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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 10, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm BST

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hello and welcome to the programme. thanks forjoining us. you could almost hear those 3500 northern ireland fans in rotterdam tonight whenjosh mcginnis ireland fans in rotterdam tonight when josh mcginnis put ireland fans in rotterdam tonight whenjosh mcginnis put his men i—0 up whenjosh mcginnis put his men i—0 up in theireuro whenjosh mcginnis put his men i—0 up in their euro 2020 qualifier. the subregions didn't last long. it took them less than five minutes to equalise but it was after the 90 minutes the dutch really added insult to injury time. lydia campbell was watching. northern ireland know that the four points for the next two games would save their place at next year prosser world championships and for the three and a half thousand travelling fans, they got to see their side limit the dutch to just one chance and target in the first half. under their coach, the steam a lwa ys half. under their coach, the steam
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always have a chance and with calamity in the dutch defence and josh mcginnis was on hand to put the visitors into an unlikely lead. northern ireland fans at dreamland. but the dream only lasted five minutes. memphis depay finally getting through the northern irish back line. and then the nightmare. two minutes into injury time, breaking green and white hearts. memphis depay i then put daylight between his side picking up his second of the game. destiny is now an dutch hands but with a trip to belfast still to come, the ending of this story still isn't sure. lydia campbelll, bbc news. 3-1 3—i there. there were two more home nations in action tonight. as scotland and wales looked to keep their euro 2020 qualification hopes alive. jane dougalljoins me now. let's start with wales managed a draw with slovakia tonight
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they might be quite disappointed not to get a win though? this was a must not lose game rather than a must win game for they won this match and their magic inspiration sunday it would've meant they would go into qualification spots which would have made great news for them. but they had to settle for a draw, a good start for them despite not having adam ramsey, that you vent this player. scoring first for them, it was a lovely pass. from gareth bale into daniel james. —— the juventus pass. from gareth bale into daniel james. —— thejuventus player. his first international goal. and then slovakia equalised which was so disappointing, we are watching now. his first start for wales and his first international goal for them. delighting the fans. making them think perhaps this could be it. early in the second slovakia equalised with that volley outside
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the area and that meant to wales had to settle for a draw. they stay in fourth place so qualification is still possible but it is very much an uphill battle for them. and i'm afraid we do have to talk about scotla nd afraid we do have to talk about scotland jane. their hopes of automatic qualification were steam rollered by russia. they were slim anyway because they we re they were slim anyway because they were fifth—place in the table. and what happened, russia scored four goals against them. they knew they couldn't get into one of the slots tonight but this ended that they did not have a shot on target until the 74th minute. lackluster, - only 74th minute. lackluster, the only score three goals in five games and watching this go from russia, the sexist —— second was a beautiful one was... sloppy defending from scotland. russia had a good world cup but on paper scotland should have done better and steve clark knows that. he will have been absolutely furious at that display tonight. they can still qualify for
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the first major tournament since 1998, that's the first time and last time they got to a major tournament. you can see steve clark furious with that stony stare. the only they can do that is via the nation leaks playoffs in march although not a great dismay from scotland as they stay fit in the qualify play. when that we have a disappointed scotch woman and it disappointed northern ireland woman in the studio. thanks. england play tomorrow night manager gareth southgate has said they'll abide by uefa's three step protocol if they encounter any racial abuse during their game in the czech republic or in bulgaria next week. (00v )england will qualify for the euros if they beat the czechs. england will qualify for the euros if they beat the czechs. yesterday, tammy abraham said the players were prepared to come off the pitch all together if they were not happy. uefa's protocol for racial abuse ends with the officials abandoning a match if announcements inside a stadium do not stop the problem.
