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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 9, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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as the years grant's diplomatic immunity to the suspect in a pay to much of a crash victim's mother heads out at the british government for not taking the case seriously, following a meeting of the british government for not taking the case seriously, following a meeting the foreign secretary. we are no further forward than what we buy this time last week. part of me is they like like it was just a publicity stunt. in the uk government's side. a man opens fire outside a synagogue in germany, at least two people have been killed. all thomas cook stores
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had been bought by hays travel, in move which could save 2500 jobs. parliament is difficult a special saturday sitting on october 19, after these that week, seen as a last chance to avoid a new deal brexit. —— no deal. in beyond 100 days of bringing the latest on the turkish offensive in northern syria. we'll be speaking to a former us ambassador to syria. coming up at eight, coleen rooney accuses rebecca vardy of using her private instagram to obtain stories about her watching to tabloid newspapers. at 1040 and 1130 people have a look at some of tomorrow morning's front pages in the papers. stay with us for all that. that is ahead on bbc news. now, let us
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return to our top story that of turkish... turkish warplanes bombing parts of north—eastern syria, the certain events of which could lead toa certain events of which could lead to a conflict with kurdish led allies of the united states. in the past— hour, the white house has released a statement. that is the very latest of the president, in response to the news that turkey has such a military offensive across its border into north—eastern syria. now, it is time for sports day.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up... battle ha rd — wales survive a scare against fiji to make it through to the quarter—finals at the rugby world cup. it's now all about a sunday showdown against the hosts japan — as scotland put 61 past russia. a moment for real change says fifa — as iran opens up it's stadium to women in tehran for a world cup qualifier on thursday. we now need to work to find practical solutions to ensure that women have bury access to matches in iran. also coming up in the programme... how one tweet has caused a diplomatic row with china over basketball.
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hello and welcome along to sportsday — we're edging ever closer to the knockout stages at the rugby world cup in japan and today, after a major scare, wales made it through to the quarter—finals with a 29 points to 17 win over fiji in oita. it was a captivating contest, wales were 10—nil down at one stage, the teams both had a man sent to the sin bin, wales were left with some serious injury concerns. but ultimately, hat—trick herojosh adams helped propel wales to the win. our sports correspondent katie gornall was at the match. wales always mean that fiji could be dangerous opponents, they were given a real scare here in front of a raucous crowd. a thrilling game, wales had ten days to prepare for
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this game against fiji. demand a call... fiji wasted no time scoring their second, that came just minutes later. wales were really, at this point, bg looking a threat. almost every time they went forward. wales did manage to be great, josh adams scored two tries before the break. to get them by contract. they took a narrow lead into half—time and there was no let up after the break. this isa was no let up after the break. this is a bruising, physical encounter. fiji were awarded a penalty try midway through the second half. just as she thought the momentum might be shifting towards that the genes, josh adams scored his hat—trick try. diving into the corner, thatjust allowed wales to get a bit of a foothold into this game. liam williams added a bit of gloss to the scoreline, but i bought a try, securing that bonus point. wales running out 29 points to 17. they
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are through to the quarterfinals, with a game to spare. but they have been doing one hell of a battle here. unbelievable individuals and we just here. unbelievable individuals and wejust had to here. unbelievable individuals and we just had to stay in it. we decide to keep trying. get the ball and play through phases and create opportunities. we do not do that enough. it was a tough, great game of rugby, very. well, for scotland — it's now all about a sunday showdown against the hosts japan — after they cruised to a bonus point win over russia in shizoka this morning. the scots must now take four more points from the pool a finale than japan, to reach the quarterfinals. andy swiss watched this game. a scorching day, scotland's fans arrive going to keepers very much on. anything other than victory against russia and their world cup
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hopes were banished. so, how about this for the perfect start? adam hastings, son of former captain gavin, settling nerves. russia needed a comeback, but instead found only calamity. first a horrible slip if the tasting is another and if that was a touch of bison, well, watch this. george horne handed a try on a plate, barely 20 minutes gone and scotland already out of sight. but crucially, they needed a fourth try and without a vital bonus point. soon after the break, they got it in style. darcy grimes setting up horn once again and it wasjob done. for now, russia setting up horn once again and it was job done. for now, russia was run ragged. horne completed a impressive hat—trick. a place in the quarterfinals could still be doubts. and so, to what promises to be some showdown. scotland will now have to beat the host japan showdown. scotland will now have to beat the hostjapan in showdown. scotland will now have to beat the host japan in their final group game and even then it could
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all come down to bonus points. but at least their world cup hopes are still alive. if we had not got the bonus point tonight, sunday would be an even more difficult. getting that was difficult. getting that bigot score just to keep things interesting for saturday night, as well. but also by the companies of players, knowing that it is to game sound that we have not conceded a trier even a point. it is very encouraging. well, a big concern ahead of the final pool games injapan has been the approaching typhoon hagibis — england and scotland's matches in yokahama this weekend could be under threat. what we do know is that world rugby — the governing body — will provide us with the latest update at 4am our time tomorrow morning, midday in tokyo. until then, things are in limbo with several possibilities.
