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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  October 5, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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feels like we will not have an it feels like we will not have an election until the clocks go forward. interesting. but jeremy corbyn is trending in the polls and there is no guarantee we will end up with anything apart from a hung parliament. let's send now on an uplifting thought. a leap into the final. this is a british long jumper at the world athletics tampion ship. a stunning photograph. she is an extremely beautiful young woman. and compared to the nonsense that is coming out of downing street and whitehall and westminster, this, and i think all the athletes who have been competing in qatar, what a great role model for young girls to aspire to. i think it is absolutely fabulous. how she looks that good after competing, i will never know. i used to do long jump andl never know. i used to do long jump and i never look that good.
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never know. i used to do long jump and i never look that goodlj never know. i used to do long jump and i never look that good. i am grateful for your time. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, jo and nigel. next on bbc news, it's the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. taking us through this week's releases, we've got mark kermode. who else? mark, you've got some big movies this week to talk about. and they couldn't be more different. we havejudy, in which renee zellweger plastudy garland.
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we havejoker with an arresting central performance byjoaquin phoenix. and good posture, a little indie pic directed by dolly wells. so, from bridgetjones to judy garland. this has been in the works a long time, adapted from the stage play called end of the rainbow. it's the end ofjudy garland's life, it's when she was playing at the talk of the town, she's very, very low on money so she has to do the gig despite the fact that she's not entirely certain she can do it. she didn't want to leave her kids in america but she had to earn money. and the film catches up with her very much like with stan and ollie, that weird hinterland when suddenly hollywood stars find themselves working and not ideal situations in the uk. when she has to go on stage, because she has had pills and booze problems in the past, she doesn't think her voice is up to it, she's not
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sure that she can do it but jessie buckley, who is playing her assistant, is absolutely insistent that it is time to go on. thank you, ladies. clear the way, clear the way. thank you. here we go, boys. what's the matter? i can't. what? what you mean you can't? there is an audience out there waiting to hear you sing. my mouth is dry and it could fall apart. listen to me. i can't. you'll be fine. now, on you go. applause and cheering. the show must go on. it was a very tragic life story, wasn't it? it was, and the film does a lot of flashing back to her childhood, on set at the wizard of oz,
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being bullied and starved by louis b mayer. there is one thing which she is told, here is a birthday cake, don't eat it. because she is not allowed to eat anything. we see a heartbreaking moment with mickey rooney where she says, are we dating? and he says, no, no, we're just good pals. and that is the basis of everything that happens later. the film is fairly on the nose about that sort of thing. it says this came from that and this led to that. it is stagey in its construction and at the heart of it is this performance by renee zellweger which i neverforgot that i was watching renee zellweger performing a legend. it wasn't like watching joaquin phoenix in walk the line, orjerry lee lewis played by dennis quaid. but the more i thought about it, perhaps that performance fits the film, because there's line the film where she says, i'm onlyjudy for like an hour and the rest of the time i'm somebody else. so, a lot of the film is about her performing the role ofjudy,
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and in a weird way, watching renee zellweger giving a performance as judy kind of fits. the other thing is the film does have a lot of darkness in it and one of the things it lacks is thatjoy, that sparkle, thatjoie de vivre that you got from judy garland's performance. there are two characters, stan and dan, who are fans who absolutely love her and one reason they have been written in is because they stress how important she was to the lgbt community. but also i found that through them, watching her on stage, you saw in his face the joy that you should have been feeling from the performance. so it's an interesting film, it is very strong performance, a strange performance, but very strong. you mentioned joaquin phoenix, we are going to talk aboutjoker, shrouded in controversy. yes. it opened at a festival and gets an eight—minute standing ovation, wins top prize and the next thing is there's a backlash saying it's irresponsible, a cruel and nasty film. irresponsible, some say, because it is thought it could inspire violence. well...
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ok, the story is about a character made byjoaquin phoenix, arthur fleck, who wants to be a stand—up comedian but doesn't understand what anybody else finds funny, is living an embittered life with his mother, he gets beaten up and abused, and he turns. very much in the style of something like death wish, or even more recently something like falling down. and then because he is dressed as a clown, that inspires an uprising. it is a film which is dealing with volatile issues. it is also made by the director of the hangover movies which never dealt with subtlety of kindness very much. my question is this, it's an origins film aboutjoker, what do people expect it to be? at the centre of it, you have a really mesmerising performance byjoaquin phoenix. the film, its prime frame of reference is martin scorsese's king of comedy, one of the darkest comedy movies ever made.
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de niro plays a guy who basically kidnaps his way onto television. here, robert de niro plays a character who is a smarmy tv talk—show host, so it reference points the ‘70s, martin scorsese, nothing about it is subtle. yes, it is a nasty, dark, difficult film. is it very violent? no, certainly no more so than any mainstream cinema. i think, in the end, it is a character study, it is a very dyspeptic view of the world. but that's what it is meant to be. i went in thinking i hate the hangover movies, andi came out thinking, wow, who thought the guy that made the hangover movies could make that movie? good posture. thank you. a completely different independent picture written and directed by dolly wells. grace van patten is a young woman who finds herself needing somewhere to live, she ends up living in a house in which lives a reclusive author played by emily mortimer. she has to do chores and make dinner but they hardly see each other and yet they develop strange relationship by reading and writing
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in each other‘s journal. it is an epistolary tale about two people living in the same house. here's a clip. what? lilian, might be something there. getting don stoned first night in our home, desperate for affirmation, scared of women, feral, chewing gum on the steps, footprints on the wall. toothpaste all over the mirror.