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there is the ua for process. we have to have faith in that process in a game that was recently stopping italy because of that. and then everything else is hypothetical because we don't know the situation that we will be in as a team or that i will be in as a manager. but are very clear in terms of all of the staff but would need to happen. we wa nt to staff but would need to happen. we want to be able to concentrate on football. —— the uefa rules. it's the simone biles show at the world gymnastics championships in stuttgart. the american superstar won another gold medal today, this one came in the all—around final and she still has another four individual finals to come. david mcdaid is there for us. another show tonight with simone biles when herfaith another show tonight with simone biles when her faith all around for a champ or chip gold metal. it has never been done before by a woman and beth you have won a few gold medals in your time. was there a bet
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that it was her —— i doubt that it was tonight? to be honest now. but it was great to see that she was enjoying that performance threat that for routine she had a big smile oi'i that for routine she had a big smile on her face and the skills that she is doing, they are so difficult. some gymnasts can only ever dream of doing it. and she seems to get better and better, doesn't she? what can we expect to see over the next year or can we expect to see over the next year 01’ so can we expect to see over the next yearorso and is can we expect to see over the next year or so and is this the last one for her world championship? who knows. you always think she has hit the top but then she brings out more skills. who knows what she can bring out, orany skills. who knows what she can bring out, or any other skill she skills. who knows what she can bring out, orany other skill she is training behind the scenes at home. we don't know, but ijust like the fa ct we don't know, but ijust like the fact that she is enjoying it. she loves the sport, she is constant the upgrading, consomme motivating herself and by doing that she is pushing the rest of the world because they are chasing her as well for sub —— because they are chasing her as well for sub — — constantly because they are chasing her as well
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for sub —— constantly motivating herself was up more to see from her and just two more metals and she will be officially the greatest gymnast of all time in which image of city —— world champion ship history which would be 24 metals. to think that will happen? you never know. but she has for finals so the chances are very high for doing that. she deserves that. the amount of ha rd that. she deserves that. the amount of hard work that she does, the way she inspires people to get up and have ago. she really does deserve that title of the greatest ever gymnast. quick word on the british competitor today. great routine for some all we can ever ask virgin nests perform to the best of their abilities and she has done three competitions back to back with clean —— ask of our gymnasts to perform to the bus of their bed abilities. she is delivered to my god
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—— the best of her abilities. let's hearfrom simione biles now, speaking to david mcdaid after that record fifth all round title. it means the world to me. for my faith that is kind of unheard—of so i was really excited but we finish strong, we gave our all and it is really exciting that we have a chance to do it. everything you do out there is awesome but how was it for you? what was your own rating of your performance? today i would probably write about seven. qualifications went a little bit better here and there but i'm pretty pleased with my performance, ican't complain! a typhoon heading there towards the rugby world cup that has both already through to the quarters but scotland's game on sunday rugby world cup organisers have cancelled two matches on saturday
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with super typhoon hagibis due to make landfall in the next 24 hours. england against france is off, (00v)both sides had already both sides had already qualified for the quarter finals, this match was due to decide who tops pool c, but england stay there with the reuslt given as a 0—0 draw with 2 points apiece. because they now have a clear 9 days off before the knockout stage . new zealand against itlay has also been called off a nervous wait for scotland though. they're due to play in yokohama on sunday , their must win match againstjapan is on at the moment but depending on the damage the typhoon causes, that could also be cancelled. if that's the case then two points for the scots is very unlikely to be enough for them to reach the last eight. the rugby world cup isn't the only major sports event taking place in the country. formula 0ne's japanese grand prix is scheduled to take place on sunday, the race should be ok, on sunday, the race should be ok, but qualifying may be affected. from suzuka, about 180 miles west of tokyo, as you can see at the moment everything is fine, it is not even rain or wind in the air but if the strength of this
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typhoon is anything to go by prediction—wise, they're looking at winds of over 100 miles an hour. 0bviously suzuka is relatively in the middle of nowhere, so a lot of planning has to go into bringing people in other thought of bringing people in and not been able to get them home is a real concern. so a lot of questions still being asked within the teams. a lot of the drivers like lewis hamilton told me earlier that he would like qualifying to take place on sundayjust to mix up the format a little. so questions to be answered and hopefully we will get some answers soon put lots of people worried about this impending typhoon. england's new cricket head coach chris silverwood says he will prioritise the test match team for the next two years. they won the 50—over world cup this summer but couldn't regain the ashes after drawing the series with australia. i think it is giving test cricket the emphasis it deserves now. more structure around that testing and helping him with that as well. we will be making sure the batting line—up is exactly how we want it moving


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