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reschedule or switch location — a move to oita in the south has been explored today — this is now looking unlikely we believe. if a match can't take place at all, then it would be cancelled and the teams would both be awarded two points. this wouldn't have a material impact on england's group — remember they play france on saturday when the typhon is due to make landfall — but a cancelleation would have an impact on pool a — with that scotland—japan showdown on sunday in pool a. —— a cancellation. -- a cancellation. there will be an update at 4am our time. still to come on sportsday... mental wellbeing — arsenal defender emma mitchell opens up for the first time on her experiences and calls for others to feel comfortable to do the same. i want to make it a normal thing that people can have a conversation
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about. and boxerjosh warrington tries out a different sort of defence ahead of his bout against a french challenger at the weekend. fifa will "stand firm" in ensuring women have access to all football matches in iran despite claims the world governing body could have prevented the death of an activist. sahar khodayari set herself on fire and died having been refused entry to a match in the country last month. iran men's team play cambodia in a world cup qualifer in tehran on thursday — with more than 3000 tickets having been sold to female fans. here's our sports editor dan roan. out of tragedy can sometimes come change. this moment died last month having set herself alight in tehran, a protester having been arrested for trying to attend a football match. her story led to a global outcry. iranians women can go to matches
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like this one, at last you's world cup in russia. but back in their homeland they had been banned from men's sports events for the last 40 yea rs. men's sports events for the last 40 years. that is now set to change the several thousand women allowed to buy tickets for an international and iran this week. the fair will be there watching closely. we are totally focused on making sure women can attend this much on the tenth october and then working just as pragmatically but the federation and the local authorities to ensure women also can attend local matches in leagues and iran going forward. we are firm and clear, we expect album in iran to be able to attend the matches. in recent years the protests against iran's unofficial than has been gathering pace. growing numbers of women are even risking arrest by disguising themselves as men to attend games. but the death of this ban has butted into sharper focus. fifa
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but the death of this ban has butted into sharperfocus. fifa has but the death of this ban has butted into sharper focus. fifa has come under increasing pressure. this occasion has spun a spotlight onto which sports bodies are prepared to wield their influence to try and tackle discrimination. the game's passing the player recently highlighting the issue at football's most prestigious awards ceremony. the young iranian woman he eventually set herself on fire because she was not able to go to the game. one activist, the sector of the captain of a rappers pacman game says fifa should have got pathogen. we have been sending letters to fifa for years. —— should have got tougher. does fifa have blood on its hands of this? all of us blood on its hands of this? all of us obey certain by this. we now need to rectify practical solutions to ensure that women had very access. —— on the bus are very saddened by
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this. they hope that this week the authorities on either pledge to go a step further in what could prove a game changer. it started with a single tweet sent by the manager of an nba basketball team. now the ensuing diplomatic row may well the threaten the future of basketball in china. already sponsors and tv companies there have pulled out and now matches may be cancelled. basketball in china is big business, wildly popular with millions playing the sport, watching and crucially buying into the american nba. but this mega store in beijing is now deserted. a sentence ofan beijing is now deserted. a sentence of an international sporting diplomatic row. it all began last week with this, a message on social media from the general manager of
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the houston rockets, which appear to show support for pro—democracy protesters in hong kong. a hugely sensitive subject and once again the lines of sport and politics were blurred. there are edges of country's sub j blurred. there are edges of country's subj versus another country's subj versus another country's perceives of injury and the nba put its fit right in the middle of that fight. the tweet because they fear to action in china. tv broadcasters pulling out of the nba coverage and threatening to cancel pre—season friendlies scheduled to take place in china. there is la kers scheduled to take place in china. there is lakers fan says it is time to save out of the nba from china. another, from shanghai, says they will not be able to solve a problem this time. he says he will not be able to watch any nba games in the future. the original tweet has been deleted, but the damage in china has been done. apologies have only
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managed to anger american fans. and 110w managed to anger american fans. and now commissioner adam silver says the sport has a right to speak out. we are not apologising for daryl exercising his freedom of expression. i regret again having communicated directly with many friends in china that so many people are upset. silver now says he will seek to find mutual respect the chinese officials. it will not be easy. the nba of the last two decades has invested huge amount of money and time into cultivating the chinese market is a place of basketball. and so, this really is a classic stand—up if you like between politics and money. the row continues to escalate, matches in china under threat. a huge market and she share views at stake. the global sporting market is delicately balanced.
