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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 10, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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fled. boris johnson fled. boris jehnsen and the to have fled. borisjohnson and the irish prime minister say they can't see a pathway to a possible brexit deal. it is possible for us to come to an agreement, to have a treaty agreed to allow the uk to leave the eu in an orderly fashion and have that done by the end of october. ban snacking on public transport to help tackle childhood obesity, says england's outgoing chief medical officer. a typhoon heading to tokyo forces organisers to cancel england's rugby world cup match against france for the first time in its history. ina in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first let's have a look at what else is coming up on the news channel this evening and at 7pm we have beyond 100 days. they
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are going to be talking of course about the situation in syria. at apm we re about the situation in syria. at apm were going to have more on that meeting between johnson were going to have more on that meeting betweenjohnson and the irish tee shot. is an agreement really within reach? we are going to have a look at the papers with the former mr —— business minister. lots to wait up for, all head on bbc news this evening but right now it is time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, here what's coming up on the programme tonight. a storm at the rugby world cup, a typhoon is set to hitjapan and two matches have been called off. the decision to cancel these matches has not been taken lightly but has
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been made with the best interests of the team, public, volunteer safety. england's game against france is one of those cancelled, but eddiejones says the typhoon gods are smiling on his side with nine clear days to prepare for the knockout stage. it's the last thing scotland need, they have to beat japan on sundayto make it out of their pool, but their match is also under threat. also coming up in the programme... three of the home nations are in euro qualifying action...nothern ireland are in rotterdam for their match against the netherlands. and a phenomenal fifth all—around world title for simone biles, another record for
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the american superstar. it was always a risk taking the rugby world cup to japan in typhoon season. a month ago, when teams were just arriving for the tournament, three people died, and a million homes lost power during typhoon faxai. typhoon hagibis, is much, much bigger and predicted to make landfall near tokyo on saturday. organisers have ta ken the unprecedented step of cancelling two matches — england against france and new zealand v italy. sunday's games in the region could follow, and that would be bad news for scotland. more on that in a moment but first let's hear from the tournament director. the decision to cancel these matches has not been taken lightly. it has been made with the best interests of team, public, tournament and volunteer team, public, tournament and volu nteer safety as team, public, tournament and volunteer safety as a priority. based on the expert advice and the
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detailed information we have available. we have been intensively working through a range of detailed contingency arrangements, in partnership with the host cities, teams and venues to make sure that all matches had a fair chance of being played. however, the risks are just too challenging to enable us to deliver a fair and consistent contingency approach for all teams and participants. and importantly to provide confidence in the safety of spectators. so the tournament organisers' fears have been realised, and they will be hoping that the typhoon passes quickly and causes minimal damage. let's take a closer look at those teams affected so far, and what it could mean for scotland, with our reporter, austin halewood. england have come out of this really well!
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yeah they have. of the two games called off so far new zealand for italy and england beat france, england will not mind that decision too much because they can relax for a week or so ahead of the knockout stage. so england left their team camp today. they are heading for some r and r ahead of their match a week on saturday. why has it worked out so well for england? not a whole lot has changed in their pool. england and france had already qualified so with the two points each for the cancellation england stay top in pool c, france stay second so it is as you were in that one and head coach eddiejones was pretty pleased with the news. we didn't really, to be honest, care. we were preparing for the game, the game was on, we were in game mode and the game was off, we were in preparation mode.
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so i think the japanese have a saying, we can't control it. now, with italy's match against new zealand called off, the italians have been denied their outside chance of reaching the last eight. now, granted they did have to beat the all blacks, with both sides not getting a bonus point, so it would've been difficult, but not totally out of the question. well, captain serge parisse has called the decision ridiculous, while for 34—year—old leonardo ghiraldini — after 104 caps — this was to be his final match for italy. the hooker broke down in tears after hearing the news, and head coach connor o'shea says it's been hard to take. 14 1a years giving everything and sometimes it is difficult because when you don't win all the games that you want to. he injured himself in the last game of the six nations, had to spend six months in rehab, months away from his family doing that rehab and you never write your
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own script but everyone is quite emotional today because it is not the finish you want. you do not finish where you are in the dressing room win or lose together. so lets take a look at typhoon hagibis. it's around 900 miles wide, with gusts of up to 120 miles an hour, and it's expected to hit tokyo on saturday. now england's game was in yokohama — just south of the capital — the same stadium as scotland's match againstjapan on sunday — by then you can see that the typhoon has moved on. so whether the scotland game goes ahead all depends on how much devastation hagibis brings the day before. so why is scotland's game so important? well, it's because pool a is so finely poised. ireland, japan and scotland can still all qualify for the last eight. ireland are expected to beat samoa in their match on saturday in fukuoka — which shouldn't be
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affected by the weather — so the final spot should be betweenjapan and scotland. now... the scots have to beat the hosts by eight points to qualify. if the match is called off — it goes down as draw — which would knock scotland out. so how will the players be dealing with it? former scotland scrum—half andy nicol, says theyjust have to try and prepare as normal. they have just got to prepare now as if the game is taking place at 745 in yokohama on sunday night. we will only know one sunday morning what the collateral damage is and whether this game is going ahead. no one in the squad will ever experience something like this, that you are waking up on game day not knowing if in fact it is going to be game day because you don't know if the game is happening. i don't think anyone has a precedent here to say this is how you cope with it. they have just got to make sure that they think they are playing on sunday night and they are prepared for it.
