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we are firm and clear, we expect all women in iran to be able to attend football matches. in recent years the protest movement against iran's unofficial ban enforced by religious leaders has been gathering pace. growing numbers of women even risking arrest by disguising themselves as men to attend games. but khodayari's death has brought the issue into sharper focus. fifa has come under mounting pressure to do much more to try and ensure that women can freely watch football in iran and there is now much at stake. this is a case that has shone a spotlight on the extent to which sports bodies are prepared to wield their influence to try and tackle discrimination. one activist, the sister of the captain of iran's men's team says fifa should have got tough sooner. we have been sending letters to fifa for years. if fifa took this issue more seriously the death of this girl would have been prevented.
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all of us are really saddened by what happened to sahar. we now need to work to find practical solutions to ensure that women have free access to matches in iran. that is our focus. during last year's world cup, progress as some women were allowed inside the national stadium in tehran to watch their team on giant screens. the hope that this week the authorities honour their pledge to go a step further in what could prove a game changer. dan roan, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. we will see plenty of showers today and particularly across parts of western scotland with threatening skies like bees. on the radar you can see how frequent those are gci’oss can see how frequent those are across the west of scotland. also plenty of downpours for northern ireland, western parts of england and wales. north—east scotland not doing too badly this afternoon and
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across into the south midlands, south east england you have a chance of dodging those showers. temperatures a few degrees above average and staying quite blustery with a brisk wind overnight. showers continued to run in to parts of scotla nd continued to run in to parts of scotland but elsewhere confined to coastal areas overnight. turning quite chilly across parts of england tomorrow we have low pressure again and this one pushes one front across the uk bringing some fairly heavy outbreaks of rain especially to the afternoon into western scotland. the rain also quite heavy for a time in northern ireland but further south in england and wales the rain not particularly heavy. further heavy rainfor particularly heavy. further heavy rain for the west of scotland through thursday night with rainfall really starting to mount up and then for this weather front slow moving
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across england and wales. that means that this front is slow moving. underneath this band of rain we could see up to 50 millimetres of rain and we have yellow weather warnings in place for that. across south—east england not a huge amount of rain but it stays wet across parts of scotland. we have mild conditions in the south and much fresher air across the northern half of the uk. for the weekend across england and wales we have more heavy rain to come at times. often quite cloudy with temperatures staying mild. for scotland and northern ireland sunny spells and some peasant heavy showers so staying u nsettled peasant heavy showers so staying unsettled with some potential for localised flooding. that's all from the bbc news at, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s
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news teams where you are. a good afternoon, i'm sarah mulkerins it's 1.35 pm and here's your latest sports news... wales have qualified for the quarterfinals of the world cup but they were given an almighty scare, before eventually beating fiji 29 points to 17 in oita. we can go live to japan now and join our sports correspondent katie gornall. wales had to battle their way through that. yeah, it was exhausting just to watch, i can't imagine what it was like to play out there but a thrilling game. wales has ten days to prepare for this game and it was amazing how quickly they were undone. afterjust amazing how quickly they were undone. after just four minutes
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amazing how quickly they were undone. afterjust four minutes fiji had stunned them scoring their first try, it was josua tuisova, had stunned them scoring their first try, it wasjosua tuisova, the man they called a bus but he is more like a runaway train. he stunned wales with that early first try, getting the neutrals in the crowd on their feet. every time getting the neutrals in the crowd on theirfeet. every time fiji getting the neutrals in the crowd on their feet. every time fiji went forward , their feet. every time fiji went forward, they could have scored. they added a second in ten minutes. wales was reeling, it was a bruising physical encounter. they managed to regroup with josh physical encounter. they managed to regroup withjosh adams scoring two tries for the first half to put wales into a narrow lead at the break. after the break, there was no let up at all, really. there were players in the sin bins, powerful tackles, fiji kept coming at wales, they were awarded a penalty try to reta ke they were awarded a penalty try to retake the lead after the break but wales, well, they did manage to muster something else. they managed to get a foothold into this game and it came through josh to get a foothold into this game and
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it came throuthosh adams with his hat—trick try. it was a wonderful bit of play from johnson davis weather and off—load to set upjosh adams diving into the corner for his hat—trick try. at that point wales we re hat—trick try. at that point wales were able to breathe a little bit easier but the relief did not come until the fourth try, a bonus point for them so they are through to the quarterfinals with a game to spare but they have come through one hell ofa but they have come through one hell of a battle. they certainly did, thank you so much. scotland have kept their quarter final hopes alive with a comfortable bonus—point win over russia in shizuoka. the scots must take four more points from their final pool match against hosts japan on sunday to reach the last eight. here's our sports correspondent andy swiss. scotla nd scotland knew they had to beat russia to keep their hopes of reaching the world cup quarterfinals alive and they did so in some style with a thumping morale boosting