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let's have a look at a couple of other stories around today... england's record wicket taker jimmy anderson is being helped by manchester city as he tries to recover from a calf injury which ruled him out of most of the recent ashes series. anderson will train at the club's etihad campus as he hopes to be fit to play in england's winter tours. fleetwood town bossjoey barton has denied assaulting the then barnsley manager daniel stendel after a match in april. barton appeared at barnsley magistratres court today and pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. he's due back in court next month. and an 8 foot 9 inch statue of the former manchester united striker zlatan ibrahimovich has been unveiled in his hometown of malmo in sweden. in his characteristically modest way zlatan said he'd ‘eaten sweden for breakfast, had europe for lunch then took the world by dinner.‘ great britain's men have finished 5th in the team final at the world gymnastics championships in stuttgart. russia took gold. our reporter david mcdaid was watching alongside former
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world champion beth tweddle. last night we were treated to a really high quality women's team final topped today it was the turn of the men and it did not disappoint. russia, the team champions, the first time in russian federation history that they've taken at gold—medal. beth, watch, said that the russians today? they we re said that the russians today? they were fantastic and right down to the last routine every month is fighting for that top spot. they play to him, he had a lot of pressure going into that last routine. we have really seen russia improve over the last couple of years. they were at the age they were a bit touch and go, but that was an amazing performance. british member also in action, that position for them. is that a good result for us? i think they were hoping to sneak into the models, but actually love their routines and other difficulties, today was not quite a day for there were a couple
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of balls. actually, we know there's plenty more in the bag for them. they have now got another year ready to consolidate head of tokyo. i think they can take a lot of positives away from today's competition. imagine if you fall, one of those was max but luck. we are hoping he can take a third world title to should be worried? he tried the harder routing, it did not quite pay off today. obviously he has a decision to make on saturday, which waiting to go for. i am sure between him and his coach scott, they will be discussing which routine to go away. but i do not think we need to get worried. max has a much experience, he has been in numerous world finals. he knows how to step up world finals. he knows how to step up to the mark. tomorrow is the women's amount final, can anybody stop simone from a best all—around title? arsenal defender emma mitchell has opened for the first time about her personaljourney with mental health
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— saying the last year was probably been one of the most difficult in her life. the scotland international says how despite her team winning the league last season she didn't feel like celebrating. she's keen to encourage more people to speak up and has been talking to the bbc'sjo currie. it is so strange, i was in training one day and i got hit in the face andi one day and i got hit in the face and ijust one day and i got hit in the face and i just broke one day and i got hit in the face and ijust broke down. i kind of went to decide and i was like oh my god, i'm not ok. we went the lake at brighton this year and everybody is delighted and i did not even want to celebrate. i felt terrible. delighted and i did not even want to celebrate. ifelt terrible. probably one of the worst days that i had felt i had been feeling bad. everybody is still buzzing and i felt really away from it, because i had not been plainly games. i was just setting on the bench, trying to be part of this unbelievable feeling. i am smiling for the camera and outside, i remember going into the shower and because her champion
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and just cried. this is how i feel, i'm making the information. i cried for 1050 minutes in the shower


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