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so, you get a sense from that. it has a very nudely indie feel to it. what i liked about it was many of the characters in it are quite difficult and quite annoying. she is called overpriveleged and is referred to as an oaf. the writer played by emily mortimer is frosty and difficult, which is playing completely against type for emily mortimer. it raises the question, can you like a film with unlikeable characters? the answer in this case is yes. this is an indie film in which somebody produces a ukulele. and i have a rule which is don't produce a ukulele unless you're going to do something interesting. and actually it did. i did laugh a lot, it was very funny. also, it has that thing about it that it's got a nice offbeat, strange, off—kilter feel to it. a relationship between people who are not likeable and in many
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ways you could take against them and find them irritating but it doesn't mean you find the film irritating. mark kermode ukulele rule. it is. good to know that rule. the best out that the moment? the farewell. have you seen this yet? you must see it. it is life—enhancing and charming and about the anticipation of death but also it is funny and it is very, very honest about families and this range of relationships between families. somebody is a terminal diagnosis and they are the only one who doesn't know because their family thinks they shouldn't know. great performance. i went to see it knowing nothing about it other than the title and i was completely knocked out. and i have been to see your best dvd, which i absolutely adore. rocketman. it is so worth seeing twice or even three times to get the most out of it. yeah, it's really layered, brilliantly directed by dexter fletcher, who took over the direction of bohemian rhapsody, and i think in many ways he saved that film. also, bernie taupin played byjamie bell, who currently is also in
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cinemas playing a tattooed neo—nazi skinhead. the range is extraordinary. and it's a proper musical. like tommy. i think it owes a great debt to that film. it is one of my favourite films of the year. you were talking about whether you believe renee zellweger wasjudy garland, but although he is quite different in some ways from elton john, you do believe it is him. i absolutely do. it is that weird thing about whether when you are watching somebody performing a performer, whether you think you are watching a performer or seeing the real person. i think sissy spacek in the coal miner's daughter is one of those other times where you completely lose it. when he was cast i thought it was interesting but five minutes into the film, you think it is fine, everything, the stance on a mixture of the bare—chested bravado but also that kind of rabbit in the headlights vulnerability. it really made elton john one of the most interesting performers of the glam rock era.
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and eltonjohn loved it. who wouldn't! he's got very good taste. mark, thank you very much. thank you. that is it for this week. thank you for watching. goodbye from both of us. good evening. a moist if not thoroughly wet night out there for parts of the uk. heavy rain spitting its way eastwards, it's falling onto saturated ground as well, so some minor flooding it's falling onto saturated ground as well, so some minorflooding is possible as well as well as spray on the roads as we start monday morning. here is where the rain is at the moment, pretty soggy in the west, that rain is pushing its way eastward and becoming more persistent in parts of northern scotland, northern england in the second half of the night. that is where some problems could begin. further west, drying out a little bit. if you damp patches here and there but most places with the skies clear. a blustery night down the
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eastern coast. it all makes for not a particularly cold one. let's focus on those wetter areas though for sunday morning. it's damp across much of scotland, heavy and persistent rain towards eastern areas battered by that strong and gusty wind. the pennines will have persistent weather. down towards the south—east corner, the wind will pick up here. some of that rainmaker background as we go into the afternoon. a great day for shetland but windy, and towards northern ireland, wales, western scotland, much more brightness, much more sunshine compared to what we have seen sunshine compared to what we have seen today. it will be some showers. some will avoid it altogether and temperatures where they should be. now you get to dry out a little bit, but only through sunday night. then, as we go into the start of next week, look at this big area of low
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pressure, winding itself up near iceland and throwing itself in, making for a no other wet morning or western parts of the uk. widely touching gale force strength, the rain turnsa touching gale force strength, the rain turns a bit lighter and patchy as it heads its way eastwards and we finished with some clear skies. take a look at this for the week ahead, this is the position of the jet stream. really firing its way across the atlantic towards us, and in each subsequent dip we will see another area of low pressure. so the week ahead, give something waterproof handy throughout because wherever you are there will be rain at times. we'll have more for you throughout the night. goodbye for now.
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the this is bbc news. i'm lewis vaughan jones. our top stories: more protests in hong kong — as demonstrators defy a ban on face masks. hong kong's leader accuses them of destroying the territory. the us secretary of state dismisses the latest attempts by the democrats to push forward their impeachment inquiry into president trump. when the world does not focus on the things that matter, the things that impact the lives of real people, and they get caught up in a silly gotcha game. the mother of a british teenager killed in a crash involving the wife of a us diplomat says the uk must put pressure on her to return to the country and face justice. why six elephants were found dead at the foot of a waterfall,


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