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victory. they got off to the perfect start when adam hastings scored two early tries to give them the initiative. russia didn't help themselves. a series of calamitous errors including an interception on their own line which gifted george horne their own line which gifted george home the first of his hat—trick of tries. scotland were out of sight after the first 20 minutes. after the break they got that crucial fourth try and a bonus point when horne completed that hat—trick with another scintillating try. from there, rush it simply ran out of stea m there, rush it simply ran out of steam and scotland ran them ragged. nine tries in total. a disappointing end to russia's world cup. this revives scotland to's hopes of reaching the knockout stage. it comes to theirfinal reaching the knockout stage. it comes to their final group game against the host japan. comes to their final group game against the hostjapan. scotland know they simply have to win that match. even then, it could come down
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to bonus points but scotland know their hopes of reaching the knockout stage are still alive. england's footballers are prepared to walk off the pitch if they're targeted by racist abuse in their euro 2020 qualifiers this week. they face czech republic on friday, then play bulgaria on monday, in a partially—closed stadium because of fans' racist behaviour in june. it doesn't matter whether it is one player that is being abused or the whole team, we are all one big group. the decision will be made with everyone, if the team does not feel comfortable playing i am sure we have the backing and support of everyone around us that that's the right decision to be made. no one should feel uncomfortable on the football pitch and everyone should be given the chance to play in a fair environment and if it is not a fair environment, i think we would make the decision on the day. that's all the sport for now. don't forget you can
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follow live coverage of world gymnastics championships on bbc 2 and the bbc sport website. great britain's men have a good chance of a medal in the team final. that's on bbc. co. uk/sport. we will see you again soon. thank you. you are watching bbc news. let's take a look at some of the main stories. scotland's highest civil court has said it won't rule on a legal attempt aimed at forcing the prime minister to request a brexit extension, if no deal is reached by october 19th. the seniorjudge said he would look at the case again on the 21st if necessary. my colleaguejoanna gosling spoke to one of the petitioners — snp mp joanna cherry. what we have achieved by bringing this action is the prime minister has given his unequivocal word to the courts that he will follow the provisions of the benn act and importantly not seek to frustrate it
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in any way. we know from newspaper reports last weekend, he only did so because he was told by his law officers, the attourney general and the advocate general, that he had to do so. we have achieved that now and i am very pleased the court are holding over until monday the 21st of october to see if the prime minister keeps his word. if there is a loophole that number ten have spotted that nobody else has done, and they do find a legitimate way through, i know you believe it is tight and you can't see one, that is the position a lot of people have. but if they were to do that, would that mean it going back to the court on the 21st? we don't believe there is a loophole in the benn act, but what is important to understand is as well as saying he will comply with the act and its provisions, he has also said he will not seek to frustrate them, so having said
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that, he cannot try out any silly tricks to try and frustrate the act. i think what we need to look at now is not the unattributable briefings coming out of 10 downing st but what the prime minister is actually said to the court. this is scotland's highest court, scotland's supreme court and most supreme judge, the lord president, who said matters should be held over until the 21st of october to see if the prime minister keeps his promise. i would hope politics could sort matters out now without further recourse to law, but we are unfortunately dealing with a prime minister who has indicated previously he is prepared to flout the law and has already unlawfully prorogued parliament. we are not in normal times so i am delighted the court are keeping a watching brief and, what has been described as others, as a sword of damocles over borisjohnson‘s head. what you wanted from the court
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was a provision that if borisjohnson was not to sign a letter, that somebody else would. if it did go back on the 21st, it is still not clear what way the legal ruling might go, but do you feel confident, as things stand, that there is no way around, no path, to a no—deal brexit on the 31st? there is no lawful path unless the british parliament votes for a no—deal brexit and we know on every occasion that the parliament has been asked to do that, it has been firmly and overwhelmingly against a no—deal brexit. i am satisfied now there is no lawful path, which is very important. we have a prime minister with no majority in parliament but we still live in a democracy bound by the rule of law. the 19th of october is that deadline we are now talking about. mps are now going to be sitting on that date as well. it remains to be seen next week whether there is a dealfor mps
