘ time and eventually declare russian noncompliant again, and this time that could carry with it an olympic
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ban. then it will no doubt go to the court of arbitration for sport because russia are almost certainly likely to appeal. then as we have seen, likely to appeal. then as we have seen, some very likely to appeal. then as we have seen, some very big cases in recent times, whether it is caster semenya 01’ times, whether it is caster semenya or other anti—doping bans, cas times, whether it is caster semenya or otheranti—doping bans, cas can often find in favour of the defendant and sometimes in favour of the establishment. so who knows where that will lie? but no doubt there is a huge amount at stake and we are talking days before the start of the world championship athletics, and less than a year until the tokyo 0lympics. so this long running saga, the biggest doping scandal the sport has ever seen, really, as without any doubt been reignited by this news. the world championships get under way in doha later this week without caster semenya who won‘t be defending her title because she refuses to comply with the new rules governing testosterone levels in female athletes. speaking to the bbc, iaaf president lord coe says he would like her to return to athletics but within the
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regulations. we have not set those regulations to exclude people. they are there to allow us to maintain the presence of those athletes with that condition at international level stop what you would like to see her back in the 800 metres or the 5000 metres? within the regulations, of course. the anti—discriminatory organisation kick it out has called on the football association to act after they confirmed they were investigating a tweet sent by manchester city‘s bernardo silva. silva has since deleted the tweet, which was sent to his city team—mate benjamin mendy, comparing him to the character on packets of sweets available in spain and portugal. kick it out said, "racist stereotypes are never acceptable as "banter", and we‘re shocked that someone who is a role model to millions has failed to understand the discriminatory nature of his post." let‘s have a look at some of the other stories making today‘s sports news. britain‘s dan evans is through to the last 16 of the chengdu 0pen. kyle edmund is out, though, and he‘s parted company
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with his coach mark hilton. edmund‘s defeat this morning was his fourth in a row, and he‘s been knocked out in the first round of three successive events. the decision to split from hilton was actually made last week, and he‘ll be assisted in the short term by colin beecher, who coached him when he was in his late teens. rugby league‘s international governing body have denied giving clearance for israel folau to return to the sport. folau was sacked by australian rugby union‘s ruling body after writing on social media "hell awaits" gay people. he said he was switching codes again to play for tonga at next month‘s 0ceania cup. and emily muskett has become britain‘s first medallist at a world weightlifting championship since 1994, with clean and jerk bronze in thailand. muskett said it was amazing considering she‘d been working three jobs and training when she could. she‘s benefitted from uk sport‘s aspiration fund, set up to help athletes in some unfunded sports qualify
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for tokyo 2020. two great stories from the cycling road world championships in harrow ship —— harrogate. russia‘s aigul gareeva won thejunior women‘s time trial. but the russian went off course in the final kilometre, taking the route for race vehicles instead of the finishing straight. despite losing momentum, she did beat the netherlands‘ shirin van anrooij to the rainbowjersey by three seconds. gb‘s elynor backstedt took the bronze. and antonio to barry of italy had trouble of his own before winning the men‘sjunior time trouble of his own before winning the men‘s junior time trial, trouble of his own before winning the men‘sjunior time trial, being forster change bikes and then getting stuck behind a car but kept on going and he went on to win the gold medal, recording the fastest time. that‘s all from sportsday. we‘ll have more throughout the evening. see you soon.
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the united nations says more than 70 million people were forced from their homes through war, violence and persecution last year. in the second of his series on the displaced people of the world, our correpsondent ashley john—ba ptsite reports now from uganda, which has one of the biggest refugee populations on earth. this is naomi. she‘s a refugee who fled civil war in south sudan in 2016. translation: when i look back home, i know i am now free because there‘s no sound of guns. naomi now lives in bidi bidi, in uganda, one of the most unusual refugee camps in the world. spanning 250 square kilometres, it‘s home to around 230,000 south sudanese refugees.


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