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but, of course, it's notjust the players and the permutations that are affected, it's the fans in the stadiums across japan... and thousands of scots are still in limbo... it has been a long way to come obviously and it would be hugely disappointed if we don't get to see what is probably the biggest game. we are really surviving on rumours, we don't know what is happening. there is a bit of information coming through the app but we are getting different stories from different people. i am pleased they haven't called it off yet but i think we have been looking at the typhoon on the internet and it looks like we are going to get away with it. i think it is going to happen! and there are three other matches on sunday. namibia v canada, united states v tonga and wales v uruguay. at the moment, they are all due to go ahead but itjust depends on how hard hagibis hits, olly. the rugby world cup isn't the only major sports event taking place in the country. formula one's japanese grand prix is scheduled to take place
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on sunday, the race should be ok, but qualifying may be affected. from suzuka, about 180 miles west of tokyo, here's our f1 reporterjenny gow. as you can see at the moment everything is fine, it is not even rain orwind in everything is fine, it is not even rain or wind in the air but if the strength of this typhoon is anything to go by prediction —wise, they're looking at winds of over 100 miles an hour. obviously suzuka is relatively in the middle of nowhere, so relatively in the middle of nowhere, $03 relatively in the middle of nowhere, so a lot of planning has to go into bringing people in other thought of bringing people in other thought of bringing people in and not been able to get them home is a real concern. soa to get them home is a real concern. so a lot of questions still being asked within the teams. a lot of the drivers like lewis hamilton told me earlier that he would like qualifying to take place on sunday just to mix up the format a little. so put lots of questions to be a nswered so put lots of questions to be answered and hopefully we will get some answers soon put lots of people worried about this impending
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typhoon. let's move the football. it's an international break in football, there are lot of euro 2020 qualifiers over the next few days. three home nations play tonight. if scotland don't beat russia in moscow, automatic qualification is gone but, they have an insurance policy of a play—off next march after their nations league results last year. alastair lamont is there for us. not so long ago in russia the footballing outlook was as bleak as the moscow weather. as the national team's fortunes plummeted, so too did support for the manager and players. sound familiar? before the world cup the team was frankly a bit ofa world cup the team was frankly a bit of a joke, nobody took it seriously for years. they either did not qualify anywhere at all or performed quite poorly. they just qualify anywhere at all or performed quite poorly. theyjust need to be
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patient to give the manager and the players room to improve and they need to see more things and unite behind them. it might be something good a head for scotland again. the stadium against a pretty good russian side seems like an unlikely time and place to begin a footballing revival. but for steve clarke the game are beginning to run out as he seeks to mould the squad into a team capable of success when it comes to the euro 2020 play—offs in march. i think every match you go to you want to achieve the maximum, which is three points. i want a good performance level, i want a good performance level, i want a good performance level, i want a good performance level in the next four matches and my belief is always that if your performance level is good enough, the points will follow. the problem is, it is the limit has been awhile since this group is delivered awhile since this group is delivered a performance or points. we were as
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disappointed as anyone last month with the results and performances so we are looking to put that right and obviously put on good performances and winning games. it breeds the confidence that we are looking to get. if scotland come away from moscow with anything resembling a positive result it mightjust prove to be the turning points they are so desperate to reach. bbc news, moscow. realistically, northern ireland need at least a draw in rotterdam against the netherlands. if northern ireland are to qualify for euro 2020 they are going to need to produce a massive performances against two european heavyweights. northern ireland have three games left, two against the netherlands and once against germany. to make it to the finals next year they will either have to secure full points in the two games against the dutch, so a draw and a win, or back—to—back victories in the double header next
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month against the netherlands and germany. it is a tough prospect and realistically if northern ireland are to make it they will need at least a draw tonight. against a side that has won their last 16 games in a row inside the stadium. despite the scary statistics the northern ireland manager michael o'neill is optimistic his team can produce an upset and qualify for the finals. and if they do, he says it will be his side's greatest achievement. kick off here in rotterdam is 745 uk time. and you can listen to commentary of that on five live this evening. build—up from 7pm. wales have four matches to go. they are in slovakia. croatia top that group. england can secure qualification if they beat the czech republic in prague tomorrow night. we will have all the build—up to that on sportsday. still to come on sportsday...