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to vote on and if there is, which way it will go. but potentially other scenarios will be voted on as well. how do you feel about sitting on the 19th and the importance of that day? very unusual for parliament to be sitting on a saturday. we in the snp had been prepared for some time for the possibility that parliament might sit on the 19th, i have no problem with that, we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. my constituents and country did not vote for brexit at all and would be terribly damaged by a no—deal brexit. i am quite happy to sit on the 19th but, of course, we cannot assume that mrjohnson will be in the driving seat on the 19th. would you vote against any deal? there is no deal at present on the table to vote on. we would look carefully at the terms of any deal but my mandate from my constituents in edinburgh southwest and from the people of scotland is not to leave the european union,
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and everything that has happened over the last three years has confirmed my view that scotland would be better off as an independent nation with a seat at the top table in the european union than as a junior and overlooked partner in the united kingdom. the snp mp talking tojoanna gosling a little earlier today, joanna cherry. democrats in the us have warned president trump he is not above the law, after the white house said it would not co—operate with the impeachment inquiry, rejecting it as "baseless" and "constitutionally invalid". the inquiry is trying to find out whether the president held back aid to ukraine in order to push its government to investigate joe biden, who is running for the democratic presidential nomination. our north america correspondent peter bowes reports. a clash at the heart of american government. the white house flexing its muscle and refusing to have anything to do
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with the democrats' impeachment enquiry in the house of representatives. in an eight—page letter, the president's lawyer says the enquiry "violates fundamental fairness" and "lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation". it accuses the democrats of seeking to "overturn the results of the 2016 election" and "deprive the american people of the president they've freely chosen". the white house believes the enquiry is flawed because it is moving forward without a vote on the floor of the house of representatives. the first sign the administration was putting up a roadblock to the enquiry came when this man, gordon sondland, the us ambassador to the european union, failed to appear before the house intelligence committee. the democrats want to question him about his role in discussions with ukrainian officials which have led to claims that president trump asked a foreign power to investigate a political rival. the failure to produce this witness, the failure to produce these documents, we consider yet additional strong evidence
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of obstruction of the constitutional functions of congress — a coequal branch of government. the white house says the impeachment process should be abandoned so the president can focus on leading the country and fulfilling his promises to the american people. but with the country on the verge of a constitutional crisis, this is a tug of war that donald trump won't be able to ignore. peter bowes, bbc news. bbc news is exploring the challenges and the opportunities for communities in coastal britain. today we're in cornwall — a part of britain that is well known for its beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs and pretty fishing villages, but being right at the end of the uk can make living and work there a lonely experience, especially for younger people. as alex osborne has discovered, living by the sea doesn't always reflect that picture postcard image?
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starting a newjob, moving to a new country, it's bleak, not knowing people, not knowing anybody, all of the ingredients to feel very isolated. calvin relocated to cornwall from the netherlands in 2018. his marriage ended and he was offered a job in penzance. i remember driving back from cambridge or london down to cornwall and you would reach exeter, it would be the last city lights you saw. and then all of a sudden there is this blackness ahead of you on the a30 at night. you have still got an hour and a half. the geography of the place, it definitely adds to that feeling of being stuck out on the far edge of something. many people view west cornwall as a dream location to live in but not knowing anyone is challenging for calvin. whenever you turn up
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to somewhere and you are new, you're coming into other people's lives that are established which is very different. they have their life and you make friends but you will not see them so it's a different kind of situation. your room can become your prison. you can be in a flat, and you're just there, and there is nobody about. a university of exeter study revealed that levels of loneliness are higher in young people with 40% feeling lonely compared with only 27% of over 755. it's a particular problem in places like cornwall. given its rural location, it can be quite isolating, especially for young people. this professor is head of psychology at the university of exeter. rural isolation is going to make it harder for young people or older people for that matter to access the kind of activities that make it easier to form social connections
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to flow and be sustained over time. so if it's hard to access the right kind of transport which gives you access to those areas, it will be harder to sustain social relationships. i moved to cornwall in october 2016. i literally didn't know anyone when i first moved down. after working and travelling abroad for six years, kay decided it was time to settle down and save for a house. the idea of living by the sea drew her to cornwall. going from being around people constantly to being around no one at all, and just yourself, it was lonely and horrible coming back to an empty house and not even having anyone to call up just to go for a drink or anything. a lot of people know each other from school so i wasn't really sure how i would go about making friends. enter social media, and a solution to kay and kelvin‘s isolation. all of these people met online.
