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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 10, 2019 6:50pm-7:00pm BST

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but as a mum, i knew something wasn't right. i was in contact with her dad, and i said to him, "have you spoken to ellie? have you seen ellie?" and he said, no. the day went on and people still hadn't heard anything. and in the end, i gave... i gave tony a call and ijust said to him, "have you seen ellie? have you heard from her?" and he said, "we've found her." and for a split second... i thought she was alive. and he said, "she's dead." he said, "lorraine, she's dead." and that feeling, i cannot tell you. someone might as well have just taken my heart out. appearances can be so deceptive.
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isaid to i said to someone the other day it is like having a battery taken out me. i have nothing there and i'm running on empty. do you feel now there is something that can come out of this that perhaps might help you but perhaps might also help other families? i am a voice for ellie now andi families? i am a voice for ellie now and i have to move forward. she couldn't say how she felt, for whatever reason, i can now couldn't say how she felt, for whatever reason, i can now encourage people to say how they, you and to share and speak with their parents or their friends share and speak with their parents or theirfriends if share and speak with their parents or their friends if they are having problems. i think that is what is pushing me on. and if you've been affected by a mental health issue, help can be found on the bbc website:
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england's new cricket head coach chris silverwood says he will prioritise the test match team for the next two years. they won the 50—over world cup this summer but couldn't regain the ashes after drawing the series with australia. i think it is just giving cricket the emphasis it deserves. you're talking about putting more structure around the test team and helping with that as well. we are making sure that the batting line—up is exactly how we want it, moving forward. and everything we do now puts the process in place so we can make a huge impact. the canoeing team are the latest to make the team gb squad for next summer's olympics. the five were named at a ceremony in central london today — that also marked 55 years since the games were last held in the japanese capital. chris slegg reports.
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in the grandiose setting of the foreign & commonwealth office in whitehall today confirmation of five of the athletes who will represent great britain in canoeing at next yea r‘s tokyo great britain in canoeing at next year's tokyo olympics. among them liam heath from guildford and...” don't think it is thinking at all. it is an incredible feeling and it is an honour. a gold medallist in rio, heath is competing in his third olympics. i started paddling when i was. . . olympics. i started paddling when i was... 25 years ago. i got in a boat in guildford and i kind of liked it but the main thing was that community down there and the friends that i had at the club, which kept me coming back. 2017 world champion franklin is going to herfirst olympics. what will it mean to your friends and family back in windsor? they are all going a bit crazy but i think like just they are all going a bit crazy but i think likejust starting they are all going a bit crazy but i think like just starting so young people that i knew there have invested in me and i am so proud to be able to push it out a bit more.
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it is 55 years to the very days since the opening ceremony of the 1964 olympics that was also held in tokyo. and so members of that british team have also been invited here to mark the occasion. pentathlon champion in 1972, mary peters's first olympic experience was tokyo 64. we had a wonderful time, we rode bicycles around the village and we were separated by barbed wire because the ladies and the men were not allowed to be together! what would your advice be together! what would your advice be to some of these athletes heading out to their first olympics in tokyo ? out to their first olympics in tokyo? enjoy every minute of it, it will never go away. sporting greats or present or past all hoping for a bright team gb future in tokyo. bbc news.
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let's have a reminder of our top story. a typhoon heading there towards the rugby world cup that has seen towards the rugby world cup that has seen england's match against france cancelled on saturday. both already through to the quarters but scotland's game on sunday against the hosts is injeopardy. they have to play and win to make it through. that's all from sportsday. looking at the weather picture it is forecast to say wet. the next 24—hour some of the heaviest rain will be across scotland and then later into friday across the high ground of wales and northern england too. the rain is falling on ground thatis too. the rain is falling on ground that is already saturated that increases the risk of having flooding and also tricky travel
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conditions to be expected as well. the heavy rain that we have already got with us in scotland will get more widespread with the heaviest falls across western areas overnight. 20 to 50 millimetres over the higher ground of western scotland. localised for surface water flooding. scotland. localised for surface waterflooding. strengthening south—westerly winds in england and wales will bring outbreaks of rain fairly wildly. a mild night, takes us on into friday, a wet start for england and wales with the rain not just heavy but persistent across the high ground of wales, the peaks on the pennines. we could see 50 to 70 millimetres of rain, that is quite a lot. the risk of some flooding impacts. a sliver of brighter weather across more central portions of the uk. it stays mild to the south of our weather front with temperatures up to 17 celsius. but to the north and west that is where we have got the cooler and fresher
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air. this weekend, a mixture of sunshine and showers for quite a few of us on saturday but sunday looks like the cloudy day. more rain and targeting england and wales. in more detail, that we can start like this. rain across southern counties of england, quite a grim day across the far south—east with rain persistent here for much of the day. the further north and west you go the brighter it gets, the sun coming through but heavy showers and thunder. fresher, cooler day, the mildest weather hanging on in the channel islands. sunday, rain widely and it could linger across parts of eastern england. as it slowly moves away there is the potential for stronger winds to work in for a time. temperatures falling across the north of the country, highs of 11 or 12 degrees so quite a bit cooler here.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. a pathway still exists, says leo varadkar, to a last minute brexit deal. they are not there yet. there are big hurdles to overcome, but from the irish side cautious optimism that a compromise can be found. it could be that neither side wants to carry the blame for the talks collapsing — or maybe there has been some concession that has moved the talks into positive territory. iam now i am now absolutely convinced that both ireland and britain wa nt that both ireland and britain want there to be an agreement that's in the interests of ireland, the united kingdom and the european union as a whole. turkish forces continue their advance across their advance across the syrian border — there have been fierce clashes with kurdish fighters — as turkey bombarded border


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