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another man with another plan for english cricket. chris silverwood says that the test team will be his priority. it's the simone biles show at the world gymnastics championships in stuttgart. the american superstar won another gold medal today, this one came in the all—around final and she still has another four individual finals to come. david mcdaid is there for us. well, another two to show tonight. simone biles winning herfifth well, another two to show tonight. simone biles winning her fifth all around individual championship gold medal. it has never been done before bya medal. it has never been done before by a woman and you have one a few metals in your time. was there any doubt it was going to be her knight? to be honest, no, but it was so nice that she looked like she was enjoying that performance. she had a big smile on herface and the enjoying that performance. she had a big smile on her face and the skills that she is doing, they are so difficult. some gymnasts could only ever dream of doing. she seems to
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get better and better, doesn't she? what can we expect to see over the next year or so? and if this is the last one for simone biles at a world championships it is such a shame, isn't it? who knows, you always think she has hit the top now but then she brings out more new skills so who knows what she can bring out for tokyo. is there any other skills she is actually training behind the scenes at home? we don't know. but i just love the fact that she is enjoying it. she loves the sport, she is constantly upgrading, co nsta ntly she is constantly upgrading, constantly upgrading —— motivate herself and she is pushing us the world because they're chasing her as well. just two more medals and she will be officially the greatest gymnast of all time in world championships history with 24 medals. i think we can safely say that would happen, you would think so right? you never know with our sport but she has four finals so the chances are very, very height of her
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doing that and she deserves that. the amount of hard work she does, the way she inspires people to get up the way she inspires people to get up and have a go, so she really does deserve that title of the greatest ever gymnast. quick word on the british participant. yeah, all we can ever ask is a competition to, and perform the best. that is what coaches want from them. alice is really starting to deliver consistently and that can only be a good thing ahead of tokyo next year. well, let's hear from good thing ahead of tokyo next year. well, let's hearfrom simone biles now who was talking to is after that record fifth all—around title. now who was talking to is after that record fifth all—around titlem means the world to me. for my faith thatis means the world to me. for my faith that is kind of unheard—of sol means the world to me. for my faith that is kind of unheard—of so i was really excited but we finish strong, we gave our all and it is really exciting that we have a chance to do it. everything you do out there is
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awesome but how was it for you? what was your own rating of your performance? today i would probably write about seven. qualifications we nt write about seven. qualifications went a little bit better here and there but i'm pretty pleased with my performance, i can't complain! she certainly can't. let's have a look at some of the other highlight today. the british number two heather watson is celebrating her biggest win in more than two years. she dropped just three games against the world number 22 wang qiang to reach the tainjin quarterfinals in china. 11—year—old british skateboarder sky brown, who won bronze at the world championships, has had to pull out of the inaugral world beach games in doha, the british team says she has educational commitments that clash with the event. world champion errol spence junior is in intensive care following a car accident in dallas. he was thrown from the ferrari he was driving at high speed. spence recently unified titles in the welterweight division. his condition is not thought to be life threatening.
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and following pressure from fifa and human rights organisations, women in iran were allowed to watch a men's match for the first time in 40 years today. the national side beat cambodia 14 nil in cup qualifier. the mother of team gb snowboarder ellie soutter says she hopes her daughter's legacy will help others living with mental health issues. she took her own life on her 18th birthday last year. a warning, her interview with sally nugent, covers some sensitive issues. what was ellie like? what was she like as a little girl? ellie was quite an independent little girl. she knew what she wanted, even from an early age. you know, she had her own ambitions and her own drive. ellie died over a year ago now, on her 18th birthday. what happened ? i left her a message the morning of her birthday,
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but there was no answer. but as a mum, i knew something wasn't right. i was in contact with her dad, and i said to him, "have you spoken to ellie? have you seen ellie?" and he said, no. the day went on and people still hadn't heard anything. and in the end, i gave... i gave tony a call and ijust said to him, "have you seen ellie? have you heard from her?" and he said, "we've found her." and for a split second... i thought she was alive. and he said, "she's dead." he said, "lorraine, she's dead." and that feeling, i cannot tell you. someone might as well have just taken my heart out.


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