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it's sort of like internet dating but for new friends. you are instantly channelled towards people who have the same experience as yourselves. it's just fast tracks a process which could take many years. my life turned around in many respects. it's had a major impact on my life, pretty much the majority of my friends have been through the social media platforms. definitely the future is bright, thanks to social media i have a partner now, a big group of friends and we do lots of activities together, so it's good fun. and very recently kay got engaged to a partner she met online. we often worry about the use of social media but here is an example of it working very well. as a young person living here in cornwall you will never find
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themselves feeling home alone. for kay, kelvin and many others, finding friends online has turned their lives around. it's changed how i feel about cornwall and living here completely. i'm finally able to enjoy what cornwall really is, and not feel trapped. because of my circumstances. afternoon live is coming from penzance today. simon mccoy is there, iam reliably penzance today. simon mccoy is there, i am reliably informed. penzance today. simon mccoy is there, iam reliably informed. is penzance today. simon mccoy is there, i am reliably informed. is he having a cup of tea now? no, he is not! just checking, just checking. you are not there to enjoy yourself. i will be here. much more, in all seriousness, looking at all the issues there as part of our coastal britain series. simon mccoy will be with you from two. british entrepreneurs
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could have their business ideas tested out on the international space station. a new contest from the uk space agency will provide funding and the first space flight for the winning concepts, which could be anything from medicines and innovative materials developed in microgravity, to space—flown consumer products. joanna gosling spoke to libby jackson from the uk space agency. the uk has been leading in the space applications area for many years and we are looking to position the uk to be at the forefront of this new market. we are offering joint funding, a flight, and we believe this market is something that could open up new exciting avenues. what things would benefit from testing in space? you can do things like create new fibre—optic cables. if you take gravity out of the equation they become much purer, you can make much
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better ones and that is the question we are posing to everybody. get rid of gravity from your products, what can it do? you can do something as far out can it do? you can do something as farout as... can it do? you can do something as far out as... could you just explain that? i'm trying to understand why that? i'm trying to understand why that makes such a difference. in the fibre—optic way, when you manufacture a cable you arrange c rysta ls manufacture a cable you arrange crystals in different ways and when you make them on earth, gravity is causing impurities in this. upon the face nation —— up on the space station, you do not feel the effect of gravity and can make purer materials. you can come back to earth and have betterfibre—optic cables. here you could make a cable that reaches ten kilometres, instead you can make thousands of kilometres. it is notjust about testing, it is about mass production? yes, we are hoping this is where the market will grow to. you could take rings and diamond and join them together in space and if
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people are willing to pay for such products they might be able to sell a space made diamond ring. you said the states is already doing this. how much production is happening by the state in space? there are several companies who are already trialling these things, learning how to do them. the fibre—optic example is one of those. they are also looking at how you can manufacture different drugs because you can put together atoms in new ways. you can come up with new drugs that you can't make on earth that could benefit everybody. however after you think it could be that products are manufactured en masse in space? some of the test products are being manufactured now. this is a new market and we think soon we will see these things demonstrated and trials. we are looking to go this market over the coming years. for us to go and explore the moon and mars which is where the explosion programme is going, we have to enable this commercial orbit. just
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in the way that other markets have grown, that is what we are hoping to do. does this mean expensive products? when you add in the element of space, does that take things to another level? it is something that is a challenge in spaceis something that is a challenge in space is expensive, that is why we are wanting to open the market in low earth orbit so it is notjust government funding. people have to innovate, they drive down the mass and size and we seek spin out benefits from those. by throwing it open to entrepreneurs they may be able to come up with ways that are cheaper than before. much more coming up from penzance as promised at two o'clock. now it's time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. hello there. as we look at the weather picture this afternoon,
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we have plenty of heavy downpours coming in specially across the north and west of the uk, there will be parts of eastern scotland and eastern england that dodge the showers and stay dry with occasional bright and sunny spells but for many of us, we will see a shower or two and probably more in western scotland where the showers will come in thick and fast through the rest of the day. it is quite a blustery day, especially for the north—west of the country, windy conditions out and about. top temperatures for most between 14—16 celsius. we are running just a few degrees above average for the time of year. overnight tonight showers will continue to be brought in, especially across scotland, close to an area of low pressure, so showers will continue to be widespread. otherwise showers tending to die away across inland areas with clear spells. a few showers around coastal parts of england, wales and perhaps towards the north coast of northern ireland as well. tomorrow's weather, we have another area of low pressure moving in so we continue our unsettled theme, the wettest weather heading into western scotland so showers tending to merge together to give some longer spells of rain. weather will be damp for a time
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across northern england, perhaps a few of spots getting across england and wales further south but across the south—east we will have driest and mildest weather. temperatures up to 17 degrees. the rain in western scotland could cause a couple of issues, starting to build up here. towards the end of week, the area of low pressure is still in charge. there is not much wind blowing across the front. the front is going to be very slow moving. across wales, the peak district, the met office has issued a weather warning. enough rain to cause localised flooding. quite a wet day at lower levels, probably little or any rain building up across east anglia and south—east england. mild across much of england and wales. futher north a mixture of sunshine and showers and temperatures close to normal. for the weekend weather prospects, england and wales continue to see the worst of the weather, if you like, more cloudy skies and spells of heavy and persistent rain at times.
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further north, for scotland and northern ireland, something a bit brighter, again a mixture of sunshine and showers with some of those showers on the heavy side. that is your weather.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy live in penzance, where we're looking at what life is like living in coastal towns, as bbc research reveals people in areas like this are likely to earn much less than if they lived inland. the main stories at two: in a highly unusual move, parliament will sit on saturday the 19th of october in what's seen as the last chance to get a deal before the end of october deadline. all thomas cook's stores are bought by hays travel in a move that could save 2500 jobs. we are locating keys for as many shops as we can, we probably can't starve them today, but certainly tomorrow we would like a lot of the
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shops actually


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